The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 1

The Aftermath

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 08, 2005 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in the season 3 opener of the show the oc its been a few months since the shooting when marris shot trey and the da is starting to investgate what happen and they are pressing marrisa and the others for information and julie whos husband died is waiting for them to reveal the will and they are waiting for kirsten to get back from rehab and jimmy is also waiting for the will. this was a good ep i thougth and it was very interesting and that is why i gave the show 9 instead of anyting lower since it was a good ep
  • this is the aftermath of the shooting. its about 3 months later, trey is in a coma.Marissa, ryan and seth are being questioned.

    I think this episode is a good episode. Julie has gone back to being a nasty bpiece of work with the whole paying trey to blame ryan for the shooting thing. I'm glad trey is gone, he is kind of annoying. I docked marks for this episode because i think the Kirsten charlotte thing is wierd. I don't know why she would not just come home. I want to see the rest because it will be interesting how school goes for them.
  • Average.

    Aftermath episodes after a huge event like the shooting of Trey are basically there to wrap things up. There's one common thing; rarely are they any good, and The O.C. did an admirably good job, but still a bit below how normally good the show is. It felt like there was a lot of filler and that the show could have easily been compacted into 20 minutes of greatness instead of being stretched out twice as long and settling as only average. Julie Cooper making Trey commit to fraud felt kind of pointless; although it did further develop her character as not only a mother that would stab others behind the back for her daughter, it just felt like it didn't offer much. The writing was pretty funny in the beginning but it got less comedic later on.
  • Premiere Season Three.

    Well, the O.C.'s third season has finally arrived in Italy. You know, right here, traslation process usually takes only a little bit... :D
    By the way I think this episode is kind of good. Don't get me wrong, I see that first season's old times are -almost- done, but I like this show as well.
    1. Julie is still a b!tch. That's reassuring; actually if she acted like a normal housewife she would scare me more than when she threatens an innocent nurse. I mean, she is Julie Cooper, she can't be nice and kind like Kirsten. :D
    2. That's a piece of news: Jimmy is still a moron. I bet his hydill with Julie can't last if he runs out of money again.
    3. I love the way Sandy faced Jimmy, and when he hugged "heartbroken-because-of-Trey" Ryan.
    4. I want Kirsten's new friend out of the show. She's totally creepy.
    5. Fabulous four's beach day was the best thing of the whole episode. Witty, funny and hilarious as I like. Yep, skipping by boat to Mexico was a little far-fetched but it was also kind of sweet.
    6. I liked Marissa in this episode because she was NOT acting like a psychotic but I sadly know that the O.C.'s director won't listen to this. [Thanks spoilers] :D
    7. My favourite quote.
    Summer and Seth are talking about how to cheer Ryan up.
    Summer: (looks at Seth) "Any favourite movies... hobbies... Cohen, he’s your best friend!".
    Seth: "Heeeey! You've known him as long as me I don’t hear you throwing out any gems."
    They are definitely Homer and Marge Simpson in the OC's way. Too funny.
  • Nowhere as bad as everyone is saying, sure it's not the best O.C. episode ever, not even close, but it was entertaining, especially the wonderful core four scenes!

    Nowhere as bad as everyone is saying, sure it's not the best O.C. episode ever, not even close, but it was entertaining, especially the wonderful core four scenes! I was expecting a lot less out of this episode, everyone says how bad it was! But because I went in expecting nothing, I got so much in return. It had a really Season 1 feel with core four together again, the diner, Julie being a b**** again & Jimmy being back. Kirsten's rehab scenes were a little boring! But the reason this episode doesn't get a 8.7 is because of Trey's stupid return & farewell, he should have died & that would have made the episode so much better!
  • terribly boring

    This show was good only for the first few episodes of the first season.than it had downs and ups but never raised a seven point for me.the characters are stupid, unrealistic, and boring.

