The O.C.

Season 2 Episode 6

The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn't

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 16, 2004 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the oc its that time of year agin chrismakucca and things start out to be really intense calob is talking to sand about what he should do and sandy says he should come right out and tell the truth so he wont have to go to jail and summer thinks she should take things with zack to the next level since things are going good with him and seth thinks he wants to make christmakka global and make it more widely know to people and jimmy and haley are spending more time togeather this was a good ep i thought
  • Although no episode deserves a perfect score, 10 is closer to 9.9 than 9.5 is.

    Wow, what can I say. Amazing episode on all fronts. Spectacular acting, the drama barometer just blasted through the roof, and in the midst of all of this carnage and genocide--yeah, huge exaggeration, but it sure felt like those things happened--it still finds a way to have one of the most heartwarming and charming endings in an episode of The O.C. ever. How the news broke out with everyone in the kitchen was just the silence before the storm and the tension really kept you on your feet. It was amazing really how the show was able to pull this off while making it feel almost natural. And Kirsten's outrage, wow, convincing and nicely played, she needs to win an Oscar for that. Heck, give her a Nobel prize. It wasn't just the drama that really made this the best episode so far in season two, but the aftermath of the truth being revealed. How Kirsten embraced her half sister really brought a tear to your eye. Just a beautiful episode.
  • It's Chrismukkah time at the Cohens, and this year will be one to remember!

    The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn't was an amazing episode; I'd say one of the best of the series. The opening sequence at the pier was an amazing and, I think iconic, shot. It really set the tone for the episode. This was pretty much the only episode where Lindsay didn't annoy me AT ALL. It was really dramatic but not overdone and had just the right balance of comedy and drama. Kelly Rowan gave one of her best performances of the series, her reaction to Caleb's confession felt genuine and real and not acted at all. The scene at the diner with Seth, Ryan, Marissa, and Summer is one of my all time favorites. You really got the feeling that they were a little family and that they'd always be there for each other no matter what. The final scene was great. I thought it was going to be really heavy and dramatic, but it was funny and it gave some resolution to the issue of Lindsay being Kirsten's sister. All in all this was a great installment and the best Chrismukkah episode of the series.
  • It is Christmukkah once again & my 2nd favourite episode of The OC.... ever!

    It is Christmukkah once again & my 2nd favourite episode of The OC.... ever! It's just the perfect episode, holiday spirit, comedy, a huge drama, a feel-good ending, classic OC! Talk about the show being at it's peak! I really didn't think it was possible but I now love 2 things: Christmas episodes & Lindsay! If you accidently missed this episode, rent the DVD & watch it now! I don't care that 3/5 of the episodes before this were boring & awful, this makes up for any bad OC episode from Season 1 or 2! Christukkah, The OC, all the characters & television all at their absolute best!
  • As usual, the Chrismukkah episodes are top on the OC. :D

    Great episode. Gotta love it, this is were all the famili start to realize the secrets of Caleb and the dirty spots in his past. Great to see too the Fab Four again working together, and for me Lindsay is the right person for Ryan. In the sub-plot, there\'s the relation of Julie and Jimmy... Things are gonna boil from now on, surely. Although seeing the four together was great, isn\'t a little bit strange that DJ, Alex and Zach were all spend the time out of the town?? A little flaw in the episode, but in general is one of the greatest ones.
  • WOW

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  • Chrismukkah fever hits The O.C. once again and everyone finds out the truth about Lindsay being Caleb's daughter. GREAT episode!

    Yes! One of my favourite holidays on the show, Chrismukkah hits The OC once again! And this time, it’s filled with more secrets, more fights, more romance! Let’s start off with Julie and Jimmy: they are so funny together I loved their scene in the kitchen when Julie slapped Jimmy- that was hilarious! Ryan and Marissa- still not communicating like they used to- that was expected. Summer and Seth are on talking terms once more which is great but I do like Alex and Zach- they’re my favourite new characters! Let’s move on to the main plot of the episode: Caleb! Well it was great when everyone found out about Lindsay- Caleb got slapped on both cheeks by Julie and Kirsten! Kirsten was outstanding in the episode- well done to Kelly Rowan! This episode is a standout from season 2… as the title of my review says… it’s exactly why I watch the show.

    Episode Grade- A.
  • Made me recall a seasonal favorite from the past...

    While I was watching this particular episode of The O.C., I was shocked to hear some song that reminded of me of Christmas' own "Jingle Cats." Several times they played this music, and each time it made me wish that they had actually used the music from the jingle cats, instead of what they ended up using, which was actually people saying 'meow.' All in all, it was a Christmakkah episode strikingly similar to season one's except with the addition of the character Lindsey who adds awkward hairstyling and the excited voice of a mere child to the cast. .
  • This is the kind of writing that got me hooked on the show to start with.

