The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 10

The Chrismukkah Bar Mitz-vahkkah

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 15, 2005 on FOX

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  • Can you blame him?

    Mischa Barton, say what you want about her, is simply a beautiful young woman. There are several scenes, especially one where she's sitting in the diner across from Johnny, in which this is clearly evident. Her hair ,her eyes, her nose, her lips are perfection. Can you blame any guy, including the oft-criticized Johnny, for falling in love with her? Her portrayal of Marissa Cooper has in many places been labeled the weak link in the OC cast, but I believe she does a fine job in this episode and in many others, particularly in Season 3.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show the oc its that time of year again in the cohen house chrismaka and this time of year is diffrent after johenys accident he needs money for the surgery and so marrisa and the others decide to help him and have ryan get a barmitsfa to help raise mone but sandy and kirsten argree and ryan is getting ready and studing and but then he sees how joney is getting close to marrisa so he decideds to back out but thne ends up going through with it and its a great time and it was a very interesting ep
  • Johnny once again gets himself into trouble and its christmacuh!

    This episode would have been alot better if Johnny was gone. His character now just really annoys me and i'm so annoyed that there now all "friends". I doubt that will be for long knowing Ryan. Over then johnnys part in this episode it was a good episode. I can't wait for him to get off the show and i hope its nasty!!!! Sorry if that sounds abit crazy, his character is just annoying!!
  • Drama queens.

    After The O.C. was followed up by a string of excellent, sensational, and absolutely hilarious episodes, it gives us this dud. Although the same witty writing is here, the creativeness took a dip, the humour went away on vacation again, and worst of all, there is a huge focus on the two drama queens of the show in Johnny and Marissa. You'd think that after the first two guys, Marissa would have learned her lesson about being too close to guys, but nope, she runs straight into a trap. Most of the episode clamps down on the theme of Johnny's pride, and the concept isn't just executed well at all. Seeing him suddenly get a gun and try to rob a liquor store, felt like all the events leading up to that one was just, meh.
  • Such a huge disappointment from last Chrismukkah!

    Such a huge disappointment from last Chrismukkah! I mean I haven't minded Johnny in the other episodes before this, but a whole episode based around this boring boy? Not a very good one! Sure Ryan getting a Bar-Mitzah(Vahh) is exciting but not when it is simply for Johnny, but I must admit Seth Cohen returned to his old ways while entertaining the crowd in this episode whih was a relief from his recent "boring" ways, but overall: an awful chrismukkah, an awful episode, an average Season 3 episode! 8.1 simply for Seth's awesomely dorky ways, 7.9 otherwise!
  • The OC. Episode 10

    It was Ryan’s turn to save Chrismukkah. Yep, Chino Kid became a man, or better a “mensch”. By the way, as soon as Ryan realized that Seth wanted him to get Bar Mitzvah’ed, his face was definitely remarkable. LOL

    This is really a misterious point: how could Johnny believe to get money for surgery in that little and cheap gas station? And he didn’t even wear a mask. Geez.

    Julie’s wild trailer-life is pretty shocking. I mean, Mrs. Cooper Nichol in wife beater spitting Skoal into a can? Weird.
    Ryan has to face it: Sandy’s pep talks never miss the mark. :)
    It was very sweet the way Summer spoked about her biological mother.

    Seth’s lonely Bar Mitzvah tape was a little grotesque but also funny. At least he got even during Ryan’s Bar Mitzvah.
    Anyway, the controversial relationship between Summer’s father and Seth is totally hilarious.

    I guess this episode had such a perfect happy ending (even though Johnny milling around was clearly a creepy image). It’s Christmas, everyone gets on well with the others, even Julie Cooper and Ryan. Definitely a Chrismukkah Bar Mitz-vahkkah's miracle! :D
  • my least favorite of all oc episodes. i\'m still giving it an 8.

    okay. nothing at all happened. just everyone trying to help johnny while he complains and tries to rob a gas station...without even putting on a mask. it was way out of character and totally pointless. the only good part of this episode was summer talking about her mom. other than that, there was nothing that excited me in the least. i give it an 8 because it was okay the first time i saw it but i don\'t think i\'ll ever watch it again.
  • Absoulutely brilliant.

    I love the bit where Dr Roberts and Julie are discussing and comparing how bad their lives are. It's a good laugh. Not too sure about the massive long swaying line at the end but I suppose its traditional. Doesn't explain why it wasn't a circle though.

    Seth is now up there with Summer on the whole saving Christmukka scale, he deserves to be applauded. You would have thought Jonny would have said thanxs though.
  • Ryan having a bar-mitzvah?? Woahh baby..and once again another crazy boy who loves Marissa.