    Now, even seth is boring.Stupid things happen,characters react in most idiotic ways,like trying to flee from the police,it is almost like they know that they are in some kind of teenage show.This one was so down that even those dawsons-creek-styled friendship scenes couldnt make it to my mind.
  • Very good

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  • first episoide of season 3

    Summer is coming to an end and school is starting in a few days. Trey has been in a coma since Marissa shot him. The D.A. has waited as long as possible for Trey to wake up but people are starting to demand answers and justice, which is why D.A. Chris Caldwell was asked to dig around and take more depositions from Ryan, Seth and Marissa amongst others. Will either Marissa or Ryan pay the price? Or will both be prosecuted? Kirsten is still at the rehab center. Julie is mad because Caleb’s accountant says it will take months before the will can be read and ryan goes to jail when trying leave newport but marissa gets hime out and trey finally wakes up and takes a bus to vagis ryan waves goodbye to trey at the bus
  • What a booring episode !!

    This was, without a doubt, a really booring episode and I don't know why. I mean, I can't put my finger on anything because in theory, this episode was supposed to be good: Seth, Summer, Ryan and Marissa (stars Adam Brody, Rachel Bilson, Ben McKenzie and Mischa Barton) passed some good moments together, before returning to school in the following episode. Kirsten (star Kelly Rowen) in the rehab with Charlotte (special guest star Jeri Ryan) was "normal", not to exciting at all. The best was clearly, Julie's (star Melinda Clarke) part. When she tried to incriminate Ryan by asking his brother Trey (guest star Logan Marshall-Green) to say that Ryan was the one who shoot him was really great. And the scenes between her and Jimmy (special guest star Tate Donovan) were also good. Overall, the episode lost itself in the middle of so much plots. This season, clearly began as a conclusion of the previous season, a BOORING conclusion
  • This season opener begins with ryan rushing his brother to emergency after marissa's crazed gun fun trey soon gets threatened bye julie marissa is asked if she was the one who comiited the crime and jimmy's not so happy...again!

    This season was okay it didnt get the high ratings but fans still tuned in to watch the season premiere with some repeat-storylines such as jimmy in debt takes us back to season one's first few episodes ryan's family problems again first few season one episodes marissa's pain and summers concern. The premiere didnt have the excitment everyone was hoping for but did have some drama. I guess the producers wanted us to wait till the season finale to get hyped up on excitement! new charecters are introduced and the saying still is "california here we come"!
  • Reasonable start to season 3

    Well it was a good start with season 3, With whole Trey waking up and wanting to figure who he would point, Julie cooper is most self-fish person I know even jimmy didn’t do anything, at least the thing is resolved with Marisa shooting Trey-obviously consequences will arise we just have to wait and see.

    I don’t like Kirsten re-hab woman-with Julie cooper in the show-do we really need another evil person. I’m glad Sandy seem to be the only one who feet on the ground-I was wondering whether he told Kirsten about trey shooting or not?, since nothing was mention I have to guess she doesn’t know.

    The gang seem to act like a bunch of immature children-it was a good idea to have some fun on the beach but these character seem not to be responsible towards stuff, I realise there are teenager but they not 12 year old-they suppose to 16 years old-whenever a problem happened- there solution is to run away like a child. I understand why Ryan wanted run with his record but Seth and rest gang wanted join him like a pack of school children.

    All in all I enjoyed the episode, can’t wait to see what happens next week.
  • Really not that great...

    I've got to admit that I wasn't expecting that much to start with, so my disappointment wasn't too great. Instead of starting the new season with a bang, this episode really just focused on ending the last season's troubles.

    There wasn't really anything new, and the dialogue wasn't too great either. It was fairly poor, but not as bad as I expected.
  • Seth, Summer Ryan, and Marissa are about to start school and with Trey in a coma it is a quiet summer and then to everybody’s surprise Ryan and Marissa are going to be expelled for all of the incidences they caused(shooting trey etc.) When Trey wakes up J

    It\'s an over dramatic episode that is not as good as other episodes. And if Julie did kill Trey how is she gonna get out of the situation. Imean she is in a hospital and she is gonna smother someone. Clearly she did not think it through all the way!!!!
  • Character development to say the least... Aftermath was so a fast-paced episode that wrapped up lose ends from season 2, as well as settling in new issues.

    This episode was extremely fast-paced. We go from wondering what will happen once Marissa has shot Trey, to their fight to not be sent into jail, to the subplot of Julie trying to bribe Trey once he wakes up...

    Kirsten finds herself the star of rehab as she recovers quickly, and the new character of Charlotte is practically forcefully introduced.

    Julie\'s money troubles surface, and Jimmy\'s alterier motives also show themselves.

