The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 3

The Cold Turkey

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 09, 2006 on FOX

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  • Not a bad episode and I feel that this will be the turning point in the series, as Ryan and Julie seem to have finally come to terms with what has happened. The same though cannot be said for Summer who seems to be drifting further away from Seth.

    This episode I feel will have a knock on effect towards the rest of the series in a good way rather than a bad. This is mainly due to the fact that Ryan made the decision not to kill Volchok and make him live with the consequences of his actions in jail. This also led to some peace for Julie's character as she now realises it is over and no longer has to search for him.

    One negative point that I have to say from what I've seen so far is the direction that Summer seems to be heading in. Her being away at Brown is having an effect on her character and I now do not like her as much as previous series even though she was my favourite character before.

    We also get to see some relationships break down in Julie and Dr Roberts splitting up which in my opinion is a good thing because I always thought that he could do much better than her. We also see Taylor has been kicked out by her mother for marrying the french guy and is now moving in with the Cohens temporarily. Hopefully this will now bring her character into the show more as she adds a lot more energy to a show that seems to be a bit downbeat so far this season due to Marissa's death.
  • Character development of the season season combined with the witty writing of the first season. An undefeatable combination.

    A huge and nice surprise early on for the third season. Absolutely phenomenal character interaction and development, and even better writing and humour! In the first half of the episode we are treated to the same witty writing that made the first season such a joy. Taylor has really turned herself into a wonderful and invigorating character and has already done a nice job of "replacing" Marissa so far. And then the second half steps up the game even farther. The parallels the episode makes between various characters, like what Summer and Julie are going through, and even what Volchock and Ryan are going through. Phenomenal character development and really ended on a happy note.
  • It's Thanksgiving, and it is one of the best episode with awesome ending. Volchok was found by Ryan,then he was arrested. Julie was banned at the cohen house.

    This episode is absolutel unexplainable.

    The best part is the end it makes me tear up seing Julie & Ryan having one of the most dramatic & emotional scene ever on the series, and when Julie was in her house trying to have a thanksgiving alone (Dr. Roberts & Julie breaking up, and Kaitlin running away for thanksgiving becauseof being ignored). The first part was kinda boring, the fact that it shows Volchok during whole episode long (i just hate to see him, perfectl annoying). Ryan should have killed him (kidding), Volchok deserves to die than Marissa.

    This episode, was obviously the conclusion of the problems in Season 3 upto the 2 episodes of season 4, esp dealing with Marissas death. Julie & Ryan was the final coping in Coops death, they may not get over it, but at least the ending shows that even if they did hated each other before they knew that they love Marissa no matter what. Who doesnt? I can't keep on thinking Julie's feeling about losing her. So sad.

    So another great installment and conclusion! Perfecttion!
  • Depressing episode!

    This episode was so upsetting for any Marissa fans. This episode is probably from season 4 the episode which deals with Marissas death the most. This episode made me cry 3 times (yes i know embarrising) but i cant deny how wonderful I thought this episode was the first time I saw it. Many people shrug this episode off for others like The Avengers which shocks me because I think it is much much much much better then The Avengers. All I know is that i miss Marissa and I like a lot of fans want her back even though Taylor is fantastic.
  • The OC. Season 4. Episode 3

    Events I would have never expected to happen:
    1. The surf Nazi showing he does have a heart, after all. :D
    2. Julie asking Ryan how to cook a turkey. I can just say LOL.
    3. Kaitlin interested in a animal not suffering from alopecia. I guess, that’s a start.
    4. Cohens Thanksgiving dinner turned into a hippy (but happy) dinner. :)
    5. Summer practising yoga.

    Okay, I have to admit I did want Ryan to kill Volchok but let’s face it: if Ryan had eventually done this, he would have got out of prison barely for like his 80th birthday.
    It’s clear the whole “Chino Kid Finally Becomes Wise” storyline was definitely a safer choice. Safer does not mean less emotional: Volchok and Ryan’s final words were one of the most intense talk since this show started off.

