The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 1

The Avengers

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 02, 2006 on FOX

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  • The OC 'the Avengers'

    I didn't really like this episode, i think the series is going down hill fast. all the characters changed and i just really didn't like what happened to them, i know they were going to be struggling with marissa's death but this episode was just really weird. i hope the season will get back to normal soon, because this just isn't the oc. i hated how julie was so distant and how she was nothing like before, again i know she is greving but i don't know, the characters are just getting really weird and i hope they fix it it in next episodes.
  • It's better than season 2's opener.

    A lot has changed, a lot has changed indeed. And with that The O.C. had its hands full covering all the events that has followed Marissa's death. At first it seems like an inevitable great episode, but it was just that; all story development and not as much character development. I mean we do get to see what Brown has done to Summer and how Ryan has changed, but the impact of them feels minimal. Still a very good episode; it's still interesting what has happened since the Marissa incident and seeing how everyone is doing. It just feels like it could have been so much better.
  • Ryan was a little out of character for me. I cannot believe that he would blow the cohen's off that long and cage fight to punish himself. Summer saved the day and redeemed the show by enlisting the cohens in the comic book plan.

    I had to set aside the whole "fight club" them, i would have thought Ryan matured out of this phase w/ the Cohen's influence in his life. When summer blew into town, the show was back on track....she lured Ryan out of his blues and threw him into the arms of the cohen's...still sniffle at the scene where they all read parts of the comic book to him.

    Favorite quote: You'll never forget what you went through, but you will get use to it". Another fatherly moment for sandy and Ryan. Love how the Cohens never give up on Ryan.
    This episode showed that neverending love towards him once again.
  • The beginning of the fourth and final season and the aftermath of season three's shock finale...

    The Avengers was skilfully crafted to create an episode holding meaning, feeling and effective sequencing. As we skip to the aftermath of an OC favourite's untimely demise we see how everyone has coped with Marissa's death and the undoubtedly rough times that lay ahead for those suffering. Ryan's dark and sombre coping mechanism was to be expected and was well complemented throughout the episode with the theme of "Running up that Hill", a fantastic and fitting soundtrack choice to open such a dark scene. Julie's subtle breakdown, unwillingness to talk about what happened and non existant grief pushes her away from Neil and further away from her daughter. Sandy, Kirsten and Seth appeal to Ryan and are unsuccessful in turning him away from his unspeakable grief. Ryan turns to cage fighting, violence inflicted upon him serving as a reminder of his guilt and pain. This then turns into motivation, when he wins the next fight and is finally 'ready' to go after Volchuk. This is (of course) aided by Julie's heavy push for Ryan to go after him and give him what he deserved for killing her daughter. Despite the tragedy, Summer has settled into college life at Brown but is awfully distracted by the tragedy she had left behind in Newport. Her crusade to save the earth acts as a wall to prevent her from thinking about Marissa and her loss as well as Seth.

    This episode serves well as an aftermath and narrative of life after Marissa's death and also sets up the hurdles that struggling characters; Ryan, Summer and Julie will have to overcome during the first half of the season. The Avengers is extremely flowing and with the time change and well crafted sequencing it ends as a perfect season opener. Apart from the heavy drama that is present in this episode, the comedy plays its part in keeping the episode true to the OC's spectacular wit. Also loved the montage set to Keane's 'A Bad Dream'. Overall, the best season opener since The Pilot.
    Speaks well for a fantastic season 4.
  • After 5 months of Marissa's death, everyone has changed while copping with her tragical accident.

    Ryan was gone cage fighting thinking he ruined everyone's life on Newport. Pretending that he is not affected on Marissa's death, and not even attending her funeral :(. Julie was doing everthing just to cope, even the yard work. She, Summer & Ryan was the most affected characters on Marissa's death.

    Seth works in a comic book store. Summer studies at Brown with a new Environmental Nature Loving attitude with his friend Che. Taylor hides at New York pretending to be still at Paris. While Kaitlin, being ignored by Julie, is ruling Harbor and smoking joints, the bad girl blackmailed Dr. Roberts. Seeing her with the ex-monster on the Pier, Kaitlin scared Neil to tell Julie ifhe doesn't buy her the new pair of boots.

