The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 1

The Avengers

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 02, 2006 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The inscription on Marissa's tombstone reads: "Beloved daughter, sister, friend".

    • Goof: Before the little girl runs out of the comic book store crying, Leon and a nameless helper get up and fold their arms menacingly. But when the shot changes to show the girl running out a split second later, Nameless Man has his hands on his hips.

  • Quotes

    • Ryan: You made me a comic book.
      Seth: This is no ordinary comic book, my friend. This is an origin story. Now, you may have never saved the planet, but you did save us, so... This is our story.
      That's true, when you showed up, I had a super power but it was one I didn't want. Being invisible, not as much fun as it sounds.
      Kirsten: The ice queen was surrounded by an impenetrable force field and her silver cell phone was her only link to the outside world.
      Sandy: The litigator strained to hold the weight of the world so burning with the problems of others that he couldn't see those of his own family.
      Seth: One day, the litigator brought his work home with him. Only this time his work looked strangely like a young Russell Crowe.
      Ryan: It's okay Seth, I can read.

    • Neil: Silence treatment, uh. So I guess Kaitlin talked to you. Julie, I didn't mean for this to happen. I just needed somebody to talk to. And at first that's all it was. Just... talk.
      But you're not even listening to me, right?
      Julie: What?
      Neil: Nothing.

    • Ryan: I'm doing you guys a favor staying away.
      Seth: You're doing us a favor?
      Ryan: Face it. I always bring troubles. Trey, Volchok. You and your family... You're better off without me.
      Seth: It's not true, it's not your fault. Any of it. I'm not going anywhere until you come with me.

    • Julie: You don't mind me asking what changed your mind?
      Ryan: I just realized. I have to do this.

    • Julie: (to Ryan) You see, after it happened, I hired a private investigator, to find out where he went. Volchok. And now I know. All the information is in this file. I'm not giving it to the cops. Jail's too good for him. I'm giving it to you. You are the only person that can understand how I feel.
      And you can do with it... with him what you want.
      Ryan: I don't want it.
      Julie: What?
      Ryan: I don't care about him. I don't care about anyone. And I don't want to start.
      Julie: That's, that's a lie. Ryan, that's... I know you. Even if you didn't come to her funeral, or you've never visited her grave, you still CARE.

    • (at Marissa's grave)
      Julie: I was wondering when you'd finally come here.
      Ryan: Thanks for meeting me.
      Julie: I'm here everyday.

    • (Summer is handing out fliers)
      Summer: Chicken lovers unite!
      Student: (Takes a flier) I absolutely love chicken nuggets.
      Summer: (Snatches the flier) It's people like you who stop chickens from flying free!
      Student: Chickens can't fly.

    • Seth: Table set for four. Still feels kind of weird.
      Sandy: Well things have been a little weird around here lately. Tonight might not be any different. We shouldn't be expecting any miracles.
      Seth: No zippy one-liners.
      Kirsten: Not a lot of smiles.
      Sandy: Few grunts. Occasional shrug.
      Seth: Yeah, it'll be just like old times.
      Sandy: And I'm looking forward to it.

    • Summer: Ryan, take a deep breath. Just let me do what I do best.
      Ryan: Which is what?
      Summer: Giving orders. Just do what I say, Atwood. One last time.

    • Seth: You haven't even been home yet, you don't want to drop off your bag or...
      Summer: What's the point of going home? If the polar ice caps keep melting at their current rate, all of Newport will be under water in ten years anyway.

    • Seth: (about Ryan's cage fighting) I liked your whole performance, it's very Fight Club. Of course, at the end of that movie it turns out Edward Norton is insane.

    • Julie: I have no feeling in my extremeties.
      Neil: Well I'm sure you have a pill for that.
      Julie: Back off, Neil. I was almost just killed by your heinous furniture.

    • Che: Okay, is everything alright?
      Summer: Yeah. It's just, when I left to move out her everything was kind of a mess at home.
      Che: Well it's about to get worse. If the polar ice caps keep melting at the current rate, all of Newport Beach is gonna be underwater in ten years.

