The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 3

The Cold Turkey

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2006 on FOX
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It's Thanksgiving time. Volchok is back in town and Ryan seems eager to take revenge. At first Sandy and Kirsten try to talk him out of this but, then, Sandy makes Ryan face Volchok. Julie's behavior turns Kaitlin away and permanently jeopardizes her relationship with Dr. Roberts. Summer starts protesting against poverty issues and turns the Cohens' Thanksgiving dinner into a homelesses' refuge. It's clear she hasn't got over Marissa's death yet. Veronica kicks Taylor out as soon as she discovers her beloved daughter married a French man during her European trip.moreless

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  • Not a bad episode and I feel that this will be the turning point in the series, as Ryan and Julie seem to have finally come to terms with what has happened. The same though cannot be said for Summer who seems to be drifting further away from Seth.moreless

    This episode I feel will have a knock on effect towards the rest of the series in a good way rather than a bad. This is mainly due to the fact that Ryan made the decision not to kill Volchok and make him live with the consequences of his actions in jail. This also led to some peace for Julie's character as she now realises it is over and no longer has to search for him.

    One negative point that I have to say from what I've seen so far is the direction that Summer seems to be heading in. Her being away at Brown is having an effect on her character and I now do not like her as much as previous series even though she was my favourite character before.

    We also get to see some relationships break down in Julie and Dr Roberts splitting up which in my opinion is a good thing because I always thought that he could do much better than her. We also see Taylor has been kicked out by her mother for marrying the french guy and is now moving in with the Cohens temporarily. Hopefully this will now bring her character into the show more as she adds a lot more energy to a show that seems to be a bit downbeat so far this season due to Marissa's death.moreless
  • Character development of the season season combined with the witty writing of the first season. An undefeatable combination.

    A huge and nice surprise early on for the third season. Absolutely phenomenal character interaction and development, and even better writing and humour! In the first half of the episode we are treated to the same witty writing that made the first season such a joy. Taylor has really turned herself into a wonderful and invigorating character and has already done a nice job of "replacing" Marissa so far. And then the second half steps up the game even farther. The parallels the episode makes between various characters, like what Summer and Julie are going through, and even what Volchock and Ryan are going through. Phenomenal character development and really ended on a happy note.moreless
  • It's Thanksgiving, and it is one of the best episode with awesome ending. Volchok was found by Ryan,then he was arrested. Julie was banned at the cohen house.

    This episode is absolutel unexplainable.

    The best part is the end it makes me tear up seing Julie & Ryan having one of the most dramatic & emotional scene ever on the series, and when Julie was in her house trying to have a thanksgiving alone (Dr. Roberts & Julie breaking up, and Kaitlin running away for thanksgiving becauseof being ignored). The first part was kinda boring, the fact that it shows Volchok during whole episode long (i just hate to see him, perfectl annoying). Ryan should have killed him (kidding), Volchok deserves to die than Marissa.

    This episode, was obviously the conclusion of the problems in Season 3 upto the 2 episodes of season 4, esp dealing with Marissas death. Julie & Ryan was the final coping in Coops death, they may not get over it, but at least the ending shows that even if they did hated each other before they knew that they love Marissa no matter what. Who doesnt? I can't keep on thinking Julie's feeling about losing her. So sad.

    So another great installment and conclusion! Perfecttion!moreless
  • Depressing episode!

    This episode was so upsetting for any Marissa fans. This episode is probably from season 4 the episode which deals with Marissas death the most. This episode made me cry 3 times (yes i know embarrising) but i cant deny how wonderful I thought this episode was the first time I saw it. Many people shrug this episode off for others like The Avengers which shocks me because I think it is much much much much better then The Avengers. All I know is that i miss Marissa and I like a lot of fans want her back even though Taylor is fantastic.moreless
  • The OC. Season 4. Episode 3

    Events I would have never expected to happen:

    1. The surf Nazi showing he does have a heart, after all. :D

    2. Julie asking Ryan how to cook a turkey. I can just say LOL.

    3. Kaitlin interested in a animal not suffering from alopecia. I guess, that’s a start.

    4. Cohens Thanksgiving dinner turned into a hippy (but happy) dinner. :)

    5. Summer practising yoga.

    Okay, I have to admit I did want Ryan to kill Volchok but let’s face it: if Ryan had eventually done this, he would have got out of prison barely for like his 80th birthday.