    This is the most Perfect OC Episode, because it has the best ending. And clearly the best first episode for every season. It absolutely didn't reached my expectations or rather surprised me because it is not what i am expecting!!! 10/10 :D

    I admit, that this episode was a tearjerker! The saddest episode on season 4. It was kind of different because the end makes you wanna think of the old days. While the song "Bad Dream" was played it shows Summer is still missing her friend, then Ryan and Julie on Marissa's Funeral. The saddest part is when Julie said that she is there everyday :(
  • This season premaire was amazing. I loved the opening sequence when "Running Up That Hill" came on, it was funny, dark, intense, sad, it was just OCmazing.

    I was very much looking foward to this episode. We had to wait forever, but the time finally came.

    The opening sequence was just like excellent. Like I loved everything about it. When Sandy was going to go see Ryan, and then at the end of the episode everything came full circle.

    The season premaire was dark, I was kind of expecting it. The episode was also months after Marissa's death too. Which I also think was a great way to go with it, instead of picking up like right after her death.

    I was really sad to see how Ryan was different and how he wasn't living with the Cohens anymore. Like he felt like he made their lives worser, and I felt so bad for him, because that was not the case. He made their lives better, and they loved him for that.

    I also felt so bad for Julie, for once. Like how she was a total wreck, like I felt so bad for her. And I'm so glad by the end of the series she like came around and became so much better than who she used to be.

    Seth was funny in this episode, how he was like "bonding" with the adults. I think all his voicemails to Summer were so cute. Summer was really different in this episode. She is my favourite female character on the show, and I still liked her. But, you could tell she was hiding her misery, and that's why she was like ignoring Seth. I felt so bad for Summer, I mean losing your bestest friend..definitely a hard thing to go through.

    I am so glad that Ryan decided to go back and live with the Cohens after Seth's comic slideshow type thing. I loved seeing all those memories, so great. I was really sad though whenever Ryan like threw away Marissa's stuffs, because I'm a big Ryan and Marissa fan.

    I'm glad he kept her hoodey..that was so cute. I loved them together!

    By the end of the episode everything became full circle, and we got to see things we didn't get to see in the very beginning of the episode. The ending was great, I loved it. OC Forever.
  • One of my top 5 favorite episodes of the O.C.

    Ok, this episode was, by all means, one of the best episodes ever of the O.C. It was like a 2nd pilot for the show and brought it breathe new life back into the show. Though it was sad and depressing at many parts, it also did have a good mixture of comedy, thanks to Seth as always, and was just a moving episode. It provided two very memorable and great scenes that Ill remember from the O.C., first off, the very begining scene of the episode set the tone for the rest of the episode and was a superb start to the amazing fourth season. Also, at the very end of the episode, another great moment was shown. As Keane's- A Bad Dream was playing, Julie asks what changed Ryan's mind and it flashes to him fighting in the cage and kicking that one guy's ass and then he answers that he just realized, "I have to do this." It was an amazing end to the episode and the music and the scene harmonized quite nicely together, providing such a great moment. Well, even though the O.C. is over, I can look at great episodes like this and remember how much I enjoyed watching this spectacular show.
  • Takes place 5 months after the last episode with everyone dealing with the loss of Marissa.

    This was a great episode of the oc. It marks a turning point for the show with one of the main characters Marissa Cooper having died at the end of season 3. It is sad to watch what they are all going through, especially Ryan, Julie and Summer who were all closest to Marissa.
    Its a dark and emotional episode which sets a turn of direction for the show and sets up season 4 perfectly.
  • A triumphant return to the glory days of The OC as the final season begins.

    A bittersweet return for The OC on two fronts - one, Marissa is gone and there's something missing from the lives of the characters, and two, this season will be the last. Luckily, this first episode of the fourth and final season of The OC didn't disappoint. In fact, it had everything that a great episode of The OC should have. Witty one liners from Seth (a major return to form for Adam Brody after a lacklustre and low energy performance throughout Season 3), a tortured Ryan once again returning to his roots when the going gets tough, the ever-reliable presence of Sandy and Kirsten, a cracking soundtrack.. And of course, the attention to detail. Allusions to days gone by with The Little Mermaid motel, Summer's bedroom, Luke's twin brothers, Seth's comic book... And a fantastic final scene with Ryan and Julie at Marissa's grave - a double whammy of poignancy and brutality. It's great to have The OC back before the sun finally sets later in the year.
  • very cool!

