The O.C.

Season 1 Episode 14

The Countdown

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 17, 2003 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show the oc its the final countdown one of my all time favrits from the show th oc and its new years and oliver invites marisa and the gang to spend the new years with them and kirtsten sister comes home and has a party and ryan and seth try to stop the party and they do and ryan must make it in time but also marissa finds out that the girl that oliver said was not there again and so ryan is rusing to get there and its the final 10 seconds and he runs in throught the door and pushes people out of the way marisa runs to him and they kiss this was really good ep and it had a good moment at the end i thought was special
  • "I love you." "Thank you." Awkward!

    This episode, although it had its serious moments, was mainly comedy centered, and it was both highly amusing and laugh out loud funny. It opened up beautifully with Marissa and Ryan experiencing the "I love you" part of the relationship, and like most men, this is where Ryan trips up. Though things don't get better when party girl 2003 Hailey Nichol just magnifies the problem. She also makes it tougher on Sandy and Kirsten as she gives them the invite to a swingers party. Hailey herself decides to throw a party, and Marissa ventures into her own at her new friend Oliver's party.

    What was so great about the episode is that it concentrates on three different very perspectives; the young and invincible teenage years, the midlife crisis, and marriage. All of these point of views were executed beautifully and was able to properly articulate their points across very well. Although it seems like Hailey is one of those one episode disposable characters, she's a very interesting person and it'd be nice if she stuck around. Though the highlight of the episode is the jokes and lines that were firing away throughout the whole episode. The O.C. is funnier then most comedies.
  • Kirsten's sister Hailey comes back to town as bad as ever. While Oliver the guy that Marissa met in therapy invites Marissa to a party and she wants to bring Ryan but Ryan doesn't want to go and Seth's is still getting over his lady issues.

    I love this episode! Hailey is such a rebel. I think the writers did an exceptional job with the story line. I have always loved the OC and for a long time it has been my favorite show. I really love the new character Hailey as she brings a new spark to this series. Man I hate Oliver and how he is so smug and arrogant I so want to smack him in the face. I thought that it was hilarious when Marissa said I love you to Ryan and he said thank you. I mean why in the world would you say thank you. Overall I really liked this episode because I found it was a bit different from other episodes and was entertaining so I gave it a 9.8 out of ten.
  • Ryan is left speechless when Marissa says "I Love you", while Sandy and Kirsten discover they are in a rut after the return of Kirsten's little sister Hailey.

    Marissa and Ryan's relationship is explored during this episode, as New Years Eve looms closer, and Ryan finds himself struggling to tell Marissa how he really feels.

    Seth also finds himself alone on New Years Eve, following his rejection of both Anna and Summer. Ryan and Seth are left at home with Kirsten's sister, Hailey who has returned to Newport and has decided to shack up in Ryan's pool house.

    This episode is also one of the first to introduce Oliver as a character and begins to shed light on his personality and his first moment with Marissa, a character whom he grows a dangerous attraction to. The music throughout this episode is great and really gives us a vibe of what New Years Eve is like in areas like The OC. The scenes between Kirsten and Sandy are hilarious and show more insight into their limits as a couple and their long-lasting relationship. The most memorable scenes from this episode are definitely the final scenes, in which Ryan is trying to get to Marissa just before midnight. The scene between Kirsten and Hailey after her 'rager' is also very strong, and it was a great introduction to their family history and Hailey's background. The scene where Anna meets Seth on the driveway is also a great way to establish the relationship between the two that slowly begins to develop into something much more.
  • I think I fell in love with this show, to bad it's not New Years Eve.

