The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 7

The Anger Management

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 2005 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show the oc there at the bait shop and marrisa is tring to keep ryan away from volchek from them fighting and summer and seth are having problems since talory has been horseing around and tring to break them up and sandy and his new employee are tring to decide on who to fire from the job they have joined a partnership with the new port group since sandy does not want it to go down the draine since his wife worked there so much this was a good ep i thought and it was very interesting
  • Episode 7 - the oc More trouble with Volchock and johnny

    This episode was good. Julie finally does something nice for Kirsten, by getting rid of Charlotte. Johnny i think is very annoying, even before the whole volchock thing he seems depressed and lonely. taylor is getting less annoying, and summer and seth seem very friendly, so theres bound to be a rift between them sooner or later.
  • In this episode, characters being put into their place.

    Once again all the storylines within this episode are top notched and of great quality. Volchok was turning into the real jackass in this episode, and to see him fall on his knees in fear, it was pretty satisfying to see. Though his acting in the final confrontation scene wasn't great at all. Meanwhile the Taylor Townsend storyline is starting to get more and more interesting and her acting is just fabulous. Although I didn't expect it to happen, we're finally seeing the good side of Julie Cooper whom I've always liked as a character. Seeing her doing the right thing was just a pleasant sight to see. Though is it just me or has the comedy taken a dive? A huge dive? Nowhere near as funny as the first and second season.
  • Really gave me some perspective...kind of geared me up for what to expect as the new "major storyline"

    Wow, Ryan is kind of scary again. His knuckles were bleeding...quite alot actually which doesn't surprise me considering he beat the crap out of a punching bag. I suppose its his way of dealing with his violence issues...while proving that he definetely has violence issues. Its a good character development thought. I think Taylor is kind of becoming a person. It was kind of scary sickening though when she ran off saying "it's happening". Kind of thought that was slightly strange and messed up. Valid though considering Taylor is a strange kind of person. Will be interesting to see how she affects the Summer-Seth relationship. I'm so glad that Julie pulled out of the whole "weirdo Charlotte" scheme. Loved the chilling quote from Julie. So true. I can't see any good coming from Sandy starting work at the Newport Group...just making room for a scandal. Overall...generally average episode aside from some great character development.
  • The OC. Episode 7

    Something is changing in Newport Beach.

    After just 57 episodes, Ryan and his fists are starting to calm down. That's it. Chino Kid's old glorious days seem definitely very far away. Well, at least until the next time. LOL

    Only Marissa could trust to get in Volchok's truck. She's such an idiot. :D

    Julie gave up Charlotte's scam money for Kirsten's sake. I guess it was a wise choice. Probably Mrs. Cooper Nichol figured that three hundred thousand dollars, in her hands, would have lasted merely three minutes. :)

    Taylor, Seth and Summer. Is another triangle in the air? Yep, the OC writers definitely love geometry too much. LOL

    Yay, Plastic Face Charlotte is finally out of the show. :)

    Poor Sandy. Now that he is running Newport Group, he seems totally a fish out of water.

    By the way, it's time someone shoots Taylor's mom. :D
  • It's great how Ryan is using his head for a change.

    I can't help but feel we are losing the old Ryan. It seems that now Marissa is at public school he is nothing but a shaperone. Tension comes from Jonny and Ryan as thye both love Marissa. Summer' meddling doesn't really help things along though. In her words she is becoming Seth. But we know she is only trying to help.

    Volchock is a great character its a shame he only lasted a few episodes.
  • 10
    Probably the best epsisode of series 3 so far. Finally a return to form for the oc in season 3. Nothing was really happening untill now, we got to see taylors real personality she is crazy but i also found her refreshing and fairly funny. also ryan changed but was still fairly angry and scary down at the beach. f sandy struggled with his new business and julie antually is a nice person which was suprising and that annoying blonde haired woman from rehab has left which is good. the subways were at the bait shop they were awesome. THe Subways ROCK !!!!!!
  • for me the beginnign of season 3

    great epiosde, had live music with the subways, comedy between seth and taylor, drama between ryan and volchok, just a great episode, it felt like the oc is back again, captaing oats returns in this episode with a great role. ll lsll l l l l l l l l
  • Are The O.C. finally getting some serious development, or is it just a hunch I have? Will Ryan still be the same, or will he finally become an interesting person again?

