The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 7

The Chrismukk-huh?

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 14, 2006 on FOX

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  • Ryan and Taylor have an accident and go into a light coma. Both wake up in an alternative world where nobody knows them except each other and they find out they have a mission to achieve to re-unite the couples of The OC.

    I was actually quite surprised with this episode as I usually groan at these sort of episodes as they don't add anything to the storyline as everything goes back to how it started at the end of the episode.

    This episode though, added something to the series because it gave us bits and pieces of the real world to keep us interested. Don't get me wrong though because the rest of the episode was a class above all other 'dream' style episodes from other shows.

    In my opinion there were plenty of shocks (although not really happening) with the people that appeared (and didn't) and who they were with. According to Sandy it all went wrong when Marissa died (who we find out died three years earlier when Ryan wasn't around) and they went their seperate ways. This was obviously mentioned as the episode was about Ryan finally moving on properly and starting a new life, possibly with Taylor. It did strike me as odd though that all the couples in this episode are the same people just swapped around. I mean what are the chances of them getting divorced and just swapping husbands?

    Enough about the people who were in it and more about the people who weren't. When Ryan went to the airport I was almost certain that it wouldn't be Mischa but I wasn't a 100%. I was slightly disappointed because she could have come in for this episode and still not be tied down to the show (as she is dead, obviously!). I also thought that we might see an appearance from Caleb who also died but no such luck.

    All in all though it wasn't a necessary episode but was more than enjoyable all the same.
  • Before this episode, I was totally fine with Taylor.

    I want Marissa back! This ep. was such a tearjerker, especially when Ryan walks on the beach: That was Marissas spot. Taylor and Ryan are so mismatched and wrong for each other. Granted, I used to think Marissa was an idiot, but this show is nothing without her and it pains me to even think that this was the official "Goodbye Marissa" episode.

    One thing I didn't get was if Marissa dies in TJ, than she would have had to seen Luke cheating, so why would Summer be friends with Holly, especially if she was partly the cause of her bestfrieds death? Another thing, the writers need to stop changing around Kaitlyns age - WAY too confusing!

    I loved the Alt-Summer though - Hilarious!
  • Best Chrismukkah ever...

    So i was incredibly concerned about The O.C. last season, but the last few episodes, and tonight\'s especially, is why I love this show. It has both drama and humour, and the story line FINALLY doesn\'t revolve around all of Marissa\'s problems. While it isn\'t the most original idea ever, they put an O.C spin on it, that made it a classic O.C. episode!
  • not as bad as it looked, but thats not saying much

    so Marissa's death made Sandy & Kirsten's marriage fall apart and they each ended up with Julie & Jimmy respectivly, right.....makes perfect sense. Oh yeah and Kaitlin managed to get into college at what, 15? 16? I know the show looks to be doing pretty well when you check the ratings on this site because the standard procedure seems to be "Watch 20 minutes of it and immediatly give it a 9-10 rating" but unfortunately for the ultimate fate of the show, that of Nielsen ratings and critics that don't work for FOX, TV Guide or US Weekly, who have given the show basically 3 good episodes out of 7, they only get 16 this season (barring some miraculous turn in the ratings) so look for the series to slowly gravitate towards tying everything up. Its obvious watching the show that Josh doesn't plan on writing a season 5.
  • Not my favourite episode this season, Seasong started off real well.

    I can't say that i liked the idea of Ryan and Taylor stuck in a parallel universe and seth talking about it like its something that happens everyday.

    i also don't like the idea of Ryan saying goodbye to marissa while he is unconsciuos, couldn't he atleast be awake when doing that?
  • Not a good episode.

    I usually looove the Chrismukkuh episodes! Normally they are wonderful! However, I feel that Season four's Chrismukkah episode did not measure up too well. I did not understand the whole premise... alternate universe?? Taylor was kind of annoying in this episode and I have actually grown to like her in every other episode. I did enjoy her talking back to her mother in the alternate universe though. I also thought that it was not a very classy way of saying a "final farewell" to Marissa. She was one of my main reasons of watching The OC for the first 3 seasons and I thought without her the show would be nothing, but I was wrong... it's still great!! However, I feel this episode gave her no justice and a proper goodbye should be done!
  • One of the best Christmukkah episodes!

    What a weird paralel universe!
    Sandy and Julie dont match at all!! Summer is so futil, and who would say she'd marry Che!
    Che is worst then Luke! I love Taylor! She is so funny! And a crazy too!
    Seth is so cute! He looks like a little child! (I hate my life, I hate my life! ahahah)
    Ryan gets less melodramatic from this episode on (I have already finished watching The OC, but sometimes I re-watch my favorite episodes!
    It's good to see that Taylor confronted her mom! But it's weird in the other universe she is a man! ahahhaah
    I love The OC and specially season 4 (and I know a lot of people don't agree wiht me!!)
  • As always, a great episode, expected any less?