    Things start out with a bang, as Marissa says the magical 3 words (I love you) when she is caught in the heat of the moment. Ryan, in shock of this, is dumbfounded on what to say and they both scurry off embarrassed. I know Ryan has never had this before, but to say thank you when someone tells you they love you, is just not the right thing to say. I cut him some slack though, she kind of just threw it out there and Ryan got hit by it when he wasn’t looking. Ryan is met with a surprise as it seems Kirsten’s sister drops in for a surprise visit on her sister. Just when you think things might get normal, everything gets crazy again, got to love this show for that, things are always interesting. Hailey puts on a fake smile and try’s to get everyone out so she can have a party, but she gets busted when the party comes to her before Ryan and Seth leave the house. Marissa, Anna and Summer all go to Oliver’s party, while Ryan and Seth have to break one up if they want to go as well. While Ryan is gone, Oliver cast’s his spell on Marissa; he understands her problems and this could spell trouble for Ryan. Kirsten and Sandy end up at a swinger’s party, while Hailey stirs the pot even more. A party is one thing, but now she might ruin Ryan’s relationship but locking him in the pool house with Seth on New Years Eve. Somehow Oliver seems to know it all, and this can’t be good for Ryan and Marissa, something about Oliver makes me suspicious. Ryan finally gets his chance to go to the party that Marissa is at after being let out to break up the party for Hailey. Hailey seems like she is known for leaving her problems behind in a flash without notice. Tension rises as people are picked at random in the swinger’s party and as the people pair off the choices get ever so thin with Sandy and Kirsten still nervously waiting for the result. Turns out that Sandy pulled a fast one, and Sandy and Kirsten get each other (awwww). Ryan gets stuck in traffic, and Anna, feeling lonely, leaves her party to be with Seth. I loved the Anna came to see Seth; I know Seth likes them both, but I think he should go out with Anna; she is smart and seems right for him. Tension builds once again as Ryan runs to make it to the party, and the clock ticks away second by second. Ryan’s love for Marissa drives him to the limits but does he make it in time?!?! Yes he does!!! My heart at this point is feeling joy for Ryan and Marissa, they notice each other and when the countdown reaches 0 and celebration burst out, we get left with the image of Ryan and Marissa kissing! Then in an O.C. fashion, love breaks out on New Years Eve, for everyone except Summer. As happy as I was I was also sad for Summer, as much of a "female dog" as she was, she has changed and doesn’t deserve to be left out, but in the given situation Seth can’t have two girls, and he had to make a decision.
  • However you spend New Year's eve is how you'll spend the rest of the night.

    The Countdown is one of the best OC episodes they produced. The storyline introduces the conflict between Ryan and Oliver. Knowing what's coming will drive you crazy when you watch the episode. It's also the first time that Ryan and Marissa tell each other they love each other (though Ryan's a bit late, thank you).

    I thought all the characters had really good stories throughout this episode. Anna and Summer dealing with Seth wanting a friendship, Ryan and Marissa having their first problems as a couple, the partying Hailey, Anna bagging Seth, and Summer realizing that Seth's the only one for her, and of course, did I mention Sandy and Kirstin getting over what Hailey called a rut.
  • Best episode in any season of the OC

    I truly beleive that this has the best episodes in any season of the OC because none of my new years have come close to anything that they have. Anna wins the fight to be with Seth as she didnt want him to be alone and Ryan realises his true feelings for Marissa who so elegantly re-uses Ryans line of "thankyou". Season one has many highs, but this has to be the pinacle. This could turn the most apprehensive person into a true OC fanatic!

    Quick Mention-In the pool house when Marissa and Ryan are talking, This has to be Marissa at her best, she looks stunning.
  • My favourite episode in Season 1

    This episode was SO good. It was my favourite one on tv and im still in love with it too this day. Seth finally makes his desicion between Anna and Summer and chooses ANNA which i thought was the right choice because she liked Seth for the right reasons when Summer only likes him because she couldnt have him. Also the last scene where dice was playing was one of the best scenes in tv history when Ryan was running to Marissa at Olivers new years eve party thankfully he got there in time and he and Marissa had a romantic kiss.
  • The O.C. Orange County, It's where all the beautiful people live.

    Kristen's outgoing and spoiled younger sister Hailey Nichol, notorious for not doing anything with her life, returns home and asks to stay for New Years Eve. Although getting along fine with everyone, she shows her true colors when she throws a destructive New Years Eve party at the house when Sandy and Kristen are out and locks both Ryan and Set in the guest house. Meanwhile, Sandy and Kristen gets lost while traveling to a restaurant for dinner and find themselves in a rut, and out of their environment, at a swingers house party. The mysterious Oliver Trask, a charming young teenager whom Marissa met during a therapy session, takes advantage of a mild quarrel between Ryan and Marissa to cast his spell on her and invites Marissa and her friends to his New Years Eve part at his patents posh apartment penthouse. Also there in attendance are Summer and Anna who talk about Seth and decide to find him to make him choose which one of them he wants to be with.