    Slightly enjoyable. Ryan is starting to change, to something better or worse. At least there's some development in a new direction. The fact that Taylor Townsend is trying to ruin Seth and Summer's relationship is nothing new, that stuff happens all the time. Can the third season raise a few levels? Or was this just a start of nothing. Are they just gonna leave it with this, or make it a minor mediocre plot like this season has had enough of? I really hope this will change The O.C. into something new. I'm getting a bit tired of the empty dialogues, the harmless plots and the fact that situations in most cases turns out to be harmless. With all that is happening, people really change. Seth has actually changed a lot, for example. But that turned out to be a bad change, he's become too anonymous, and most of his jokes are a bit too dry. If the scriptwriters can do something new, TV series speaking, that is both moving, actionfilled and then keep it going all through the season, that will be a new hight for The O.C. To compare this with Veronica Mars, in the first season, they had some really good plots all through the season, dark stories. This is what The O.C. should have. But I'm optimistic for the future, I think The O.C. will get better.
  • Ryan finally learns to controll himself, what a shock! :)

    I thought this episode was great because finally Ryan learned to control himself instead of being, like Seth put it; Chino. It was getting old, what with all the fighting.

    I think a few different characters developed a bit in this episode. Apart from Ryan, we have Julie being a real friend to Kirsten. And Seth has always been nice, but the way he managed to be nice to Taylor and then finally be honest with Summer was sweet.

    Great episode.
  • Simply the best!

    the best ever!! this season simply the best!! the cast...perfect! the lines...outsanding!!! this season turns out to be funtastic! congratulatios to all who contributes to make this show the best. i mean summer? seth? ryan? marissa? but my favorite the actress who plays Julie! She's the best: funny, beautiful, strong, i have no words to describe her... Kirsten and Sandy? the perfect couple! the other couples (seth/summer and ryan/marissa) also great acteurs!!thanks for this show
  • Not too good...

    I'm quite confused: "The Perfect Storm" was a bold episode that launched us right back into the rytham of this show. "The Swells", on the other hand, was one of the poorest episodes I have ever seen. And then this! Okay, fine, I agree: It's way better than "The Swells", but this really was not that great of an episode!

    This was part two of "The Swells". Just think about it; everything in this episode and that episode were basically the same! Ryan tries not to fight, Sandy and his new partner struggle at the Newport Group, Marissa is still hanging around with Johnny (which is really too bad), and then this Taylor and Seth busniess. It's as if the writers were too lazy to figure out a way to put all this action into one episode so they spread it apart, destorying some of the emotion with it, and broke it into two episodes. Bah!

    So, why did I give it an 8.2? Because, while it may have been almost identical to "The Swells", there were some GOOD things. For example, thank god Charolette is finally gone. I'd never thought I'd see the day. And, wow, Julie is back! That is definitely a plus!

    To my pleasure, the ratings did go up for this episode. "The Swells" had around 5.7 million (as I recall) and this episode has 6.10. However, if we continue to be swarmed with these two-part episodes, the ratings will go down again.

    Luckily for us, the next episode looks amazing. Perhaps this was just a dip that needs to be filled by yet another excellent O.C. episode.