    is so mature and perfect bye bye marissa =P
    is so mature and perfect bye bye marissa =P
    is so mature and perfect bye bye marissa =P
    is so mature and perfect bye bye marissa =P
    is so mature and perfect bye bye marissa =P
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  • Marissa\'s dead, it takes a whole episode to convince Ryan to come back, Summer flies 3,000 miles to persuade Ryan to go back home, Julie is not used to the loss of her daughter, the onl good thing is that Kaitlin looks like a promising storyline!

    A very bad start to the season! Nothing happened! It was all about getting Ryan back and the acting was really shameful! And Summer has changed...and so not in a good way! I miss the normal Summer! The only two people I like at the moment are Seth and Kaitlin!

    And Julie is way messed up but come on! This is soo predictable. And Ryan trying to go after Volchyek? So last season and so boring! The season really needs to pick up if Josh wants lots of viewers for his last ever season on The O.C.! Only thing I\'m looking forward to is Kaitlin stirring things up in Newport High or whatever their school is called.

    Pick it up Newport because they are going to lose a lot of viewers if this carries on.
  • In a way the best episode, shame it was ruined a bit

    This is without the darkest episode so far, i like it, don\'t get me wrong, it shouldn\'t always be that dark, not at all, but it was definetly good.

    The way Ryan and Julie were in this episode was perfect, especially Ryan gave this episode a lot, the whole part before the opening credits was done well, and the way Ryan let himself get beaten, and later fought back was done simply right.

    What for me ruined it though was to keep some \"light\" into the episode, the first would be the opening credits, a show like One Tree Hill uses a different opening credits in a dark episode (they show the name One Tree Hill at the beginning, and then just role the names at the bottom like with guest stars), The O.C. should have done something like that aswell, i mean you go from a really dark scene, and then to the opening credits, which is all \"happy\", the same goes for some other scenes, i mean even though the X-Men stuff was funny, it was out of place, just like with most of the other scenes not involving Ryan or Julie.

    So great episode, but imo it was ruined a bit by those factors.
  • The Avengers = An excellent comeback to a great series that fell!

    The Avengers was an awesome cameback to a great series that fell during it's season 3 and the death of Marissa Cooper.
    This episode being the first of season 4 was an excellent come back for The OC, all the characters have still not come to grips with their loved one, marissa Cooper. This episode featured a sombre storyline with Ryan and Julie showing the most grief and anger and depression of all the characters.

    The Avengers is definately a come-back of The OC and has pulled many of The OC's loyal viewers who left in season 3 back for this darker season premiere!

    last Words:
    Awesome episode for The OC and an awesome come-back to a great series!
  • Its been a few months since marissa's death and everyone has moved on except for summer and ryan seth is working at a comic book store julie is preparing a package on volchok and is planning to give it to ryan so he can exact revenge...

    This episode was a little boring although it was really hard to figure out especially when julie calls ryan and he goes into her hotel room there was really no progress in this episode actually there was no progress until "The chrismuk-huh?" it got really annoying how every episode was the same ryan obsessing over marissa and volchok hopefully this season gets really better or else i might not watch the show anymore but anyways kaitlin does have some funny lines in this episode and other future episodes!
  • This episode shows the different ways in which people deal with Marissa's death.

    "A very special episode", I had problems selected that classification because I was tempted to choose "not my favorite storyline".

    This episode is set 5 months after Marissa's death and it deals with the different ways in which people cope with the death of a loved one, or not cope, as the case may be.

    For me, the highlight of this episode was the opening scene. Ryan, in yet another dump, was completely rivetting. The set design, the lighting, the acting and the music (Placebo covering Kate Bush' Running up that Hill) all combined and made this a superb opening scene. I'd say it's the most memorable and poignant scene from the series so far. The cut to Julie using a mirror sequence worked very well, particularly because the song kept playing. This scene haunted my dreams that night.
    In contrast, I thought the introduction of Caitlin as a scheming, manipulating mini-Julie was out of place in this episode. I understand the need for variation and it's not possible for an entire episode to deal with only the troublesome issues, but still, her scenes felt out of place and I would have preferred them in a later episode.
    Having said all that, I did not like the storyline. I understand what the writers were doing, Ryan has all this cropped up rage and the fight scene may have been a great way to show that, but I hated it. It's been two years and he still expresses his emotions though his fists; that doesn't show any of the supposed progress he's made.
    I liked the comic book scene, it was sweet and moving, but I would've preferred Seth to actually stand up to Ryan after the fight. We all know Seth is a comic-book geek, this just reinforced that image instead of giving him a chance to see that he's grown too.

