The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 7

The Chrismukk-huh?

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 14, 2006 on FOX

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  • Another Christmukkah with the Cohens!

    In the first Christmukkah, we were all introduced to Seth's "favorite" holiday. In season 2, Summer concucted a plan to save Christmukkah for Lindsay. In season 3, well who can remember..

    This year, a whole new approach as Ryan and Taylor find themselves in a parallel universe where nothing is right. Sandy, mayor of Newport, is married to Julie. Kirsten, CEO of the Newport Group, is married to Jimmy .. and Seth is his old geeky self, longing for Summer's love.

    In order to come out of their comas, they must each complete the unthinkable and reunite the Cohens!

    Great episode, very original, only wish it was 2 hour long :)

    Yay for Chrismuhhah! Truthfully, I was expecting this episode to be really corny and lame. But was I ever wrong! Wow…I’d say this is the best Chrismukkah episode yet! The “alt universe” was completely hilarious. Summer and Holly? I almost peed myself laughing! (and ya know…Che doesn’t look half bad as a prep :D) It was really nice to see Jimmy, even though his life was kinda messed up. But I guess that’s nothing new for him. I have to say that I’m happy Marissa wasn’t in this episode. It just wouldn’t have been the same. Ryan reading the letter, on the lifeguard shelter, with the same song playing that played in the alley in TJ…*tear* Even though he doesn’t remember it, it was a beautiful scene.

    So Ryan saved the Cohen’s, huh? Who’da thunk it? I suppose it was another Chrismukkah miracle!
  • Chrismukkah! They did it again!

    Chrismukkah is here again and another gerat episode. I have to say that i was a bit sceptical about doing this episode. It is so hard to do a great job on an episode where it's like a dream like sequence. One Tree Hill did it last week and it was terrible. But The OC did it and it was amazing! OC does it better everytime, like it should be. Anyways. It was an amazing episode and i was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I hated when commercials came on and couldn't wait until the show was back on. I never felt like that since season 1. I believe that this truly was the best chrismukkah episode they ever did. It was exciting, dramatic, but with a sense of lightness to it. Taylor again cracked me up with every scene she did. Great job! Keep up the good work! Can't wait until next week. :)
  • Zzzzzzzz

    I love this show but this episode was one of the worst I've ever seen. A definite yawner. I can't believe I stayed awake while watching it. I don't know what's wrong with the tv shows lately but they are strong on the lemon episodes. It looks like a 10 year old kid wrote it. The guys that usually write it surely lost a bet or something because that was terrible. Simply not an interesting story, nothing is moving forward. Everybody was on a break while filming that show. I'll keep watching but I hope it gets back to what it used to be or else I think they're digging their own grave.
  • A satisfying end to the Marissa saga. Though disappointed she wasn\'t there.

    This was a good, if unspectacular episode. Definately a memorable Chrismukkah episode, though there have been only 4. I will say it again and again, but Taylor is definately the star of the show as of now. I absolutely love watching her character grow, as she is no longer the one-dimensional, annoying character from season 3.

    I enjoyed seeing the old seth, as he was always a character we could sympathize with, and was always good for a laugh.

    I have to say though, Ryan\'s rather stone-cold attitude towards Taylor bothered me a litte. He also remained somewhat emotionless throughout the more dramatic scenes. If that was intentional, then kudos to him, but those scenes just felt kind of empty.

    Alt-Summer was also just fricken annoying. I guess that could also be a compliment to the writers, since it was painful to see Summer take a step back after seeing her character develop so well over the years. And Kirsten does not make a convincing 'ice-queen'.

    If I remember correctly, I saw Marissa in a trailer for this episode, yet she is nowhere to be found. I thought it would have been great to have her here to drive some emotion out of Ryan, but what was done with her story was done very well without her.

    The OC is great again, and I cannot wait to see more.
  • Sad...I miss Marissa :( Apart from that, this episode was HILARIOUS. Sandy and JULIE?! Not to mention "ghetto Summer"!

