The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 21

The Dawn Patrol

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 13, 2006 on FOX

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  • Damn wow

    Well, looks like it's shaping up to be another climatic, or anti climatic, season finale. Lots and lots of drama, and even more potential for even more drama. This episode should be epic, but because it suffers from the same thing that this entire season has suffered from, which is too many damn storylines, the enjoyment is retracted. First off there's Marissa's relationships with Volchock and her mother, then there's Seth and Summer's deteriorating relationship, Matt's legal troubles with Sandy, Sandy's once again dying relationship with his mom, and of course, Ryan deciding whether or not to invite his mom to his graduation. All these scenarios were actually executed pretty nicely--besides Marissa's terrible acting. Summer and Seth's in particular was pretty dramatic and awesome to watch, and Ryan's moment with his mother is pretty touching, but there's just too much!
  • nice

    This episode has Ryan travelling to go visit his mum Dawn to give her tickets to his graduation while visiting he hooks up with a girl named chloe. Marissa attends one of volcheks parties and helps save heather from getting raped this makes her realize that volchek isnt her type of guy and goes home to julie also Summer stands on the coffee cart and declares who love for Seth but he turns her down because he doesnt want to tell her about prom and lastly Kirsten is sturggling with the pressure of being alone and opens a bottle of wine but tips it away before she can drink it.
  • "i don't love you anymore"

    Awww... this episode was so sad. I started crying when seth told summer he didn't love her anymore. I hated seeing them break up because they are so perfect for each other. but him telling her that he didn't love her anymore was obviously the biggest lie, he was just doing what he thought would be the best for her in the long run which is really sweet. it was so sad when they were sitting in detention together and you could tell that they were both hurting really bad. i am really happy that they get back together at prom though. i love them.
  • The OC. Episode 21

    Julie and Volchok's little talk was the best part. "Keep that grimey paw away from me... Unless you wanna see what ten years of Cardio Bar can do to your face." LOL

    It turns out Ryan doesn't miss Sadie that much. :D
    Anyway, episode full of touching moments.
    1. When Marissa figured Volchock's lifestyle is definitely dangerous, she comes back home and Julie is there, waiting for her. The hug she and Julie shared was very sweet and delicate, also because of the song ("I've been waiting for you") in the background.
    2. Summer's coffee cart love declaration.
    3. When Ryan realizes his mother loves him, after all. The whole thing wasn't mushy but really nice, in my opinion.

    I have to say it: Cohens men are turning into complete morons. Especially Seth.
    Well, if he keeps on like that I'll call him little "Marisso".
  • did it dawn on them that they are pulling at strings?

    This episode just doesn\'t do it for me. It seems to be totally irrelevant to any of the plot currently goign on and just a sidetrack. I guess I just felt the part with Ryan and his mom was very contrived. The part with Summer and Seth was good we finally got a break up, I mean seariously this show is getting a little stagnant. We also got to see Marissa breaking away from Volchek. Though the whole date rape scene was a little overdone. The OC just seems to be losing it a lot this seasont there is just so many weak episodes, they really need to work on it.
  • I love it!

    Though i cried my eyes out, it was such a beautiful episode! I just loved it! And thank gud The kick ass Julie is back to whip Marissas ass! 'Cause she really was in need of it!
    But I'm hoping Seth can pull it togehter, and stop playing around whit Summer! But I think is kind of cute of him to show some balls.
    I really didn't like Sandy in this episode though! Ignoring Kristen like that!
    But any way i loved it! Maybe it's because I like when it is a little sadness in a show, but over all it was a great episode!
  • The OC was unfortunately falling into the sophomore season trap where no one is interested anymore. I think this episode picked it up and reminded me why I never stopped watching.

    The OC was unfortunately falling into the sophomore season trap where no one is interested anymore. I think this episode picked it up and reminded me why I never stopped watching. I was truly becoming disillusioned with the show and considering that this may be my last season of loyalty. However, this episode was exactly how the show used to be when I was hooked. I can't wait to watch again and see how everything turns out. I hope the writers got their groove back and this is a new trend for the show, not a beautiful lapse in the boring regularity that has become The OC.
  • Ryan decides to go and invite his mother to his graduation party. Taylor and Summer work together to try and find out what Seth is hiding. Marissa realises she is in bad company after she finds out how low Volchok's friends can go.

    I liked this episode, it was so sad when Seth told Summer he didn't love her anymore, but at the end of the episode he finally saw that he made a huge mistake!Well luckily we all know that they'll end up together anyways, thats quite predictable.
    Ryan and his mom where nice at the end, and that Chloe girl was ok to.
    It took that Heather girl being drugged and almost raped to make Marissa see that she was in bad company, but I think she finally does now, it was cute to see her turn to her mom for once after that!
    Matt is finally gone I liked his character, but it was time for him to leave.
    I hope Kirstin does not start drinking again, that would be stupid.
    I liekd this episode and i'm looking forward to the next one.
  • Cry your eyes out.