    Although its nice to have The OC back, this episode takes on a different speed, trying to cram at least 5 plots in, and often skips over the nice quiet parts that gave this series is charm.
  • Ryan and Marissa Versus the rest of the World, i.e Newport


    Ok so when they all went on the boat trip that was cool. Jimmy's back but still doing dodgy business...

    I liked the end where even despite everything Ryan still longs for his big brother, awwwww.
    And They had their little understood goodbye,nothing needed to be said, the music did it all,when he saw him on the bus. Ryan was left all alone like a lost puppy.
    Sandy the pilar of strength for everyone comforts him while yet again another boss tune to make you sympathize with Ryan is played and takes over the scene.

    Then He goes back to Marissa who you always feel sorry for this poor lost soul or something when she's all alone on the beach at night and he knows just where to find her. Its symbolic of their relationship they always find each other.
  • Season opener?

    Frankly, this episode was ok. Nothing to ooh aah about. But given the significance of being the opener of a new season, I think the expectation on the average would be higher!! And it sure didnt meet that. OC fans alike, wouldn't beg to differ.

    This could be one of the main reasons why the viewership has dropped on the second episode of season 3. But the pattern seems to be that, the pull factor in watching the show and the anxiety of looking forward to the next episode is on the decline, based on the benchmarks set by Season 1. Season 2 wasn't as fantastic as Season 1, and by the looks of it, Season 3 isn't as good as was Season 2 so far.

    Nevertheless I am hopeful the following episodes will provide a seasonal betterment, and not to further realise, the O.C has finished entwining its plot, and the Josh has been cornered with nowhere else to take the plot to.

  • Worst...season premier...ever...

    This episode not only suck for a regulare episode but the fact that it's a season premier makes it even worse. Very few shows have good season premiers but The O.C. is unfortunetly not one of them. There is nothing else to say. I just need more words to fill this damn review.
  • Conclusion To Season 2, Bit Of A Shocker!!!

    Oh my god, how boring was this episode and here i was thinking Marissa was going to go down for shooting Trey??? Awfully written and the worst attempt at trying to tie-up loose ends, that i have ever seen a truly awful episode except for the fact that Bloc Party where played at the end of the episode that was classic!!
  • The worst season premire.

    I, like so many others, had high hopes for this season. I just wished that something would have happened. It would have been better if Trey had died, then the entire season could be about proving that it was self-defense. Then the CSI fan comes out it me and says why didn't the investigators check the gun for fingerprints, which would reveal that Trey had held the gun before Marissa. I don't know, I just think that they built up this big storyline that could have been amazing and just let it drop.
  • Finally we got to see what truly happened when last season finished.

    This episode was among the worst episodes of The O.C. to have ever been aired, bad plot and not much happened except that the series finale from the spring finally ended in a sense. We found out that Trey is alive and the Julie is a "bitch" but that part really is old news.
    Overall I think that the show had an incomplete script and could have been done a whole lot better.
  • Overall, a decent episode which ties up most of the story from last season and begins some storylines for the season 3.

    Well, what can I say, definitely not the best episode and I wish it had been done better. Really though I am not going to bash this season premiere too much because I am just happy to be back with my friends on The O.C. I give this premier a solid B because although it may not have been the most inspired episode it still had some good things going for it and I know that the season will get better after this.
    Even if it wasn't all that interesting, there was no choice but to conclude last season by tying up the loose ends. I am glad to see that the group of four are back together and I hope we won't have major strife between them for the majority of the season. The Kirsten storyline was interesting. The character played by Jeri Ryan gives good mystery, though I figure she wants Kirsten in that she is gay. I am glad that Kirsten is apprehensive about coming back instead of quickly coming back and then going right back to the bottle.
    As I said not the best I have seen, but that is OK. I am just going to look forward and I am sure that I won't be disappointed.
  • It's back to The O.C. in the season premiere on Fox. The episode opens to find Trey still in a coma from his encounter with Ryan and Marissa. Ryan, Seth, and Marissa continually hounded by the District Attorney, Jimmy back in town, and Kirten in rehab. Ah

    This episode was well-worth watching. After an emotionally-charged year like last season, it was good to see the original characters having at least the semblence of fun on the beach. Those teenagers deserve it. Julie is still up to her old tricks, doing anything she can to make sure her family escapes unscathed. She's pure evil, in my opinion. Jimmy is back in town with his family, having arrived conveniently after the death of the O.C.'s reigning patriarch, Caleb. Something is up with that man. Kirsten is in rehab, appearing to be back to normal, but apparently hiding some underlying doubts. Life looks like it's going to be interesting this season on the O.C. After such an episode, I can't wait to see what happens next.
  • This is the conclusion to Marissa shooting Tray...