    This episode had everyone all hyped up about if Marissa would make an appearance. I have to admit, I was shocked and excited (in a good way) when I saw the trailer. Imagine my disappointment when it was just KAITLIN. I don't think this episode gave enough closure for Ryan, he DID read Marissa's letter, but didn't really do much else. Although the lifeguard's station part really choked me up.

    I love the other parts of this episode (except the Ryan/Taylor romance---no comment.), it was so fun to see them all acting completely different..well except Julie, she was always a slut, haha.

    Anyway, this episode was a bit disappointing and a tad depressing, but all in all it was a great episode and I'm glad I recorded it so I can watch it all over again!
  • What an alternate reality huh?

    I can be the first one to tell you that this episode was really good. I've been a little dissapointed with the show to date, I don't know. Not so much I miss Marissa, but I think with the whole Summer hippieness. But last night's episode was so funny and good. I think I'm getting used to Taylor and Ryan, Seth and Summer so belong together and the whole alternate univers was very twisty, but extremely funny. Hopefully they'll be more episodes like this in the future, and if so I can't wait. I'm so excited about newt week. :)
  • While Ryan and Taylor are having a little discussion almost on the roof of the pool house, the ladder falls, and both of them too. Conculsions are drawn in this episode, and we can see what would have been of Newport if Ryan hadn't ever arrived.

    In this episode Ryan and Taylor get hurt and in a cliche kind of way they get into a dream that turns out to be special. They travel to a present day in which things are pretty messed up, for example Julie and Sandy are married. Taylor realizes that they are in a paralel world in which they have to figure out their mission in order to go back to reality. So, together they try to get the Cohen's family back to how they belong, Sandy with Kirsten and Seth with Summer. In this attempt Taylor confronts her mother, and Ryan has a surprising revelation about Marissa which, once awake, is positive and removes guilt.
  • Excellent episode

    At first after they fell from the ladder I was thinking WTH is going on but then realized that what they were doing was pretty good. I was really really really hoping I was going to see Mischa in the episode tonight but sadly that didn't happen. Clever what they did though with many recaps from the past. It was well written and quite humorous. Taylor annoys the hell out of me but it's just her character, Autumn is hot. The only thing about it that I don't think really fit together was Ryan didn't have to get the family together he just had to get over Marissa and that's all that mattered. I also was hoping he'd wake up and see the letter by the hospital bed then just rip it up without even reading it, although you really have to ask yourself, did he even ever really read it. He put it in his pocket then fell off the ladder but read it in his dream scape. He wouldn't have actually read it or even had it in the alternate world. So that part wasn't well thought out, but the overall message was quite clear and hopefully everything is resolved and he just gets on with dating Taylor.
  • The title says it all.

    In the world of television, the OC's Chrismukkah episode has always been a season classic. Chrismukkah is something that makes the OC special; & something that keeps old fans coming back. Ever since I started watching the OC, the Christmukkah episodes were always a big deal. Naturally, I thought this episode would live up to all the Christmukkah hype; I was terribly mistaken. What would happen in a world where Ryan never came to the OC? This was the question that the teaser used to allure us & it would worked. If only that excitment went beyond the previews. From the previews you'd really expect something more; maybe more magic or excitment; this episode had neither. Watching this episode was like sitting through the episode where Marissa died, only worse. As Ryan falls off the ladder onto the ground, we expect something big and exciting to happen. That something does happen; Ryan and Taylor both end up in the hospital in a sort of coma. Then we get a taste of their dream world; or in OC lingo, the alternate reality. Basically, the whole alternate reality situation was a farse. Having watched One Tree Hill's similiar themed episode I expected something more. Once again, this episode didn't deliver. Everything about the dream world seemed totally fake & even when we were in the "real OC" the writers did a really poor job of representing it. A big reason why I watched this episode was because it's Chrismukkah; & because I thought Marrisa would return. In both regards, The OC disappointed. Compared to other Chrismukkah episodes, this episode failed to show the true Chrismukkah spirit. Aside from a surprisingly touching ending that was better than the episode itself, <i>The Chrismukk-huh?</i> was a waste of time.
  • Things are turned on their heads in during Chrismukkah this year as Ryan finds out what his signifance really is in Newport Beach.