    Ryan goes to Albuquerque where he hooks up with a girl and meets his white-trash mother.
    Marissa does what Marissa does, and of course another tear-jerking moment for Summer and Seth.

    They have made many references back to it's season 1 glory: the farris wheel, the model home, and now the coffee-cart love declaration. These moments if executed properly could have been great, but instead they leave viewers wanting more. The model home sequence was amazing to watch, but ended so abruptly and lost all significance when Marissa falls and Ryan slams the picture. The coffee-cart sequence was touching, but leaves viewers wanting more when Seth refuses.
  • Not fantastic, but not bad.

    This episode was pretty good, but everything with Seth and Summer was painful to watch. Hopefully things with Marissa and Volchok will be over before the fantastic four graduates. Aside from the Seth/Summer scenes, this was a good episode. Marissa was finally responsible when Volchok\'s party got out of hand (the incident with the girl who had some drug put in her beer). This is hopefully one of many more good episodes to come before the season finale.
  • : )

    This episode was amazing! It was by far the best of the season!

    I loved this part:
    Summer: Look, I love you this much, and I wanna be with you now, and next year, and whatever comes after that. So I\'m asking, in the presence of this coffee cart and the sacred moment that it represents, if you can honestly tell me that you don\'t love me anymore.

    And then this was really sad:
    Seth: I don\'t love you anymore.

    I also loved how Ryan went to visit his mom and he was nice to her. She seemed really happy and so did he.

    I think Marissa will stop the whold Volchok thing so that\'s good. Overall this episode was amazing and I looooooove it!
  • Marissa goes to stay with Volchek. when she sees an enemy from Newport Union being date raped, she returns home, fearful of Volcheks lifestyle. Kirsten feels disconnected from Sandy. Seth hides his Brown rejection from Summer and claims he does not love h

    It seems the OC is finally beginning to redeem itself or its lackluster season. This episode held enough excitement, drama, and heartbreak to hold it up to par with the previous two seasons. The only problem i had with this episode is for the Volchek-Marissa affair. She seems to just be looking for attention. The dealings between Sandy and the hospital men is a key ingredient to this season. as he becomes more involved into the Newport Group, the viewer can detect many similarities to the "new sandy" and the late Caleb. Let's just hope that Sandy can return to his old Berkeley ways. Meanwhile, Seth is still trapped in his lies and to get to the bottom of them, Summer decides to "un-break up" the couple. instead of using this chace to redeem himself for his lies, clean his slate, he instead breaks up with Summer without and explaination. Distraught, Taylor asks to help Summer win back Seth. They devise a plan to re-enact the infamous coffee cart scene from season 1's "Telenovela" where Seth declared his love for Summer. Summer stands upon the cart and tells seth that she loves him and wants to be with him and if he doesnt love her, then to say it....he does. he walks away leaving Summer more heartbroken then ever. In turn, it left me, and a million other viewers bawling our eyes out in pain and confusion. Seth does happen to redeem himself a bit at the end by devising a "get in to brown and win back summer" plan. meanwhile, Ryan goes to find his mom to invite her to graduation. he has a sexual encounter with his mom's waitress co-worker. fearful that his mom hasn't changed her old ways, he uninvites her from his graduation until he realizes that she has cleaned up and truly loves him. a very sweet Ryan Atwood moment. i hope more than anything that Seth fixes it with Summer. their break-up breaks my heart everytime i think of it.
  • The OC is getting back on track!

    This episode was way above average for this season. The OC writers have finally figured out what we want to see. Some pretty damn good intrigues rises and if they play their cards right this could be a great underlie for future episodes.

    It was great to see Ryan's mom again and how well she did. Talking about mothers, how will it go with Kirsten and her problems? Can't wait for the next episode.

    Ryan got a little slutty with a waitress and Marissa finally saw where her life is heading. Seth tells Summer he doesn't love her anymore and Taylor comforts her like a true friend. Taylor is the cutest, most annoying little thing in this show. I love her. Keep her.

    Maybe The OC is finally getting back on the right track?
  • I keep saying it: the OC finally understands! They saw their mistakes (can anyone say heeeeeere's Johnny?) and are learning quite nicely what OC fans want. This episode broke my heart on so many levels. However, here's hoping they stay realistic!