    This is the kind of writing that got me hooked on the show to start with. Man this episode was great. We knew it had to happen sooner or later but for all heads to collide on poor Seth's oober-holiday with the entire family there just had my jaw on the floor just wondering what was going to happen next. If there is any episode for non-O.C. watchers to get a taste of the series this one is it.
  • Last week we learned that 16 years ago Caleb had a daughter with Renee Wheeler and his payments to her were child support. We also learned that the child was Ryan girl friend and lab partner, Lindsay. All this occurs just in time for Chrismukkah.

    "The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn't" is pleasantly reminiscent of season one. It has something for every fan O.C. to enjoy: the banter between Seth and Summer, the big heartiness of Sandy and Kristin Cohen, Julie Cooper at her scheming.

    This episode showcases the conniving ways of Julie Cooper at her best. Last season she attempted to break up Marissa and Ryan by committing Marissa to a rehab facility and then seduced her daughter’s first lover, Luke. Going back to Jimmy is a logical step for a woman who is always maneuvering for social and financial advantage. She dumped Jimmy when he embezzled funds to support her spending and is now looking for a new source of support when it looks like Caleb will be going to prison. Her dalliance with Jimmy will be most likely short lived as Jimmy has no way to support her and Caleb has been cleared of his legal troubles. You have to love that girl’s style.

    I almost feel sorry that Lindsay’s parentage has been revealed. It means that she will eventually disappear form the story line. Portrayed by Shannon Lucio, Lindsay is a ideal girlfriend for Ryan. However, Ryan will eventually have to get back together with Marissa. That doomed relationship was the bedrock of the first season and if they aren’t together, the impact of the birth of Ryan’s child with his Chino girlfriend, Maria, can’t break them up again.

    The coupling of Marissa and D.J. seems doomed but will Marissa's next attempt to reunite with Ryan or move on to other fields. The rumor is that she will experiment with a girl-girl relationship. That may be true, but will "The Fair and Balanced Network" allow such activity on their airwaves. Next thing ypu know there will be dogs and cats living together.

    The climatic scene in the Cohen kitchen was foreshadowed in the cliffhanger last week. It could have been drawn out more but it came of hilariously and it’s always enjoyable to see Caleb get slapped. That confrontation set the scene for my favorite moment when Ryan reminds Kirsten that Lindsay is the innocent in all this drama and that she needs to learn of the great heart and open arms in the Cohen household.

    You get a sense of the kindness of Sandy and Kristin, which, even with all peripheral activities is what make this series so appealing, This is a soap opera plan and simple. No deep meaning or social significance, just diversionary entertainment.

    "The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn't" is the best season 2 offering thus far from "The O. C.".
  • Brillant episoide

    ok, the last christmaka wasn't as eventful as this one but to wonder what going to happend next christmaka, so Lindsey Seth aunt and Kirsten step-sister, wonderful line from Ryan.

    Still i can't put my finger on it but OC isn't what it used to be, surely make the plot this complicated is very bad move, i mean great clifhanger last episoide but surely there should of contiued from where last episoide left of which lindsey asking why her mum was there, what was her excuse?. anyway where can they go from here, i mean i can't imagine Kirsten tell her to come live with them.

    Throwing the vase, WOW, i mean it so was unkirsten like but Julie slapping him, the pot calling kettle black,she's cheating on him with Jimmy . Still am not thrilled at it, i rather there became friend, this just make thing complicated, i mean she had ask jimmy if this was wrong, guss she has a good excuse against Celeb u cheated on ur first wife.

    Marrisa really hated her mum and look on jimmy face when he asked if she happy that her mum and him are getting on great. Still i am bit confused how marrisa has become an irrelevent chacter i mean there actually no reason for her to be on the show now , i mean she not going out with ryan, Summer has replace her as leading lady, i mean S1 summer was just a secondary chacter now marrisa has turned into that.

    on whole it wasn't a good episoide in fact as soon as Sandy found out about Lindsey, the shocker wore off but Kirsten is what makes this episoide still shame the vase missed.

  • well. this episode is about chrismas, and ofcause lindsay finding out that caleb is her dad.

    this is the one of the best episodes of the OC. i\'d had everything. id made me almost wanting to have chrismukkah myself. it was so sweet. i watched more then ones. great episode. almost beet the season finally.. just had to say that. i love seth, can i please have him?