    It’s amazing the way Julie and Summer are able to express anger, desperation and tenderness at the same time: I just loved their “double” scenes (when they were both freaking out). Yep, it turns out Summer finally admitted she has to deal with Coop’s loss. Well, here's hoping she will return soon our old good FS - Fashion Summer.
    I figured Neil and Julie’s break up was in the air. In my opinion, it’s really a pity Neil is moving to Seattle because his character is a good one. Anyway, what about Mrs. Cooper Nichol who did kick him out of his OWN house? It’s official, times might be definitely tough but Julie’s manipuative b!tch times are still here. :D

    Sweet parts:
    - Summer’s line “I just miss my friend”. Her broken and whispering voice fits perfectly. So sad.
    - When Julie and Ryan started to talk about Marissa in the end of the episode. It was totally nice to see them smiling again. And, for the record, Ryan has never talked so much. He’s so Seth-ish.
  • Volchek is back...

    And I hoped that Ryan kicked is butt one more time. That was the flaw of the episode, I hoped weeks to see Ryan give Volchek what he deserved, and in the end he just lands one punch and nothing more. Well, not that I love all the punch-ness of Ryan, but the fight scene between those two was great in the third season.
    The Seth-Julie-Neil-Summer conversation (apart but together) was great, I think that Marissa's death affected the two ladies too much, but it was the right time to try to move on with their lifes. The thing that I disliked in this episode (too) was the little time that Kirsten had in it. Kandy gave great scenes to the OC, and I think that her participation was less than expected. But that's because I hoped to see a turkey burn... Oh, memoires from the first thanksgiving episode :')
    Good episode, but slight worse than the two before.
  • The best Episode This Season!

    The Cold turkey was soo soo sad! The Only thing that sticks in my head is the ending. Man was it an EXCELLENT ending!
    The closure to Ryan and Julies depression and anger was finally over and done in the saddest and best way ever. The way that Julie said "Tell me something about her" and Ryan said "She was hott" was so awesome. This had to be one of the best moments ever in the OC's history of sad/happy endings.

    If you haven't seen this episode, watch it because you wont be dissapointed!
  • (shell shocked)

    A wonderful episode and a great way for Cam Gigandet to leave the show. Even though he killed Marissa (good guy!), you really felt like he was sorry and the writing and the acting captured this brilliantly!

    Sandy was terrific throughout the episode. The way he handled Ryan, Volchek and Thanksgiving was truely amazing. Even though he didn't want to support Volchek, he still did. He really is a caring guy.

    Julie was fantastic in this episode. Melinda Clarke couldn't put a foot wrong. All her scenes were perfect as she tried to deal with Neil but most importantly on her mind, Volchek and what he did to her daughter. The scene when she kicked Dr Roberts out of the house was a standout. You could really feel that she was taking her anger about Marissa and Volchek out over him.

    Taylor and Kaitlin also continued to really add heaps to the show as regulars. Taylor with her humour and Kaitlin as the Queen B**** of her school. Im really pleased that Josh added to the regular cast as they both add new dimensions to the show.

    Seth and Sumemrs relationship problems this year are actually based on real storylines that you can really feel and symphasise with, unlike the terrible storylines in the backhalf of season 3. I really want them to be together but you can clearly see that before they can really be with one another again, Summer has to get over Marissas death.

    Overall, a fantastic episode and in my opinion equalling The Avengers as the best episode of the season so far.
  • A beautiful and sad Thanksgiving.

    I've had a love-and-hate relationship with The OC. I only started watching this season because it airs (in Brazil) between Gilmore Girls and ER. But it's growing on me. Summer and Julie were both really special on this episode. Never mind Thanksgiving or Summer's new desperate measures to save the poor. Their silent sadness over Marissa's death was expressed so beautifully. The mixed scenes with Julie and Dr. Roberts and Summer and Seth arguing about their feelings was totally amazing! And the two (Julie and Summer) together at an empty Thanksgiving table, simply holding hands, was really wonderful.

    I really liked the scene where Ryan finally confronts Volchok about the night Marissa died. Ryan finally let out all the pain he was feeling, and maybe now he'll be able to move on. The dialogue was really great too. But more than anything, the last scene was perfect. My eyes were filled with tears when Julie asked Ryan to tell her anything about Marissa. That was so sad, so beautiful, so subtle. Really great episode, can't wait for the next one.
  • It was about time julie snaped out of that trance, now she has won me as a fan.

    OMG, the performance of julie in this episode is great, she truly seems like a mom, that's actually messed up because of her child dead, in this episode you can actually see that she's not only a man eater, she also cooked a turkey and ended alone on the dinning table with no one to talk to it was really sad, and when she comes to apologize to sandy, thats the icing on the cake, finally realizes everything went down the drain with the Dr. and ends up eating with the cohens after summers visit. oh, and also what we were all waiting for Ryan beating the hell out of volchock, but if u ask me I think to jabs are not enought, I don't think he should have killed him but at least 4 more blows to that I DONT CARE face of his.
  • Best episode of the season so far!

