The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 13

The Case of the Franks

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 2007 on FOX

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  • Seriously? Am I the only one who thinks this show has become super dumb??

    I can't beleive the whole Julie situation with Frank plus he is moving into Summer's house? Are you kidding me???
  • Romantic

    Romantic episode to the fullest! This is the top of the line stuff that makes the hearts of men flutter! Okay maybe not that much, but it's shows like these that make me appreciate the romance genre. The whole Team Bullit and Team Frank thing was pretty creative, and the execution of it was even better! I'm not one to get emotional for romance stuff like this, but the whole "we're just from the same world" thing was just so beautifully executed. This storyline wasn't alone though; it was accompanied by two other stories, Kirsten and Sandy, and Summer and Seth, whom stories kind of cross each other and are awesome in their own right.
  • This episode is very special, but have character development & nerve wracking at the same time.

    The main story of this episodes is about Team Frank & Team Bullit. And it is very creative and nerve wracking. Taylor and Ryan discovers that Frank is inlove with Julie so they set them up. Kaitlin discovers that case of the franks and tries to build Team Bullit. Obviously, the "peanut" loves the bang, because he's rich and he's funny..and he thinks that frank is boring.

    At the end of the they, Julie has to pick which on to date. At first he choosed Bullit, just for the sake of her daughter. Clearly in Season 4, she makes her decision with her only daughter, Kaitlin. But in the end, she loves and have the case of the franks

    Julie, was no longer the girl who marries for money chooses Frank, who he really loves because they simple came from the same world. Bullit in this story line faced the truth that Julie didn't like him, even for his money.

    The other story plot is about the history & flashbacks of the other characters. Seth & Summer having their future kown with a fortune teller, saying that Summers destiny is with George. Summer learns that George is an environamental school.

    At the meantime Sandy & Kristen is thinking about their new baby. Kristen seems not ready to have another one. It was also revealed that Jimmy is tha father of her first aborted child.

    So clearly, this episode is very special.
  • The OC. Season 4 Episode 13

    Team Bullit versus Team Franks was definitely the best part. LOL

    This episode shows how much Julie Cooper has changed since the very beginning. It was really touching when she told Frank she couldn't stay with him because "I have only one daughter left and she loves Bullit". You could see how much Julie - the former Newport manipulative b!tch - doesn't care about the money anymore; she is only interested in Kaitlin's happiness, and at last Kaitlin lets her off, which was the right thing to do, I guess.
    Well, Frank used to get the hell out of Ryan's mother but he also has changed and I think he should get another chance. I liked the moment when Julie gets out the limo and she walks toward Frank.

    I liked flashbacks as well. Summer, Seth and Taylor junior were so funny.
    About Kirsten and Sandy, what can I say? They're like in the first season of the show: too perfect!

    I think Summer should choose to join the whole George thing, because otherwise she might regret it later. I'm not concerned about Sethummer, anyways, since they're meant to be. Nevertheless the best couple ever is still Bullit plus Kaitlin. Their witty remarks crack me up always more! LOL
  • Summer questions her future with Seth whilst Ryan and Taylor try to help Julie and Frank against "team bullit"

    Just gotta love Taylor "you have a case of the Franks" her little obsessive personality makes me lauf and her younger self was soo gawky and cute.The whole little Battle with "Team Bullit" was awesome what a way to a put a spin on such a decision.

    The whole summer and seth dyanmic rules their little conversations just don't always make sense but they do make me smile.George can't spell the end of them like summer said they are one of the couples of all time.

    Julie chose Bullit for Caitlin but not for the fact she loves him.She wasn't being selfish she really might of changed.Glad to see Caitlin let Julie follow her heart and Bullit really was good about it.

    Kirsten was having flashbacks throughout and it was kl to see younger versions of sandy, kirsten and Jimmy.A greater in-sight into their past but the end is near and the episodes are starting to make that a harsher reality.
  • Very funny,

    I liked the way that the writers made us question Summer and Seth a little bit. With GEORGE, it made Summer understand that there is more to life than your soul mate, even though it is important to your happiness. I liked how she went out there and got what she wanted. I hope that Seth can support her in her decision. Julie truly must have fallen in love with Frank because he has no money! I liked how she finally realized that she can't expect someone else to always bring her what she wants. They make a good couple. Ryan should have just told Taylor that he lovs her so that she could calm down and enjoy their relationship.
  • Poor Bullit, he can't help being rich... and poor Seth for having to question himself and Summer. All in all a quite blandly romantic episode.

