The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 7

The Anger Management

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 2005 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Seth has a poster from the movie "Yakuza Prep" on the wall of his bedroom, and Taylor says it's her favorite movie. This movie does not exist in real life.

  • Quotes

    • Seth (about Taylor): She's having an emotional crisis.
      Summer: Well she's about to have a physical one.

    • Volchok:Oh hey, look who's here. Now don't shoot. Hey dork.
      Chili: Hey.
      Marissa: Look, I want you to leave Ryan alone.
      (Marissa hands Volchok a watch)
      Volchok: Oh, so it's bribes now? Well, I got a watch, Kmart, $15.99.
      Marissa: Well, this is Cartier and I got it for my sixteenth birthday. It's worth like, four grand.
      Volchok: Damn, you must really think I might hurt him.
      Marissa: Do we have a deal.
      Volchok: Sure. I'll leave your little boy alone.
      Marissa: All right. If I see you around again I'm going to tell the cops you stole that.
      Volchok: You do that.

    • Seth: You think Summer's your friend?
      Taylor: Yes! I know, I'm crazy!

    • Sandy: I fired four people today. I'm not sure I'm the guy for this job at all.
      Kirsten: I'm glad you're upset.
      Sandy: Good pep talk!

    • Summer: What, like you didn't start it by hooking up with someone's girlfriend?
      Seth: Good point. Or that's unnecessary to continuity. Either/or.

    • Charlotte: Oh, what you think you're back in society now, so you don't need the money? Wake up, Julie, these people are never going to accept you. You don't have any friends here.
      Julie: Wrong. I have Kirsten, and I won't do this to her.
      Julie: Now. I think it's time you left, don't you? This town's only really big enough for one manipulative bitch.
      (Julie gives Charlotte a kiss on the cheek and walks away.)

    • Chilli: (Discussing Volchok) Last year, some guy snaked his wave, so he went up on the pier and dropped a kitchen sink on him. Where did you even get a kitchen sink?

    • (About Seth and Summer's Stable Relationship)
      Taylor: Of course, look at Brad and Jen. Everyone thought they were stable, but no one knew how unhappy Brad was, that he was just waiting for Angelina to come and rescue him.

    • Taylor: So, you're like Seth's best friend, right?
      Ryan: Don't tell Captain Oats.
      Taylor: That's funny... I didn't know that you were funny.

    • Taylor: Look, can we talk?
      Seth: Yeah, ok, but before you say anything....
      Taylor: (interrupts) I like you.
      Seth: (displeased) Ah, boy.
      Taylor: I know. Uh, it, it totally surprised me, too, because I don't usually go for the R. Crumb type but the heart has its own logic.
      Seth: Mmm. Mmm. Yeah. Well, I'm with Summer though, so...
      Taylor: I heard you were breaking up.
      Seth: What? Who said that?
      Taylor: I made it up. But what did you feel when you heard it? Relief?
      Seth: No.

    • Seth: I have to tell Taylor it's not gonna happen. Even if I didn't love Summer, her and I, we're totally incompatible, seeing as how she's crazy and I'm not.
      Ryan: Well, I thought you said she wasn't that bad.
      Seth: Taylor Townsend?
      Ryan: Yeah.
      Seth: In 4th grade, she campaigned against making the school handicap-accessible. She said it was reverse Darwinism. Besides, who, who wants Dean Hess' seconds?

    • Summer: (to Marissa) You know, if you wanna blame someone why not Casey for hooking up with that Surf-Nazi to begin with.

    • Summer: How badly do you want to go home right know and watch that movie?
      Seth: So bad it may actually kill me.

  • Notes

    • Music:
      "Interruptions" by Rogue Wave
      "Rock & Roll Queen" by The Subways
      "Oh Yeah" by The Subways
      "Travel In Time" by Carmen Rizzo Feat. Kate Havnevik
      "Opium Dreams" by Rithma
      "I Want To Hear What You Have Got To Say" by The Subways

  • Allusions

    • Seth: Et tu, Ryan?

      This is a reference to the famous line from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, "Et tu, brute?", when Caesar was asking Brutus if he was betraying him too.

    • Seth: She said it was reverse Darwinism.

      Darwinism is a term used for various processes related to the ideas of Charles Darwin, particularly concerning evolution and natural selection. Darwinism in this sense is not synonymous with evolution, but rather with evolution by natural selection. Modern biology suggests a number of other mechanisms involved in evolution which were unknown to Darwin, such as genetic drift.