The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 20

The Day After Tomorrow

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2006 on FOX

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  • collage acceptance and rejection letters arrive.

    Good! Seth didn't get in was a suprise. But him not telling summer wasn't i thought he would do that. marrisa finally fixes things with summer and chooses her friends over volchock. Kirsten gets annoyed at sandy which i think is good - maybe sandy will change back now. Sadie leaving i think was a good thing for the last episodes of the season!
  • Tsk tsk Seth Cohen.

    Once again another excellent episode that isn't on the same stupid melodrama that has plagued most of this third season. Fresh new material. The idea of Sadie tagging along with Ryan to Berkley as a girlfriend and non student brought an interesting perspective on these types of relationships. There is also Seth's situation on how he was rejected and only wants the best for Summer. At first it made him look like an idiot but in the end he had good intentions--not that what he did was right but it was a sweet thought anyways. Plus there is also Sandy's situation slowly turning into the next Caleb Nichol. An excellent episode with interesting and original stories from all perspectives.
  • The OC. Episode 20

    It turns out Ryan and Sadie want to move into Berkeley together. WHAT??? I mean, they have been dating for like one day! :D
    However, of course, in the end, Sadie leaves Newport Beach (and Ryan) for good. Well, she was definitely Lindsay 2 - the return. Dull character and unrealistic departure.

    About college acceptance (and rejections).
    I just don't get how Seth has been rejected, while Summer got in. And what about Marissa? I mean, she spent all her senior year:
    - milling around Johnny.
    and then:
    - staring and moping at the pier.
    ... but, eventually, she got into Berkeley?! That's a bit astonishing.

    Sandy is changing in a creepy way.
    I'm positive Summer and Seth's relationship will be steady again, as soon as Seth decides to stop lying. Poor Summer. When she tore the Brown poster up it was so sad.
    Meanwhile it seems like Coop is starting to come to her senses. Well, that was about time, but, unfortunately, past teaches that Marissa's clear-headed moments are brief. :D
    Actually it's kind of sweet how Julie is trying to be a good mother.
  • Disappionted to see Sadie leave.

    I was very disappointed to see Sadie leave. I don\'t understand why Ryan didn\'t try harder to keep her. They were good together (and she\'s hot), and then some stupid storyline comes along and for no good reason Sadie isn\'t going to Berkely. Doesn\'t make sense.

    The writers of the OC do this a lot. They did it with Lindsay, the cute red headed girl from last season, who also left for no reason when she was with Ryan. If they want to change it up a bit, have a different relationship that lasts longer than a few episodes.

    Oh, and Seth still hasn\'t learnt to tell the truth. Stupid guy.
  • College acceptance and rejection letters are sent out and relationships are redefined. Plus Sandy's business partner just seems shadier.

    Alright... So not TOTALLY tearjerking, but if there is a tear jerker for me this could be it. I mean I watch this show for Summer and Seth and now this happens...

    This episode is very pivatol. It shows relationship rearrangement. TOTALLY! Also explains what the O.C. will be when they are going to college. (My guess... they all go to Berkley. That or Seth goes to Brown next year? How weird would that be?)

    Anyways... At least you'll know how Ryan and Marissa gets back together. IF they do. Honestly I am glad that girl is gone... didn't like her too much. I mean there was nothing about her... and why watch drama when the character doesn't have drama :p
    Overall... it was very good and worth watching.

  • they get college acceptance letters all except seth poor guy marissa has thoughts about being with Volchek and summer is worried about seth sadie leave orange county for good

    i liked this episode alot but it made me sad because seth and summer shouldnt split they are the only ones who can prove that the geeks are hot its sad about matt but he deserved it in a way ryan is heart broken but so is marissa so maybe they could get back together i love their drama
  • Why is the show becoming depressing??

    Everybody is breaking up,bad relationships, i can\\\'t understand how you liked this just so depressing..their killing seth!he\\\'s not the funny and happy character as he used to..he\\\'s becoming a lyer...i\\\'m just hoping Josh makes something about that!
    other point: i\\\'ve read that the season finaly \\\'\\\'the flame that burns\\\'\\\', represents the dead of one of the character..does anybody know who is it??
  • College acceptance (and rejection) letters arrive for the Fantastic Four and forces each of them to evaluate the course of their future. Kirsten becomes concerned about Sandy's growing obsession over the hospital and begs for him to stop.