    This is a tearjerker because I truly felt sorry for Bullit... it seems like he can't catch a lucky break in any way. And I really don't trust the relationship between Frank and Julie, to be honest I don't see the point. AS Ryan so aptly put it, it's a little more than incestuous if you ask me. And also, why wasn't Caitlin allowed to be happy? Maybe she and Bullit will end up together.... god know that would be weird, but I suppose not completely crazy, this is The OC after all...

    I found the plot around Sandy and Kirsten a little too much sometimes. The perfection of their relationship has been established so many times that it hardly seemed necessary to have such an extraneous reason for the break up with Jimmie. It was nicele paralleled with Seth and Summer though. The GEORGE plot was a nice twist, I hope though, that they don't break them up in the coming few episodes. I would be truly disappointed if they did, but I suppose they won't break up considering the "greatest movie couples" valentine's card, which I also suppose was another parallel to Bullit and Caitlin as Bullit quotes Casablanca (a truly great romantic film) right at the end. Ryan and Taylor seem back on track. They are almost becoming boring, am I right? It seems like I can't watch an episode without wanting more crisis, strange how these cravings work. I can't wait to see the next episode though, I'm sure that with a title like "The Shake Up" we're not going to be disappointed.
  • julie cooper, instigated by 2 idiots (taylor and ryan), decides to screw up the possibility of an amazing life with the lovely, honest and funny bullit to run away with ryan's father, the alcholic who used to bit the hell out of his wife.

    cmon.we all love bullit. it must be. hes funny and lovely and cute and caitlin loves him. so why not? I mean julie uses to marry everybody. why not him? why ryan's father, which by the way is ugly, dishonest and slimy? and most of all why summer, who has a broken family, destroys caitlin's unique possibility to have a normal family and a good father? she should be more sensitive! on the other hand, why is that in american society is so important that people get second chances in their life. I mean, the poor bullit loves julie, he does everything to win the love of caitlin and be good and nice with julie. frank should be in jail or at least instead that buying a ring for julie he should give those money to ryan's mother, which deserves them a bit more then he does. or why he doesnt pay for ryan's education? does hye truly deserve to get engaged with julie? i just want to kick him out of the show! after we finally got rid of marissa now we have another stupid character that doesnt deserve anything and instead he gets the attention of all. I want bullit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Another page in the O.C story is turned. We are close to the end now and this episode makes that reality so much harder to accept.

    Prior to watching this episode I watched a few classic episodes from season two. After watching the 'Case of the Franks' and all the other episodes from the fourth season for that matter, it is clear to me now how much this show has matured. The 'old' O.C will always be held dear to me, however its formula was becoming a little tired. Season 4 is such a breath of fresh air, its just so sad that we wont get to enjoy more of it after episode 16. Anyway enough of that because I want to discuss this episode. Man was it good; a series classic if you will. The flashbacks were sensational; a real treat for all of us longstanding O.C fans. I think what I enjoyed most about this episode though was its heart. Seth and Summer, Sandy and Kirstin, Julie and Frank and Ryan and Taylor all had their relationship issues to deal with on Valentines day, but it was Sandy and Kirstin and Julie and Frank that stole the show for me. I had tears in my eyes when Kiki gave Sandy the badge from when they first met and when Julie stepped out of the limo and went to Frank; just beautiful. The music tonight was excellent and really added to the quality of this episode. In sum this was a wonderfully written and performed episode. 10/10
  • such a cute episode

    it was so novel to see Julie choosing between doing the wrong thing for the right reason or doing the right thing but in doing so disappointing her daughter. m glad she choose frank in the end. i think they both deserve to be happy. allthough frank still has some work to do in fixing his relationship with ryan. i love that taylor decided to get involved in reuniting ryan and his dad because its something that Marissa wouldn't have done and i think it shows the level of commitment she has to the relationship even if she is sometimes a scary stalker.
    i like how now we are i the last few episodes (3 left) the writers are rewarding thoose of us that haveb stuck around since series 1. the was the re-earthing of summer's (or rather taylor's) poem. and the abortion kirsten had. i vaguely remember her talking to teresa in seris 1 about abortions. overall though it was a great episode but i am hoping that the series ends on a happy note now more than ever
  • We could see the depths of Julie Cooper...

