The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 20

The Day After Tomorrow

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2006 on FOX
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When college acceptance and rejection letters are received the kids must consider what path they are going to follow. Ryan and Sadie are trying to decide what they will do after high school. Taylor holds a college party and Summer and Marissa fix their friendship problems.

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  • collage acceptance and rejection letters arrive.

    Good! Seth didn't get in was a suprise. But him not telling summer wasn't i thought he would do that. marrisa finally fixes things with summer and chooses her friends over volchock. Kirsten gets annoyed at sandy which i think is good - maybe sandy will change back now. Sadie leaving i think was a good thing for the last episodes of the season!
  • Tsk tsk Seth Cohen.

    Once again another excellent episode that isn't on the same stupid melodrama that has plagued most of this third season. Fresh new material. The idea of Sadie tagging along with Ryan to Berkley as a girlfriend and non student brought an interesting perspective on these types of relationships. There is also Seth's situation on how he was rejected and only wants the best for Summer. At first it made him look like an idiot but in the end he had good intentions--not that what he did was right but it was a sweet thought anyways. Plus there is also Sandy's situation slowly turning into the next Caleb Nichol. An excellent episode with interesting and original stories from all perspectives.moreless
  • The OC. Episode 20

    It turns out Ryan and Sadie want to move into Berkeley together. WHAT??? I mean, they have been dating for like one day! :D

    However, of course, in the end, Sadie leaves Newport Beach (and Ryan) for good. Well, she was definitely Lindsay 2 - the return. Dull character and unrealistic departure.

    About college acceptance (and rejections).

    I just don't get how Seth has been rejected, while Summer got in. And what about Marissa? I mean, she spent all her senior year:

    - milling around Johnny.

    and then:

    - staring and moping at the pier.

    ... but, eventually, she got into Berkeley?! That's a bit astonishing.

    Sandy is changing in a creepy way.

    I'm positive Summer and Seth's relationship will be steady again, as soon as Seth decides to stop lying. Poor Summer. When she tore the Brown poster up it was so sad.

    Meanwhile it seems like Coop is starting to come to her senses. Well, that was about time, but, unfortunately, past teaches that Marissa's clear-headed moments are brief. :D

    Actually it's kind of sweet how Julie is trying to be a good mother.moreless
  • Disappionted to see Sadie leave.

    I was very disappointed to see Sadie leave. I don\'t understand why Ryan didn\'t try harder to keep her. They were good together (and she\'s hot), and then some stupid storyline comes along and for no good reason Sadie isn\'t going to Berkely. Doesn\'t make sense.

    The writers of the OC do this a lot. They did it with Lindsay, the cute red headed girl from last season, who also left for no reason when she was with Ryan. If they want to change it up a bit, have a different relationship that lasts longer than a few episodes.

    Oh, and Seth still hasn\'t learnt to tell the truth. Stupid guy.moreless
  • College acceptance and rejection letters are sent out and relationships are redefined. Plus Sandy's business partner just seems shadier.

    Alright... So not TOTALLY tearjerking, but if there is a tear jerker for me this could be it. I mean I watch this show for Summer and Seth and now this happens...

    This episode is very pivatol. It shows relationship rearrangement. TOTALLY! Also explains what the O.C. will be when they are going to college. (My guess... they all go to Berkley. That or Seth goes to Brown next year? How weird would that be?)

    Anyways... At least you'll know how Ryan and Marissa gets back together. IF they do. Honestly I am glad that girl is gone... didn't like her too much. I mean there was nothing about her... and why watch drama when the character doesn't have drama :p

    Overall... it was very good and worth watching.

Chase Kim

Chase Kim

Seung Ho

Guest Star

Autumn Reeser

Autumn Reeser

Taylor Townsend

Recurring Role

Cam Gigandet

Cam Gigandet

Kevin Volchok

Recurring Role

Michael Nouri

Michael Nouri

Dr. Neil Roberts

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Marrissa is getting dressed in Volchok's appartment, she starts to put a black sock on her left foot. A few seconds later, she starts putting it on the same foot again.

    • At the breakfast table, when Neil is talking to Julie about Marissa getting into Berkeley, he picks up her acceptance package and in the next scene, he picks it up again.

    • In the party on the beach, Taylor wears a sweat of Sorbonne. A famous university in Paris, located in the 4ème arrondissement near Saint Michel and Le Panthéon.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Ryan: Hey I've been looking for you.
      Sadie: Yeah, Taylor ran off with that food guy. I'm pretty sure they were talking dirty to each other in Korean!

    • Neil: Hey. You okay?
      Julie: Please, I just- I can't do this right now.
      Neil: Do what?
      Julie: Sit here and be tested as wife/mother material while I'm worried about my daughter's future. I get it, okay? It's not what you expected. I failed. Fine. But right now I need to think about Marissa.
      Neil: Julie, I'm sorry if I ever made you feel like you were being tested. I- I was wrong. And you've hardly failed. I think Marissa is very lucky to have you as her mom.
      Summer: Hey guys! We're going to the party.
      Marissa: Bye, Mom. Bye, Dr. Roberts.
      Neil: What did I tell you?

    • Taylor: Summer, getting a man is like capturing a wily silverback gorilla in the Ugandan highlands. You see, nature is telling that gorilla to stay in the wild. But you and I know that that gorilla would be much happier back in the zoo on a normal feeding schedule. But sometimes he's just got to roar and beat his chest before you shoot him with a tranq dart.
      Summer: So what you're saying is he's trying to exert his gorilla independence.
      Taylor: Exactly.

    • Ryan: Seth, uh, I gotta ask. Did you really get into Brown?
      Seth: Did I get into—? Ryan, now who's smoking pot. Listen to me: the only class that I've ever gotten less than an A in is gym. My essay on the loneliness of being Superman made Mrs. Rushfield cry. So of course I... augh, how could I not get in?

    • Summer: I can't believe Ryan and Sadie are moving to Berkeley together. I think that's so romantic.
      Seth: I don't know what Ryan's thinking.
      Summer: What are you talking about?
      Seth: Well he's 18. I just think college should come first.
      Summer: Not if you're with the one you think you should be with. That you'll forever be with.
      Seth: Who really knows that at 18?
      Summer: I do. (long silence) Oh my God. You don't.

    • Ryan: Everything okay?
      Seth: Yeah. No. It's just that if she sees me she'll dress me like a Timberland Barbie.

    • Seth: All this time I thought getting into college would make things so much easier.
      Ryan: Yeah. Not gonna happen.
      Seth: There's a cold front coming through.

    • Sadie: Those are some pretty big words, mister.
      Ryan: Well, I am going to Berkeley you know.

    • Taylor: Have any of you seen Marissa?
      Summer: Well if you count pass the milk and don't be so skanky!

    • Summer: Remember when the boys made us watch that movie about the gay guys on the mountain?
      Marissa: Lord of the Rings.
      Summer: Yeah.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Music:
      "Good Day" by Tally Hall
      "That's All I Need" by The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir
      "China" by Chris Holmes
      "The Secret Shot" by Dopo Yuma
      "The Crime" by True Love
      "Fog (again) - Live Version" by Radiohead


    • Title: The Day After Tomorrow

      This is a reference to the 2004 movie of the same name, in which a man must save his son from a new ice age.