    An unexpected and exciting twist that was spun in the direction of this episode. An alternate universe episode? Sounds like something that Seth Cohen would handle, and you know what? It was creative, funny, and really moved the story forward. Seeing how everything is if Ryan never showed up really shows how far the show has come; it's already been three years! It's also really hilarious; Seth Cohen in particular goes back to his dorky ways, which was what made him super hilarious in the first season, and his screaming I hate my life constantly at his pillow was truly laugh out loud worthy. Most importantly though what the episode accomplished is, hopefully, moving on from Marissa's death once and for all, and it did such an awesome job of accomplishing that too.
  • Time to say goodbye. It's about time the writers started playing a bit around with the episodes plots!

    I personally really don't like marissa being killed off the show. I was really upset about it because the oc is my favorite show right now, but with this episode it somewhat helped me get over it (hey and it also helped ryan!)

    I was wondering when they would be bringing up Marissa again. I knew that she wouldn't have even shown up in the alt universe (mostly because i looked on wikipedia on all the character's info a couple of times and nothing mentioned her returning after her death on season 3)

    It would have been nice to have had her in at least this episode. They could have said farewell face to face. that would have been amazing. But since mischa was apparently forced off the show she might not even have wanted to come back? who knows. Anyway back to reviewing:
    The actors did a fantastic job fulfilling their character's "alt reality" life. It reminded me about how (before rachel bilson was on the star cast list)she was really spoiled and somewhat of a dimwit. Ben did an amazing job (as always)he defiantly didn't forget the expression he makes when the topic of marissa comes up (for example if she's in trouble). The part at the diner was defiantly a favorite.

    I hope the next episodes are just as good as this one. Also that i have truly accepted that taylor is ryan's new lover. It's time to move on!
  • When Taylor and Ryan fall off the roof, they are thrown into an alternate world. The relationships they had and knew are all jumbled and no one is like who they were before. Ryan and Taylor try to find a way back to their own world.

    This is one of my favorite OC episodes ever. I just loved how they portrayed everyone in the exact opposite of what they really are. Summer was hilarious as a dumb rich girl. I laso loved seeing the trust between Ryan and Taylor grow. they are great for each other ! I liked how they teased you into thinking Marrissa was alive. When the episode originally aired, i didn`t believe for a second Marrissa was really alive. sorry fox. no fooling me. but i think they fooled a few people. once again, one of my favorite episodes ever. i loved it.
  • This is exactly why I love The O.C.

    This is not only my favorite Chrismukkah episode but my favorite episode of season 4. Taylor is so comical and dramatic from beginning straight to the very end. The Ryan & Taylor fall leading them to an alternate reality really brought out some of the best of the actors. The letter from Marissa Cooper was a real nudge in the heart.

    We see Kirsten worse than she was at the start of season 1. Julie is a lost puppy in any reality, trying to figure out what career and guy best suits her. Seth, gosh, I love Seth in any reality. I'm not a fan of Sandy in the alternate reality. I thought Summer's personality was enough as is, but Rachel Bilson's performance as the Summer in the alternate reality shows just how grateful I am for Summer in reality. It was nice to see Jimmy, although not under the circumstances in the alternate reality haha. That was a nice twist how Taylor & Ryan thought Marissa was alive in the alternate reality when really she wasn't.

    I was so proud when Taylor stood up to her mom in the alternate reality, which helped her keep her sanity with her mother in reality.

    I loved everything about this episode, I could go on and on but I don't want to make this too long. Just go watch it and you will see how amazing this is!
  • Ryan and Taylor enter an alternate reality while in comas.

    Great episode, my favorite in fact. I love Seth as a geek again! Summer is so first season. But if Ryan thought Marissa was still alive, wouldn't he have gotten suspicious when he saw Summer hang out with Holly and not her BFF Marissa? Weird, but still awesome. Hey, does anyone know where I can download and or stream it? cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool
  • Just magical

    The first time I watched this episode I was very dissapointed. I think the reason why i was dissapointed was because I always expect the xmas OC episode to be excellent (excluding season 3's horrible chrismukkah bar mitz va kah). This season is excellent so far and i think this episode is further proof of season 4 excellence. This episode is one dedicated to Marissa even though not a hell of a lot of it was to do with Marissa. What this episode delt with was Ryan saying goodbye to Marissa and finally Moving onto other people such as the wonderful Taylor. Overall terrific episode.
  • The OC

    this episode was pretty good :)
    it was really confusing at fist and it took a while to understand what was going on, i knew from the beginning that taylor and ryan were somewhere weird but i couldn't figure it out. once they explained what was going on the alternate universe was actually pretty cool to watch, it was crazy though how summer was such a bimbo airhead, it was almost painful to watch. i did like to watch taylor and ryan try to fix everything though, i especially liked with taylor called her mom a b_tch and then was like "oh my god"
    it was a good episode though, but it didin't really have a conclusion but i did like it.
  • Chrismukk-huh?

