The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 7

The Anger Management

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 2005 on FOX

Episode Recap

The show starts off with Ryan,Marissa,Seth and Summer in the diner and Volchok comes in demanding a rematch between him and Ryan, but Ryan insists that he will not fight him.

Sandy and Matt learn they have to cut 9 people from the Newport group but Sandy looks over some things and finds he only has to cut 4 but he still doesn't want to do it.

When Ryan and Seth are at school Volchok is sitting on his car with his friends and scratches Sandy's car. Ryan still insists he is not fighting him.

When Marissa hears she goes to Ryan in his poolhouse to find that he has put up a puchbag as "therapy".

Also Taylor goes to Seths room and tells him she likes him and when he's on the phone to Summer she takes Captain Oats.

When they are at the Bait Shop she gives it back causing an argument between Seth and Summer.

At the club Volchok arrives and grabs hold of Marissa causing Ryan to go for him and Volchok now knows what makes him tick.

Later at the charity do, Marissa goes to Volchok in the car park because he doesn't want the watch she bribed him with earlier so he'd stay away from Ryan and he makes up a story of how he needs money instead to get Marissa in the van.

He later calls Ryan from Marissa's cell and when Ryan answers he tells him to meet him at the pier. Johnny goes with him and Ryan begins to act crazys picking up glass bottles and wooden sticks to fight with. Volchok is confused and walks away. Marissa thinks Ryan is reeli goin mad but Johnny signs to her he's just actin.

Maenwhile at the charity event Julies messes up Charlottes plans by making out the money to a real charity and Summer and Seth make up.

At the end Ryan and marissa are by the poolhouse Marissa gives him a kiss and goes. Ryan goes into the poolhouse and starts punching the puchbag until he's bleeding.