The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 13

The Case of the Franks

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 2007 on FOX

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  • All in all, The Case of the Franks was, for me, one of the most revealing, heartwarming episodes of the entire show. This episode may in fact be one of my all time favorites. It's just superb and perfect in all ways. I laughed, i cried...just incredible!!

    I thought this episode, The Case of the Franks, was one of the best episodes of the entire series. I can't believe how fantastic this episode was.

    First of all, the Kirsten/Jimmy/Sandy flashbacks and the whole abortion issue was finally brought up, which really satisfied me personally...I mean, Kirsten mentions it in The Ties That Bind, but it never ever got resolution, until now. I loved how they intertwined the flashbacks of the Harbor Sweat Shirt party and them in the diner when they broke up because Kirsten got accepted into Berkley, which was also resolved. We never quite knew how and why Jimmy and Kirsten broke up, it was all just assumed that they did because she met Sandy or her met Julie and got her pregnant with Marissa...but now we know. Also, Jimmy never knew about the abortion, which i found intriguing. But all in all, great Kirsten storyline and LOVED the flashbacks...the filming techniques used were really cool and reminiscent of the flashbacks last season that Marissa had about Trey and Ryan every so often (especially the one in the model home).

    Taylor was back to perfection in this episode and so was Ryan. Ryan's evolution is almost can see how much of a man he is becoming, and a lot of it is due to Taylor and her strength during Ryan's struggles dealing with Marissa's death. I think, as quirky and weird as Taylor is, is the most normal and healthy relationship Ryan has ever been in. All she's done has been for Ryan, and she really proved herself with tonights episode and trying to get Ryan and his dad to mend things.

    Also, i don't know what it is, but Frank Atwood just seems very grounding for the show...he seems like the perfect match for Julie. I don't know about anyone else, but did anyone nearly lose their breath when Julie stepped out of the limo to meet Frank at the end of the episode? Cause i did. I was so happy for her, and she looked so beautiful and...angelic. She just knocked it out of the park with this episode in regards to her acting...simply stunning. Julie's character finally came full circle and became a round character, someone who is caring and loving, yet unselfish (as she was going to choose Bullit for Kaitlins sake). I have to say though, that the reason Frank and Julie work so well is that they have genuine chemistry and that they come from the same background...And that's why Marissa and Ryan didn't work, because they were so different when they met and each of them had so much going on in their personal lives that neither could ever give each other what they deserved. Love is sometimes not enough, and Julie and Frank prove that by showing us that love comes in all forms, in all ways...but sharing similar backgrounds, personal interests, and a sense of understanding is a huge key as well. I love Julie and Frank! The new Coop and Atwood. It makes me sad to think that its not the coop and atwood that we started out with, but at least its a nod to that...

    Summer and Seth's problems seemed real for a change. They are actually looking towards a tangible future and assessing it as two people who don't know what they want, yet know that they want to be together. It was actually quite real and moving. Summer is carving her own path, and all of the green peace stuff this season all lead to a great spot in terms of where Summer's life will lead her. And as for Seth, i think that him and Summer are each others Kirsten and Sandy (respectfully). The flashbacks where Seth learns that Summer's "I Wish I Was A Mermaid" poem was actually Taylor's were really cute...and Seth's line "you're saying i'm meant to be with Taylor Townsend? As delicious a twist as that would be..." haha, i nearly died laughing!

    Kaitlin was hilarious as always, but real. With Bullit she found a father, and i think Bullit will remain a constant figure in her life as well (even though i did feel bad for Bullit, but i don't think he loved her like Frank does, i think he was infatuated...which is completely different). I love their interactions....just heartwarming, especially at the end.

    I loved how they wrapped up a lot of loose ends (Julie and Frank, Frank, they mentioned Zack, the abortion, Summer's poem, how Jimmy and Kirsten broke up, who Taylor was in grade school [a dork with no friends, which made me feel even worse for her], how Kirsten met Sandy). Just a well deserved perfect 10!