The O.C.

Season 2 Episode 16

The Blaze of Glory

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 17, 2005 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep fo the show the oc marrisa wants ryan to help put the bonfire togeather and alex must deal with the fact that she and marrisa are from two diffrent lives and that they will never really work and that it wouldnt of worked and seth must deal with the fact that last year is over and things cant really go back to that and summer says last year is over and sandy is asked by julie for legal advice about her blackmailer and that she still must go throught with the magizine this was a good ep i thought
  • Things are back to where they were before, and it only took half a season.

    Interesting episodes on all storyline fronts. Julie Cooper's little sex scandal video has reached new heights and has involved Sandy. As interesting it is to see Sandy help out Julie whom he has a strong dislike for, Julie's speech she made to him to convince him to help her was pretty touching, true words from a mother that loves her daughter. Actually does suck to see Marissa constantly rejecting her own mom. Like expected, Sandy found a way to make things work but the case isn't solved yet.

    Now, the real meat came from the triangle relationship between Marissa, Ryan, and Alex. Seeing boyfriends get over protective of their girlfriends is common to see, but to see a girlfriend do the same against a guy, don't think I'll ever see that happen in real life. And as always, the very strong writing and hilarious lines just keeps you interested for that next knee slapping joke or gag. Seth never fails to make you laugh.
  • Ryan helps Marissa in building a bonfire.

    This episode of The OC is one of my favorite's of season 2. First off I like Ryan and Marissa's part, when they want Ryan helps Marissa. Also I love how they incorpurated Captian Oats in. I love Marissa's reference back to Captian Oats stating that he would be proud or deeply distrubed. I thought that was hialrious. Also Seth is like if Ryan toucches you, you just neigh, then Ryan punches him. that had me rolling. I have know clue why I guess just Seth's funny face after he did it. Then at the end, Alex comes up in w hite beater looking all tough saying she is going to kick Ryan's butt. That was great. This was a good story line.
  • The O.C. Orange County, It's where all the beautiful people live.

    Marissa recruits Ryan to help her with Harbor School's Pep Rally Bonfire. Alex accepts that her and Marissa are from two different lives and knows she is fighting a lost cause. Seth is stuck and misses last year's good times while Summer disagrees and tells him it's time to move on. Meanwhile, Julie still doesn't know what she is going do about her blackmailer and seeks some advice from Sandy. Also, Kirsten wants their editor, Carter, to stick with the magazine despite his reservations.

    - Alex
  • Ryan punching Seth is one of the funniest moments of this season.

    I laughed very hard when Seth was talking to Captain Oats (that if Ryan were to touch Oats in 'that' way, for Oats to neigh). It was even better when Ryan punched Seth in the arm.

    Seth trying to revive the Ryan/Marissa relationship is great but I don't see why Summer got so upset about it. You'd think she would have wanted to see Ryan and Marissa happy together, but it makes sense that she realizes that Ryan and Marissa apart makes them happier and Summer would want to keep that happiness. It also seems like Summer would be happy that Marissa would let go of her lesbian relationship, but who knows.

    Most of the episode was really funny. They were getting rid of the final "new kid" which was okay even though I really liked Alex. I really don't like the extortionist though, and the Julie porn storyline as well. It's just stupid.

    Overall though, the 'core-four' plot was great.
  • I absolutely love this episode. Ryan and Marissa are so cute..omg they really are. Aww I love The OC!

    So this episode was about Ryan and Marissa doing the bonfire pep rally. Seth is like really missing last he got Marissa to ask Ryan to help her.

    I think this episode is so good, because you can tell that Marissa still has feelings for Ryan, and that she always will.

    Alex finds out about the tent when she goes to see Seth, because Seth accidently spills out what happened. She gets mad and orders Ryan to stay away from "her girlfriend."

    I love how Ryan didn't listen and his line "If you gotta work this's not workin."

    Summer is so funny in this episode when she gets mad at Seth, she is so cute heehee.

    I love whenever Ryan goes to help Marissa at the bonfire, and he like takes control of everything. He is so cute..and then Marissa like smiles. Aww, I love them.

    The ending was good whenever Marissa and Alex finally break up. Honestly, I think it was a little obvious that they weren't going to stay together.

    I love the whole bonfire, and how Ryan and Marissa light the trojan horse {inspired by Captain Oats} together.

    I also totally love the song "Frequency" being played throughout this's such a good song. I love this episode, Ryan and Marissa---true love forever.
  • One of the greatest episodes that has a Season 1 feel with new spices added!

    One of the greatest episodes that has a Season 1 feel with new spices added! I loved the character of Marissa in this episode & I loved all the bonds between the characters, the Marissa / Alex breakup was well done & didn't leave you angry or sad, all the adult storylines were good too. This episode had the perfect amount of romance, drama & comed too, proof that Season 2 like Season 1 has become phenomanal!
  • Enjoyable.