    Taylor tries to give Ryan a Christmas present, but Ryan is on a ladder trying to put up lights for Christmas. Taylor climbs up the ladder and both Ryan and Taylor fall down, off the ladder. And Ryan got a letter from Marissa in his real life.

    It's like an alternate universe. Everyone that they see that they know regularly, don't know who they. Taylor and Ryan figure out that they're in an alternate universe, and they were sent there to change something. They find out that Summer is marrying Che, Summer is a dumb bimbo, Marissa dyed three years ago from drug overdose, that Julie and Sandy are married and she's cheating on Sandy with Che, and that Kiersten and Jimmy are married. I think that this is so awesome and twisted. It's touching also. I though that it was great.
  • It was awesome!

    Although I had already seen another one of these sorts of episodes (The Suite smell of excess) I still think it ruled. It was really funny and I laughed so much. The whole plot was so random it was funny. Summer acting all chavvy was hilarious and I thought it was so good. Che as Chester was also weird. It was interesting to see how much of an impact Ryan had to the show. I really liked it and I could watch it again loads. It is a must see episode and was awesomely funny. Watch it or be stupid!
  • Taylor and Ryan working out their issues in an alternate universe.

    These kind of AU episodes are almost always really lame. But here's an exception to the rule. This was one of the finest OC episodes. It was witty and touching . It really made you wonder 'what if'... Ryan and Taylor's characters got to shine as they were making things right in the parallel universe. I have to question one thing though: why would Taylor forgive her mother just like that? How did calling her a b* in the parallel universe help? And Seth's character seemed a little off this time. But thanks to all the funny moments plus finally moving forward from Marissa's death this episode really earned its place in my favorites. This episode was probably fun for the writers too because it really let them play around with ideas.
  • I think this is the best episode of the entire series.

    I think this is the best episode of the entire series. We were kind of hinted at during the first 3 seasons of why Ryan being their was important and what would happen if he hadn't been their. But he had not actually realized his importance. Until now that is. This one episode shows how extremely important him being their is. And the way he has affected all the people their and the differences he made with their lives. I remember the end of the first season, where the character Seth says that he doesn't know what he's gonna do without Ryan being their. And this episode reminded me of that so much. It perfectly summarized up all 3 seasons and the good the Ryan has done in them that would have never happened if he hadn't been around.

    I believe this episode is one that anyone can relate to that ever wished they had never been born because of something bad happening. It shows that Ryan, even with his sometimes troubling nature, was an angel in disguise that just loved to help other people out. And it shows that we all make a difference in other people's lives, even when we ourselves don't see it at the time.
  • The best episode in the history of the O.C.! it has excitement, fun, tension, sadness and 2 comas! the making of all great shows.

    Taylor and Ryan are putting up Chrismukkah lights and arguing when they fall off the roof. They wake up in a parallel universe. They are in a coma in the real world. Sandy and Julie are married, Kirsten and Jimmy are married, Julie is cheating on Sandy with Che (now chester) who is engaged to Summer. Seth is still a dork who watches Summer from afar and Caitlin is the youngest freshman at Berkely. Oh, and Marissa died 3 years before of a drug overdose.

    Taylor and Ryan must fix things to get back home, but this is hard as Ryan doesnt exist and Taylor is a boy. Taylor has to leave after she finally stands up to her mother, leaving Ryan to tidy up things alone. Ryan gets arrested and Sandy bails him out because of the thing Ryan said. But reading a letter from Marissa he recieved in the real world brings him back.

    Taylor and Ryan dont remember anything, and everyone spends Chrismukkah in the hospital with them.

    And so concluding the best episode ever!!!!!!!!
  • An awesome episode a good spin on things and really great to watch.

    I liked the way the show kinda turned it's back on it's usual in the "real world " kinda thing and had a go at another reality it was awesome to see..

    There were some great quotes in this episode from taylor and i really enjoyed watching the two together you can reli see them getting closer with her sitting on his bed at the end aww..