    This was a great episode which touched nicely on the emotional impacts of the life-changing period that is impending graduation. Seth and Summer's relationship experienced a major bump in the road, the result heartbreaking for both sides of the couple. Marissa was great, she's finally beginning to come to her senses, and she had three brilliant particular scenes with "the people" of her life; Julie, Summer and Ryan. This was a great episode that foreshadows the events of the coming episodes. Can't wait for the next installment!
  • I am really starting to not like Seth!!!!!

    This episode is a preparation for what's coming next. Although there wasn't much action, important things happen. They get their college letters. Seth lies to Summer again. Marissa and Summer patch up their friendship. I specially liked the change in Julie's character. Finally she found the way to talk to Marissa and make her listen!!
  • Depressing! Must everyone break up or have relationship trouble at the same time???

    Didn't Summer and Seth just go through this crud about lying? Did he not learn anything? Its pretty obvious that Ryan and Marissa are going to be having more run-ins... though I think Marissa should just shoot herself and get it overwith. She's such a weak character... all emotions and no foresight or insight or even half a brain! Now Ryan splits up with the only normal well-adjusted person he's been with since the chic from Chino got preggers. Born under a bad sign, obviously.

    I'm convinced this show just bums you out so it can bring you back up later. Emotional rollercoaster-ride. I think when Summer figures out what is going on with Seth not getting into Brown, that they will ALL decide to go to Berkley.

    And maybe Summer can recoup some of the cost of the parkas by selling them on eBay.
  • When college acceptance and rejection letters are received the kids must consider what path they are going to follow. Ryan and Sadie are trying to decide what they will do after high school. Taylor holds a college party and Summer and Marissa fix their fr

    This episode was just great! Well written and so sad! I guess Volchok and Marissa are over, and so are Ryan and Sadie..poor Ryan but I think it was for the best because like Sadie said It would have never worked out, she would probably keep on pulling him away from the other people at that school because she's not a part of it.
    As for Seth and Summer, why does Seth lie about it he could've just told her and if she wanted they could both apply to other colleges,that decision is hers to make I guess.
    I think this episode was fantastic, just why I watch the show, just great! so this episode definitly was a series classic!
  • I'm surprised by what happened in this episode. You can tell the OC is getting its rhythm back after the Johnny debacle, but honestly, I think the show has reached its most unrealistic point yet. Summer in the Ivy League? Let's be serious.

    First of all, I, along with probably every OC watcher out there, looooove Summer and Seth together. Having them be split up will only be painful and bring the show down, in my opinion, and I think all of the OC execs know that. They just can't have their relationship be a fairy tale, so S/S need to split up every once in a while to keep it interesting. But they'll get back together, so that's comforting to know. I think that it's nice that Seth is sacrificing his relationship with Summer for her own future, but I don't think it's his place to decide. Of course it would be ridiculous in the real world if Summer were to turn down an Ivy League school for her high school boyfriend, but that's Summer's decision, not Seth's. He should tell her the truth and let her weigh the options herself. By choosing her future for her, it's actually hurting Summer. If Seth is more important to Summer than college, which wouldn't be a far reach, then that's her choice to decide on Seth for her future. Again, that would be ridiculous to bet on a high school boyfriend, but we are entering the realm of the nonrealistic, so anything's possible. I just hope Seth tells Summer that he didn't get accepted, so that she can decide what she wants her future to look like.

    Now, about the main point of this episode: College! Of course Marissa and Ryan got into Berkeley, there's no reason the execs would have done that any other way. And Marissa will go, because they can't keep this rebellion thing forever. I'm fine with the two of them getting into Berkeley, but honestly, the results with Brown? NEVER would have happened in real life. Okay, I'm not naive, I realize this is just a TV show and they're doing this for drama, but still, I can't get over the fact that Summer got into Brown and Seth didn't. I know quite a bit about the Ivy League; both of my siblings are at Ivy League schools, and my high school sends tons of kids into it every year. In real life, Summer never ever would have been accepted to Brown. She has good SAT scores. Okay, that's nice, so do the rest of the applicants! Nothing would have made her stand out, and I'm assuming that her grades wouldn't have exactly confirmed her intelligence, considering they never exactly portrayed Summer as a genius. Brown would realize that her SAT scores were a fluke, and so she would have been promptly rejected. As for Seth, I obviously don't know enough about his record to know if he would have been accepted, but he definitely would have had more of a chance than Summer. Again, I realize that the execs did it this way purely for the plot line/drama, but I just can't seem to get over the fact that Summer got in and Seth didn't, when the decision would have been reversed in real life. Or maybe neither would have been accepted. Also, I know that Seth does everything in his power to get accepted, but the thing is..he was rejected! He wasn't placed on the waiting list..he was flat out rejected. There is no way that he can be accepted without making the OC hands-down the most unrealistic show ever. Kids dont't get into a college after they were rejected; that's not possible! So that's great for Seth that he makes a bunch of last ditch efforts to get into Brown, but I really hope he doesn't get in for credibility's sake.