    Oh my god... this episode was so painful to watch... I actually thought the show was going to get good after the season finale last spring... Boy was I disappointed!!! Julie is just the same as ever, soooo concerned with how others feel about her, soooo concerened about having a good reputation, and sooooo concerned about money. At the end of last season, I thought maybe she might change and grow as a person. Why do the writers have to make her so predictable? And Marissa! She wasn\'t at ALL concerned about having shot and almost killed someone, self-defense or not. Look how insane she got over something much smaller than that! And how could Ryan care so much about his brother after everything? He tried to rape his gf, than tried to kill him. Why would you want someone like that in your family, blood or not? I hated this episode, and I think this show is getting dumber and dumber... they need something a lot more interesting! They\'re probably going to bring in his pregnant ex soon... the woman with the baby. Yay.
  • This Episode was not what i was expecting for the 3rd season premere...

    This episode is was not what i was expecting for the 3rd season premere but it had its ups and downs the 1st part of the show was good but i really didn't understand but no worry i bet the writers and the whole staff on the o.c. have a excited season underwhy they said expect all kinds of exciting and shocking things will happen! So over all this episode wasn't the best i've seen worst!
  • This is why I really watch The O.C.

    This episode really concludes the things why I watch this show. This season premier connected really well the second season's end to the beginning of the third.

    Especially the thing that Trey woke up and left was important for The O.C. Not that I wanted to Trey to leave but that the thing about Trey and shooting him and so on got an end.

    About Sandy and Kirsten. Those two really had a lot of drama last season and this episode indicates that more is to come also. In hope we really can learn more about these two this season.

    Summer and Seth really seemed to be happy but as always there is drama with these two. I think Seth, once again, will come up with something that he needs to fix in the end of the season.

    What about Ryan and Marissa then. Here is a big questionmark for me. I didn't really buy the thing that they ended to be quite happy in the end of this episode. Although the last season ended pretty well for them. I hope this season will show us how they really are but who knows... they are meant and not to be together. That is how it has seemed for now.

    As a conclusion this episode was a great kickoff for the season 3. Not 10/10 but I'm eager to see more.
  • Best scene E.V.E.R Ryan and Sandy at Bus Station

    I thought that the Trey story needed to end and it did. Marissa saved Ryan again. Bringin back the candy stripers...was a great throw back to season one. The reality of the kids doing depositions and having nightmares and not sleeping is very true to form. SAndy comforting Ryan was prob one of the best scenes ever. Sandy confronting Jimmy was great - he totally called him on everything, on what Julie did, on his intentions everything. And from the previews it seems he might be right...I loved the kids on the beach having fun, Ryan teasing Summer and Seth, it was nice to see. I also liked that Ryan and Marissa were strained...of course! She saved his life but she shot his would put a strain on any relationship not because he doesn't love her or understand why she did it-JUST BECAUSE. I even liked Julie going back to her old ways...but I saved that for last because I also hated it.

    I hated Julie for her inability to think rationally...rather than face the consequences of her daughter shooting someone in defense and dealing with it and getting an already disturbed child help coping with the situation, she pays the guy off to send her boufriend to prision just so she doesn't have to admit to the neighbors that he daughter shot a criminal??? Seems irrational even for Julie. I understand the need to protect your daughter but the truth always comes out. And why didn't the poice question why Trey changed his story and go after Julie for getting in the way of a police investigation???

    And by the way - I hate the Kirsten story line. I hated it before and I hate it now. I think she is a womderful actress and the intervention scenes were great but the relationship has to be perserved. It has to be. And last year was just yuck for them and its time they get back to normal.

    Truthfully if you have ever known someone to come out of rehab its very hard to re-adjust to life. Its never easy to quit but when you do it with a huge support system like being away at rehab, its easier on you. So when its time to go home and face all the things that drove you to drink in the first place, work, family, husbands, porblems in general...ITS HARD TO GO. You never feel ready. But afterall I hate the story line anyway so whatever! Maybe something interesting will come out with Charlotte.

