The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 13

The Case of the Franks

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 2007 on FOX

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  • Poor Bullit, he can't help being rich... and poor Seth for having to question himself and Summer. All in all a quite blandly romantic episode.

    This is a tearjerker because I truly felt sorry for Bullit... it seems like he can't catch a lucky break in any way. And I really don't trust the relationship between Frank and Julie, to be honest I don't see the point. AS Ryan so aptly put it, it's a little more than incestuous if you ask me. And also, why wasn't Caitlin allowed to be happy? Maybe she and Bullit will end up together.... god know that would be weird, but I suppose not completely crazy, this is The OC after all...

    I found the plot around Sandy and Kirsten a little too much sometimes. The perfection of their relationship has been established so many times that it hardly seemed necessary to have such an extraneous reason for the break up with Jimmie. It was nicele paralleled with Seth and Summer though. The GEORGE plot was a nice twist, I hope though, that they don't break them up in the coming few episodes. I would be truly disappointed if they did, but I suppose they won't break up considering the "greatest movie couples" valentine's card, which I also suppose was another parallel to Bullit and Caitlin as Bullit quotes Casablanca (a truly great romantic film) right at the end. Ryan and Taylor seem back on track. They are almost becoming boring, am I right? It seems like I can't watch an episode without wanting more crisis, strange how these cravings work. I can't wait to see the next episode though, I'm sure that with a title like "The Shake Up" we're not going to be disappointed.
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