The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 14

The Cliffhanger

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 02, 2006 on FOX

Episode Recap

Matt and Sandy are still working on the hospital project. They meet with Henry Kessler, the head of the Board of Physicians. That hospital is set to serve everyone living in Newport and not only the rich and famous. As expected, money issues will make things harder for the Newport Group to make this project happen. Julie spies on Dr. Roberts, who's having lunch with a woman named Paige. Julie is soon discovered when Taryn comes to talk to her and then introduces her to Paige. Dr Roberts then realises that she was spying on him and she rushes of greatly embarrassed to her cozy trailer to sulk.

Chilli tells johnny to stop moping and do something like tell marissa how he feels (again!)because at least he will have tried and will finally know where he stands so he does this only to have marrisa walk away.

Meanwhile Scheming catlin has tried to stir the tension between woe-is-me-marissa and ryan. She sort of succeeds when ryan asks marissa about her feelings for johnny. when, she hessitates before answering he tells her that she needs to figure it out and he doesn't want to see her again until she does.

Johnny appears at the pool house to apologise to ryan about telling marissa and says that he couldn't help it ryan tells him to get out. many shots of sad-contemplative-marissa later we find that she has gone to johnny's but he was in the shower so she left a note which he reads. Next shot he is knocking on casa trailer and telling caitlin to grab a bottle of tequila so they can party on the beach.

Admist all of marissa's usual drama other things are happening (which would probably surprise her if only she knew!). Dr Roberts pitches up at the trailer to find a tearfull julie who tries to apologise. He stops her and tells her that she is a scheming, manipulative bitch and that he wants her anyway (Crazy Bastard) and they kiss.

Summer arrives at the cohens to watch chick flicks (save the last dance and ???) with seth because she can't take much more of his yakuza crap. She finds his bedroom door locked. we can see a frantic seth trying to hide his half smoked doobies before he lets her in. She asks about the smell which he blames on gas. After seth cries at the end of save the last dance and goes on about how good and meaningfull it is summer goes and searches his room and finds his stash.

Ryan and marissa had a few harsh words over the johnny thing and then got around to making up when, in the middle of them rolling around on pool house bed, her cell rings. It's a hysterical caitlin who tell them thjat johnny is very drunk and stumbling dangerously around on top of a cliff. They rush right over and ryan rushes up the mountain to save him. Johnny makes sarcastic comments about ryan only doing it to look good infront of marissa and almost falls backwards over the cliff. A few more drunk mumblings later the frame freezes and a look of shock passes over johnny's face. Ryan leaps to grab him but misses and we se marissa and caitlin's horrified faces as we hear the bottle of tequila johnny was holding break. And Fade Out!!!