    The acting in this episode was excellent, especially by Ben and Melinda. At least Ryan is back in the fold, where he belongs which is why I selected "a very special episode" even though the way it is done is not my favorite storyline.
  • Marissa is dead. Ryan has left and lives in hell away from the Cohen luxury. Attempts by all to bring him back. In the end Summer reaches out (who is now hippie on the East Coast in Brown). Ends with Ryan returning to his nest adter cage fighting!

    Good episode. It's always weird when a character dies and this was no exception. You get this strange sense that something is missing and Marissa is it.

    Season three was pretty poor in relation to the previous series so hopefully Marissa's death will bring out some newness in The OC. Watch this space.
  • Seasons 1~2 were great, 3 not so much. I was not glad Marissa left, and only just started watching season 4. I will not say I am glad Marissa left, but I will say I think the show has been better with out her character!

    Much better, just hope it can survive the hard hits from the other top shows. I was not glad when Marissa left at first, but I will say that the show seems better without that character, she will be missed but its only getting better. You cant keep a character around when the actor no longer wants to play the part, all of you who would boycot becausec of Marissas death remember that. The show still has alot of potential, so fans should stick with it not leave it to die. Who knows, it may not survive anyway, but I hope it does stick around.
  • A great epsiode

    This is a great episode which copes with Marissa'a death. Instead o doing the obvious thing and showing how sad everyone was when thy found out, which would have taken a lot of fake tears and a waste of screen time, the writers strated 5 months after her death, its great.

    The episode has some really good acting on the behalf of Ben Mckenzie and Adam Brody. The plot is simple but the emotions are deep.

    By starting 5 months later it is easier to see how each character has been affected by the depature of Marissa. Summer goes hippy, Ryan goes bad and Julie goes manic depressive.

    When Ryan accepts the notes on Volchek from Julie at the end I knew that it was shaping up to be a good series. Ryan being the bad boy but trying to be good at the same time, although it has already been done in series1 I feel the show needs more of it to carry on with its originality.
  • The OC. Season 4. Episode 1

    I guess, it's time for some personal considerations about Marissa's character (after the whole Oliver era, I mean).
    1. She was doomed to be a lost case.
    2. Mocking her lame actions was definitely too hilarious. Now, I'm counting on Kaitlin, of course.
    3. I will miss when she acted like a normal person. Okay, lately, her clear-headed moments may have been rare but, in my opinion, they were also kind of nice.
    Anyway, I'm aware Marissa's farewell is a new bright beginning for this show. -

    "Running Up That Hill" by Placebo was just a great background music for this premiere.

    Ryan and Julie's scenes were touching and realistic. I just love how Julie's character has been growing up. Her gestures and her tone of voice were just perfect. The highlight was they way she tells Ryan "You still care". :(
    Ryan did do a very good job too. When he threw away Marissa's pictures it was way too sad. Besides, him getting beaten up and smiling at the same time was kind of creepy.
    His final line "I just realized I have to do this" was intense. It seemed like he drowned out all his rage in that little sentence.

    Summer is turning into a hippy?! Well, she's in full denial phase. The hallucination she had as soon as she got home, it's a clear proof. I imagined she would have run away. Sometimes it's just easier to flee.

    Seth seems the least touched by Marissa's death. It's comprehensible, after all, he did talk to her like three times, at most. :D Anyway, I like the vibe he has shown during all this episode. The Ironist is finally back, let's hope this does mean no more lies or unrealistic plot lines for his character.
  • This episode shows the different ways Ryan, Summer and Julie deal with the death of Marissa. Seth also embarks on a mission to help Ryan.

