The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 13

The Case of the Franks

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 2007 on FOX

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  • "I have one daughter left, and she loves Bullit. Even if I don't." Only 3 episodes left!

    Oh my god, this episode was perfect. Seriously. Total perfection.

    First of all: FLASHBACKS! That was so great. I loved how they made the flashbacks look, that was really beautifully done. And then, we got resolution to Kirsten's abortion which she mentioned first in the S1 finale. Wow, that was great! And we also learned why she broke up with Jimmy and that he never knew about the abortion.
    And we saw how Kirsten met Sandy (Leo from "Veronica Mars", right? Anyways, he looked gorgeous :P)

    Then, the Mermaid-poem!!! Whee, it got mentioned again! Yay *lol* But Summer didn't write it herself. :O Taylor did, whee! :D I kinda missed Marissa in the flashbacks, why wasn't she around? Yeah, it was about the remaining characters, but come one, Marissa was a HUGE part of the show and she was best friends with Summer. Summer should've showed her dance-thingy-performance to Marissa instead of Holly.

    Taylor is amazing! Everything she's doing is for Ryan! She really loves him and Ryan should finally freakin' tell her, that he loves her!

    Then the Team Bullit & Team Frank part. So hilarious and so sad at the same time! Julie is freaking amazing and I so love her ♥ And I'm happy for her that in the end she chose the person she loves, and not Kaitlin. Even though, I'm sorry for Kaitlin and Bullit AND I don't like Frank that much...but Julie really fits more with him than with anyone else. After all, they have the same background. The scene where Julie told Frank that she has to chose the Bullit, because Kaitlin loves him, even if she doesn' Julie ♥ As already said once, she really does EVERYTHING for her daughter(s). But in the end, Kaitlin probably talked her into choosing Frank (at least in my imagination Kaitlin said something like "be with the one you really love..yaddayadda" :D) And I really hope that Kaitlin and Bullit continue their relationship! I love those two together. :D

    Hee, the end was so great. Julie + Frank = I kinda ship them. The song at the end and everything *sigh*

    Summer/Seth story was funny, too. GEORGE. *lol* And I think that both of them found their Sandy Cohen :)

    P.S. - The trailer for next week kills me!
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