    This episode was very cleverly written and unique. On no other show would you find a posh thanksgiving dinner turned into a meal for the homeless.

    Ryan confronts Volchok and in turns confronts his painful memories of Marissa. By knowing the reason why he did it Ryan can now move on and the series can progress after Marissa's death. The murderer has been arrested and there was a minimum blood shed seeing as they were locked together in a room.

    Taylor becomes closer to the Cohen family as her own mum kicks her out and Kirsten offers her a place to stay. A great episode filled with the originality and the humour of the OC at its best!!!
  • Best episode yet

    This episode has to be one of my favourites. There are a lot of good scenes in this episode. I am glad that the Volchok storyline was resolved and it was good what Ryan did in not killing him. There are some really fun scences and some that want to make you cry. I liked the ending where Julie was talking with Ryan about Marissa and also the Summer and Julie scene was good to. The start was funny the the coffee scene.But one thing I am concerned about is that I hope that this isnt the last of old school atwood because i personally like him better.Best season ever.
  • So far I have cried in every episode of The O.C. this season haha...but this one was probably the saddest when Julie asked Ryan to tell her anything about Marissa right at the end of the was awesome.

    So far I have cried in every episode of The O.C. this season haha...but this one was probably the saddest when Julie asked Ryan to tell her anything about Marissa right at the end of the was awesome. And Taylor and Kaitlin find each other to be awesome haha. And Julie and Summer finally face that Marissa is forever gone. And Volchok actually is really sorry for killing Marissa, so he turns himself in. Julie and Dr Roberts broke up, though. And Taylor is sleeping under Seth\'s bed. It was a pretty funny when Kirsten said Taylor can stay with the Cohens and she\'s like, \"Forever?!\" Haha...I love her now :P
  • Emotional breakdowns everywhere you turn.

    And the healing begins! The show is slowly getting back on track. They\'re tying up loose ends, bringing conclusion and justice at the same time. Emotional wounds are closing, slowly, and soon Marissa will only be mentioned in passing.

    I like the way they had two different scenes finish the other\'s sentences. It really drove it home that everyone was sharing the same pain, but dealing with it in their own ways. It showed a deep connection in characters that you may not have noticed before.

    I\'m hoping that soon there will be more laughter, and cheer, and even some of that wholesome family love that Sandy\'s always preaching about. They say tragedy brings people together, and I think it will eventually do just that.
  • The OC is back, baby!

    Another great episode, the third in a row this season. I don't think it was as good as the first and second, but it still deserved an A+.

    I'm glad the Volchek thing is over, it worked out perfectly. I know I (and probably a lot of other people) were secretly hoping that Ryan would do a bit more to Volchek, but it was wonderful the way it played out, with Ryan talking about it, getting over it.

    I guess that's mostly what this episode was about - moving on. Ryan moved on with his revenge. Summer is (hopefully) moving on, she seemed to realize that, but who knows what will happen once she's back at Brown, away from having to deal with the pain. Julie is also getting on with her life, confronting Neil about his affair, apologizing to Sandy, and talking with Ryan.

    This episode tied up a lot of loose ends. It was perfect length with the Marissa and Volchek storylines, not dragging out too long and not skipping over it too much. It didn't leave any cliffhangers but instead, gave room for growth. But, of course, the Taylor storyline hasn't been resolved, I have a feeling that will be dealt with next episode.

    Speaking of which, Taylor was hilarious this episode. It wasn't overly comical and goofy, but I think Taylor is just a bit off her rocker. I love the scene where she gets Kirsten to help her with her mother.

    All in all, a wonderful episode, and I look forward to where they go from here...didn't give much room for speculation, so all we can do is wait.
  • The best episode of the last 3 years...

    The best episode of the last 3 years!

    I know it might sound a bit gayish, but I like the episodes that really touch my heart. Episodes that makes me cry or changes me in real life.

    Well this one of those episodes. I did expect some things to happen the way they did, but the things that I didn't expect were done or said in such way that it bringed me tears in my eyes.
    It's kinda stupid how a line like "Tell me about her" can be such a special line that can make people cry, don't you think?