    I liked this episode, because I like Julie. She's smart, and good-hearted. But she usually does the wrong thing, and it doesn't work out the way she wanted. Now I was happy to see her finding love. I really didn't see the point of Kaitlin. Bullit is old, and tiring.. OK, he has money, but as we could see that's not the most important thing nowadays for Julie. I liked the flashbacks part, too. They all started like we tought the couples (Kirsten/Sandy, Summer/Seth) aren't meant for each other, but then everything turned out to be still good. And I'm happy for Taylor and Ryan, I think they are a great couple, too. So this was a quite good episode, I wanna know what's next.
  • This was fantastic!

    I LOVED THIS EPISODE! It had so much heart and it was so very touching with every character... The storylines were amazing!
    It was great that Ryan and his dad were reunited and that Julie made the right decision in the end. She's really changed and I like the new her - willing to put her daughter first inspite of her true feelings and for once soooo amazingly true to herself in the end. Gone's the gold digging Julie from the past! The ending with Julie and Frank was just great and did I mention what an amazing pick Kevin Sorbo was for the role of Ryan's dad? You sooo believe that they're related, it's brilliant. Also, I'm glad that Kaitlin realized her mum's real feelings in time and didn't make her go through with that Bullit marriage. She'll deal.
    Ryan and Taylor working the "Case of the Franks" against Kaitlin was sooo funny!
    Plus, we find out about a secret from Kirsten's past that really shocked me.
    And Summer might have something else coming in her life even though she already found her Sandy Cohen, her "one". I just hope that travelling for that George organization isn't gonna get in the way of my happy Summer&Seth-finale...
    However, EPIC EPISODE and I can't wait for next week!
  • One of the best episodes.

    This episode just made me so sad. Not because i didn't like it, because my best show comes to an end. The episode was amazing, fascinating, just i don't have words to describe it. The story line was great. The episode was very well writen, considered and designed. You just have to be 100 % O.C. fan to understand what the episode wanted to tell you.I am sure that a lot of people will understand i wanted to say in the previous sentence. I hope(i am sure) that The O.C. will finish in a style. We just have to enjoy it and keep The O.C. in our hearts.
  • Another Amazing Episode!!

    So this episode takes place on Valentine's and not everything is all lovey-dovey. Both Bullit and Frank are trying to win Julie's love. Ryan, Taylor and Frank try to go through Julie's heart, while Kaitlin and Bulliut ry to get her through money. After going back and forth, Julie finally ends up with Frank, which I thought was an adorable scene. On the other hand, Kirten is very nostalgic, and remembers her time with Jimmy. We learn that they broke up because she was pregnant, but she never told anybody until now. She also realizes how lucky she was to find Sandy. The other major storyline is with Seth, Summer, and GEORGE. A psychic told Summer that her destiny was with this GEORGE, not Seth, but later we find out that this is the name of an environmental protection agency that wants to give her a job. Now Summer must choose RhodeIsland with Seth or GEORGE.
  • George, the mermaid, pingpong, Jimmy Cooper and corndogs.

    It’s Valentine’s Day on Newport Beach and not everything is love and joy. Frank, Ryan and Taylor fight off against Caitlin and Bullit for the affection of Julie. Julie goes back and forth between the two, but finally ends up with Frank. Caitlin and Bullit are still friends’ though, but let’s face it; Caitlin loves Bullit more than Julie does. That was my favorite part of the episode with all the fights and misfits. Meanwhile, Kirstin looks back at old photos of her and Jimmy Cooper and remembers how lucky she is to have Sandy. Seth and Summer are in a crisis when everything a fortune teller, tells them is coming true and Summer would fall in love with someone or something names GEORGE. Later on, she finds out, GEORGE is the name of a company that wants to hire her, and she just might go away with them. Great episode.
  • seriously one of the best episodes all season.... maybe even ever!