    What an amazing episode. I have thought that S3 has been quite solid. Much better than the first 7 episodes of S2. But The Anger Management really amazed me. It was complex, exciting and generally amazing! I loved all of the characters. I hope the rest of the episodes will be of the same qauilty. Josh keep up the work!
  • First episode of the season that was decent

    It's not unknown to anyone that The O.C. have been getting worse and worse, after a first excellent season it looked like this series would have a amazing run, but things went worse in season 2, now it's normal that a first season is special because everything is new and that it will be hard to beat it, especially when you had such a good first season, the second still was dissapointing, but the way i figured it, it can't really go worse, the writers can come up with a really good storyline again which will make things better, unfortunaly, they didn't, which resulted the third season being worse then the second.

    Still it can't be denied that this episode was a step in the right direction, the story was well done, and except for the quite lame scene with Ryan and the bottle in the hand, it was pretty well done, it's still not where it should be, but it's getting there again, atleast if they don't mess up again, we got a clear case that Johny wants Marissa, and that Taylor wants Seth, i know how the writers love making these triangles, but they really shouldn't, it's ok if it just stays with those 2 wanting the other 2, but if they break them up again then it will be like suicide, series need to grow, but in a realistic way, i thought the way the made Ryan and Julie grow in this episode very good, and i just hope they won't mess up again, because if they do then i'm done watching.

    Oh and the reason it has a 7.5 is because of that what happened at the end with Ryan, Ryan's side was realistic, but the response of that guy was poorly written, if that guy is so violent, and kidnaps people, then do you really think he will chicken out like that because of a broken bottle, such a guy would act cool, might not engage him, but not chicken out.
    But i guess that's all part of the trying to make Ryan look badass...
  • season 3 turns out to be quite cool after all. And we only had to wait a year for that!

    First couple of episodes of season 3 I was pretty disappointed about the O.C., but it looks like the season finally started. I really liked this episode, Ryan became a lot more mature, seth and summer finally seem indestructible and I even started to like taylor. After this episode it kinda sucks that there will be another break, even if it is only for a week. I would really like to see where everything is going. For example I don't think that taylor is very happy with the situation as it is now. And I wanna know if the relationship of seth and summer is strong enough to get past this, especially with the future-problem of going to college without each other.
    Guess I'll just have to wait two weeks to find out.
  • Too dark & dramatic, but seems to be getting better.

    I was rather disappointed with the O.C.'s third season up until this episode and its precedent. There is still an excess of drama, but I like how things are shaping up. Compared to previous seasons, though, the O.C. seems to have gotten much darker. I am personally growing weary of Marissa & Ryan's relationship; even though there's supposed to be the whole Summer & Seth, Ryan & Marissa foursome thing, it just feels like Marissa and Ryan are kind of dying. After a respectful amount of time, a grace period if you will, it would be interesting to see Marissa & Johnny get together. They relate to each other so much better than her and Ryan, and they would be so cute together. Case in point: their little flirt scene in The Swells episode--completely adorable. I can't help but empathise with Taylor, but her failed attempt to break Summer & Seth up makes it hard for me to really like her. I used to dislike Julie intensely, but she seems to be getting more "human" as the show progresses. Ryan's character, on the other hand, seems to be taking a turn for the worse.

    Oh, and I wish they would give poor Chili a girlfriend!
  • This episode is just so so.

    I am a huge fan of the OC, But Season 3, in my opinion has way too much drama. The previous seasons have more comedy in them, I watch the O.C. because it is always unexpected and for Seth\'s witty comedical comments. I find this show enjoyable, but this season just seems to be filled with way too much drama and kind seems to repeat what was already done in previous seasons.
    I would give this season as of now a 6 out of 10. But you still can't top the OC. What An Awesome show!

    Jerry, Devoted Fan,
    Never missed an episode of any season!
  • ryan learns not to fight anyone which is good so he doesnt get into any more trouble. taylor tries to break up seth and summer and it didnt work.

    it was an excellent episode and was very interesting. im glad ryan didnt fight him that way he doesnt get into any more trouble. this was definetley one of my most favorite episodes! i hope you guys continue to make many more seasons because it ia a very goos show and could have many more seasons.
  • The episode that made me like several characters for the first time...

