The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 1

The Aftermath

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 08, 2005 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Goof: As Ryan is packing up his clothes, and the kids decide to take off on the boat, it is broad daylight. When they are nabbed by the cops at the boat, it's totally dark. If you've ever been to L.A., it takes quite a while for the sun to set. The timing definitely seemed off here.

    • Goof: When Ryan is hiding out in the pool house, all of the curtains/blinds are closed. Though, when Seth, Summer, and Marissa walk in, they're all open.

  • Quotes

    • Julie: (to Mr. Frankel) Let's play hot/cold, hm? Two million. Seven million. I have at least three million coming from my pre-nup. You blinked! Does one blink mean yes?

    • Jimmy: I'm trying to protect my family, too.
      Sandy: Right. Because family means so much to you.
      Jimmy: What's that supposed to mean?
      Sandy: That means what are you doing back in Newport? Caleb dies. Boom. Suddenly you show up.

    • Lawyer: ...Then you won't mind if I record this deposition.
      Seth: Sure record it. Release it on iTunes. I hope it's a really big hit.
      Sandy: Just answer the questions.

    • Seth: Hey, knock it off. Listen, you've got to get your mind off of everything. Who wants to go fishing?
      Summer: Yeah, you guys do the hunting, we'll do the gathering.
      Ryan: I like that idea, but we don't have any bait.
      Seth: Aw... wait, no. We have Summer.

    • (After boat ride...)
      Summer: You know, Cohen... your two hands on the wheel, and the wind blowing through your hair... you actually looked kinda hot.
      Seth: Let me guess, Summer. You have a weakness for seamen?
      Summer: Ew, Cohen! And then there's that.

    • Seth: Hoodie, wife-beater, leather jacket. That's the Ryan Atwood escapist ensemble.

    • Summer: Mr. Cooper's got a nice boat, huh?
      Seth: Yeah, it's amazing what laundered money can buy.

    • Seth: Ok, you have to say that I still support the recent decision, in the wake of all the violence we've experienced, to ban any games with ninjas or guns.
      Ryan: Yeah, but?
      Seth: Well, it's just I don't understand any of the rules to this "baseball" they call it.
      Ryan: You mean, America's pastime?
      Seth: Feels like more of a fad to me, buddy. I don't really see it catching on.

    • Seth: I kind of like him (Trey) this way. He's a better listener. (pause) Sorry. I get talkative around coma patients. It's a compensation thing.

    • Summer: Look, we can't control the future, right? So how do we deal? I mean, we can do what my step-mother does and take lots of painkillers to numb ourselves from the reality that life is, well, random, unfair and ultimately meaningless.
      Seth: There's another option, right?

    • Julie: Oh, come on. It's okay for a prosecutor and a defense attorney to have a glass of lemonade together. We're all human beings here.
      Jimmy: I'm not so sure about these guys.

    • Sandy: (to Ryan) Glad to see the jumpsuit still fits.

    • Summer: (sarcastic)Thanks for getting my bathing suit wet, Cohen.
      Seth: My pleasure.
      Ryan: (in a mocking tone) Cohen ... I can't believe you did that, Cohen.

    • (After returning the prison uniform)
      Ryan: What happened?
      Sandy: You have a hell of a girlfriend. And if you two get married, you'll have a hell of a mother-in-law, but you're free.

    • Ryan: I just had the worst nightmare.
      Seth: Yeah? I got some bad news.
      Ryan: It wasn't a dream. Yeah, yeah. I know.

  • Notes

    • The bus Trey takes is headed for Las Vegas. During last season's finale, the plan was for Trey and Jess to leave Newport to go to Vegas.

    • Music:
      "Beretta" by Manishevitz
      "Hide Another Mistake" by The 88
      "Song For No One" by Ian Broudie
      "Way To Go" by Teen Wolf
      "Blue Light" (Engineers "Anti-Gravity" Mix) by Bloc Party
      "Soul Meets Body" by Death Cab for Cutie

    • In the first scene after the opening credits, Summer and Marissa are sitting by the pool. This exact same scene, albeit with different dialogue, occured in the second season premiere right after the credits.

    • The title in the opening credits changed from what it used to be...the words "the O.C." side by side to how the title appears on the region 1 season 1 & 2 dvd sets "OC" with the "the" inside the letter 'O'...also the rest of the font for the casts' names have been changed.

  • Allusions

    • Julie: Summer, we have HBO-on-demand. Every season of Sex And The City. Knock yourself out.

      "Sex And The City" was a very popular show on HBO for many years. People have compared The O.C. to Sex And The City in terms of the effect it has had on fans in the area of clothes and fashion.

      Sex And The City

    • Summer: On 'The Valley' there is someone in a coma like every week, but I think they only do that so when the person wakes up another actor can play the part.

      An Obvious reference to the fact that the actor playing Trey changed between Season 1/2.

    • This episode features yet another Michael J. Fox film allusion, Josh Schwartz seems to be a bit of a fan maybe. Previously they had the same prom theme (Under The Sea) as "Back To The Future." Now we see scenes from "Teen Wolf" where Michael J. Fox also stars.

    • Seth: Sure. Record it. Release it on iTunes, I hope it's a really big hit.

      iTunes is the biggest "jukebox" on the net, owned by Apple.

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