    This episode was amazing, the flashbacks were awesome, at first i was a little confused by them but they totally made the episode worth watching! I felt so bad for Bullit tho, i mean Frank was such an a**hole to Ryan while he was growing up and now all of sudden just because he says sorry he is supposed to be welcomed in? Also i think that Taylor shouldn't push Ryan to have a relationship with his dad, i mean he will when he is ready. I thought the psychic was so funny too, and im happy that Seth and Summer are still togther, and also this episode featured alot more of Sandy and Kirsten which is always a good thing. All in all this episode was the best so far this season i think!
  • The O.C.: Episode 89: "The Case of the Franks"- Finally, an Atwood and a Cooper who end up being happily together. (Spoiler Alert)

    I have not reviewed any other "O.C." episodes besides "The Countdown". The reason why I have returned to review "The Case of the Franks" was because I found it to be one of the best episodes the writers of "O.C." had to offer. I never had this feeling of "wanting more" or being "obsessed" ever since the end of the first season. I found this season to be fine but not as enjoyable as the first season... until this very special episode.

    Kirsten returns to her past thinking about her relationship with Jimmy Cooper and how they broke up. I liked Sandy and Kirsten's storyline at the end of the episode where we see a flashback of them meeting each other in Berkeley. Very revealing and heartwarming.

    For the first time this season, I really enjoyed the Seth and Summer storyline about them questioning their relationship. The thing that I really didn't like was finding out that Taylor actually wrote the "I Wish I was a Mermaid" poem. Unbelievable but, still, great flashbacks. The two remained positive, knowing that they were meant to be even after a psychic said Summer would end up with "George". This story told me that they really do love each other, even after a "real" (lots are fake and phony; I do believe there are real psychics out there) psychic says they're not meant to be together.

    After reading spoilers from an official website, I thought the best parts of the episode would be with the flashbacks. I must say that I loved Frank and Julie's storyline the best. Both look great together and I love their chemistry. Frank is the best guest character ever introduced since the first season. Ryan and Taylor, who decide not to date on Valentine's Day, instead, try helping Frank be with Julie. Kaitlin learns of this and supports Gordon. Frank says that he and Julie are "from the same world", something that brought me back to when Ryan told Marissa that they're "from different worlds". In the end, Julie chooses Frank over Gordon, at the same time, making me feel happy, knowing that, finally, an Atwood and a Cooper end up being happily together. Ryan and Taylor get into the limo and drive to the beach. Beautiful, brilliant, perfect.

    I've enjoyed all of the Valentine's Day episodes of "The O.C." but after looking back, the final one is right up there as the best and one of my favorite episodes of the series. I know I've mentioned the first season in this review numerous times but it's clear that in this episode, "The O.C." has returns to its roots to create a great episode. I definitely know that the final three episodes would be more powerful. And now... Episode 90: "The Shakeup".
  • Tied up a lot of loose ends

    Great episode. Great acting.

    The whole frank and julie thing was pretty good, i think it's kinda weird that marissa's mom is with ryan's dad, but they seem to really care about each other and things finally are seeming to come together for Ryan, which is awesome.

    the sandy and kirsten scenes were awesome (does anyone else wish that they were your parents? cause i know i do lol)

    i'm wondering how they are going to end it all, but if they keep going the way they are, it's going to be a freaking awesome finale!
  • OMG i loved this episode!! Flashbacks, Julie/Bullit/Frank, Team Bullit vs Team Frank...all in all, best Valentines Day episode of all four seasons combined!!!!!

    i thought this was one of the best episodes of the entire season, next to the Summer Bummer. It was so revealing and touching. The Kandy moments were so sweet, and i loved all the information we got from the flashbacks!

    I thought the Sethummer flashbacks were cute too..the different perspectives, but i was a bit sad that they didn't show Marissa as a kid and they showed Holly instead, but it's really no big deal, Marissa was probably home sick or something hahaha.

    Julie Cooper (soon to be Atwood), was fantastic as always. She is just an amazing actress.