    i posted this on the official board, so i might as well post it here:

    I thought tonights episode of The O.C. was the best Chrismakkuh episode EVER! The major point of this episode was for Ryan to get the closure that he needed to move on in his life. In every previous episode this season you can see him moving on little by little (with being able to let go of his revenge with Volchok, talking to Julie about Marissa, realizing that he liked Taylor, among other things), but he was still VERY resistant to Taylor, and rightfully so. The relationship that Ryan and Marissa had was very special; they were soulmates, each others one true loves. They fit into each other, and they both saved each other from themselves. Obviously, in the end her love for Ryan was not enough to keep her alive.

    With this \"alt. universe-its-a-wonderful-life\" episode of the O.C. we come to learn that because of Ryan, the Cohen household broke up, Seth never learned any sort of social skills, Summer remained the drunken ditz she was when we first met in the pilot, Holly took the place as Summer\'s best friend (i think i speak for everyone when i say that i\'d rather have Taylor in Summer\'s life than Holly anyday...), Sandy actually became Caleb in every way possible, Kirsten remaind a drunk, and most importantly, Marissa died before she was supposed to. I think the fact that Marissa lived three years longer BECAUSE Ryan came into her life is the most powerful thing that ever struck the O.C.. It\'s alot to think about, that your life and your love kept someone else alive...which is the closure and the conclusion that Ryan had to come to terms with.

    I thought the episode was beautifully done, if at times confusing, the overall message was a fantastic one. It made me incredibly sad, but i think that i finally have some sort of closure and perspective on Marissa\'s death. I was very much a R/M, Marissa fan so her death was very hard for me, but this season has been exquisite so far, and this episode was a great bookend to Marissa\'s storyline, and R/M storyline.

    I loved the R/Julie moment at the end. I especially like that Taylor got out of Ryan\'s way when he wanted to go to the airport, it shows her being a self-less, and that she does care about Ryan and she knows he had to do what he had to do. She understands the whole power of the R/M relationship...but now it\'s time for Ryan to move on. It was hard to see what Marissa dying in TJ would have done to everyone. It just shows the POWER that Marissa\'s character had. Josh knows that her character was a big one, he\'s said that in his most recent interview, and i applaud him for properly bookending her character CORRECTLY!

    I miss Marissa, but i love the O.C. too much to let that get in the way of this fantastic season.


    P.S., did anyone else really enjoy seeing Holly and Jimmy??? I was ecstatic!! it was very season one!!!
  • really excellent episode. I loved it! gonna watch it again :)

    This episode was great, I'm anxious to see the next one.
    Ryan plays a good part.
    Unfortunately Marissa didn't appear, she could appear, it makes this episode even better...
    The series need an episode like this, and like the previous episode, to get people to watch The O.C. again, because it was starting to get boring, but now, with Ryan and Taylor, it's a new romance, and the episodes are very funny and very well written. I think the series is on a turning point, were it's leaving the sad point (because Marissa) to a very funny and fresh story, it's all we need :)
    Until next episode... see ya
  • Adventurous, and slightly wacky. An episode tributed to Marissa!

    Well this was definitely a really different episode from what we are used to seeing on tv. The episode focused on lots of different issues but the main one was that Ryan got over Marissas death and realised that he can now go out with Taylor.

    The writers definitely took a risk for this episode and its hard to know if it payed off. The Dream Sequence idea gave them the ability to focus on lots of different storylines, Ryan and the loss of Marissa, Taylor and her Mum, Summer actually being funny again, Che and his thong dillemma. I laughed so much when Taylor started to talk aout the George Foreman Grill and how it compared to Ryan and also the really funny scene when Dream Seth and Dream Summer were talking about The Valley and Captain Oats.