    • Neil: Julie! What on God's formerly green Earth are you doing?
      Julie: Oh, hi. Am I making too much noise?
      Neil: For the people who live in San Diego, no, but for the rest of us, yes.
      Julie: I was surveying the yard this morning. I think our gardener's gotten sloppy with these shrubs.
      Neil: Julie, stop. Stop it. Turn off - put that thing down. Take off the goggles, and talk to me. I would also require you removing the kerchief from around your mouth, thank you.
      Julie: You want to hire new landscapers? I'd be happy to do the interviews. That's a good idea, honey.
      Neil: Listen to me. I know that all this busybody business is your way of coping with an unspeakable grief but you're either going a hundred miles an hour at the bushes or you're catatonic in bed.
      Julie: Oh, I'm just so tired from all the yard work.
      Neil: Julie, I'm not saying get over it, I'm not telling you to move on. I want you to take as long as you need. But would you please just let me in? Just let me help.
      Julie: Okay. You hire the landscapers, I'm gonna go plug in my glue gun and finish those seagrass placemats I started last night.

    • Kirsten: Why don't you invite him (Ryan) to dinner?
      Seth: He didn't go to Marissa's funeral. Do you really think he wants to come over for family dinner at the Cohens?

    • Seth: What?! I'm sorry, maybe I didn't understand you correctly. Did you seriously just ask if there was a comic book based on the X-Men movie?
      Girl runs away crying
      Kirsten: Hey, sweetie. How's work?
      Seth: I'm worried, Mom. I'm worried about the future of America. Leon-
      Leon: Our world's going to hell.

    • Julie: Hey, Kaitlin. Why aren't you at school?
      Kaitlin: Because it's 8:00 at night, and a Saturday.
      Julie: Oh, that's nice. Well, I guess I'm gonna get going.
      Kaitlin: Where are you going? You know you're not supposed to be driving at night anymore.
      Julie: Great boots, baby.

    • Seth: Aren't you going to invite me in? So, the utility closet is the new poolhouse, things change. It's the Seth-Ryan time that counts

    • (Seth knocks on door)
      Seth: Ryan? Ryan?
      Ryan: Seth, go away. I'm sleeping.
      Seth: You're sleeping? And you're talking? Ryan, I don't even see how that's possible unless you're talking in your sleep - door opens - Hey. look. You're awake.

  • Notes

    • Autumn Reeser (Taylor Townsend) and Willa Holland (Kaitlin Cooper) become series regulars with this episode whereas Mischa Barton (Marissa Cooper) has been removed from the opening credits.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      India: February 11, 2008 on Zee Cafe
      Slovakia: April 26, 2009 on Markiza

    • This episode was broadcast in Canada on the CTV website before it aired on TV, marking the first time any American drama was broadcast for free online in Canada.

    • Music:
      "Running Up That Hill" by Placebo
      "Save Me" by Jude
      "Song For Sunshine" by Belle & Sebastian
      "Mr. Blue" by Catherine Feeny
      "Bootleg Saint" by Sam Roberts
      "A Bad Dream" by Keane

  • Allusions

    • Episode's Title: "The Avengers"

      "The Avengers" was a 1960's English Television Show, that later was made into a movie in 1998, about two scret agents John Steed and Emma Peel.

    • Give a hoot, don't pollute

      Summer's voicemail message to Seth is from an old 70's PSA from Woodsy Owl that ran during Saturday morning cartoons.

    • On her way to the airport, Summer mentions a protest on seal poaching and Heather Mills McCartney.
      Heather Mills McCartney is the Founding Patron of Adopt-A-Minefield UK and a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador. She has protested many things, including campaigning to raise funds and awareness to rid the world of landmines, protests against the international trade in cat a dog fur, and recently against seal killing. She and her husband, Beatles' singer Paul McCartney, announced their separation in May of 2006. As of the air date, the divorce has not been finalized.

    • Seth: I liked your little performance, it was very Fight Club. Of course, at the end of that movie it turns out Edward Norton is insane.
      Referencing the 1999 movie in which a desk working young man seeks an escape from his mundane existence with the help of a devious soap salesman (Brad Pitt). They find their release from the prison of reality through underground fight clubs, where men can be what the world now denies them. Their boxing matches and harmless pranks soon lead to an out-of-control spiral towards oblivion. The young professional is narrated by Edward Norton.