    - Alex
  • A classic O.C episode!

    My favourite O.C moments are those that pull the heart strings and this one certainly did that. This is Ryan and Marissa at their finest! In Season 1 and indeed Season 2 I was a big supporter of their relationship but I was relieved when she died as it put an end to her nonstop dramas and allowed Ryan and Taylor to get together. But I digress. This episode had it all comedy, drama, great music and of course romance. Sandy and Kirstin going to a swingers party was hilarious, Seth's claustrophobia in the pool house was entertaining and Ryan's efforts to get to the penthouse of the Four Seasons by 12 had me sitting on the edge of my seat. That kiss, combined with the music, was sheer brilliance. Re-watching episodes like this makes me miss the O.C all the more. There will never be another show like it because no other show can put together episodes like this IMO.
  • Loved this episode! Will remember it as one of my favourite episodes in season 1.

    This episode will ALWAYS be a favourite as it reminds me of why i started watching the show in the first place. Love the interaction with Seth and Ryan during this episode. Always keeps the show light and comical. I loved the end montage, basically because of the way the whole thing was structured...the song and the scene. As a Maryan fan, the end was insanely awesome and deifinetely helped make this episode a classic. The confrontation between Kirsten and Hailey gave The O.C. its dash of drama and gave depth to the Hailey storyline. Overall, this episode is a memorable and favourable one and one i will always keep in mind when I sit down to watch the season 1 boxset.
  • One of my all-time favourite OC-episodes

    There are many great episodes of The OC and especially with amazing scenes of Marissa and Ryan. But this is my favourite Marissa-Ryan-episode ever. It was extremely funny when Ryan replied "Thank you" to Marissa's "I love you" in the beginning. And the final scene couldn't have been any more perfect: "I love you", says Ryan. "Thank you", answers Marissa. And "Dice" by Finley Quaye has been one of my favourite songs since then!
    Also, Seth chosing Anna in this episode was really sweat, although it was so sad how Summer kissed that guy at midnight only to realize that he's "not Seth Cohen"...
  • The Best episode ever from the oc, has everything! Comedy, drama, suspence, the perfect example of the perfect episode.

    This is the episode of all episodes, if u want to sit down and 4get ur troubles in life this is it. The countdown starts off with an uncomfrotable scene between marrisa and ryan and it ends in the way the episode should of started but then where wuld the fun be in that!!! lol. Truely a spectacle. Well Done.
  • There are sparks in the new year but will it stay that way for the whole year?? one word answer: no

    Oh my god, one of the classics. I\'ve watched this so many time I can recite the episode. The thing I love about this episode A LOT. I love the part when...well who doesn\'t....when Ryan does not say I love you and everyone makes fun of it especially SETH Example A: (I may be able to recite the episode but not that well)
    Hailey: Don\'t count on it it\'s because Ryan couldn\'t say 3 words...Where are the frosted flakes?
    Seth: That\'s four
    Hailey: I...LOVE...YOU
    Seth: Shut up. Ryan, Marissa said that to you *Ryan Nods* Well what did you say?
    Ryan: Thank you
    Example B:
    Sandy: Do you guys need anything?
    Seth: Yes. Ryan needs a tear in the space-time continuim so he can go back in time to say I love you to Marissa
    Kirsten: She said that?

    Oh such classics. Also the part where Summer and Anna try to get the same guy, like that worked out well the first time round. But the best thing was the ending with the slow-mo and the music especially if you see the bloopers H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S. BTW, Sandy and Kirsten go to a swinger party while Hailey throws a beatuiful, elegant RAGER! With hot girls wanting to kill her, like who doesn\'t?
  • Ahh i luv this episode. its so cute! i luv ryan n marissa..ah they are so cute!

    This was a total ryan n marissa episode. i mean oh course it was. it was so cute at the end. i luv how ryan got ther just in time, n they they kiss! its so cute! n i luv the song "dice." this is one of mi favourite OC episodes..i luv it so much. i can watch it so many times..n yess..i dont evver get bored! i mean come on..who gets bored while theyre watching The OC?? il tel ya..NO ONE! lol i luv MI OC!