    The drama was really good, superb acting by everyone involved especially Ben Mckenzie and Chris Pratt (who was so so funny with Julie). Peter Gallagher was really good as the Mayor and how with the help of Ryan he turned back to the original Snady that we have comed to love. Kelly was really good at upping her characters tempo and playing more of an angry Kirsten. And of course Taylor, who once again mostly everything she said was funny (her reaction to boy Taylor in the dream sequence was priceless).

    The only thing that kind of bugged me throughout the whole thing was the fact that Ryan and Taylor were in the same dream together when they have different minds. When you are in a coma you shouldn't really be sharing your dreams with other people. The dreams should really be your own since you are kind of stuck in your own mind. It kind of felt a bit B Grade Sci Fi here.

    But apart from that, the episode was really really good and im really happy to see that Ryans over Marissa and can focus all his time on Taylor. Let the good times roll!
  • Adventurous and excellent, this episode proved how Ryan puts the "O" in the "O.C."

    I remember when I first started this show in the wee hours of Season 1, I wondered how life would have differed for all the character if Ryan had never been adopted by the Cohens. A few seasons later, this episode brough the answer. Years later, we learn what life in beautiful Newport Beach would have been like if Ryan Atwood had never set foot in the rich town. Ryan and Taylor enter this alternate reality together and realize just how crazy things are: Kirsten is divorced from Sandy and married Jimmy; Marissa ODed on painkillers in TJ; Kaitlin goes to Berkely; Seth is a true outcast; Summer is engaged to Che, who is having an affiar with both Holly and Julie; Julie and Sandy are married; and Taylor is a boy!

    It is almost as if all the characters are stuck in the first season. "Into Dust" still plays slowly in the background and the "California" theme song is still in the credits, only to a different tune. The only reason why I gave this episode a 9.6/10 is because the ending is a little poor with Ryan and Taylor just saying "Yeah, I don't remember what my dream was about. Oh well" and then celebrating Chrismukkah in the hospital. Definitely the best Chrismukka episode ever!
  • \'Silly\' - but for me it worked. Very unusal but i have to say the point of it was just what oc fans wanted.

    A very strange episode for the oc and althu i loved it i think semi oc fans wuld think its far-fetched. Ryan gettin over Marrisa is the whole point of the episode but this was his goodbye to her and it was his way of discovering the oc \'needed\' him more than he every imagined, interesting to see how ryan acts after this bcos he has always actd in a way that he gets in the way of everybody and now he cannot do that, a gd episode i reli enjoyed it
  • Christmakah-huh

    This was a wonderful episode that was clever, cute, healing, heart-warming, and provided closure for us fans and the characters! Very different and "light" for a change!!! The combination of Wizard of Oz and A Christmas Carol were super. THank you for this uplifting episode----Great JOB! This expanded your already talented actors and actresses horizons in acting and gave them the opportunity to have even more fun with the show!

    One of the best episodes ever. I'm glad to see the show getting back on its feet and walking again. I have to admit season 3 was a bit boring, but now... everything is fresh.
    This episode in particular was a special one. For all those that think that this is not a special Chrismukkah episode, I only have 2 words: Frank Capra. I mean c’mon, what can be more special than an “OC” – “It’s a wonderful life” combination for Christmas? I think it was very clever written and not only we get a bonus with this “wonderful” story, but also Ryan finally gets his closure with Marissa.
    I’m glad they didn’t push the characters and the story of the series and just let them grief in peace. It makes the characters more believable and the healing process more natural.
    In short, great episode and great start for season 4. Keep it going.
  • WOW! for a christmas episode this one tops them all.