    I think this episode was great. What a nice idea from seth, trying to get Ryan to have a bar-mitzvah to save Johnny. BUT WAIT! Johnny wont accept? I think hes crazy, this is his chance to get the money needs so that he can surf again! Oh yea and the whole part with Ryan seeing Johnny and Marissa together! That sucked because i think we all want Ryan to be with Marissa...but only if he knew she was just comforting Johnny while he was having a break down. ONCE AGAIN another boy who's starting to go a little crazy in the head and is in love with Marissa. (any one remember oliver?)
  • The third Chrismukkah episode of The O.C. In Season 1, Marissa got drunk and we were introduced to the holiday. Last year, Caleb got slapped on both cheeks for having an illegitimate daughter. This year, Ryan has a Bar Mitzvah!

    I was excited to hear about the third annual Chrismukkah episode of The O.C. The episode title was so funny! It was great to see Summer and her dad and more information on Summer's biological mom... could she return?? Hopefully.

    However after I watched it, I was disappointed. Definitely the weakest Chrismukkah episode. They need to speed things up with Johnny- they should have an episode where he tells Ryan about his feelings for Marissa.

    I loved Seth's Bar Mitzvah tape and how Summer RSVPd. It was also on the same day as Luke's party. The whole thing where Johnny tried to rob a store was kind of exciting- Ryan saved the day as per usual.

    Future storyline Id like to see: Julie and Mr Roberts! If they got married Summer and Marissa would be step sisters! lol. I loved the ending montage when Thats What Friends Are For was playing.

    Episode Grade: B-.
  • Last chrismukkah brought you a family fued with vase throwing, tears and tantrums this year a botched convenience store robbery and something called a Chrismukkah Bar Mitz-vahkkah, Oi!

    The first season Chrismikkah episode rocked and given last season started out weak with annoying incidental characters at least they brought a little Chrismukkah drama with some heart warming "ahhh it's Christmas time" moments. This seasons incidental character however brings nothing but yawns to the show. Johnny, even saying his name bores me, is feeling sorry for himself so Marissa's playing the good Samaritan and Seth is making it all about him and Ryan is reluctant and brooding for a change but ultimately does the right thing and guides others in the process. Meanwhile Julie is bringing some more trailer trash comedy to the season while Sandy and Kirsten flop around the show like a couple of trout who have found themselves on dry land looking for something to do. The only glimmer of hope was Summer (despite her "well maybe we, well how" "joke" earlier in the episode) who continues to bring her usual charm and a little emotion to an otherwise dull show which by the way had exactly the same Summer and Marrissa stall the crowd while Ryan saves the day premise as when Trey stole the cyrstal egg! And then at the end we're forced to watched them sway and smile in slow motion as what, release from all the drama and tension earlier? Come on season 3, get your act together!
  • seriously johny johny put some weight onto than skinny body of ures b4 u snap in half while ure hugging marissa & everythings been a bit to smoth 4 me bring on the chaos & bitchiness i want more rollercoaster scenarios plus ryan ure hot

    boo hoo wheres the excitement where the bitch fights the alcoholism from marissa the highschool parties why can they all change there minds for a couple off weeks and decide to return to the dark side get in trouble steal a few more cars it seems that ryan has turned into a goody 2 shoes and is denying to the world what he really is a hard mean boy not to be messed with instead all were getting is a boy that wants to keep everyone happy except himself shame on u marissa marissa 2 guys one girl hmm threesome lucky u if only johny was as good looking as ryan id second that yet i am unable to do so.marissa go steal ure mum a nice new big mansion so u can leave summer in peace although like always you\'d get caught u havent drank or a while why dont u let off some steam u lost ure dad, remember he left ure mum hanging at the reception,trey tried to get into ure pants, got kicked out of school, shot him, having bad dreams about it yet u havent had one sip of alcohol good on u u non-alcoholic i thought changing schools 4 u would of opened up ure character more but u still look good happy but i would be to if i had ryan to jump on as for summer and seth cutie and cutie pie u r both so insanely alike its scarey but all the best to you\'s seth u make me laugh without fail although bring on the more controversial sarcasim u have been lacking this 4 quite a while. All and all love the show will keep watching for the sake that time always improves situations
  • Every Chrismukkah episode is a classic! Seth Cohen is brilliant!

    I really enjoyed this episode. I knew in the back of my head that there was something wrong about Johnny, but, I\'m so glad it got resolved! (It was so suspenseful when he grabbed the gun! I thought for sure there would be another Oliver incident! Thankfully there wasn\'t!) I am so excited for the next episode! (though we will have to wait nearly a month!!!! UGH!) Seeing those clips of Kaytlin really caught my attention. She looks SO different! I can\'t wait to see what happens. Chrismukkah rocks and I loved how they incorperated the Bar-Mitzvah in with it! This was an awesome episode!
  • The storyline was boring. Not much tension was there. I was expecting something exciting to happen.