    Continuing with college..I must admit, I'm intrigued to see where they're going with the show next year. If you have M/R at Berkeley and S/S at Brown, how is that going to work? So the OC has at least kept my attention for being a show that isn't settling for the easy way of having the main characters end up at the same school. If anything, I have to give them credit for that. Major credit also for getting rid of Sadie. She annoyed me soo much. I'm not a M/R purist or anything, I loved Lindsay and wouldn't mind seeing her back, but Sadie just got on my nerves. Also, where is Taylor going!?!?!?! I couldn't read her sweatshirt!!! Overall a great episode, but let's hope they keep it realistic in the future.
  • I really feel like they finally know what direction to take the show. Great episode!

    I really feel like they finally know what direction to take the show. Most of this season has been inconsistant and felt hesitant. Great episode with a great story and i love where i believe they will take this. I felt a lot of emotion for Seth and Summer which shows that it was written and acted well. I\'m excited to see the rest of the season! And bring on a fourth season!
  • The 4 get their college rejection and acceptance letters.

    I am pissed off at Seth right now. I am soooooo mad that Seth and Summer broke up, they better get back together next week if not seth is just being an ass that i want to kick. I am so glad that Sadie left now maybe Volchok will leave and Ryan and Marissa will get back together
  • Ryan, Marissa, Seth, and Summer get their acceptance and rejection letters, which causes problems within their group. The situation with Matt and Griffin starts to affect the Cohen household.

    The O.C. is back on track with the second half of season 3, and has a streak of great episodes starting with The Cliffhanger. This was an awesome episode, especially the ending. It had some funny lines at the beginning and got more serious towards the end with a depressing ending.

    This review will contain spoilers after this point. In case you haven't seen this episode yet, I suggest you look away.

    Ryan and Marissa are both accepted by Berkeley. Marissa doesn't know what to think about it and is still very uncertain about the future, which explains another reason for why she's been acting out recently. Marissa has started on the road to redeeming herself with this episode: she reconciled her problems with Summer and seems to getting a real life back.
    Ryan is excited about being accepted, but doesn't know what to do about Sadie. They decide to move there together, but that falls through when Sadie sees that it'll be too hard for it to work out because Ryan will have a completely seperate life from her. One thing that I think the writers could've done is show more of Sadie. The viewers really didn't get to know her that well. It also would've been interesting for Volchok to actually reveal what he knows about Sadie, but nothing can be done about that now as Sadie left by the end of the episode.
    Rachel Bilson as Summer did a great acting job this episode. It was great to see how set she is on having a future with Seth. Her tears at the end after she and Seth broke up were really poignant.
    Seth, while he may have lied to Summer about getting into Summer, has good intentions. He doesn't want to hold Summer back from having a successful future by stopping her from going to Brown. However, this really isn't his decision to make, it's Summer's.
    Sandy and Kirsten weren't especially focused on until the end of the episode. Kirsten had realized that Sandy is slowly becoming the new Caleb when she found out that Matt had been beaten up. When Sandy told her that he couldn't give up on the hospital project and she simply left there was a lot of emotion. I felt so badly for Kirsten, who revealed earlier this season that the reason she drank so much was Caleb. So, if she had another Caleb in her life she would probably be afraid of the same thing happening. Sandy, however, is becoming the new Caleb. It wasn't his fault that Matt was beaten up, but he has done some things this season that show he is changing for the worse.
    Julie and Niel weren't really shown that much this episode, so I won't comment on them.
    Overall this was an awesome episode. The end was a tearjerker, starting with Kirsten leaving and Summer tearing apart her poster of pictures with her and Seth. A shiver went down my spine because of how intense it was. Despite having a not so great first half of season 3, The O.C. is back on track in my opinion!
  • A good episode, but I’m shocked. I can’t believe what they did!

    First I have to warn you: This review contains major spoilers. I can’t avoid them, this episode was too shocking!