    To the guy who said this show was bogus because it had a "alternate universe" and boring because of it. The idea was original. And I never appreciated Ben MacKenzie as an actor than after watching this episode. This show closed off all of the loose strings that had been there since last season ended with Marissa dying. The undertone sadness this episode had, due to it's homage to Marissa Cooper was in due part because Josh wanted to show people what this season will be about. As much as I hated watching Mischa leave, she had to do it. The show had become boring and unexciting, same ideas over and over. This episode is so remniscent of the 1st season. Jokes were there, happiness, sadness, the type of drama that made this show great in the first place. The show was about ryan to begin with, and it's getting back there. The "alternate universe" showed that Ryan saved Newport and not the other way around as he had assumed it to be. When he was at the airport, thinking he could see Marissa once more and to realize she OD'd in TJ 3 years ago, summed up what he means to this show. If it wasn't for him then there wouldn't be these characters that we have grown so fondly of over the years.
  • Watching this episode requires a large suspension of disbelief, but via good use of an age-old plot mechanic it makes a vital transition to a different synergy, and it's very interesting to see how the show gets there.

    Once again it's a heady mix of romance/comedy/popcult/ lust, but this time it's (mostly) set in an 'alternate universe.' The reasons for this are very transparent, but there is genuine gusto with which this world is created, and even if it is jarring sci-fi, the plot is based in successful emotional reality.

    It's also a testament to the actors that they can play parallel characters that manage to walk the line that finds distinction but not glaring disparity. Traits we've seen before in these characters are allowed to dominate, casting them in a different light rather than completely remoulding them, it's a lot of fun to watch.

    They certainly can't do this every week, but I'm glad they did. Watch it.
  • Ryan & Taylor spend the day in a parallel universe...

    After watching the One Tree Hill \\\"flashback Christmas episode\\\" I was a little concerned by the previews showing this episode as a parallel reality/dream sequence. It was much better than expected. I hate those episodes that are all \\\'flashback\\\' and recap, but despite being a dream sequence it still advanced the plot. I like Ryan & Taylor being in the alternate reality together and I love that they made Taylor a boy. I love that Seth was all about Ryan\\\'s \\\"I\\\'m from a parallel reality\\\" speech and didn\\\'t question it. I really enjoyed Che\\\'s alt. reality character and give a lot of credit to the writers for incorporating so many story lines and characters into the what-if sequence. It was also a really great way to have them say goodbye to Marissa finally and deal with that. I\\\'m really glad they didn\\\'t have Marissa alive in the \\\'what if Ryan didn\\\'t come to Newport\\\' sequences - it\\\'s much better for have him giving Marissa a few more years rather than thinking that everyone would have been better off without him.
    Well done.
  • This was great!

    Taylor came over to give Ryan a Christmas Present and she climbs up on the ladder to give it to him. *He is hanging Christmas lights* and they end up falling, which knocks them both into a coma. Only the two of them do not know this, because they are in an parallel universe where Taylor is really a boy, and Ryan never existed in the Cohens life.
    Sandy and Kirsten are divorced, and Sandy is married to Julie( and he is the Mayor, not a lawyer) and Kirsten is married to Marissa\'s dad-Julie\'s Ex.

    Since, Ryan never existed to the Cohens in this parellel universe, Che (Chester) was able to take Ryans spot at Harbor, and he and Summer ended up getting together and eventually getting engaged.

    Marissa, however ended up still dying, but only three years earlier (In Tijuana, when the show first came on, Marissa, Luke, Summer, Seth and Ryan all went to Tijuana and Marissa Overdosed with Pills and alcohol and Ryan saved her..only in the parellel universe, since Ryan never existed, he was not there to Save her, so she ended up dying. ) Kaitlyn, however became a teenage protegy type, and ended up graduating early and going to Berkley. Taylor and Ryan are in this parallel universe and they are trying to make things right, they try to get Summer and Seth together, so Ryan exlpains to Seth what happened and I guess he beleives him.

    Taylor finally tells her mother what she thinks of her, after she sees her mother telling the \"boy\" version of taylor, not to eat to much, because she/he will get fat. After this, Taylor feels herself being pulled away from the Parallel universe and she tells Ryan to make sure Kirsten and Sandy and Summer and Seth end up together.

