The O.C.

Season 2 Episode 10

The Accomplice

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 27, 2005 on FOX

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  • Four story lines edited together soap opera style include "a Marissa Tableau", Ryan attempts to help Lindsay get closer to her father, Seth and Zach creating their own comic book and the return of Sandy's first college girlfriend causes tremors in the San

    This episode is setting up February sweeps for FOX and THE O.C. It had been rumored for several weeks that Marissa's next romance was going to be with another woman. FOX, which pushes a family values agenda on it news channel, is not bashful when it comes to entertainment division ratings. The network's unscripted shows are designed to titillate the audience and their lineup of youth oriented dramas has always been cutting edge. Not that lesbianism is that unusual in primetime this century but sex sells and FOX is all about selling.

    That said this was an interesting show. For the first time Summer and Zach did not have a divisive fight and the foreshadowing of Summer's renewed interest in Seth promises help realign his universe. Unfortunately the same hints indicate that Ryan and Lindsay will be parting and we are unsure how long Sandy and Kirsten will suffer from the presence of Rebecca Bloom.

    I also noted that Caleb seem to be taking a stepfather's purgatives a little far as he twice enters Marissa's room following only a perfunctory knock on her door. Marissa's acting out against parental authority is the easy way to explain her behavior but she still is underage and drinking every week. It may not be long until she is in rehab or back in a psychiatrist's office.

    The absence of Julie Cooper left the role of evil manipulative parent to Caleb. Alan Dale who portrays Caleb is a competent veteran actor but the character has always been written in two dimensions. Although this episode gave Caleb's his biggest share of the storyline this season he still lacks any depth.

    Another question! Why do guys on this show who are rivals for the same girl become buddies? Last season it was Ryan and Luke. This year Seth and Zach seem closer to each other than either is with Summer. I guess that it could be explained by the fact that Summer is more about what she gains than what she gives in a relationship.

    Finally just as a note, Seth mentions the feature film "Summer Loves" which starred Peter Gallagher and Darryl Hanna. That movie had a passing connection with this show's storyline and is another example of THE O.C. kidding itself and it's cast.