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  • It's a race against time.

    Ryan gets kicked out of the pool house as Kirsten's sister Hailey returns and moves in. This causes irritation all round as she convinces Kirsten her marriage is in a rut and sends her and Sandy to a swingers party. While Sandy and Kirsten are out she throws a raver in the Cohen house. This causes problems for Seth and Ryan who are staying home after some mistakes they made relationship wise.
    Marissa gets invited to a New Years party by Oliver and Ryan realises he has to be there with her or he will loose her. After convincing Hailey to end the raver he faces a race against time to get to Marissa before midnight. Seth on the other hand believes he deserves to spend New Years alone, but to his suprise Anna shows up to be with him at midnight. At the same time Ryan gets to the patry just in time to be with Marissa, so after a bad start, both Seth and Ryan get their girls. But this leaves Summer on her own as she realises she still wants Seth. Sandy and Kirsten bare the swinger party but Sandy removes his watch from the jar so at the end of the night all that is left is him and Kirsten.
  • New Years Eve episode, First time time Ryan says I love you.

    This episode I'm sure all would agree is a series classic. With a good deal of humour and sarcasm as well as some romantic altercations including a feisty new character makes for good viewing. Classic parts of this episode include when we meet Hailey- Kirsten's sister and the way she reacts to Ryan and the way Ryan reacts to her, her funniest line being "Do you want this back?" in reference to Ryan's trademark wife beater. The highlight of this episode is at the end of this episode where Ryan run's up the stair's to the Four Season's penthouse just in time to kiss Marissa at midnight and to say "I love you". I'd give the episode a ten. Definite series classic.
  • The O.C.: Episode 14: "The Countdown"- The memorable final moments before the countdown to the beginning of 2004. (Spoiler Alert)

    "The Countdown" is one of my favorite episodes of "The O.C.". The episode is filled with romance which is my favorite part in this series. In my opinion, the love stories set on New Year's Eve is one of the best ideas ever written. Marissa says "I love you" but Ryan responds saying "Thank you", which creates an awkward moment. Ryan is first to witness Hailey's return. Oliver invites Marissa to a party and he expects to meet Ryan and she expects to meet Natalie. Marissa plans on going but Ryan decides not to. Sandy and Kirsten leave for a party while Hailey decides to "catch up with some friends". Hailey convinces Ryan to get to Marissa for New Year's Day. Before Ryan and Seth leave, Hailey's wild party breaks out at the house. Ryan and Seth decide not to leave until they stop the party. Sandy and Kirsten arrive at the party to find out that it's actually a "swinger's party". Kirsten dares Sandy to place his watch into the jar which will decide which two random partners will spend the night having sex. Sandy seems to be enjoying the party while Kirsten seems to be in a "rut". Later, Kirsten tries to have fun while Sandy decides to leaves. Kirsten thinks they're in a rut and Sandy and Kirsten both decide to swing. Later, the selections are made and the women start picking out from the jar. A watch is taken out, one by one and the suspense between Sandy and Kirsten grows. In the end, when Sandy and Kirsten are the only ones left, Sandy reveals that he never did put his watch into the jar. They decide to return home. At Oliver's party, Summer and Anna decide to forget about Seth. Later, Summer and Anna question about Anna's type being Seth Cohen. Summer spends time with a boy and Anna decides to leave because it becomes too depressing for her being alone. Marissa and Oliver talk about his long distance relationship with Natalie and him loving her. Oliver and Marrisa talks about Ryan's "Thank you" response and Marissa starts to think that Ryan doesn't love her. Hailey locks Ryan and Seth in the pool house to prevent them from calling the cops. Ryan questions his love for Marissa and finally embraces the fact that he loves her. Hailey decides to end the party after a girl starts asking for her. She asks for Ryan and Seth's help. By shutting off the power and lying about the cops coming, everyone leaves. Ryan finally leaves for Marissa while Seth and Hailey stay to clean up. Ryan gets stuck in traffic. Marissa talks with Oliver about "looking back at the door thinking maybe he'll show up in time". Sandy and Kirsten arrive back to a devastatingly messy home. Kirsten questions Hailey's lifestyle. Hailey doesn't want to grow up to be just like Kirsten but Kirsten just wants her to grow up. Later, Sandy and Kirsten share an intimate night together. While Seth is putting out the garbage, he meets Anna who claims she doesn't want to be alone on New Year's Day and he invites her in. Seth and Anna start kissing during the countdown. The memorable moment set to Finley Quay's Dice where Ryan rushes to Marissa, skipping the elevator and starts running up the stairs. At twenty seconds and counting, Marissa glimpses at the door and shows an unhappy face. At ten seconds and counting, Marissa looks at Summer like she's about to cry. Marissa and Oliver prepare to toast. Finally, three seconds and counting, Ryan opens the door and he and Marissa meet eyes. They approach each other and kiss. Summer kisses a stranger and backs away saying "You're not Seth Cohen". Ryan finally says "I love you" and in a joking way, Marissa says "Thank you" and both kiss. "The Countdown" stands as one of the best episodes of "The O.C." and my favorite episodes tied with "The Truth" and "The Ties that Bind". The person I felt sorry for was Summer. She is my favorite character in "The O.C." and seeing her unhappy made me feel unhappy also. Great way to end the year...
  • episode goof:

    ok so first off i really need to be able to write these goofs down in the trivia section. i just finished watching this one and i saw a couple of things at the end of the episode that didnt add up. first of all, Kirsten tells Seth to take out the garbage. now why would you take out the garbage on new years eve when there\'s no garbage on new years day? even if your garbage day happens to fall on jan 1, there is still no pick up.(and also, wouldnt they need the garbage cans to clean up from the party?)and my second point, this show takes place on west coast time zone, which is like 3 hours behind eastern time. i noticed in the scene where seth is making out with anna in his room, the tv is on behind him and it shows the ball dropping in new york city. during this scence is the countdown where ryan and marissa are. which would mean that its only 9 o\'clock. but this assuming that all of this is happening at the same time, which it looks like it is.
  • Marrisa: I love you Ryan: Thank you

    Marrisa: I love you
    Ryan: Thank you

    Most of this epsoide was focused on these two lines. i don't blame him, it is quite difficult to say it back wothout meaning it. as a fellow guy i can understand where Ryan is coming from.Hailey really made Ryan life a bit difficult by telling people. What is wrong with saying thank you at least it polite, mind you i really like writers to do something orginal. At the end of the day he said he loved her and the kiss at the end was so nice and sweet.

    Hailey, not sure what to make of her just yet at least she staying for a couple of epsoide. Kirsten look when she realise it was swingers party was shocked but she didn't want to think that her marriage is on rut, i liked how both of them played off each other, it nice when we realise that Sandy took his watch out of the bowl before selection happend.

    Oliver, this is the second time we seen him but we got to know him a lot better this time. we found out that he is really intrested in Marrisa but she isn't intrested in him however Oliver used tactic that most guy used which is to find a weakness in her relationship oppountity arised when Marrisa asked Oliver whether he has said he love his girlfriend. of course he says yes then turn the table on her and ask ur boyfriend hasn't said that yet. i am sure we need to look out for this guy, he is certainly a trouble maker. unfounatly we will have to wait until September to find out what his plan towards stealing marrisa from Ryan.

    Seth, Anna is a lot more intellengent then Summer, think about it Anna was smart enough to leave party and come to seth house unlike Summer who spend the new year eve with another guy realising he is not seth cohen. he saw Seth making out with Anna, so that means he has made his decision which that he wants to be with anna. how do i come to this conclusion well simply if he was truely in love with summer he would of said no to anna and say let be friends. How are both of them going tell Summer that these two are going out with each other.
  • Lovely one!

    I just can't get myself to get this episode away from my mind. Ending is just so perfect. I love romantic endings with some scenarios, and this is the case that should make some other writers take an example. Anna with Seth, Kirsten with Sandy, Ryan running for midnight kiss from Marissa. Then slow-motion, when Marrisa is obviously hoping Ryan will come...and Oliver gets "nothing" (I really hated him all the time :), all these followed by beautiful music (Finley Quaye & William Orbit - Dice; This made it my favorite song from season one.) Do you think, there is a better way for more romantic New Year's beginning? I Don't! :) Absolutely amazing! I watched it many many times, and I just still love it!
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