    Ryan pulls out a card from his pocket, that is from Marissa and he goes to the beach to the Lifeguard box where he and Marissa use to go and sit and talk, and he reads the card, then he sets it down and walks away as we see the card dissapear.

    IN THE REAL WORLD, we see Ryan and Taylor in a hospital room with The Cohens and Julie all around, and they had send Julie to get Taylors mom, who threatened Taylors mom saying if she didnt go to see her daughter at the hospital she would tell security that she had a bomb, so they all head to the hospital as Taylor wakes up and she goes to Ryan and tells Ryan to COME back to her.

    Ryan finally comes back, and they all are very happy.

    Then the previews roll for next weeks episode!!
  • I just simply loved this episode.

    At first it kind of freaked me out an alt-world where Taylor and Ryan would be together to solve what was wrong there. But when I watched, I realized what a great idea to finish Ryan and Marissa history and let him free to move on.

    The whole alt-world was so funny. Taylor is a man there, and Summer a mindless bimbo, priceless to see again. That made me stops complaining about the new Summer and realizes that she has grown up so much since S1 that made me glad to see how she is now. The Julie and Sandy thing was funny, bur her affair with Che was awesome. Plus, it was great to see Jimmy and Holly back. And Kirsten as the ice queen was touching because I remembered of The Avangers when she said that she was like this. But the most touching and beautiful thing about this episode it’s definitely the whole Marissa thing. How great was they put this strong connection between them besides love, that Ryan gave her 3 more years of live? This is so strong, so powerful, that made me speechless. I loved the death in TJ, it was so touching. A great episode for an Awesome Season. And please, don’t even compare it with the OTH one. The OC it’s not the first series to remake the plot of “It’s a wonderful Live”.
    And by the way, it was a thousand times better than the tree hill one.
  • taylor and ryan fall off the cohens roof and become stuck in a different world and must help the world before they can return

    what a great episode!!! one of the best since the show started.... at the begining i couldn\'t understand what was happening but once they showed taylor and ryan in the hospital i got what was happening...

    this episode showed what would of happened if the cohens hadn\'t met ryan. such as...
    sandy is married to julie ( weired cos she is just a man eater)
    kirsten is married to jimmy.
    so that means that kirsten and sandy divorced.
    Kaitlyn, ended up graduating early and going to Berkley.
    taylor ended up standing up to her mother and calling her a b*t*h
    and the thing ryan needed to do was say goodbye to marissa. marissa died in Tijuana from an over dose ( this happened in season 1 but as ryan isn\'t around he wasn\'t there to save her)...
    cant wait till next week!!!
  • Alternative world how awesome.

    this episode was one of my favourites for the season. It was a little weird seeing everyone if Ryan had not shown up. But it was cool as well. Che was hilarious with Julie and the thong thing.Sandy and Julie married never expected that to happen. Seth returning to his dorky character and summer the crazy party girl we saw in season 1. it was good to see jimmy even if he was only in the alternative world and holly as well.
    I liked the ending to the show where ryan is at the watchtower at the beach reading the letter from marissa. And that song was cool to.And it was really good that even though Marissa wasn't in the episode that Ryan knew that he had kept her alive 3 more years than she was meant to have.
  • Chrismukkah once again returns to the Cohens!

