The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 13

The Case of the Franks

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 2007 on FOX
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Taylor makes a plan to fix things between Ryan and his dad. Julie continues her relationship with Bullit but when she runs into Frank when Ryan and Taylor are around they realise that she has been having a secret affair with Frank. When Kaitlin learns that Taylor and Ryan are trying to break up Frank and Julie she tries to get her mother to like Bullit, which forces Julie to choose between Bullit and Frank. Summer begins to think about if Seth really is the one for her.moreless

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  • Romantic

    Romantic episode to the fullest! This is the top of the line stuff that makes the hearts of men flutter! Okay maybe not that much, but it's shows like these that make me appreciate the romance genre. The whole Team Bullit and Team Frank thing was pretty creative, and the execution of it was even better! I'm not one to get emotional for romance stuff like this, but the whole "we're just from the same world" thing was just so beautifully executed. This storyline wasn't alone though; it was accompanied by two other stories, Kirsten and Sandy, and Summer and Seth, whom stories kind of cross each other and are awesome in their own right.moreless
  • This episode is very special, but have character development & nerve wracking at the same time.

    The main story of this episodes is about Team Frank & Team Bullit. And it is very creative and nerve wracking. Taylor and Ryan discovers that Frank is inlove with Julie so they set them up. Kaitlin discovers that case of the franks and tries to build Team Bullit. Obviously, the "peanut" loves the bang, because he's rich and he's funny..and he thinks that frank is boring.

    At the end of the they, Julie has to pick which on to date. At first he choosed Bullit, just for the sake of her daughter. Clearly in Season 4, she makes her decision with her only daughter, Kaitlin. But in the end, she loves and have the case of the franks

    Julie, was no longer the girl who marries for money chooses Frank, who he really loves because they simple came from the same world. Bullit in this story line faced the truth that Julie didn't like him, even for his money.

    The other story plot is about the history & flashbacks of the other characters. Seth & Summer having their future kown with a fortune teller, saying that Summers destiny is with George. Summer learns that George is an environamental school.

    At the meantime Sandy & Kristen is thinking about their new baby. Kristen seems not ready to have another one. It was also revealed that Jimmy is tha father of her first aborted child.

    So clearly, this episode is very special.moreless
  • The OC. Season 4 Episode 13

    Team Bullit versus Team Franks was definitely the best part. LOL

    This episode shows how much Julie Cooper has changed since the very beginning. It was really touching when she told Frank she couldn't stay with him because "I have only one daughter left and she loves Bullit". You could see how much Julie - the former Newport manipulative b!tch - doesn't care about the money anymore; she is only interested in Kaitlin's happiness, and at last Kaitlin lets her off, which was the right thing to do, I guess.

    Well, Frank used to get the hell out of Ryan's mother but he also has changed and I think he should get another chance. I liked the moment when Julie gets out the limo and she walks toward Frank.

    I liked flashbacks as well. Summer, Seth and Taylor junior were so funny.

    About Kirsten and Sandy, what can I say? They're like in the first season of the show: too perfect!

    I think Summer should choose to join the whole George thing, because otherwise she might regret it later. I'm not concerned about Sethummer, anyways, since they're meant to be. Nevertheless the best couple ever is still Bullit plus Kaitlin. Their witty remarks crack me up always more! LOLmoreless
  • Summer questions her future with Seth whilst Ryan and Taylor try to help Julie and Frank against "team bullit"

    Just gotta love Taylor "you have a case of the Franks" her little obsessive personality makes me lauf and her younger self was soo gawky and cute.The whole little Battle with "Team Bullit" was awesome what a way to a put a spin on such a decision.

    The whole summer and seth dyanmic rules their little conversations just don't always make sense but they do make me smile.George can't spell the end of them like summer said they are one of the couples of all time.

    Julie chose Bullit for Caitlin but not for the fact she loves him.She wasn't being selfish she really might of changed.Glad to see Caitlin let Julie follow her heart and Bullit really was good about it.

    Kirsten was having flashbacks throughout and it was kl to see younger versions of sandy, kirsten and Jimmy.A greater in-sight into their past but the end is near and the episodes are starting to make that a harsher reality.moreless
  • Very funny,

    I liked the way that the writers made us question Summer and Seth a little bit. With GEORGE, it made Summer understand that there is more to life than your soul mate, even though it is important to your happiness. I liked how she went out there and got what she wanted. I hope that Seth can support her in her decision. Julie truly must have fallen in love with Frank because he has no money! I liked how she finally realized that she can't expect someone else to always bring her what she wants. They make a good couple. Ryan should have just told Taylor that he lovs her so that she could calm down and enjoy their relationship.moreless
Viji Nathan

Viji Nathan


Guest Star

Max Greenfield

Max Greenfield

Young Sandy Cohen

Guest Star

Ellen Hollman

Ellen Hollman

Young Kirsten Nichol

Guest Star

Gary Grubbs

Gary Grubbs

Gordon "The Bullit" Bullit

Recurring Role

Kevin Sorbo

Kevin Sorbo

Frank Atwood

Recurring Role

Wayne Daglish

Wayne Daglish

Brad Ward

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • This episode explains in the Season One finale "The Ties that Bind" when Kirsten tells Sandy she knows what the pregnant Teresa is going through (trying to decide whether to keep the baby or have an abortion). She didn't reveal anymore than that, and this episode reveals that what she meant was that she had gotten pregnant before and had an abortion.

    • In Seth's flashback to his sixth grade class, young Seth tells young Luke that it's 11 months and 6 days until The Matrix premieres. The Matrix was released on March 31, 1999, so the date of that day in Seth's flashback is April 25, 1998.

