The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 13

The Case of the Franks

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 2007 on FOX

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  • Another page in the O.C story is turned. We are close to the end now and this episode makes that reality so much harder to accept.

    Prior to watching this episode I watched a few classic episodes from season two. After watching the 'Case of the Franks' and all the other episodes from the fourth season for that matter, it is clear to me now how much this show has matured. The 'old' O.C will always be held dear to me, however its formula was becoming a little tired. Season 4 is such a breath of fresh air, its just so sad that we wont get to enjoy more of it after episode 16. Anyway enough of that because I want to discuss this episode. Man was it good; a series classic if you will. The flashbacks were sensational; a real treat for all of us longstanding O.C fans. I think what I enjoyed most about this episode though was its heart. Seth and Summer, Sandy and Kirstin, Julie and Frank and Ryan and Taylor all had their relationship issues to deal with on Valentines day, but it was Sandy and Kirstin and Julie and Frank that stole the show for me. I had tears in my eyes when Kiki gave Sandy the badge from when they first met and when Julie stepped out of the limo and went to Frank; just beautiful. The music tonight was excellent and really added to the quality of this episode. In sum this was a wonderfully written and performed episode. 10/10