    And then there was Ryan...Did anyone else just want to rip his shirt off? He's wayyy too hot for his own good! And him and Taylor are so cute together. The Team Frank scenes were hilarious and shows that this relationship is so much more healthy for Ryan than Marissa's ever was.
  • Team Bullit or Team Frank, abortion blues and the return of The Mermaid poem

    I've got to admit that in the beginning of the season the show was kind of lagging but I've got to say that these past recent episode have been the opposite

    The full story between Kirsten, Jimmy and Sandy was finally cleared up. The flashbacks that Kirsten had, I have to admit, where well done but I'm still wondering if Jimmy new about the abortion ... or maybe not. All I can say is I was excited and gitty when I saw a young Sandy and Kirsten meet for the first time. I will never get tired of saying they're my favorite OC couple, that, to me, was my FAVORITE scene

    I was really dissapointed with the mermaid poem ... Summer didn't write it?!!! That poem has history in "The OC" so it was a bummer to find out Taylor wrote it, but come on, they could have at least shown Marissa as a child

    Team Bullit and Team Frank had some pretty funny scenes. Love the shirt Katilin was sporting, she definitly got into the game. The only reason I was upset that Julie didn't pick Bullit was because of the great bond Katilin and the Bullit have. I had said before that I didn't care much for scenes with Kaitlin but when she started bonding with Bullit I changed my opinion and just like he said "This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship" it was obvious how much she would have loved having him as a step-father seeing that she really admired him ... and loved playing ping-pong with him, even though he "let her win"

    Julie has definitly evolved into someone we all love as a character, and the fact that she went for love over money proves that she is no longer the gold digging vixen we saw in the first seasons. Julie Cooper and Frank Atwood are more alike then we'll ever know, giving me a small dosage of happiness that the Cooper/Atwood saga continues. Good thing Marissa's not alive otherwise her and Ryan would have been step ... sisters?--no wait siblings :)

    I love the Taylor and Ryan relationship more and more, yeah, she's a little weird--okay really weird, at times but it's something that is good for Ryan. With Marissa it was a lot of drama but with Taylor it's more of an advanture

    second best episode of the sesason!
  • "I have one daughter left, and she loves Bullit. Even if I don't." Only 3 episodes left!

    Oh my god, this episode was perfect. Seriously. Total perfection.

    First of all: FLASHBACKS! That was so great. I loved how they made the flashbacks look, that was really beautifully done. And then, we got resolution to Kirsten's abortion which she mentioned first in the S1 finale. Wow, that was great! And we also learned why she broke up with Jimmy and that he never knew about the abortion.
    And we saw how Kirsten met Sandy (Leo from "Veronica Mars", right? Anyways, he looked gorgeous :P)

    Then, the Mermaid-poem!!! Whee, it got mentioned again! Yay *lol* But Summer didn't write it herself. :O Taylor did, whee! :D I kinda missed Marissa in the flashbacks, why wasn't she around? Yeah, it was about the remaining characters, but come one, Marissa was a HUGE part of the show and she was best friends with Summer. Summer should've showed her dance-thingy-performance to Marissa instead of Holly.

    Taylor is amazing! Everything she's doing is for Ryan! She really loves him and Ryan should finally freakin' tell her, that he loves her!

    Then the Team Bullit & Team Frank part. So hilarious and so sad at the same time! Julie is freaking amazing and I so love her ♥ And I'm happy for her that in the end she chose the person she loves, and not Kaitlin. Even though, I'm sorry for Kaitlin and Bullit AND I don't like Frank that much...but Julie really fits more with him than with anyone else. After all, they have the same background. The scene where Julie told Frank that she has to chose the Bullit, because Kaitlin loves him, even if she doesn' Julie ♥ As already said once, she really does EVERYTHING for her daughter(s). But in the end, Kaitlin probably talked her into choosing Frank (at least in my imagination Kaitlin said something like "be with the one you really love..yaddayadda" :D) And I really hope that Kaitlin and Bullit continue their relationship! I love those two together. :D

    Hee, the end was so great. Julie + Frank = I kinda ship them. The song at the end and everything *sigh*

    Summer/Seth story was funny, too. GEORGE. *lol* And I think that both of them found their Sandy Cohen :)

    P.S. - The trailer for next week kills me!
  • All in all, The Case of the Franks was, for me, one of the most revealing, heartwarming episodes of the entire show. This episode may in fact be one of my all time favorites. It's just superb and perfect in all ways. I laughed, i cried...just incredible!!

    I thought this episode, The Case of the Franks, was one of the best episodes of the entire series. I can't believe how fantastic this episode was.