    It’s Christmukkah and Kirsten asks Ryan if he wants to invite someone for dinner. Immediately Ryan remarks that he got that someone is clearly a subtle way for meaning Taylor. Kirsten says she's not saying that Taylor have to come, but only that she's welcome. In the end, Ryan tells Kirsten he’ll ask to Taylor. Once alone in the kitchen, Ryan finds a letter for him. From Marissa Cooper.
    Meanwhile, Kaitlin and Julie are heading for Riverside, or better the ghetto as Kaitlin points out. They ask Taylor if she wants to go with them but she doesn’t accept: she’s sure Ryan will invite her to the Cohens. Unfortunately Ryan doesn’t have the same idea. Taylor is hurt and follows Ryan upstairs, where they end up arguing and falling down the ladder. As soon as Ryan comes back to his pool house, he finds a stylish gym. In that moment Mrs. Cohen shows up. Kirsten IQ- Ice Queen - doesn’t seem to know who he is and she warns him not to wander around her house. Then, Ryan sees that Julie is up to help Newport Beach’s poor people. That’s actually a shocker. Always more confused, Ryan drops by Seth’s comic book shop and Seth is definitely as geek as he used to be when Sandy rescued Ryan from prison. Ryan can’t believe that even Seth doesn’t recognize who he is, and goes looking for Sandy, who, by the way, looks like Caleb 2 the revenge. Anyway, Sandy is the mayor of Newport, and he doesn’t seem interested in listening to the kid. Yep, this is Newport Beach without Chino Kid. The next scene is set at the hospital. Ryan and Taylor are lying asleep. Summer, Seth and Sandy comes over and Kirsten informs them that the doctor said that’s not a big deal but they’ve to wait until they wake up.

    Taylor and Ryan meet and they end up admitting “We’re in a parallel universe”. Taylor is positive they’re there in order to fix something happened in their past. Anyway, in that moment, they see Summer (dumb but fashion like she used to be when Ryan showed up in Newport Beach). Then, Che shows up and it turns out Summer and Che are about to marry. Taylor has a plan: to get Summer and Seth back together.

    Back to the hospital, Taylor and Ryan have not woken up yet but Sandy comes up with an idea: to bring Christmukkah in there.

    While Ryan is trying to catch up with Seth, he finds out Kirsten and Jimmy are married. At the same time, Taylor follows Che and it turns out Che and Julie are having an affair, even though Julie is married to Sandy. Actually Taylor finds out something else: Miss Cooper is coming back from Berkeley at three o’clock. As soon as Taylor informs Ryan about this, he tells her he wants to be let out of this. Taylor gets it: Since Marissa is alive, you don’t want to go back.

    Back to the real world, Summer fills Kaitlin and Julie in on what’s going on and they go looking for Taylor’s mom. Kaitlin doesn’t seem that sad that he whole Riverside trip is canceled. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Kirsten looks worried since she found Marissa’s letter which Ryan found before.

    It’s three o’clock. Ryan looks for Marissa at the airport but she is not there. Another Cooper girl shows up, though. Kaitlin. Who let Ryan know Marissa died three years ago, during her trip to TJ.

    Meanwhile, Kaitlin and Julie make it to reach Taylor’s mom, who is about to catch a plane. Veronica doesn’t seem eager to lose her plane but Julie remarks: I will tell to security you have a bomb.

    Christmas party. Taylor and Ryan make meet Summer and Seth and, then, Kirsten and Sandy. In the meantime, Taylor sees her mother. It turns out, in this parallel universe, Taylor is a boy. Anyway, as Taylor points out, something hasn’t changed: My mom is still a b!tch and she stands up to her, claiming she can’t treat neither her nor Taylor 2 like that.

    Jimmy lets Sandy and Summer know he found Julie and Che making out. Awkward situation. Unfortunately Taylor comes back to the real world, leaving Ryan to deal with the whole thing. At this point, Ryan claims the couples that are meant to be (Summer and Seth, Kirsten and Sandy) and, in the end, he’s kicked out of the party by Julie.

    Julie and Veronica are finally at the hospital. As soon as Veronica sees Taylor walking, she’s not that enthusiastic she missed the plane. Taylor assures her she can catch the last plane, and Veronica leaves without turning her back. Kirsten and Julie have sympathetic faces but Taylor claims she’s fine. Then, Kirsten gives something to Julie. The letter. Marissa wrote it to Ryan when she was about to leave after graduation day. “She had to leave Newport. It was the only way they could get on with their life. She loved him but she had to say goodbye”.