    Basically in this episode every couple around in this show break up (well with one exception)!!!
    But first to other things: Seth is rejected by Brown, something I don’t understand, since he has better grades than Summer, even though she has higher test-scores and maybe the better interview.
    I thought I could talk about the couples later, but I have to discuss them first, otherwise I can’t write!
    Seth and Summer really break up, because Seth isn’t accepted at Brown, but he wants that she goes there. He breaks her heart as well as his. But it isn’t believable! Why? Pot smoking Seth made us one thing clear: To hold Summer he would do anything. So why does he break her heart now and tries to let her go for her own good? I mean he was ready to destroy anything (also his own collage career) and was sure about that, and now he is suddenly the opposite of that? What will be interesting is how his parent will react, but they got their own problems.
    Sandy still tires to be perfect and look after everyone, but he can’t anymore. He can’t be the idealistic man he was, because he now provides for the family. But that doesn’t matter in my eyes. He would be ready to work with the mafia, just to provide the city a new hospital. That’s not Sandy. He has to stop himself. Kirsten makes it clear when she leaves him. So this couple is apart as well.
    Ryan and Sadie break up too, over Ryan’s collage plans. It was to expect, but it’s sad, because they were quite a good couple.
    The fourth couple breaking up is Marissa and Volchok. Well I didn’t think that it would last, but it came a bit unexpected too. I mean Marissa is so rebellious and suddenly she is back to the life she should live? It was a bit too fast in my eyes.

    The only couple getting closer is Julie/Dr. Roberts. He shows that he knows what family means. No wonder, he was the one who had to look after Summer pretty much alone. He helps Julie, even though she often misunderstands him. She feels pressured, but he doesn’t intend that.
    At least one couple is happy.

    No I really can’t believe they broke all up!! That’s too much for me. Really! I can’t believe it!

    Well now when its official that Ryan leaves it might be true that Marissa leaves too. I mean both could go to Berkley. So they are gone. What I don’t understand then is, what Summer still is doing around in the cast. I also don’t understand the plot of Brown/Seth not yet, because where to Taylor, Summer and Seth met next year?

    I also don’t understand why Kirsten leaves. Well it’s the right thing to do, but when we see again less of her, she has no more screen time left! She was a main character in season one and two and now at the end of three she might not even have much presence left. I don’t like that. I think she should get a top job again.

    The episode was well written, but with all the break-ups not much more happened. The plot was thin, but shocking enough!
    So my view on the break-ups again:
    Seth/Summer: I’m shocked. I also don’t agree with the plot turn. It’s authentic to the previous episodes.
    Ryan/Sadie: I thought they stay together till he leaves, but apparently not.
    Marissa/Volchock: They had fun together, now it’s over. No big deal.
    Sandy/Kirsten: She does the right thing. He should do too.

    I think that Julie and Dr Roberts deserve to be happy. They don’t have to marry, they should be happy together as long as it lasts and that won’t be forever!
  • This was a great episode as always!!!

    This was another great episode but I am mad that Seth did not get into brown! I am also wondering what song is featured in that episode!!! Once I find out it will probably be obvious but if you know it can u please tell me!!!! that would be great!
  • Brown?

    Ok, Summer got into Brown and Seth didn't! That just seemed really unrealist to me. SHe only has a good SAT score and she is on social comminty. Thats it! That would not get her in Brown.
    Good to see Marissa get out of her funk but we all know that she will slip back into it, probably next episode.
  • The O.C. is returning to its norm.

    Finally we see what is beginning to be the restoration of classic O.C. drama. The last sequence with the break-ups and splits of the characters is a real tear jerker, very season-1-finale-like.

    I think Taylor is like the new comic-relief character. She is pretty much one of the funniest characters on the show now.
  • Summer gets into Brown, Seth doesn't, Ryan and Marissa both get into Berkeley. All the couples seem to be rocky; Seth and Summer broke up, Ryan and Sadie are over, Marissa might send her little boy-toy away, and Kirsten has Sandy on the ropes because of

    great episode to set up the rest of the season, it had me on the edge of the sofa. all of the couples seem to be either broken up or heading toward the breakup. i would say this is probably one of the best episodes this season. should be an awesome finish to season 3
  • seth doesnt get into brown fullstop. ryan and marissa get into berkeley and summer got into brown. julie and dr. roberts are all cool but marissa and volchek KINDA fell apart. sadie decided to go to berkeley with ryan but then decided against it.

    omg perhaps THE best episode in season 3 and i am sure more than one guy is gonna agree with this (unlike last review) but yea awesome stuff. especially the whole thing with seth and summer..i cant believe seth did that...mad respect for seth and i guess marissa and ryan might get back together at i luved the red screen when marissa was gettin dressed after doin it with volchek...luv that name btw. but i really dont get how summer got in and seth didnt! good twist tho but still doesnt really make sense.