    First of all, the Kirsten/Jimmy/Sandy flashbacks and the whole abortion issue was finally brought up, which really satisfied me personally...I mean, Kirsten mentions it in The Ties That Bind, but it never ever got resolution, until now. I loved how they intertwined the flashbacks of the Harbor Sweat Shirt party and them in the diner when they broke up because Kirsten got accepted into Berkley, which was also resolved. We never quite knew how and why Jimmy and Kirsten broke up, it was all just assumed that they did because she met Sandy or her met Julie and got her pregnant with Marissa...but now we know. Also, Jimmy never knew about the abortion, which i found intriguing. But all in all, great Kirsten storyline and LOVED the flashbacks...the filming techniques used were really cool and reminiscent of the flashbacks last season that Marissa had about Trey and Ryan every so often (especially the one in the model home).

    Taylor was back to perfection in this episode and so was Ryan. Ryan's evolution is almost can see how much of a man he is becoming, and a lot of it is due to Taylor and her strength during Ryan's struggles dealing with Marissa's death. I think, as quirky and weird as Taylor is, is the most normal and healthy relationship Ryan has ever been in. All she's done has been for Ryan, and she really proved herself with tonights episode and trying to get Ryan and his dad to mend things.

    Also, i don't know what it is, but Frank Atwood just seems very grounding for the show...he seems like the perfect match for Julie. I don't know about anyone else, but did anyone nearly lose their breath when Julie stepped out of the limo to meet Frank at the end of the episode? Cause i did. I was so happy for her, and she looked so beautiful and...angelic. She just knocked it out of the park with this episode in regards to her acting...simply stunning. Julie's character finally came full circle and became a round character, someone who is caring and loving, yet unselfish (as she was going to choose Bullit for Kaitlins sake). I have to say though, that the reason Frank and Julie work so well is that they have genuine chemistry and that they come from the same background...And that's why Marissa and Ryan didn't work, because they were so different when they met and each of them had so much going on in their personal lives that neither could ever give each other what they deserved. Love is sometimes not enough, and Julie and Frank prove that by showing us that love comes in all forms, in all ways...but sharing similar backgrounds, personal interests, and a sense of understanding is a huge key as well. I love Julie and Frank! The new Coop and Atwood. It makes me sad to think that its not the coop and atwood that we started out with, but at least its a nod to that...

    Summer and Seth's problems seemed real for a change. They are actually looking towards a tangible future and assessing it as two people who don't know what they want, yet know that they want to be together. It was actually quite real and moving. Summer is carving her own path, and all of the green peace stuff this season all lead to a great spot in terms of where Summer's life will lead her. And as for Seth, i think that him and Summer are each others Kirsten and Sandy (respectfully). The flashbacks where Seth learns that Summer's "I Wish I Was A Mermaid" poem was actually Taylor's were really cute...and Seth's line "you're saying i'm meant to be with Taylor Townsend? As delicious a twist as that would be..." haha, i nearly died laughing!

    Kaitlin was hilarious as always, but real. With Bullit she found a father, and i think Bullit will remain a constant figure in her life as well (even though i did feel bad for Bullit, but i don't think he loved her like Frank does, i think he was infatuated...which is completely different). I love their interactions....just heartwarming, especially at the end.

    I loved how they wrapped up a lot of loose ends (Julie and Frank, Frank, they mentioned Zack, the abortion, Summer's poem, how Jimmy and Kirsten broke up, who Taylor was in grade school [a dork with no friends, which made me feel even worse for her], how Kirsten met Sandy). Just a well deserved perfect 10!
  • It wasn't Summers poem!

    I've always liked Julie, but after this episode I love her! She was always that funny, manipulative girl you love to hate, but this time I was really rooting for her. Even though I never disliked Bullit, I liked that she ended up with Frank. Taylor was hilarious as always. I loved the part where she faked that accent when she was driving Julie. I wasn't expecting that. Finally, we got to find out about Kirsten and her abortion. It wasn't what I was expecting though. I don't know why- I should have figured it out. And of course, the Seth and Summer story line was great like always. The only thing I didn't like about the whole episode was that the mermaid poem wasn't actually Summers. That was kind of a bummer.