    Ryan ended up in prison but Sandy bails him out. He is positive what Ryan did say actually made sense. Sandy asks him he wanted to come over for dinner but he doesn’t accept. Actually he heads for the pier, where he and Marissa used to meet up, before or after their DI - drama issues. Ryan sits there and read Marissa’s letter and “Into dust” - by Ashtar Command - is playing in the background. Then he walks away. In the real world, it stops raining and Ryan wakes up. Taylor is next to him, and Ryan tells Taylor he;s happy that she's there..

  • Sad episode for all marissa fans

    I sort of liked this episode, however I wish they showed Marissa. It was nice to know that Ryan gave Marissa 3 more years, however Ryan and Marissa were such a good couple. I do like Taylor, but she is annoying at times. This season is quite good, I enjoy it, but once again Marissa absence is felt, at least for me.(Taylor is good, but cannot replace her)
  • S4E07

    I don't understand that yelling about Marrissa in reviews. Everybody is overlooking Taylor in this episode. She did one thing that was extremely strong. She told Ryan that he Has to go to the airport. Taylor is doing this all the time, She always prefer others instead of herself. This whole 4th season is perfect just because of Taylor. She is complete opposite of Marrissa, and that is why she is much better for Ryan. Marrissa was always just "poor" rich girl that always needed help from Ryan. She was never happy with him, always when they were together she did something that killed their relationship - stealing and drinking during 1st chrissmukach, whole Oliver thing, where she didn't trust him are just little examples. I think that Ryan and Taylor are just perfect for each other because opposites attract. Back to this Episode, one of most funny part for me was when Ryan explained to Seth that he is from parallel universe. His reaction was perfect - like he was waiting for this whole life,that this will happen someday...

    So far every episode this season was better than episode week ago. Hope that this will continue and The OC will end with big bang, to show everybody how good this show is. I'm big fan of this show, but i know that FOX will not order new episodes and it will end with 16. They did that before to many shows, i cant forgive them what they did to Firefly for example. Chances for 5th season are almost 0, so at least Enoy The Show While You Still Can!
  • The best Chrismukk-Huh ever!

    A very special episode of Chrismukk-Huh. It´s one of the best of the season for me,and it´s based in what would happened if Ryan and Taylor didn´t exist. It´s like a kind of flaskback episode, where everybody pretend to be someone that it´s not.Julie is married with Sandy. Kirsten is with Jimmy, Summer is engaged to the freaky guy of the university, and the most important...... Marissa is still dead- curious right?- I like when Ryan find out it, in this alternately universe that Marissa is dead because in one way he wasn´t there, I mean, she dead in Tijuana, and if you all remember that was the day he saves her.

    So, at least I enjoy watching The OC again, with new episodes that change the way that is taking the show. Good episode.
  • A different kind of episode for the OC. Ryan and Taylor are in an alternate world and they have to fix things so that they can wake up.

    This was a refreshing change, instead of having the typical Christmakkuh episode, everyone getting together, something happening the end, it was completely different. Ryan and Taylor have a minor disagreement and fall of the ladder and end up in the hospital. Neither one of them will wake up and they are both dreaming about the same thing. This episode was pretty entertaining, as every character was linked to someone that they were totally wrong for. I do not like that Che character, I know he was in this episode because he was supposed to marry Summer but he\'s just an annoying character all around. I think it is time that they get rid of him. Ryan and Taylor are funny to watch because Taylor makes everything so awkward. It is nice to see some humor in the show again, I thought when Seth was freaking out and saying that nobody liked him was pretty funny. It was also nice to see Jimmy again in this episode.
  • Ryan and Taylor fall down from a roof when hanging the christmas lights coming into a world where Ryan never came...

    I think this is one of the best episodes of the o.c. because it's something completly different and weel I loved that ryan finally got to move on from Marissa. but what where they thinking Julie & Sandy I whas laughing OMG. the only thing I didin\'t like whas when Veronica & Taylor met at the hospital and she just hugged her and said if you hurry you can get another flight, I hoped for some action from Taylor because whe also saw that in the \"other world\". I hope the O.c will go on with episode\'s as good as these that must get more viewers.
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