    Well anyhow, this show is getting better and better. And I think that if it continues like this, it will become one of the best primetime TV shows again.
  • love this one it had so many emotiional scenes

    this one was great i showed so much emotion with the characters The all are still trying to deal with this death and it shows the truth that every deals with it in there own way even volchek who I am going to miss on the show he is so sexy sandy knew that that was the only way that this would end for ryan was to face volchek also taylor is so funny I just love her katlin still is not my fave but the oc is better then ever the dog had to be the ugliest thing that I have ever seen the summer hippi thing hate it but love che even though they canceled everwood i still get to see bright
  • It Thanksgiving! Yep, and that means everyones home and enjoying the holiday right? Wrong. Julie finds out Volchock is in town, Summer is still feeling the affects of Marisa's death and suppressing them with protesting. Taylor finally confronts her mother

    All in all I thought this was a good episode- and it kind of reminds me of the way the episodes used to be. Just kind of a steady pace getting back to the good stuff. It feels different not watching the same old crap anymore. I like the fact that Taylor is finally coming out of her shell on the show and coming part of the cast. Julie needs to get over it, I mean personally I know your daughter died and all but really ignoring the rest of your family and not realizing your other daughter's issues and your fiance/husband whatever's needs. And if Summer ends up with that Che freak I MYSELF will freak. But yea, all in all I enjoyed it. I even enjoyed the Grey's Anatomy reference, but I hope they don't have a cross-over episode or anything like that with Dr. Roberts in Seattle. That would just be wrong.
  • OC is back. Turkey Day extravaganza that was funny without being over the top and touching without being cloying.

    All the episodes this season have been top notch and very funny. The last Thanksgiving episode was an explosive showdown with everyone converging on the Cohen\\\\\\\'s family meal and the Turkey burning. Remember Seth making out with two girls in two different parts of the house? This episode was the sober Yin to that raging yang. It was funny, but quietly so and very touching with Summer, Julie and Ryan all finally beginning to take steps to deal with Marissa\\\\\\\'s death at the end. Caitlin is starting to grow on me and Taylor was hilarious is in this episode. There were a ton of classic quotes and moments.

    \\\\\\\"Does she expect we\\\\\\\'ll make up just because we\\\\\\\'re buying parsley.\\\\\\\" \\\\\\\"Well it is more than just a garnish.\\\\\\\"

    \\\\\\\"I\\\\\\\'m disturbed by the 2.8 billion people living below the poverty line. Mr. Cohen can you live with that statistic?\\\\\\\"
    \\\\\\\"Who\\\\\\\'d of thought that of all you kids, Summer Roberts would be the one to turn into the young Sandy Cohen.\\\\\\\"

    \\\\\\\"Dude he totally fits in my purse.\\\\\\\"
    \\\\\\\"Dude your not having a dog under my roof and that\\\\\\\'s final.\\\\\\\"

    \\\\\\\"She said I was irrisponsible and stupid and worst of all that I would never really be thin because I have a larger than normal thorax.\\\\\\\"

    \\\\\\\"You keep them occupied and in the same place.\\\\\\\"
    \\\\\\\"Ok, who here hasn\\\\\\\'t seen season one of Battlestar Galactica?\\\\\\\"
    \\\\\\\"I missed the season finale.\\\\\\\"

    \\\\\\\"I remember you. I used to call you crazy eyebrow man.\\\\\\\"
  • This was definatly one of the best episodes of the series!

    This episode had everything. It made laugh, it made me cry, but mostly cry. Summer and Julie were really heart wrenching. The part where Seth tells Summer she doesn't have to save the world, and she says something along the lines of "all I used to do was hang out with my best friend, and go shopping with her, and tanning with her, and talk to her on the phone" made my eyes get all teary. And then when Julie is sitting at her thanksgiving table alone, and there food and it's all decorated and everything, but everybody left, then summer comes in and they both realize they need to face Marissa's death, that made an actual tear come out. But the ending is what really made me cry, when Julie asks Ryan to tell her about Marissa, and Ryan's so sweet when he tells her how they first met and he thought she was "hot, like really hot".