    Okay, first things first: I don't understand the deal with Brown. I just do. not. get. it. Is Seth crazy, or does he not realize that he can't lie about getting into college? Seriously, in this respect, OC execs are nuts, because obviously parents would know the truth about their kid's acceptance status. He clearly needs to tell them he didn't get in, so why wait? And I swear, OC execs will have one angry fan if they somehow get Seth into Brown. Fine, whatever, I understand that this is just a show, but since the OC is generally based on a realistic premise (kids in high school..we're not talking a fantasy world like Star Trek here), it should stay grounded in reality. In real life, NO ONE would ever get into a school if they were rejected. Wait-listed, maybe, but he was flat-out rejected, so there's no way they can get Seth into Brown. Also something that bothered me: all four characters applied to only one school? Last time I checked, that's completely unrealistic and just not a common practice these days. I'm holding my breath for next week hoping that his rejection stays, despite the fact that I really would love to see Seth & Summer together. Besides, how on earth would they work it logistically? Two main characters on the east coast (wooo yeah east coast!) and two on the west coast doesn't exactly make for easy communication. Plus, I mean, the show is called "The OC", so doesn't it kinda need to be CA-based? I'm intrigued to see where all this is going.

    I was proud of Marissa this episode. I don't mind the whole Volchok rebellion thing because, let's face it, Volchok is a beautiful, beautiful man. I actually kind of like him in a twisted way (I can't quite figure out why; maybe I'm just focusing too much on those abs). It was good to see her take responsibility for someone she doesn't even like. At least OC fans can rest assured that while Marissa is going through something, she isn't losing her core morals and she's still the same old Marissa. It was sweet and totally relatable to see her cry to Julie, so thumbs up for that. (By the way, where was Neil?)

    The Summer and Seth episode broke my heart. S/S rank in my top 3 TV couples of all time (another of which is coincidentally a real-life couple as well..go Jess and Rory!). I don't want to see them split up because they're just too darn cute, so at least Seth immediately realized his terrible mistake. Summer was so sweet and optimistic when she unbroke up with Seth, but when he reversed the decision, I couldn't believe it. This whole thing shows just how perfect S/S are, because she smells the lies a mile away. She knows Seth too well, so she gets that this isn't a normal breakup. At least, she did before he said those fatal words. The Hershey kiss balloon path was adorable, and I love the throwback to the wonderful coffee cart moment, but when Seth dared to say, "I don't love you anymore", I think I actually heard the collective gasps and sounds of breaking hearts from every OC fan on the planet. Taylor was nice in this episode, although I still feel a little weird about her helping S/S since she once tried to break them up, even though I do know that she's moved on.

    I'm sad that Matt left the show because truth be told, I totally wanted to see a Matt/Marissa hookup, and he was completely hot, but they stretched that story as far as it could go. I'm bothered by the troubles between Sandy and Kirsten, though. Honestly, they're a great couple, but I just don't care about their relationship. Of course this couldn't be done, but I'd so much rather see more of a focus on the teens and Julie/Neil because Kirsten and Sandy simply bore me.

    The story with Ryan's mom was great. I really like her now and you can see that she's genuinely trying. Her excitement when she saw Ryan got ME excited, and the look in her eyes was just wonderful and another tearful moment. Again, it broke my heart when she was all excited about her new dress and then Ryan told her he wasn't going to graduation, so thank goodness that she is going after all. I really like Chloe too, and I can't say I would mind if she ever came back. Major thumbs up for the Ryan/Dawn/Chloe scenes.

    Overall, the show is rapidly improving compared to the Johnny slump. I'm so excited for next week to see Anna and Teresa!
  • A fine episode! All the main characters deal with individual issues, and provides great drama and balance.

    This episode displayed much the familiar magic seen throughout the first fantastic series. Ryan returns to his Chino-esque ways, reminding audiences that he's not such a good-two-shoes after all! Marissa on the otherhand does a 360 and shows rare maturity when a rager gets outta hand. Seth and Summer's relationship dilemma accerelates and S/S shippers will be left heartbroken. The most dramatic apsect is Kirsten's close call with the wine bottle, and my admiration for Kelly Rowan's character intensified. Poor Kirsten! Oh! And Julie and Marissa share a truly beautiful moment - the Coopers are human after all! Great stuff!
  • I can't believe Seth doesn't love Summer anymore, that was one of the most saddest things that I have seen on that show. I could not believe it.

    The Episodes are getting better, like always near the end when the finale is coming, that is when it starts to get good. They will leave us hanging again!. Seth and Summer are Perfect for one another, I couldn't believe that Seth doesn't love her anymore. I cried. They are my Number 1 Favorite Couple. I couldn't believe that Ryan slept with Chloe sooo fast. I'm glad Kirsten didn't drink the Wine. Overall it was good Eppy.
  • This episode was the absolute heartbreaker!