    It’s clear the whole “Chino Kid Finally Becomes Wise” storyline was definitely a safer choice. Safer does not mean less emotional: Volchok and Ryan’s final words were one of the most intense talk since this show started off.

    It’s amazing the way Julie and Summer are able to express anger, desperation and tenderness at the same time: I just loved their “double” scenes (when they were both freaking out). Yep, it turns out Summer finally admitted she has to deal with Coop’s loss. Well, here's hoping she will return soon our old good FS - Fashion Summer.

    I figured Neil and Julie’s break up was in the air. In my opinion, it’s really a pity Neil is moving to Seattle because his character is a good one. Anyway, what about Mrs. Cooper Nichol who did kick him out of his OWN house? It’s official, times might be definitely tough but Julie’s manipuative b!tch times are still here. :D

    Sweet parts:

    - Summer’s line “I just miss my friend”. Her broken and whispering voice fits perfectly. So sad.

    - When Julie and Ryan started to talk about Marissa in the end of the episode. It was totally nice to see them smiling again. And, for the record, Ryan has never talked so much. He’s so Seth-ish.moreless
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    • Taylor: And the worst part is... (Taylor tastes some of Kirsten's cooking) Oh my God, these are like cardboard. You're gonna want to add some cream. And the worst part is she said I'm no longer welcome in her house. I am le vagabond.
      Kirsten: You can stay here.
      Taylor: Forever?
      Kirsten: Well... no. For one night. But we'll find somewhere for you to stay.

    • Kaitlin: Well, yesterday she almost sucked her up in a vaccum. I guess to her the dog is invisible. Like me. Oh, by the way, I think your shoes are cashed.
      (Kaitlin hands Mr Roberts a chewed up shoe)
      Dr. Roberts: You're sorry? This was a seven hundred dollar pair of shoes.
      Kaitlin: Oh I forgot to ask you, how'd your conference go? (pauses) Thought so.

    • Julie: Kaitlin, get that dog out of this house, or so help me God I will have it put to sleep!
      Kaitlin: You would, wouldn't you?

    • Seth: Wow, the trip to the grocery store has been a real success. I'm sure silent cart-pushing is exactly what my mom envisioned when she sent us here.
      Ryan: Well, what do you expect? Do you think we'd get over everything just because we're buying parsley?
      Seth: It's more than a garnish, Ryan. It's a good omen.

    • Summer: (on phone) I don't think I'm coming.
      Neil: Listen, I've been looking forward to seeing you. I just got back from Seattle. I've got a lot to tell you.
      Summer: Well, tell me now.
      Neil: No, I want you here. It's Thanksgiving.
      Summer: Exactly. Millions of turkeys being senselessly slaughtered so us Americans can get even fatter.

    • Julie: Kaitlin! Where are you going?
      Kaitlin: To the Cohens! They don't hate the whole family Mom, just you!
      Julie: Fine, don't come crying to me when Kirsten's turkey tastes like rubber!
      (Kaitlin drives away, Neil runs after Julie)
      Neil: Julie! Julie! Julie, wait... Listen to me... Listen to me! I love you but you're acting insane.
      (Now place changes. We're at the Cohens)
      Summer: I'm not insane. Okay. What's insane is how I used to be. When all I used to do was hang out with my best friend, and go tanning with her, and go shopping, and braid her hair, and talk to her on the phone.
      Seth: Summer, stop. Let's be honest for a sec. This is all about...
      (Back to the Roberts)
      Neil: Marissa. It's all about her. You have to stop running away and let yourself grieve.
      Julie: (looking down) My keys...
      Neil: Stop running away from me!
      (Again at the Cohens)
      Summer: I'm not running away! I just didn't realize how late it was. My dad is probably totally freaking out.
      Seth: I'm sorry I said it, just please don't go.
      (Back to the Roberts)
      Julie: You were the one who walked away, Neil. You had the affair, remember?
      Neil: Nothing happened with Gloria and me. I told you, I just needed somebody to talk to.
      Julie: Well, you can talk to her all you want now. When I get back, I want you out of this house.
      Neil: This is my house.
      Julie: We'll see about that. Bye, Neil.
      (Last shot at the Cohens)
      Summer: Bye.