    It seems like next episode, Summer will stop pushing Seth away and they can finally go back to normal, which will be great. I'm still dissipointed with these ratings however. Hopefully moving to Wednesday nights will bring them up a bit, but this season is one of the best yet, and the show desearves a full season.
  • this show is going down the drain... what happen to the days of ryan just going around kickin ass, yes i understand they need to show charecter developement but whats the use of developing charecter into such a pus sy theres no entertainment in that...

    this show is going down the drain... what happen to the days of ryan just going around kickin ass, yes i understand they need to show charecter developement but whats the use of developing charecter into such a pus sy theres no entertainment in that...they even screwed up \\\"summers\\\" role by making her into some tree hugging hippie... and then the replacement marrisa with a more hoeish girl that doesn\\\'t even fulfil the eye candy part...hopefully this shows not going n e further then this season...
  • The OC at it\\\'s best! Ryan finally confronts Volchok. Summer comes back, but avoids everything Newport. Julie starts to go crazy. Kirsten gets mad when everyone leaves her alone to cook Thanksgiving dinner.

    I was absolutely blown away by this episode. This proved why i got addicted to this show in the first place. Ben was incredible and selling the crap out of his story. Rachel and Melinda were great and th scene they had together was so touching. This episode made me laugh, jump out of my seat, cry and left me wanting more. This is old school OC and i love it. I love that they got back to the root of the series. Ryan and the Cohans. I can\\\'t get over how good this season has been so far. The last scene with Ryan and Julie made me cry. I just hope people realize how much better the show is now before it\\\'s too late. Great job, guys, Keep it up.
  • it's thanksgiving in the o.c. and viewers get a glimpse at the show being revived back to it's old glory!

    this episode made me so happy! it proved that the o.c. is getting back to the season one awesomeness that we all know and love. the show may have gotten off track in recent seasons, but it is well on it's way to becoming one of the best shows on television once again! witty lines, good storyline, and and ending that i'm not ashamed to admit made me start tearing up. one of my favorite parts was when julie and summer were having simultaneous breakdowns and they kept cutting the two scenes together. i must say this: we may miss you marissa copper, but we will survive and prosper without you nonetheless.

    Being a HUGE fan of the first season, I was reluctant to believe everyone who kept saying that the third and fourth episodes were equivalent to the phenomenal show that was Season 1. I don't know if anyone has ever been more right! This episode was extremely well-written and acted. Hats off to Kelly, Autumn, Ben, and Melinda! You were all amazing! I loved every moment of this episode. Taylor and Kirsten were so funny together. Kelly and Autumn have great chemistry. I was so proud of Ryan for the way he handled the Volchok situation. Ben was brilliant in this scene! It was the best I've seen of him in the past four years! Melinda was at her best, making Julie seem truly insane! The ending was so sweet, and funny! It was great to see Julie and Ryan laughing again. It was written so well. Their discussion about her made me feel like Marissa is still very much a part of this season! It was definately one of the best episodes ever! I don't even care what the ratings are like, because there's no way any other show in the timeslot could have been as brilliant!
  • Excellent -Truly excellent.

    Ryan, Summer, and Julie finally confront the truth that Marissa is gone forever. They all talk and let their feelings out. But, in the meantime, tons of other stuff is going down, too. Kaitlin finds a dog; Summer visits home and sees Seth; Ryan finally confronts Volchek; homeless people have Thanksgiving with the Cohens; Dr. Roberts and Julie break up; etc.

    This only continues the streak of EXCELLENT episodes that this season has produced.
  • beautiful.

    absolutely amazing acting. incredible writing. a moving and exciting episode.

    the chemestry between actors on this show blows me away. i think that's why i stuck with the show during its less than amazing third season, and now we are finally awarded with 3 amazing episodes in a row.

    ryan and julie are a truely terrific story. they started out as enemies, and now they're family in a sense. ben and melinda's scenes are absolutely amazing.

    taylor and kaitlyn are some of the best additions they've ever made.

    seth and summer's problems actually have meaning this year and aren't a corny "stop lying to me!" story. we all miss marissa, but we all move on, and this show will move on, and it will be much better off. and i can't wait.
  • WOW!! This is The OC at its best!!

    What an amazing episode!! WOW I can’t believe it! This is The OC in a totally different direction, but it’s incredible! Julie and Ryan at the end, I was so close to crying! Melinda Clarke’s acting is superb. The Volchok and Ryan scene was awesome – intense, but it ended in the right way. The Summer-Julie scene was really sweet. At least they’re both trying to deal now. It was really sad when Summer was talking about losing Marissa, it’s the first time this season she’s done that. But this episode still had tons of funniness. Taylor is HILERIOUS! I didn’t like her in season 3, but she’s really growing on me! Oh and Kaitlin and her dog, that was so funny! Three episodes in and The OC is stronger than ever. Season 4 is looking better and better each week!