    I really liked the editing of this episode. Some great music put in spots that made certain scenes really emotional. The beginning with Ryan washing up in the sink in his room while Running Up That Hill by Placebo was playing was really intriging. Summer deals with marissa's death by becoming a hippie in college. Julie hires a private investigator to find Volcheck. Ryan has moved out of the Cohen's to not cause anyone anymore pain. Seth shows Ryan with the help of Summer and his parents that Ryan is only hurting himself and everyone else by staying away. Kaitl;in catches Dr Roberts with his ex wife on a beach. She then blackmails him so she won't tell Julie. Taylor is back from France but seems a little on edge. Overall I think this was a great way to kick off the season and I am looking forward to the rest of it.
  • I wasn\'t a big fan of Marissa, but she really left a mess

    I really liked this episode. It was pretty well written and it was soo painful to watch! In spite of the funny little things like Summer\'s new activist self or Taylor\'s French charade, this episode was kind of on the sad note. Julie Cooper is in such a bad shape! Poor Julie, I feel so bad about her. she was kind of a crappy mother and now she is full of regrets. Sending Ryan after Volchek, though it isn\'t the nicest thing she could have done, is very comprehensible. Ryan is also sad to watch, he is even more violent than when he got to Newport. Marissa\'s death, and the fact that he doesn\'t want to deal with his feelings, have really gotten to him. The Cohens are so nice and loyal, they really are trying to keep their family together. Seth and Summer have drifted apart quite a bit, which is very sad. This was a different episode, very dramatic.
  • i like this was awsome.but it look like ryan was in a dark place and so was sad.but i didn't mind the caged fighting he was into though.not only ryan eveyone was sad too.

    i like this was awsome.but it look like ryan was in a dark place and so was sad.but i didn't mind the caged fighting he was into though.not only ryan eveyone was sad too.i like at the end of the epiosode how he the heck out of the guy at the head.i think it was my favoritye part of the epiosode.i can't beleive that seth is working a comic book store and made the girl was funny.i didn't like the new summer i like the old summer.but i like the eposode still.i give it a 10.
  • Back to what it once was.

    When Season 3 came to a climax, i thought to myself this show must come back with an attitude, something that makes it special. Something that will bring the fans back into the world of orange county. Upon watching this episode i realised everything i felt it needed was there.

    The opening scene for a start was superbly done. The track from Placebo, along with the acting on ben made that scene something really special. On first view I said to myself it's back to what it once was.

    The direction Josh took the show towards the end of season 3 wasn't something i was particularly fond of. I had my doubts that killing marissa could seriously harm the show but im happy to say it has just made the show a hell of a lot better, so thumbs up to josh.

    There were a few things that stood out for me. Those were the TOP acting from benjamin and melinda. They really proved that they are two amazing actors also just the range of emotion going on throughout the episode. Every character felt something and being the viewer i was sucked into the whole thing, I felt what every one of them was going through. Something that,when it happens, is a sign of a great piece of television.

    So my last words. It seems the OC is infact back to the greatness of season 1. It's just what we, the fans, wanted. Here's to the rest of the season being just as good as this turned out to be.
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  • The residents of Orange County get back to what they do best in this brand new series, while coping with a loss with a close friend...

    To be completely honest I didn\'t know what to expect from this season of the O.C. after the exit of one of the main characters of the series. To be completely honest, I\'m glad the old favourites are back like Seth, Summer and Sandy but as I thought, there is a hole left that completes the O.C. series as a whole.

    The program has tried to fill the gap left by the recendly departed character with a number of new additions to the main cast, namely Lukes twin brothers, Kaitlin as a main cast regular and Taylor, as well as Summers new Univerity friends.
    For a start, I love Taylor! She redeemed herself as a new b***h of the program at the end of season 3, and is now a joyful character to watch! Her role this season so far however seems to be one of comic relief, which is greatly welcomed with the otherwise gritty storyline going on regarding, Julie, Ryan and Volcheck.

    Lukes brothers are annoying, as is Kaitlin as now regular cast members, who are now attempting to hold up the \"Cooper\" supports in the O.C. family\'s presence, but if carry on could in my opinion go on to the the destruction of the otherwise welcomed Cooper family. Well, Julie would carry on the name by herself.