    I enjoyed this episode quite a bit. I think one of the funniest lines of the series was said in this episode when Seth was giving Captain Oats to Ryan as inspiration for the bonfire and he said, "Oats, if he touches you anywhere weird--and by weird, I mean *Whispers*, you just neigh as loud as you can!" I couldn't stop laughing! I didn't like that Summer was being so mean to Seth about wanting Ryan and Marissa to get back together though. At least, she found that they were meant to be together after all and that Seth was right at the end. Alex's character was interesting, but I was glad to see them break up, so Ryan and Marissa could start to rekindle their romance.
  • One of my favorite episodes. The script is hilarious! I really enjoyed it.

    Now that Seth and Summer are back together (score!) Seth insists that Ryan should get back together with Marissa so that it can be \'just like old times\'. He convinces Marissa to ask Ryan for help with the Pep Rally Bonfire. Ryan agrees but when Alex goes to Seth for \'relationship advice\' he \'accidently\' spills the beans about Ryan and Marrisa sharing a tent in The Mallpisode. Alex freaks and threatens Ryan after he leaves from Marrisa\'s (working on the pep rally). When the day of the Rally arrives, Ryan\'s not planning on going but changes his mind suddenly and ends up saving the bonfire but Summer finds out about what Seth said and the two go to the rally hoping they\'ll be in time to save Ryan from a traumatic scene with Alex. Alex shows up with two burly exes and they begin to fight Ryan. Marissa breaks it up and then she and Alex go talk and end up breaking up. With an abrupt end of Marissa\'s lesbian era, she an Ryan are back together and yes Seth, it\'s just like old times once again.
  • Seth’s attempt to reunite Ryan and Marissa causes conflict between Ryan and Alex. Sandy' help s Julie deal with her blackmailer and Kirsten rescues Carter from an alcoholic binge triggered by the anniversary of his failed marriage.

    The Blaze of Glory was an interesting episode on many levels. Seth's decision to facilitate a reunion between Ryan and Marissa and the reaction of Summer to his meddling provided comic relief. Sandy's attempt to mend fences with Kirsten which start miserably on a driving range are seemingly on track by the end of the hour. Kirsten who seemed interested in Carter as more than a colleague comes off as sympathetic when she goes to great lengths to rescue him from his new home in a tequila bottle. However, the most interesting thing about this episode is that for the first time the storyline revolves around the character of Julie.

    Brilliantly played by Melinda Clarke, Julie is a strong character that she usually fills a supporting role by igniting the dramatic conflict for other characters. Also she is the source of the greatest and most quotable lines of the dialogue. In this episode rather than resorting to her usual methods of subterfuge and chicanery to further her ambitions she seek help from others to push forward her personal agenda.

    First she goes to Sandy and reveals all to him (and by giving him her porn video I really mean all). Later in attempt to convince Marissa to move back home she enlists the help of all people, Ryan. Not all works out perfectly for her. She still has to tell Caleb about her brief film career but she does manage to get Marissa to leave Alex and move back home.

    This episode was another notch above recent efforts. The hour past quickly and of course the happy ending was uplifting to the long time viewer. A particular delight was the improvement in the dialogue. The characters at this point a pretty well drawn but usually a second run through revels too many uhs and huns with a lack of witty or ironic quips particularly from Ryan and Marissa. This time the script gave all characters amusing things to say and the actors delivered their lines crisply.

    In particularly Ryan was changed. He has many times in past episodes ridden in to rescue Marissa and usually he accomplishes these feats with the introspective manner that he approaches everything. Or else he resorts to striking out and decking whomever comes near to him. In this episode he held his temper and when given the chance he quickly and assertively led the students to complete the bonfire and organize the pep rally.

    One plot point that didn't ring true was the way Alex left things with Marissa. After fighting most of the episode for the woman she loved, she says that maybe she'll go back home, save some money and go back to school. This is a girl who went to the trouble of becoming emancipated, quit school and had enough on the ball to run a successful business. Yea like she could ever go back to a home that she left as fast as she could run. But I guess after all the other plot points in this script the well was empty when it came to writing Alex a believable exit from the show.

    Now we have to look forward to see if the writers can get Ryan and Marissa together, or if they will invent another reason for them to remain only "friends". Marissa in the last episode said that she missed being with Ryan "everyday". Ryan on the other hand sees in Marissa many of the weakness that his mother suffered from while he was growing up at home. I have said before that I am a fan of Ryan and Marissa but yet I am realistic for the need to introduce barriers to keep the two teens apart to fuel the drama. Next week Ryan's brother gets out of jail and becomes the newest resident of Newport. Wonder how that will shake up Casa Cohen?
  • Alex leaves, there is a bonfire, Seth is trying to rekindle things between Marissa and Ryan. Summer is not happy with this.

    I kinda liked this episode, sort of I liked it because I'm not sure I liked the fire and I think that Seth is funny. Only I am upset that Alex left because she brought an interesting story onto the show. I also liked the way that the, never mind. Okay, signing out.