    Question: Why am I starting to like Taylor? Probably because of her problems with her mom and whatnot, which actually explains what's going wrong with her. Though I don't quite understand why she likes the same types of movies as Seth, but irregardlessly...

    Also Ryan actually had a good show this time, he did alot of very smart stuff. I was waiting for him to fight him, but I was very glad that he didn't, it truly showed development. Then of course at the end, there was the relapse, so to speak. I have a distinct feeling that he's going to lose his temper again somewhere down the line and lose Merissa over it.

    Julie also did well in this episode, and came out better for what she did.

    Other than that, I was intrigued by the preview scenes for the next episode. The next one cannot come soon enough, this show is about to have a major, MAJOR shift in it, and I can't wait to see it!
  • ryan finally uses his head against fighting! sandy learns the downs of running a company! taylor is letting things get to her head! bye bye charlotte!!!

    review time: first off remember folks NO OC next week!!!

    ok so where should i start, we will start with julie and charlotte. i have to say it was amazing the going back and forth between the eppy with these two! i knew julie would win out i just love how she did it! she went about it perfectly and was strong enough to call charlottes bluff!!! excellent performance there! she finally has a true friend and kirsten and its nice to see she wont give that up for a few 100 grand that wouldnt last julie cooper nicol that long anyways lol

    summer/seth/taylor was actually really good. i love how seth is repeatidly reassuring taylor that he loves summer! thats something he hasnt done in past situations like this and thats fabulous! i cant get over it! and it was nice that they worked things out this episode in a relatively calm manner! i can tell we will see the beginning of the taylor/summer friendship! could be a great one of tayloe stops trying to steal her man! but i can understand where taylor is coming from! its hard not to feel that way when someone does something like seth did for her! im sure it wont get too out of hand so i wont get too worried about that :)

    marrisa/ryan etc was great tonight i think! marissa was focused on ryans safety with the 2 min exception of making johnny not fight! it was nice to see she hasnt totally become estranged from ryan! it was nice to see her point out ryans changing into a less dark person, which is true in someways but not true in others. he is still having a big punching crisis but homefully now that he has the punching bag, that will be released! i love how he played volchuk at the end! he was sure risking a lot there with that kind of threat!! wow! it was nicely played out! but how stupid is marissa to get in the vehicle with him anyways but im gonna chalk that up to her love for ryan! so we are working on that lol as i said earlier in the thread, when ryan attacked the punching bag my heart broke, he looked like he was releasing some tears, all the pain...suffering he is been through! i wanted to hug him and i wanted to cry. it was devastating!!

    sandy/kiki-it is nice to see kiki so happy! a little to happy but i guess she is trying to focus on the good to keep her from going back to the bad! i love her and sandy, even though we need to see more of them, the time we do see is pure love and devotion and thats good enough for me! poor sandy though, rough day at the office! i can already see him making mistakes that could end up costing him dearly! having matt around for starters...leaving NO margin/room for error! you are never supposed to do that! anyone who has taken a business class would know that! i think we have two opposites in him and caleb and we need someone who meets in the middle! thats for sure! caleb had no heart and sandy has too much! both dangerous in the business field.

    im loving family interaction! last season, ryan never would have went to sandy like that and well lets face it, the happy kitchen moments were a rarity!

    who else felt sorry for taylor with her mother being like that?? i was angry yet upset with that issue!! its hard to watch something like that.

    i liked how marissa handled the shooting comments! it was nice she didnt run and cry since a lot of critics are seeing her as what is killing the show right now! she seemed a little off tonight...something really didnt seem right!!!

    i think the OC is actually on a good track right now!! its just stupid mistakes that may sink the ship! i think its showing promising potential but what josh should be workin on is promotional stuff to get the old viewers back who may have drifted!

    i will give this eppy an A- (not enough coupley action from any core couple!!! )
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