    WOW! That is one word that clariffies how great this episode was. It had angst, some sadness, a nice balance of adult and teen drama. I loved Kirsten, to me she has that spark to her again. AMAZING! There were a few little nitpicks with the college application (small envolpe are rejection letters, and they do apply to more that one college, but that could be explained as I think they got accepted into other Colleges, as there were other huge envelopes, and when Seth told Ryan he didn't get in, Ryan wasn't too concerned, probably because he actually had other offers.) I loved it all. The sleazyness, the coolness. I did think Marissa would have been served better to stay on the dark side (for all we know she may still be, she's jut now a great friend to Summer again.)

    Speaking of Summer, Rachel Bilson, I LOVE YOU! You acted your cite ass off this episode. Sethummer's split was unexpected, yet so heartbreaking. She loves Seth. And he loves her. He wants her to follow her dream, which could have been the reason he lied. Who knows?

    Kandy back in troubled waters. Well, I hope they get through this without another Rehab stint. Here's hoping. I was a little confused with Sadny. One minute he was parenting Ryan like S1, then next he was Caleb's new incarnation? Who better than to snap him out of it than his mother? We didn't get that intervention to ritghesness in S1, but who better than to put him back on that path again?

    I love this show! I am now proud to say that!!!!!!!!
  • The O.C is BACK!

    Finally, after 31 episodes of blandness and mediocrity, the O.C is back up to Season 1 standards. Not since the Rainy Day Women have we seen such brilliance.

    A real tearjerker, an episode that moves you, and made me remember why I loved the show so much two years ago.
  • truly amazing

    best episode so far this season, truly amazing. really depressing episode but in a good way. loved taylor speaking korean again, that was awsome, marissa finally doing smart thing. i hate that seth did that to summer, i would never do that to her. i loved rachel in this episode. she has grown so much as an actress, omg. loving the kirsten and sandy drama and also julie and neil. everything is sooo good but soo sad to. next week looks awsome. damn. i forgot about ryan and sadie. i didnt like the way she broke up with him, wasnt really emotional to me but it was ok. who is ryan gonna hook up with next? lol. another a+ episode. truly, amazing, AMAZING episode my god. best episode so far
  • The Day After Tomorrow

    Okay, if anyone has been paying any attention to my O.C. reviews, I've felt like the show is on the rebound and building steam-the streak hasn't ended yet.
    Cohen did not get into Brown. I repeat, did not get in. What the? Was it just something for the plot because I'm no expert in Ivy league schools, but I'm pretty sure he would have gotten in. But if everyone got into the school they wanted it wouldn't be dramatic now would it?
    Cohen and Summer. Oh my. Another bump in the road (I hope). Why couldn't Seth be honest with her??? Alrighty, he was being courageous, not dashing Summer's new found dream of going to Brown. Sweet, but mislead Cohen. It was painful to watch Summer crying at the end. (The previews had Summer making a last ditch effort to save the 'ship-let's hope it works :)
    Marissa. UGH. I hate when she goes all slut/ problematic (just like towards the end of whatever season with the drinking). I just want to slap her out of it, but I guess that's part of the drama.
    They also just won't let Ryan be happy. I'm okay with the resolution with Sadie, because frankly she was too wishy-washy for me (indecisive too may I add).
    I'm a little confused about whats going on with Sandy and his associate that was beaten up (Matt)but I guess I'll catch on.
    All in all, classic O.C.
  • I am not a fan of the oc at all, but there was one aspect of this that made it watchable, which was Tally Hall.

    Oh my goodness Tally Hall was played on the O.C. That is the only reason I watched that dumb show. Hooray for Tally Hall. (Imagine everything before this point is all in uppercase) If you are not aware of which song was Tally Hall's, it was the one entitled Good Day, although you should now becasue at the end they anounced tally hall.
  • This was a really good episode. It showed Marissa doing the right thing since a couple of episodes back I believe but the bad thing is that Seth lied to Summers face about everything and Ryan and Sadie jumped into things without thinking things out.

    Overall a great episode. I was one of the best episodes since a few back. I really liked seeing how the acted when they were getting ready for college and finding out if they got into the schools they wanted. I really liked seeing Marissa looking towards college and getting away from that other guy.
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