    • Summer: (leaving a message to Seth) Hey, it's me. I'm heading back to Providence. Look, everything you said was true and... I need to deal with it, but I need to do it on my own. (Sighs) I'm sorry I am such a mess. It's just... (teary) I miss my friend... But I will call you as soon as I have my head screwed on. I love you.

    • Ryan: You didn't try to help. You didn't even stop.
      Volchok: I got scared. I freaked. A hell.
      Ryan: And she died. Outside of the road.
      Volchok: I think about that night every day. It's all I think about. I wish I could take it back.
      Ryan: I don't want to hear about how bad you feel. Tell me why you did it.
      Volchok: Does it matter?
      Ryan: It matters to me.
      Volchok: I don't know. Okay? I mean, I was coming after you. You got the girl, I didn't. Now it's hard for me to handle... I just... I wanted you to pull over. And all just... got out of control.
      Ryan: So, what? It was all an accident? A mistake?
      Volchok: I know it doesn't change anything, so if you want to finish this, I'm not going to fight back.
      Ryan: I'm not doing any favors. You have to live with what you did. It's over.
      (they get out of the room)
      Sandy (to Ryan): I am proud of you.

    • Julie: Hi.
      Sandy: Julie, whatever it is, it'll have to wait. We're having Thanksgiving.
      Julie: I just... wanted to tell you that I am sorry.
      Sandy: I don't think I've ever heard it before.
      Julie: I don't think I've ever meant it.
      Sandy: Come on in.

    • Julie: Tell me about her.
      Ryan: What?
      Julie: Anything. Just... Tell me about her. (beat)
      Ryan: I remember the first time I saw her. She... She was wearing this white top thing, and I think she had jeans on. She was standing at the bottom of the driveway. And I thought (beat)... Whoa... She was really hot. (laughs) Really hot. She gave me a smile.
      Julie (whispering): It was a beautiful smile.

    • Summer: Where is my dad?
      Julie: Gone.
      Summer: Kaitlin?
      Julie: Gone. We can't go on like this anymore, can we?
      Summer: (whispers) No.

    • Julie (on the phone): I know it's Thanksgiving but you're a private investigator. Can't you find a guy and eat turkey at the same time?

    • Kirsten: What happened?
      Taylor: She called me irresponsible and stupid. And then she said that I would never be truly thin because I have a naturally large thorax!

    • Kaitlin (about the new dog): Dude, I found her at the pier. And I'm not taking her back. She totally fits in my purse.
      Neil: Dude, does you mother know that you have this thing?
      Kaitlin: Well, yesterday, she almost sucked her up in the vacuum. I guess to her the dog is invisible. Like me.

    • Kirsten: Hold on. When a kid is stealing stuff in my kitchen that's usually a sign that something is wrong.
      Taylor: I would talk to you, Mrs. Cohen, but this is simply too private.
      Kirsten: I'll make you a plate of food.
      Taylor: Living room!

    • Julie: Ryan, one more thing. Do you happen to know how to cook a turkey? (Ryan's typical expression) Nevermind.

    • Sandy: Summer! How you doin'?
      Summer: Better than the 2.8 billion people living below the poverty level. You okay with that statistic, Mr. Cohen? I don't think so. That's why I have to go!
      Sandy: Who knew, out of all you kids, she'd turn out to be the young Sandy Cohen?
      Seth: Had to rub off on someone. We'll be back soon.

    • Neil Roberts: It's so crazy. To think the next time you come home, I might not be living here.
      Summer: Yeah, are you going to take that job in Seattle?
      Neil Roberts: Well, the offer came at the perfect time, and the hospital is famous for being wonderfully quirky. It's called Seattle Grace.

    • Sandy: Ryan, are you going to be ok? Because if you can't put your anger about Volchok aside even for today, then there's no point to any of this.
      Ryan: No, I'm not angry, I ... I just wish he was dead. That's all.

    • Sandy: Hey. Didn't I defend you a couple of years ago for a B & E?
      Man: Yeah! Now, I remember. I called you "crazy eyebrow man".
      Sandy: Well, I'll take that as a compliment.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Summer's dad says the job offer in Seattle is for a hospital called Seattle Grace, which is the hospital from ABC's Grey's Anatomy, which runs at the same time as The O.C.