    It\'s still to early to comment on Summer\'s new University friends, however I think it\'s a shame that the writers considered it necessary to dissolve Seth and Summer\'s relationship but changing Summer from the once perky loveable bossy boots of the program into a daughter of nature. I hope that she realises her mistake soon...

    I think that the new series needs to try to make the audience feel like they are in a comfy familiar surrounding by keeping some parts of the program the same, otherwise I feel that like myself, viewers could feel like they are being pushed away. It would be a shame for this to happen, but nowadays there are much more interesting T.V. programs which HAVE got the potential to keep the audiences excited.
  • After the pivotal events in the Season 3 finale, I was extremely sceptical about how Season 4 would turn out. I thought the show would go completely down the pan. However, it had some interesting parts to it.

    Personally, I don't know why people hated Marissa so much. At the end of Season 3, I didn't think she would die, it was only when people started saying "Oh my God and Marissa dies" that the thought even crossed my mind. But I was always so much in denial - why would the writers kill off one of the main characters? But now that it's set in stone that Marissa is dead, I guess I'll have to get used to it.

    What first struck me about this Season Premiere was the darkness of Ryan's character. I actually really like the way his scenes were shot, they kind of remind me of other dark Ryan moments such as in the hospital after Trey gets shot in the Season 3 Premiere, and at the start of the Season 3 finale after Ryan has beaten up Volchek. The blurry, dream-like, flashback style really works well I feel. Even though I feel it was a lot darker than we are used to, I did like it and I felt that Ryan's reaction was fitting and well acted. He always was the type to blame himself and to punish himself for it. I also thought that Julie was magnificient. The first scene where we see her open the bathroom cabinet to reveal loads of bottles of pills is wonderful. We see the face of a grieving mother, wearing sweats, bleary-eyed and not made up as we are used to. I was a little worried, however, that the writers would send Julie down the Kirsten addiction route, but I was glad to see that she still retains some of her quirky chipper moments, such as when Kirsten goes to visit her and she says "Ooh, love your top Kiki!". I liked the scenes with Ryan and Julie and I am glad that this episode focused on those two, as they are of course the two characters who would be affected the most after Marissa's death.

    So far, so good. A little weird and dark, but good, exciting.

    However, as soon as we arrived at Brown and saw that Summer has turned into a hippy... What the hell, seriously. Not cool. Although I am hopeful that it's just a phase, because I could see right through it. Summer's true character is dying to re-emerge and I was glad to see that she hadn't totally lost it (her hair still looked amazing and you could see that she was still a little material girl with her cellphone and whatnot, not a true hippy thank god!) but she's going through so much pain that I guess I understand the drastic change.

    I was never sure about Caitlin in Season 3, possibly as a minor character but I hope that she won't take over. People say that Caitlin is just replacing Marissa but that's not true. Marissa was a damsel in distress who just couldn't help but land herself in trouble. Caitlin is her mother's daughter and goes out looking for trouble. I do hope that she grows on me and that the writers develop her into an interesting character. And for the love of god, please tell me that Luke's twin brothers will disappear very soon. Seriously, what is even the point?

    The thing about Taylor not actually being in Paris annoyed me. I thought it was a little predictable, but hopefully that storyline will transpire into something better, a darker twist perhaps. Although I hope that Taylor's character will maintain in the show the light herated comic side that she brought to Season 3. As for Seth, Sandy and Cohen, I think that they are solid characters and I hope they stay the same as always. It's true that their characters didn't play that huge a roles in this episode, but I trust that will change. Highlights of the show: Ryan, Julie and their realistic and moving grief. The music, and the way that this episode was shot are also reasons why I'm not writing the show off just yet. Lowpoints: Please bring back the old Summer, get rid of the Ward boys and if Dr. Roberts is up to something, please make it interesting, because an affair with his ex-wife would be just too boring and predictable. And to be honest, Julie would hardly give a crap after all she's been through, would she?

    In a word, this episode for me was weird. I guess it's just the dark tone and the different approaches that the writers took, for instance the "5 months later" and "36 hours earlier" things, which I thought was very oddly done. I was a little disappointed that there was absolutely nothing of Marissa's funeral except a couple of mentions. Surely they could have done a flashback scene or something.

