The O.C.

Season 2 Episode 10

The Accomplice

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 27, 2005 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show the oc ryan is told by lindsay that she wants to have a realationship with her father get to know him and seth and zack set up a comic book and its about the adventures of the oc and summer is asked why isnt she in the comic but he does not want to say anything about it and marrisa is out with her new friend while julie is out in paris and sandy is asked to find his mentors daughter his first love this was a big ep i thought and it was very interesting
  • Four story lines edited together soap opera style include "a Marissa Tableau", Ryan attempts to help Lindsay get closer to her father, Seth and Zach creating their own comic book and the return of Sandy's first college girlfriend causes tremors in the San

    This episode is setting up February sweeps for FOX and THE O.C. It had been rumored for several weeks that Marissa's next romance was going to be with another woman. FOX, which pushes a family values agenda on it news channel, is not bashful when it comes to entertainment division ratings. The network's unscripted shows are designed to titillate the audience and their lineup of youth oriented dramas has always been cutting edge. Not that lesbianism is that unusual in primetime this century but sex sells and FOX is all about selling.

    That said this was an interesting show. For the first time Summer and Zach did not have a divisive fight and the foreshadowing of Summer's renewed interest in Seth promises help realign his universe. Unfortunately the same hints indicate that Ryan and Lindsay will be parting and we are unsure how long Sandy and Kirsten will suffer from the presence of Rebecca Bloom.

    I also noted that Caleb seem to be taking a stepfather's purgatives a little far as he twice enters Marissa's room following only a perfunctory knock on her door. Marissa's acting out against parental authority is the easy way to explain her behavior but she still is underage and drinking every week. It may not be long until she is in rehab or back in a psychiatrist's office.

    The absence of Julie Cooper left the role of evil manipulative parent to Caleb. Alan Dale who portrays Caleb is a competent veteran actor but the character has always been written in two dimensions. Although this episode gave Caleb's his biggest share of the storyline this season he still lacks any depth.

    Another question! Why do guys on this show who are rivals for the same girl become buddies? Last season it was Ryan and Luke. This year Seth and Zach seem closer to each other than either is with Summer. I guess that it could be explained by the fact that Summer is more about what she gains than what she gives in a relationship.

    Finally just as a note, Seth mentions the feature film "Summer Loves" which starred Peter Gallagher and Darryl Hanna. That movie had a passing connection with this show's storyline and is another example of THE O.C. kidding itself and it's cast.
  • Not that having too many storylines is a bad thing, but I really liked it when they cramped it down to only two in the first season.

    The episode juggled a lot here; Alex's and Marissa's growing relationship; Ryan wanting to connect Lindsay with her father; Sandy looking for the daughter of his law school professor who he used to be engaged to; and Summer and Seth taking one step closer to becoming "friends". And surprisingly it didn't crash and burn like some other shows would when they would have so many things to handle on its plate. As always each of these scenarios were backed up by some incredible writing and witty and hilarious dialogue and the situations are getting more interesting by the minute. Marissa and Alex potentially dating? That relationship explains itself. And Summer and Seth, who I always thought was the best executed relationship in the show, is always keeping you on your feet. While the episode did a great job of trying to weave together these four storylines, the show should probably just stick with having only two per episode. It worked in season one and for the most part, just about every episode was excellent.
  • Season 2 just continues to get better, I am sure it will be soon Season 1 quality!

    Season 2 just continues to get better, I am sure it will be soon Season 1 quality! The only part I was disappointed with about this episode was the ending, it didn't feel like an ending. The other parts were great. I really enjoyed watching Seth & Summer having an emotional moment that was long over due, I finally learned to tolerate Zach in this episode & now find him entertaining. But to be honest the storyline that most interested me & always have interested me the most are the work/adult storylines they entertain me more than the cour four's storylines. I found Marissa & Alex's relationship to be badly-acted even though it is quite a realistic storyline. Oh & lastly I finally decided that I love the Lindsay/Ryan storyline, well done!
  • The O.C. Orange County, It's where all the beautiful people live.

    Hostilties heat up between Sandy and Kirsten when Sandy decides to help Max Bloom, his mentor in law school, find his daughter, Rebecca, whom was Sandy's first love. Meanwhile, Seth and Zach start up a comic book based on their lives in Newport, while Summer questions why she's been left out. Ryan makes the attempt to unite Lindsay and Caleb after Lindsay tells Ryan she is curious in getting to know her "new" father. While Julie is in Paris, Marissa looks for new ways to rebel and in doing so, her friendship with Alex increases during a trip to Los Angeles to get some of Alex's things from her former girlfriend.

    - Alex
  • Rebecca arrives and Kirsten doesn't seem to be happy! Seth starts to make his own comic as Ryan tries to make ammends to get Lindsay and Caleb to bond some more. In the meantime Marissa hangs out with Seth's ex Alex as she ditches school!

    Overall I enjoyed this episode. I like all the different story lines and how each episode has its own story line. And this ep was enjoyable, it was nice to see Marissa go bad with ditching school and stealing the necklaces that belonged to Alex. Really nice that Alex gave her one too when Marissa stole both of them but still Marissa belongs with Ryan! Just love those two together!

    Other from that there is Summer who is mad at Zach for spending more time with Seth and his comic. Really funny how excited Seth is about this and how emberassed he is when Summer shows up with his drawings from her. But I do love those drawings.. I always enjoy Summer/Seth scenes and they were really nice in this one

    Not a big fan of Lindsay but I love Ryan. Sweet how he tried to create a better bond between his girlfriend and Caleb. Even though Caleb is a pain in the ass but sweet nonetheless. Too bad it didn't work out in the end.

    And the whole Rebecca issue. you can see that this can only lead to more trouble and trouble for the Cohen Family. Kirsten is definately not pleased...

    So this episode was nice, it builds up to what is yet to come in future episodes. Excellent writing, there were some real funny quotes in this ep.