    I also admired the way the writers saw it as an oppurtunity to bring back old faces and give the regulars alternate roles to play. we had sandy and julie that was weird , jimmy and kirsten good to see him back and summer acting totally dumb that was classic really made me lauf.!

    Ryan got the chance to get "closure" on Marrisa and tell the people he cares about how they have all influenced his life.The infamous christmakuh (excuse the spelling if wrong)also got a mention it's almost a tradition now to have an episode..

    I really liked this episode it was a good experimental one focusing on something out of this world ot rather in an alternate world but hey it was awesome...!

    Thought I'd Hate It!!! I Did Label It To One Of My Friends As "Not A Real Proper Good OC Episode And All Really Weird Considering The Hype It Had" Before It Started And Then I Loved It More Than The Ones Before Definately The Best OF Season 4 Too Good And I Love Taylor And Ryan Completly Shocked But They Are So Cute And In The "Alt World" Julie And Sandy?!?! What Was That I loved That THey Brought Jimmy Back Though And I Wish Marrisa Could Have Come Back Although It Was Nice To Know That Ryan Gave Her More Time But She Still Had To Die!!!
  • Ryan is hanging up Christmas lights when Taylor climbs up the ladder to talk to him, they both fall off. They end up in hospital and in comas where they both end up having the same dream.

    This episode was really good. With the dream sequence mixed in with bits of the present day, they both worked really well together. Having Ryan have to put all the couples within the Orange County back with their respective partners was a really nice twist. i really liked the ending when Ryan wakes up and says that he is really glad that Taylor is there. i thought it made a nice beginning to their relationship. I also liked how that in the end Ryan had to solve his own problems on his own to get back to the "real" world, and he didn't have Taylor there to help him.
  • Cool twist on this episode!

    Wow, what a great new take of the show. The first time I saw the episode i had to blink twice, nothing near the kind of episode I was counting on. But wow what a tripping twist. When I saw Ryan and Taylor falling down from that ladder, I was I bit agitated, of course they wouldn't dare killing of both Ryan and Taylor, after what happened to Marissa and Johnny earlier?? And then they got up a little too fast after the falling, so I was even more confused then. After that things started to get even more confusing. An alternate universe? Hmmm it started to look more and more like a dream. But since when do we see peoples dreams on The O.C.? I was a little surprised by the dreams Ryan had of Taylor earlier, washing his windows and stuff. But this was getting a little out of hand. But I kept on watching, and realized that it was really amusing actually. Although sometimes it was quite confusing which scene took place in the real universe, and the alternate one. Although of course the lives of everyone turned out completely different in the alternate universe, I had to watch the episode another time to fully understand what was going on.
    But anyway, I guess it was a really risky thing to spruce up the episode like that (man, did I just say sprucing? ^^), and it turned out to be really cool. The show just keeps on getting better and better!!
  • This Chrismukkah, Ryan is hanging Christmas lights at the Cohens' house and has a fight with Taylor over her Christmas present for him and they both fall off a ladder, causing them to enter a coma, but they see it as an alternate reality.

    This has to be my favorite Chrismukkah episode ever! It's definately better now that Marissa's not there. The only thing that made her character necessary after the first season was that Ryan and Marissa were so cute together. Ryan and Taylor however are so much better. Taylor's character definately adds something that was needed to the show. Ryan and Taylor weren't really together before this episode (this episode was a major turning point in their relationship) but they definately were after this one. I thought it was hilarious that Julie and Sandy were married in the alternate reality. I want to know how the Cohens' marriage fell apart. I got that Jimmy and Julie's would, but what about the Cohens'? I also liked how they showed that Seth was still in love with Summer but since Ryan wasn't there to help them out (and neither was Marissa; she died in Mexico because Ryan wasn't there to save her), he still watched her from afar. It also showed how much Summer really grew as a person by being with Seth. Definately a great episode!
  • It is time for Chrismukkuh again, and Taylor and Ryan are still on rocky ground, relationship wise. When putting up lights goes awry, they find themselves in an alternate universe, where everything is shockingly different.

    This was probably my favourite episode so far in Season 4. It was cool to see how Ryan changed everything, from Marissa having 3 extra years, to the mismatched couples of Kirsten and Jimmy, and Sandy and Julie, but msot of all, the sad, sad sight of Seth Cohen, the outcast without Ryan. Liked the song by Sia, Paranoid Android, that was featured in this episode. It was a clever plotline and story, with a good ending, as well as the usual one-liners, such as the George Foreman grill from Taylor to Ryan: \"Here\'s your present. Go grill your face.\" lol.
  • The OC. Season 4 Episode 7

    Yep, Christmukkah is always full of surprises.
    After times of tortured pain, the whole grieving era about Marissa has officially finished. It would have been nice if she had shown up at the airport, though; but I'm aware that if this had happened, Ryan would have never come back to the *real* world... maybe the OC writers' choice was the right one. Anyway, it was sad:
    - Ryan's moment at the pier.
    - Julie reading Marissa's letter to the Cohens. In my opinion, Julie's voice can be really touching.

