The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 14

The Cliffhanger

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 02, 2006 on FOX

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  • Sandy and his partner have it out about the hospital while Marissa must choose between Johny or Ryan...

    This episode resolves the Ryan-Marissa-Johny triangle or as Kaitlin would like to say "square" (including herself).

    +Neel realizes he misses Julie
    +Summer calls Seth a B**** lol and comments on his small butt
    =Kaitlin continues to meddle with the Johny-Marissa-Ryan triangle.
    -Marissa makes her choice between Ryan and Johny and causes one person to make a fatal mistake in what could be death...

    Great episode! One of the better ones this season. Lets hope next weeks is as good as this one!

    _=Dfan46=_ :)

    P.S. This is my first review!!!
  • 3 in a row. i'm a very happy person.

    so...they've done it. 3 perfect episodes in a row. hasn't happened in quite some time. ooodles and oodles...seth is discovered by summer, matt disobeys sandy...again, kirstin continues to play wife to sandy and ms cleo to julie (which upsets me), julie and neil finally admit everything full on, johnny dies (but we all knew that was coming). i was finally starting to like his character...a little, anyway. also, i'm glad that ryan finally told off marissa. hopefully with all of the new faces coming in (sadie, jess) he'll finish it for good, and she'll learn her lesson all over again. ryan made me even more happier when he told johnny to get the hell out. i hope he punches someone soon. i think its coming. all in all, it was actually a sad episode. i'm happy that johnny is gone and not a part of the show anymore, but it jerked somewhat of a feeling of sadness when it turned all slow-mo and the tequilla glass shattered. can't wait for valentines day. and then a sweet one month break! YES!
  • So Sandy and Matt are talking about the hospital and Matt tells Sandy that he went to school with the daughter of the man on the hospital board. He basicaly wants to wine and dine her, so they can get the hospital project.


    Kaitlyn goes to talk to Ryan and tells him that she really likes Johnny and She needs Ryan to get Marissa to talk to johnny, or something like that.
    Ryan meets Marissa and tells her that he needs to know how she feels about Marissa and he doesnt want to see her again until she knows for sure.
    Marissa writes Johnny a letter, I guess rejection and he gets Kaitlyn to go to the beach with him and some tequila. They build a fire.
    In the meantime, Julie set Neal up on a blind date and spied on him but an old friends walks in and see s her and then sees Neal sitting at a table closeby and drags her over, He asks if she is spying on him and she couldnt speak, she just turned around and left.
    Later Neal shows up at Julies trailor and tells her that he wants her.
    Kaitlyn is getting worried about Johnny who is three sheets to the wind and he decides to go and climb a rock/cliff.
    She gets scared and calls Marissa, who is in the middle of making out with Ryan. Then Marissa hands the phone to Ryan who realises that Johnny is in real trouble and they go to him.
    When they arrive at the beach, Marissa goes to Kaitlyn while Ryan finds another way on the cliff.
    Johnny gets mad and screams at Marissa, and says that Ryan doesnt need to Save him again in front of Marissa, that would jsut make her love him more.
    Then he says that Ryan thinks that Johnny is going to fall, and that ryan would grab his hand at the last minute and save his life. At that moment, the screen sort of stands still as Johnny slips.
    We see Ryan slide to his rescue and reach out to grab a hold of Johnny's hand. Marissa pulls Kaitlyns head towards her so she cant see what is happening.
    Then the camera cuts its angle back to Ryan's arm, which is hanging over the cliff. EMPTY.. Revealing that Johnny wasn't saved. He fell.
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