The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 13

The Case of the Franks

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 2007 on FOX

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  • Team Bullit or Team Frank, abortion blues and the return of The Mermaid poem

    I've got to admit that in the beginning of the season the show was kind of lagging but I've got to say that these past recent episode have been the opposite

    The full story between Kirsten, Jimmy and Sandy was finally cleared up. The flashbacks that Kirsten had, I have to admit, where well done but I'm still wondering if Jimmy new about the abortion ... or maybe not. All I can say is I was excited and gitty when I saw a young Sandy and Kirsten meet for the first time. I will never get tired of saying they're my favorite OC couple, that, to me, was my FAVORITE scene

    I was really dissapointed with the mermaid poem ... Summer didn't write it?!!! That poem has history in "The OC" so it was a bummer to find out Taylor wrote it, but come on, they could have at least shown Marissa as a child

    Team Bullit and Team Frank had some pretty funny scenes. Love the shirt Katilin was sporting, she definitly got into the game. The only reason I was upset that Julie didn't pick Bullit was because of the great bond Katilin and the Bullit have. I had said before that I didn't care much for scenes with Kaitlin but when she started bonding with Bullit I changed my opinion and just like he said "This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship" it was obvious how much she would have loved having him as a step-father seeing that she really admired him ... and loved playing ping-pong with him, even though he "let her win"

    Julie has definitly evolved into someone we all love as a character, and the fact that she went for love over money proves that she is no longer the gold digging vixen we saw in the first seasons. Julie Cooper and Frank Atwood are more alike then we'll ever know, giving me a small dosage of happiness that the Cooper/Atwood saga continues. Good thing Marissa's not alive otherwise her and Ryan would have been step ... sisters?--no wait siblings :)

    I love the Taylor and Ryan relationship more and more, yeah, she's a little weird--okay really weird, at times but it's something that is good for Ryan. With Marissa it was a lot of drama but with Taylor it's more of an advanture

    second best episode of the sesason!