    I am a fan of the O.C. and especially a fan of CHRISTMAKA but this chapter sucked. The storyline was boring. Not much tension was there. I was expecting something exciting to happen like a big fight between Seth and summer's dad. And I was really hoping for someone to get shot. But no, this chapter was gooey and filled with sad moments. It fits all the Christmas specials but not what I like in the CHRISTMAKA episodes. The chapter just felt sad. You felt sorry for all the characters.
    But I have to say that on the plus side a CHRISTMAKA BARMITZVAKA is a great idea for an episode but it wasn't done right.
    But I did love summer's talk with her dad It was well acted
  • omg i love the OC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i absolutly love the OC it is the best tv show ever exept hamish and andy of course but it is stil awsom!! i love adam brody i think he is really hot and i hav only seen 8 episodes and i hav already fell in love with the OC!!!!!!!!!!
  • Bad, Bad, Bad...

    This is Christmas and obviously, The OC is totally missing it. Ok, well, what is the goal of Christmukkah? having fun huh?

    Where is the sexy Summer in Wonder woman, where is the amazing Seth, where is the nasty Caleb and WHERE IS Julie???

    Well, well, well, this episode was a kind of really boring Chritsmas, you know that kind of Christmas "that was almost not", you don't know why you are here and you don't know what to do. Right, this episode was like that, really boring and especially with the awful Johnny who performs like a sea-lion. (Look at his face!!! a sea-lion! really!)

    I am really expecting better and please shoot Johnny!
  • oh my god, someone shoot Johny!

    this season so far has been quite disappointing. and just when i thought that the show could not get anymore worse when they had the stupid johny/marissa/photo scene in chilli's home, they come up with the johny-i-don't-need-anybody's-help-so-i'm-gonna-rob-a-store-without-a-mask plot! gosh, and robbing a store right in town? where do the writers get these ideas from? johny himself is a pissed poor storyline. and not to mention a pissed poor imitation of ryan. ryan donohow (or however u spell his name, i cannot be bothered to check it) cannot act to save his live.

    unlike last season, the guest stars were a thrill to watch. lindsay, alex and sometimes zack were cool. this season? we had charlotte.. which is useless and pointless, chili who is pissed poor imitation of seth but at least he's funny, johny's girlfriend who is a slut but at least she chose a better guy than johny, and the worst of all of them guest stars.... JOHNY!! what is going on? if the storyline is going to suck so bad, the least they could have done for the viewers, is to get someone more handsome/build up/better acting skills/less annoying to play that character.

    however, tossing the stupid johny storyline aside, there were many good moments in this episode. summer was good as usual. the scene when she was with her father talking about her mother abondoning her was very touching and well acted. good job, rachel bilson!

    also, IMHO, the reason sandy told marissa to get into the picture was not because she was ryan's girlfriend but because her mother married caleb which means she is kirsten's step sister. therefore, that makes her more of a family than summer.

    so now, where is the OC going from here? the only possible way is up. because it's now at rock bottom.
  • Sucker for a happy ending.

    with a song and a dance, friends gathering. seth and Mr roberts awkwardness being broken. juile and marrisa finnaly back on track. kirsten and sandy getting a nice fairwell chrismakka with seth and ryan. summer giving seth his moment and ryan becomeing a man and prevent johnny from going down the wrong path.
    it allmost brings a tear to your eye
    this is what the holidays are about. and this what the oc is about
  • Another dissapointing episode, from the very dissapointing season.

    Am I the only one who is dissapointed in the O.C?
    I've been trying to think when was the last time I saw an episode and actually looked forward to the next, and the only one that comes to mind is the second season finale. Now that's a classic.
    This whole season has been very mediocre; it seemed promising at first, but as many have mentioned previously, the whole Charlotte storyline was completely pointless and unnecessary, not to mention the whole kicking Marissa out of school.
    My first thought was that it was a pretty stupid thing to do, but I still gave the show the benefit of the doubt, hoping for it to have a decent storyline with Mischa's character in another school, away from her three only friends (apparently). Instead of creating some interesting drama, they created three new friends; one of which is suspiciously like Seth, the other guy, Johnny, is obviously the new love interest for Marissa, and of course Johnny's girlfriend which was introduced to the show in a painfully obvious way to show us that Johnny wasn't a threat to Marissa and Ryan as a couple because he had a love interest of his own. Not too later on, they broke up. What a shocker.
    Soon enough, the foursomes' storylines mainly consisted in helping Johnny out in every way they could. Quite boring, seeing as Johhny is not an interesting character (he's Ryan's double) with no interesting life.
    This episode, for example, was about Johnny wanting to rob a store to get some money for his surgery. In the end of course, Johnny learned to "let the rich people help him," so thanks to that, Johnny knows now what to do in the future. Cool!
    Putting aside the teenager's lives, Sandy hasn't done much this season, and Kirsten is becoming dull to watch, seeing as she is always in the middle of the same situation (Organizing a party which thrills her to no end...No idea why.)
    The only exciting character this whole season was Julie, but now, it seems she's gonna hook up with Summer's dad.
    Where the hell do the writers come up with this stuff? Like in the whole season, this episode starts out nicely, then things start to get "mysterious" and "intriguing", and then Ryan comes and saves the day, leaving everything carefully placed, just as the episode commenced. Why waste an hour of your time watching an episode which leads you right where it began?
    To be honest, I've got no enthusiasm to see how Julie's new love interest unfolds, because, considering the writer's unbelievable originality and their determination to bring back old plots, this romance between Marissa's mom and Summer's dad is bound to be the same as her previous love schemes.
    Either the O.C gets back on track and actually GETS INTERESTING, or it will cotinue to lose a lot of viewers.
  • The OC ROX!