    This episode was really good! I enjoyed it so much.
    This review might contain spoilers of this episode!
    Summer is perfect again. She realizes pretty fast that something is in the bush and she gets back together with Seth, just to find out why he is so distant. She’s such a good player!
    Seth can take more than I, and probably everyone thought, he has the nerve to break up with Summer and telling this to her while looking into her eyes. That’s was so cruel!
    This time Taylor couldn’t help anymore too. Ok, she was there for Summer, that’s something too.
    I mean Marissa isn’t around this time as well. Marissa finally is over with her friends exactly like her mother said it will be.
    Ryan is pretty fast with hooking up again. I mean he just broke up with his girlfriend and now he jumps into bed with his mother’s hot co-worker. I liked the story with his mother and so. That was well done. Even though: It will be trouble when she comes to the party.

    Sandy is so deep into his business now like Caleb always was. The difference: Sandy doesn’t see that yet. It’s sad, but it the truth.

    After this episode I was left heartbroken, because we know about Seth’s secret. It was a really good episode.
  • Finally it is heading back to the best show ever!

    one of the bests episodes of the oc..but it was painful to see seth say to summer that he didn't love her anymore..but it is becoming brilliant again that's what just bad that sandy is becoming caleb..he was so cool..let's hope he returns to himselfe...i'm just exited to see the next episode...
  • Ryan decides to go and invite his mother to his graduation party. Taylor and Summer work together to try and find out what Seth is hiding. Marissa realises she is in bad company after she finds out how low Volchok's friends can go.

    A happy ending finally. Agood episode overall. Thoug h i couldn' see the logic of hooking Ryan up with another random girl. Where do you get such sexy girls with one night stands. I wanna go there. Somebody please help me. Also why was there a sudden change of heart for Seth ? Just a few moments back he had refused Summer and when Ryan comes back he wants her. I guess the writers are just trying to linger on till the season finale. They have run of script and want it all to end in the last episode.

    This was yet another brilliant episode. FOrgive me if I sound down but those over at Fanbolt were being very negative. They want all these talks, to help give us some closure. Well I agree, but right now I'm happy with them showing us the cahracters lost state. The talks can come towards the end of this season or the end of S4, as I feel the show will end up there. We as fans need closire, and I think they'll deviver it soon enough!

    Loved the Kirsten/Ryan moment at the begining.

    Love the Dawn and Ryan moments. So touching. Both actors work very well off of one another. I felt that Chino past simering.. Love it! Good to see they both made the right choice at the end of it.

    Seth you annoyed me and yet I loved parts of it. Crazy.

    Summer, WOW. Taylor, please they better give this girl a spin off!

    Sandy, I'm confused.

    LOL Loved it all! AMAZING! 10/10!

  • A good follow up to the last brilliant episode.

    I was worried that it was only downhill from last week, but that isn't the case. While not as brilliant as the last episode, this was still a great one, worthy of season one. Some good news, and some bad between Seth and Summer, Ryan and his Mom, Sandy and Kirsten, Marissa and her Mum, and resolutions instead of unanswered questions.
  • another faboulous episode

    what an awsome episode, tied for first with the day after tomorow. i felt soooo bad for summer. i love this season because all the characters have grown soo much, all seasons long we have seen seth has a comedic person, now we see his softer side which i like. im glad marissa finally realizes what will happen if she stayed with volchok. goo sandy with matt but bad sandy for what he did to kirsten and im glad she didnt drink. taylor, awsome again being there for summer. chloe? omg another hot chick on this show, that sex scene was totally unexpected for me. good job ryan for doing the right thing. next week looks awsome, omg
  • Actually a purpose

    This episode clearly was more to set up the last 4 episode more then anything else. For once the unexpected happened. Kristen is starting a new storyline, rather an old storyline. Seth and Summer not togeather for the trip to Brown...what could happen there. Good episode, cant wait for the final four of this season.
  • Pretty good episode, but that doesn't mean I like what happened in it! (Summer and Seth, anyone?)

    Ok, we're getting near the season finale. You can expect bad things to happen, because the writers want you to hang in till the last second. And with Seth telling Summer he doesn't love her anymore? There's no way I'm missing next week’s episode! (By the way, I'm pretty sure Seth's still just covering up his Brown rejection. Why does he have to lie so much???)

    It was nice that Ryan and his mom are on track again. And what about Ryan and Chloe? That was really random and very un-Ryanish (Newport Ryan, anyway).

    I was so shocked when Kirsten pulled that wine bottle out... but it seemed like deja vu. Didn't Sandy being away so much cause Kirsten to drink in the first place? I hope this was just a false alarm and the writers don’t repeat the storyline.

    And Marissa. I think (hope) she's finally done with Volchok. It took his friends drugging Heather and almost raping her, but I think it did the trick. It was as nice how she went back to her mom at the end.

    Next week should be good… I hear Theresa and Anna are gonna be there? Wonder if the baby will be involved!
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