    And it turns out Newport Beach without Chino Kid totally sucks! Okay, I can even accept Jimmy and Kirsten married, but Sandy and Julie together? That was kind of shocking. Summer's dumb phase was funny and creepy at the same time.
    It's reassuring that there is something that does not change, even in a parallel universe:
    1. Julie and Veronica's b!tchiness. :D
    2. Sandy is doomed to bail Ryan out. LOL
    A mysterious point is why in the hell Kaitlin was flying back from Berkeley, since she is (or should be) 15.
  • the best episode ever!

    this episode to me is the best of alls episodes i ever whatch in the oc! is so good to see how much ryan helps the family cohen and de coopers in this 3 years!
    ryan saves marissa in tijuana and gives to her a few more years of life !
    and ryan keeps the cohen family togheter!
    in some parts of the episode when no ones know who is ryan i want to cry jajaja
    is the only episode in all episodes of the oc i want to cry o_o
    is unbelieve the oc is canceled is the best show ever
    fox is so estupid -.-
  • What an interesting take on an alternate universe on The O.C. I loved it:)

    As soon as the episode began with Ryan and Taylor bickering on a ladder while hanging lights...i knew this episode was going to be good. I liked the way the whole thing was structured! So heres to Josh for some great writing. I thought the swapping of the couples was interesting...made me see how differently The O.C would run with Julie and Sandy together. All i can say is \'interesting\'. In an alternate universe without ryan, of course Summer isn\'t going to be with Seth. I guess this episode was here to remind people that if Ryan had never showed up...the bubble of Newport Beach would be somewhat different...okay, maybe ALOT different. Taylor and Ryan\'s dynamics were as always new and funny. It was a really well structured scene when Ryan read the note from Marissa at the lifeguard stand...and then said goodbye. The cover of \"Into Dust\" was unusual but seemed to fit. It was the right thing to signal his return to the \"Normal\" Universe. A great episode of progression and comedy..and one to remember.
  • And a very special moment.

    I think this episode was the most imaginative of the series and, excepting the one where Marissa died, it touched me the most. But it did not in the way that last season finale did, with the almost physical sickness and revulsion associated with the loss of a dear one, but with a more deeper, profound feeling and with an interesting question...
    If that person that you are most found of in this world dies and you have the chance to somehow find that person again in another world and to remain with her, what would you do? Would you leave this world or would you leave that person forever?
    I don’t think I can answer that question, but what can I say is that such a moment, regardless of the decision, would be something truly powerful, painful, tragic and in all the meanings of the expression, out of this world. The intensity of that moment in the airport, when Ryan walks to Marissa only to discover Kaitlin instead and the fact that Marissa died three years ago and even in alt-world he has lost her forever left me absolutely speechless. The part was superbly played by Ben and the moment makes you to feel incredible sorry, watching his pain that makes him not even remember his name. I don’t recall seeing ever a more intense anticipation and then disillusionment and there are few situations in actual life that can produce those feelings.

    What can I say, this episode was funny, interesting, different and deserves alone to be appreciated. But that scene that begins with Kirsten finding the letter and realizing why Ryan is not coming back and then with Ryan finding Kaitlin will remain with me forever. And that cover from paranoid android...Congratulations to the writers for what I believe it’s the most well thought episode of the series and for the way they decided to break up with the past and let Ryan move on with his life. And, in the same time, to let us see that Marissa was predestined to end up tragically and that Ryan, and us, should be grateful to have had her alive for 3 more years.
  • Who doesn\'t like an alternate universe?

    I, for one, have always been a sucker for an alternate universe episode. That 70\'s Show, Enterprise, you name it. It\'s that whole \"It\'s a Wonderful Life\" thing that I fall for every single time. This episode was also the yearly Chrismukkah episode. You can\'t say no to the spirit of Chrismukkah. And I have to say this year\'s show was much better then the syrupy one that aired last year. I was also very glad that the producers didn\'t punk out and try to put Marissa in the show some how. I think the writer\'s a pretty good job at changing the parallel world while still keeping to the O.C. series. All in all, a fun Christmas episode.
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