    • Goof: Looking through old photographs of herself and Jimmy Cooper in high school, Kirsten told Summer that she got her perm because she had just seen Top Gun (which was released in 1986).

      However, when Kirsten later met Sandy for the first time, he was campaigning for Mondale and Ferraro, which took place in 1984 - 2 years before Top Gun was released.

    • Goof: The scene where Taylor meets Frank in the hotel room, we see a lot of different dispositions of the pillows in the bed throughout the conversation, each time Frank shows up, the pillows are disposed differently.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Ryan: Ah, that's war, b****!
      Kaitlin (pretends to sob): God Ryan! How can you be so mean? I'm only 15!
      Ryan: Oh...Oh... I'm sorry. I didn't know what I was thinking.
      Kaitlin (stops pretending to sob): Me either. You're going down.

    • Frank: Tell me that's her.
      (Limo doors open and Julie stepped out)
      Ryan: It's her.
      Frank: I'm, I'm... suddenly nervous.
      Ryan: It's going to be great.

    • Adult Summer: I remember that day...
      (flashback to 1998)
      Young Summer: Ok, Holly, watch this - (dancing and singing) Yo I'll tell ya what I want, what I really really want.
      Young Holly: Oh my God, Summer! You really are Scary Spice. Eww, Taylor Townsend alert! Or more like Taylor Dorksend.
      Young Taylor: Hey Summer, are you finished with your poem?
      Young Summer: What poem?
      Young Taylor: The original poem we're reading out loud. We're going in alphabetical order and we're on 'R.' I already finished mine, even though I'm a 'T.' I may spend my night doing a polish.
      Teacher: Ok, we're going to start today with more readings of your original poems. Who are we up to? Summer Roberts? Summer?
      Young Summer: Give me your poem.
      Young Taylor: Summer! Have you no ethics what so ever?
      Young Summer: Okay, You can come to my birthday party!
      Young Taylor: Really?? OK!!

    • Seth: But this mermaid poem, it's our roots, it's our mythology.
      Summer: What if our mythology is a sham? Something that we invented? What if we are each others 'Jimmy Cooper'?
      Seth: What?
      Summer: You know, the one before the one... the one that you think is right before you meet your 'Sandy Cohen.'
      Seth: Wait, are we saying that because Taylor wrote the poem she's my Sandy Cohen? Because as delicious of a twist as that would be it's not going to happen.
      Summer: No, what I'm saying is what if we're not destined to be together? (Pause, Seth Takes a Deep Breath) That is your cue, Seth, to say that I am wrong. I'm wrong, right? Cue. Say it. I'm wrong, right?
      Seth: I don't know anymore.

    • Julie: I'm making smoothies, you want one?
      Taylor: Yeah, sure...So I haven't really talked to you since you got engaged, congrats all over the place!
      Julie: Well thank you but I'm not exactly engaged I'm just mulling over Bullit's proposal for awhile.
      Taylor: What's there to mull? I mean, you're totally in love with him, right? You probably can't stop daydreaming about your future together and just think, for the rest of your life, you get to be in a bed with Bullit!
      Julie: Suddenly not in the mood.
      Taylor: Night after night, you and Bullit making love into the wee hours, you exploring his body as it gets older and older, the skin slackening and you still having to perform your wifely duties.
      Julie: Taylor, stop!
      Taylor: Admit it Julie, you've got it bad for bad for Frank Atwood.
      Julie: What?
      Taylor: You, Julie Cooper, have a case of the Franks.

    • Julie: Ryan, I just wanted you to know, I've been with my fair share of bad guys and, for the record, your dad isn't one of them.

    • Bullit: I did take the liberty of booking us, that's you and me, a suite at the Four Seasons. I mean here we are, practically man and wife, and we still haven't sealed the deal.
      Julie: I guess I'm just old fashioned that way.
      Bullit: Well, if I do say so myself, you're in for quite a treat.
      Julie: (Laughing) Can we just not talk about it?
      Bullit: Well, I can sum it up in one word...
      Julie: Don't.
      Bullit: Bang.

    • Kaitlin: (to Taylor) It's war, bitch!

    • Seth: Now I know that psychic has a lot of credibility. She works at a kiosk, and she doesn't appear to charge for her services, but I think I am a better judge of whether you and I are destined to be together, than her, and I bought proof.

    • Julie: Ryan Atwood is worried about me?
      Taylor: Yeah.
      Julie: How about that.

    • Taylor: Oh my God, Frank! Are you in love with Julie Cooper?

    • Taylor: I've never met an awkward silence that I could not fill.

    • Kaitlin: Whats up, nerd?
      Bullit: Wow. Who you calling 'nerd', birdlegs.
      Kaitlin: You, nerd.

    • Taylor: I have emotional problems, but I'm getting over it.

  • NOTES (4)

    • It's ironic that the psychic tells Summer that her great love will be a guy named George because Rachel Bilson, who plays Summer, is currently on a television show called Hart of Dixie, also created by Josh Schwartz, where one of her main love interests is indeed a man named George.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Slovakia: June 7, 2009 on Markiza

    • Bella Thorne was nominated for the 2008 Young Artist Award for "Best Performance in a TV Series - Guest Starring Young Actress" for this episode.

    • Music:
      "Theme From Picnic (Moonglow)" by Frank Chacksfield & His Orchestra
      "Talk About The Passion" by R.E.M.
      "Wannabe" by (cast member on camera)
      "Start Today Tomorrow" by Youth Group
      "Unaware" by The Midway State


    • Julie: (When she is being ambushed by Kaitlin and Ryan.) What are you guys, the KGB?

      The KGB (transliteration of "ÊÃÁ") is the Russian abbreviation for Committee for State Security, the umbrella organization name for the Soviet Union's premier security, secret police, and intelligence agency, from 1954 to 1991.