    I can't believe so many people hated this episode. I cried and laughed and hated Julie Cooper...Hat trick for The OC
  • The AfterMath

    Ok Look I'm really confused as to why half of u call urselves OC fans? I mean seriously! True I must say the whole show ran a little faster than I expected but that is why I think it was great! Season 2 I must admit it wasnt the greatest... But as with almost everything The sophmore year never ends up as good as the premire of the series or the third year! It's becuz the show is finding the balance... and I believe they have achieved balance.
    But the aftermath episode was everything and more that I wanted... I didnt want it to be like most shows and have trey's stupid coma drag through out the series...
    It was time for a channge and Shchutlz (Cant spell) did and excellent job! I LOVE SEASON 3!!!!!!!!!!! ROCK ON!!!!!!! AND IF U DONT TOO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're all entitled to opinions but i cant always agree And I respect them all!!!!!!!
  • Who's going to jail? Ryan? Marissa? Ryan again? Or no one?

    I happpen to love this episode. Sure it had it's "like that would ever happen in real life" moments, but that's why I watch this show. Not for the real life aspects. It's nice to begin to end the week with some drama from the OC. Two thumbs up from me!
  • Oh how lame...

    I'm a proud O.C. fan - though most of my friends can't believe I watch it (they favor more "intelligent" shows). I'll fight for the show whenever they diss it...but I'll also be the first to admit that Season 3's season premiere was a bit...painful.

    At first, I was shocked with how disappointed I was after it aired. I came to school the next day announcing that even -I- thought it was lame. But after much consideration, I've come to the decision that it wasn't SO bad...not really.

    I really think that the producers or whoever were like "We have a hit - everyone loves us - we can do anything." Um, no. Fans aren't above jumping ship mid-series if episodes progressively get worse.

    Honestly, my main complaint was Julie. I guess I really just thought that she was going to be less evil this season - that her falling for Jimmy was going to be soften her up. At least a little. But Julie in this episode was just unbelievable. Paying off Trey? Throwing a fit for that money? Jeez - and Jimmy still has grown a backbone. At all. Lame. There better be some major character development going on or I'll be very very...upset.

    I'm also a bit pissed that they finished up the whole Trey storyline in one episode - it really seemed like something they could have dragged out over the course of a few episodes, with a little more suspense. know...I guess that works too...whatever.

    I guess I'll just sum it up by saying that this episode was not what I expected at all. But then again, this is Orange County. Nothing's EVER what one expects.

    On my ending note, I'd like to bring up one last "wtf" moment: Ryan's impersonation of Summer. XD Now what was that?! XD
  • Good Stuff and Bad Stuff

    Last season, Trey was shot by Marissa, Kirsten went to rehab, Caleb die, Jimmy was back things were looking back to the o.c not that crap we had to deal with in Season 2. This was just average nothing special good stuff and bad stuff.

    Let's start off with the bad stuff. Jeri Ryan's character Charlotte. Charlotte is new friend of Kirsten. I don't know if anyone else was getting like a lesbian vibe the way she was staring at Kirsten. I was for sure. However, I heard what her agenda is but we don't find out till later, so hopefully it will get better. Seth and Summer. They just kept popping for some one-liners its was rather annoying. Mischa Barton's acting has extremely improved from Season 1, however, she still is wooding I personally think. She is getting better though. Lastly, that extremely cheesy beach scene wow how awful was that. With the exception of Ryan's impression of Summer at the end of that scene was funny.

    Good Stuff. Just like last season Julie Cooper-Nichol save the episode from being awful. When she goes and bribe Trey to say Ryan shot him to protect Marissa was awesome. Melinda Clarke rules! The scene where Kirsten doesn't think she ready go home yet was great. Kelly Rowan, Peter Gallagher, and Melinda Clarke are clearly the show best actors. Also, I liked the scene with Sandy yelling at Jimmy about what he's really doing in Newport. Great scene. Lastly, I like when Trey left and Ryan cried on Sandy's shoulder. So sweet. Plus the song in the background was great.

    Hopefully The O.C. will better this season than last season cause if was as awful as it was in the middle of the season last year I won't be watching anymore of this show. Hopefully, it will be like the first season, and the beginning and ending of the second season.
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