    Makes me warm inside! One of the best episodes EVER! And may have some interesting developments for some characters..... Julie and Neil. Now wouldn’t that be interesting loll

    I wasn't getting the same feeling with this 3rd season of The OC. But after yesterdays episode I got it back again. It was sooooo nice to see the main cast at the end dancing together at the Chrismukah Bar-Mitzvahkah (try saying that 3 times in a row) hehehe
  • I think this was yet another great episode. Ryan one again saves the day but I won't give anything else away...

    The producers do such a great job and I'm in love with this show. I think the whole cast does a great job. Each episode seems like a real life show. So, with Ryan saving the day and other things happening, I can't wait for the show to be back in January!
  • Another great Chrismukkah episode!

    What a great episode!

    Finally Johnny's problem was resolved. I thought that we will experience another Oliver Incident but it didn't happen and I think that Josh Schwartz did a fantastic job.

    Seth and Sandy singing the Hanukkah songs was hilarious.

    Also, the whole Bar Mitzvah thing was excellent and well written.

    If you missed this episode - find someone way to watch it!
  • its a classic

    the christmukkah-bar mitzvakkah its a real classic.... i liked the vibe between ryan and marissa in this episode.... no complications just pure trust... in the previous seasons everything was a problem that could not be solved for this two ppl, now we can also see how a relationship can grow up and evolve with years... hopefully the only real problem for marissa and ryan could be theresa and not any other "tv made and not in reality possible" problem
  • CHRISTMAKA!!! Who could not watch this one?!?

    Another Great Holiday in the Cohen family. Even though the episode starts off with a little bit of lacking of the Christmaka spirit...the episode picks right up when the gang finds out that once again, Johnny needs help.

    So, what does Cohen suggest? A Chrismukkah Bar Mitz-vahkkah to raise money for Johnny's surgery! Try spelling that one! Anyways...anguish on Johnny's part starts having OC audiences remembering the Days of Oliver (must we travel down that road again?). Marissa and Ryan who are traveling on the Relationship Being Finally Open with Each Other Road decide to double team Johnny in watching him to make sure he doesn't do something that EVERYONE regrets.

    SO, enter the Bar Mitz-vahkkah scene...Ryan is just about to jump on stage to sing some torah (Cohen's words not mine) and lo and behold, Johnny has fled the party. In good Chino form, Ryan takes after him while both Male Cohens, Summer, and Marissa stall the party.

    Johnny drives to a Mini-Mart with his shinny gun to rob it. Yep, boy with a limp right? I'd like to see him get away with that...BUT the store manager notices Johnny's behavior and grabs his own gun from under the counter. THEN to the Rescue is Fists of Fury (Ryan for those who don't remember the comic book days) who steps in and prevents that thing that Johnny was going to have EVERYONE regretting.

    So, Ryan makes it back to the party, he becomes a MAN, and the whole cast line does a little dance together celebrating the Best Chrismukkah ever.

    This Episode is a Great one, if you missed it, find someone with a tape of it! Side stories include Kristen upset about it being the first Christmas without Caleb and the last Christmas with the boys, Julie totally taking on the role of Trailer Trash and then we get a little back story on Cohen and on Summer who's father is on the road to divorce mom number 2...which Summer doesn't know yet.

    FINALLY the OC is picking up. And all it took was a Chrismukkah Miracle!
  • A great Christmasakah episode!

    What a great episode from all the gang together to johnnys problems to seeing summers dad i hope they have more storylines with him!

    I think things will be better with the o.c. when it comes to storylines with marrissas little sister katlin coming back for the new year and with the previews tonight it looks very funny!

    Rumor i heard somewhere that luke possibly might be coming back will just have to see

    Overall this was one of the best episodes so far this season and i can't wait for its return!

    New episodes of the o.c. start Jan 12th at 8/7c on Fox!