The O.C.

Season 2 Episode 17

The Brothers Grim

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 24, 2005 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show the oc ryans brother trey gets out of jail and he goes to see him at the house and is invited and in and ryan knows nothing good can come from it and julie goes and tells kirsten about her porn tape that she made years ago when she was in bad finale trouble and how she is being blackmailed about it and then kirsten says she should go to calob about the tape for help since he has the power to get rid of this guy or pay it . and the new port living is launched this was a good ep
  • Drama just always seems like a recurring event in Newport.

    Not my most favourite episode, but it was still pretty good. For some reason I didn't find myself laughing as much as I normally do for an episode of The O.C. Felt like all the comedians that are normally on the storyboard staff took a break for an episode. Other than the lack of comedy, the stories themselves weren't as great as they should be. Zach and Summer's post breakup was a bit touching and it was probably the most entertaining one, and it wasn't as great as it should have been. The entire situation with Tray is pretty average. The best part though was Julie Cooper's sextape actually getting out into the public.
  • The O.C. Orange County, It's where all the beautiful people live.

    When Ryan's brother, Trey, gets out of jail and gives Ryan a call, the Cohens give him a warm welcome. Though, Ryan knows nothing good can come from it. Zach returns from his trip to Italy and gives some news that he has a new girlfriend which makes Summer curious and Seth is not really sure what to think. Meanwhile, after Julie admits her naked mistake to Kirsten, they both agree to get Caleb in on it for more help, unaware that Caleb as always, has a hidden agenda. Also, the Newport Living magazine is officially launched, but Julie's blackmailer, Lance, makes an appearance after Caleb had stiffed him for his blackmail money.

    - Alex
  • Another outstanding O.C. achievment!

    Another outstanding O.C. achievement! The return of Trey was great & well-written & acted, but I kind of felt I was watching a movie & not an O.C. episode. The return of Zach was fantastic as well, really entertaining & yet, believable! But I have to admit my 2 favourite things in The Brothers Grim were the adult storyline which involved Julie' 'The Porn Identity' & how to resolve it, the party was great & the unleashing of the pornography was very top quality, the expression on the character's faces were all flawless & the other thing was the cheesy, yet perfect ending in which Kirsten & Sandy hide a hilarious secret from Marissa & all sit on the sofa together, Season 2 has proven to me that it can go from boring nonsense to phenomanal TV, well done producers!
  • wow

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  • Ryan’s brother, Trey, is released from prison and moves into the Cohen’s pool house; Julie confesses to Caleb that an old boyfriend filmed her “in the act” and is blackmailing her; Zach returns from Italy forcing Summer to evaluate her decision.

    The Brothers Grim" accomplishes three objectives. It reintroduces Ryan's brother, Trey; weaves Zach back into the current story line and solves, in a way, Julie's crisis over her porn tape. It also defines the current status of Ryan and Marissa's relationship and continues the Kirsten/Carter story line. Like all J.J. Philbin scripts it is strong on plot development but is short on dialogue. Unfortunately one of the greatest things about THE O. C. is the witty dialogue. One would think Ms Philbin could borrow from her father or Kelly to spice things up a bit.

    Among interesting items are the hugs between the Atwood brothers. Ryan has been away from the mean streets of Chino for most of two years yet he retains affection for the brother who contributed to his time in Juvie and had him speeding around Chino in a stolen car a year ago Thanksgiving.

    Comic relief provided as usual by Seth and Summer. I particularly enjoyed the part when Zach tells his lie to Seth which guaranteed that Summer would hear about it within minutes. Of course Summer took great advantage of her knowledge of Seth by confronting him at the party and then waiting for him in his bedroom. Unusually astute for someone as self-involved as Summer.

    I Love the not so gentle touch when Lance sneaks in to the launch party and replaces the "Newport Living" propaganda tape with Julie's erotic video. I just keep rerunning my videotape of the episode with pure joy watching Julie's expression as she realizes what has transpired.

    Sandy symbolizes the loving arms of family first with his demand for a family dinner and later when he invites Trey to join the Cohen clan. Other than that he doesn't play that large a role in this episode.

    I have to wonder how long Kirsten will continue her flirtation with Carter? She has already turned him down once (I'm married but I mislaid my rings) and Julie has spotted the electricity between them. Julie had must be the worst person in history to share a secret with
    One thing that was mentioned only in passing; Zach is on the water polo team. Many southern California high schools have an outdoor swimming pool and at Newport's Harbor High School the big sport is water polo not football. THE O.C. hasn't made a big point of this since season one when Luke led the jock bullies pushing around among others Ryan.

    Wasn't this the first fistfight Ryan got into this season? Seems like he was throwing down every week in season one. Suddenly he's is back with Marissa and fighting in a bar. Is this an omen of things to come, the fact that he was back in Chino or just a nostalgia trip?

    "The Brothers Grim" was slow paced, repetitive and at best an average episode. Hopefully it marks the beginning of a build up toward the season ending cliffhanger. Ryan and Marissa are taking it slow but can we look forward to the couple reuniting or will another character move to Newport and derail their romance? The series has been renewed for another season so one thing we can be sure of the course of their love will not be smooth.
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