    Overall, I am hoping that the show will take a more creative turn and return to the awesomeness of the first season with original twists and moderated drama. However, I hope that it doesn't become unrecognisable or too dark, because at the end of the day, I don't know what I would do if I didn't have my good old fix of superficial teen angst.

    Looking forward to the next episode, here's hoping this season won't suck as I feared it would.
  • What happened to Marissa?

    I don´t understand, what is going on in this new season. At the end of the before episode, we watched the accident, and I hope that- (although it´s gonna be difficult) -Marissa can be alive, or we can see the funneral, but not! The episode starts months after that, and everyboy is on their own.

    - Ryan is going crazy, and figthing without reason.
    - Seth and Summer, seems that they don´t feel anything for each others.
    - And The Cooper´s are in a kind of a dream, I mean Juli is sad, and no Juli´s anymore..and Kattling is like a kind of litle bad girl.

    I don´t know what is going on in the next of the episodes of the season, but it is not what I expected.
  • Marissa rip.

    I have waited long for this one, and i think there are 2 ways; either you like this episode all the way.. or not. I loved it. Ryan goed back to his old habit. I didn't really like him in this episode, although i can't say i blame him. He loved Marissa so much. The part where he threw marissa's pictures away made me cry a bit.. That must have been a difficult thing for him to do, even though it seen that it wasn't.
    Summer goes back to help Seth, although she says she comes for Ryan.. Aah poor Seth, he didn't know what to say, so he just agreed. He's still dorky as ever. I guess he's the only one who hasn't really changed.
    Seth and Summer are a bit weird to each other, made me think that they're not a couple anymore, even though they still are. It's painfull, for everybody, and everybody is taking it his or her own way. I like this, one of the bestest episodes of the OC.

    and I like the comic :D
  • Something keeps drawing me back to this show, and I cannot undertand why as with every episode it proves again and again what is wrong with TV.---Spoilers---

    At the end of last season I thought \"Oh good Marissa\'s dead, maybe the show will get better\". Alas I was ever so wrong. Don\'t get me wrong I used to love the OC back in season 1, 2 and even the begining of season 3, before it got stupid. And this episode was everything wrong with shows on TV. Okay this isn\'t just me dissing The OC rampantly, let me explain. My first and foremost problem with this episode was Summer. Sure she\'s dealing with Marissas death but her personality has completely changed. No one does that when someone dies, they don\'t change who they have been for the past 18 years of their life, like she\'s nothing like what she used to be last season or any of them. When she came back to help Ryan she didn\'t look the least bit interested and she considered it almost a chore to return. The mere idea that Ryan would come back to the Cohen family after 5 months (!) of ignoring them just because Summer, who p.s. could have cared less- drew him a comic strip- and btw a whole comic strip in one day- common! is ludacris! Why he\'d suddenly go \"oh i\'ll stop being a badass because you drew me a comic\" *sniffle*. Is there no logic in this show? I doubt it. The only good thing this show had going for it was Taylor and Seth who were actually acting normal. The plotting of Julie was to be expected, although Ryan would have jumped at the first oppertunity to find Volchek he could instead of being like \"oh no sorry i\'m too busy being broody in my bar\".

    What is wrong with viewers I have to ask. Nothing that happens in this show happens in real life, NOTHING! The characters change their personality and opinions every 3 seconds and it deals with nothing anyone would ever come across, or do! Where are the good shows like One Tree Hill or Veronica Mars and why doesn\'t the OC take a page out of their book and try to develop some real characters and storylines.
  • This was a truly amazing episode. For me it ushered in a new beginning for the O.C, one that will take the show in a whole new direction. This was definatly one of the best episodes of television I have seen in a while and without doubt an O.C classic.

    This was a truly amazing episode. For me it ushered in a new beginning for the O.C, one that will take the show in a whole new direction. This was definatly one of the best episodes of television I have seen in a while and without doubt an O.C classic. It had everything you could possibly want from an O.C episode: great drama, humour and Ryan-Cohen family moments. The scene at Marissas grave was so sad and the music...well for me it just topped it off. Brilliant! If this is the standard of the fourth season then its going to be so much better than season 3. Now all we need is for the ratings to increase so we can either have a fifth season or end at season four on a high note. P.s Josh Schwartz is a genious!
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