The O.C.

Season 1 Episode 14

The Countdown

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 17, 2003 on FOX

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  • I think I fell in love with this show, to bad it's not New Years Eve.

    Things start out with a bang, as Marissa says the magical 3 words (I love you) when she is caught in the heat of the moment. Ryan, in shock of this, is dumbfounded on what to say and they both scurry off embarrassed. I know Ryan has never had this before, but to say thank you when someone tells you they love you, is just not the right thing to say. I cut him some slack though, she kind of just threw it out there and Ryan got hit by it when he wasn’t looking. Ryan is met with a surprise as it seems Kirsten’s sister drops in for a surprise visit on her sister. Just when you think things might get normal, everything gets crazy again, got to love this show for that, things are always interesting. Hailey puts on a fake smile and try’s to get everyone out so she can have a party, but she gets busted when the party comes to her before Ryan and Seth leave the house. Marissa, Anna and Summer all go to Oliver’s party, while Ryan and Seth have to break one up if they want to go as well. While Ryan is gone, Oliver cast’s his spell on Marissa; he understands her problems and this could spell trouble for Ryan. Kirsten and Sandy end up at a swinger’s party, while Hailey stirs the pot even more. A party is one thing, but now she might ruin Ryan’s relationship but locking him in the pool house with Seth on New Years Eve. Somehow Oliver seems to know it all, and this can’t be good for Ryan and Marissa, something about Oliver makes me suspicious. Ryan finally gets his chance to go to the party that Marissa is at after being let out to break up the party for Hailey. Hailey seems like she is known for leaving her problems behind in a flash without notice. Tension rises as people are picked at random in the swinger’s party and as the people pair off the choices get ever so thin with Sandy and Kirsten still nervously waiting for the result. Turns out that Sandy pulled a fast one, and Sandy and Kirsten get each other (awwww). Ryan gets stuck in traffic, and Anna, feeling lonely, leaves her party to be with Seth. I loved the Anna came to see Seth; I know Seth likes them both, but I think he should go out with Anna; she is smart and seems right for him. Tension builds once again as Ryan runs to make it to the party, and the clock ticks away second by second. Ryan’s love for Marissa drives him to the limits but does he make it in time?!?! Yes he does!!! My heart at this point is feeling joy for Ryan and Marissa, they notice each other and when the countdown reaches 0 and celebration burst out, we get left with the image of Ryan and Marissa kissing! Then in an O.C. fashion, love breaks out on New Years Eve, for everyone except Summer. As happy as I was I was also sad for Summer, as much of a "female dog" as she was, she has changed and doesn’t deserve to be left out, but in the given situation Seth can’t have two girls, and he had to make a decision.