The O.C.

Season 2 Episode 24

The Dearly Beloved

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 19, 2005 on FOX

Episode Recap

Seth wakes up depressed about the sudden death of his grandfather. While looking for a cell phone charger in his dad's office, he comes across a brochure for rehab. He questions Ryan about it, asking if he thinks his dad would need rehab. Ryan replies saying that he doesn't think it's his dad who needs rehab. Seth turns around looking outside of the pool house to see his mother staring out her window very sad. The Cohen family gets ready for the funeral and Kirsten reunites with her younger Sister Hailey. Meanwhile at the Cooper-Nichol residence, Marissa attempts to be nice to her mother at this time. The door bell rings and the man standing in the doorway is none other than Jimmy Cooper, back to help his family get through these desperate times. Sandy tours a beautiful Rehab Centre for Kirsten and talks to a doctor who answers all of his questions about the facility. At a grungy apartment, Ryan's brother Trey and his so-called girlfriend Jess are talking. She puts a gun on the table and tells him something is going down tonight and if he wanted in on a lot of money. Jess says they can go to Vegas and she asks him if he likes to gamble. He replies and says, "I hooked up with you, didn't I?". At the funeral, Sandy makes a brutally honest but calmly funny speech about Caleb. Back at the Cohen house where the family and their friends mourn the loss of Caleb, Kirsten is having a little too much to drink and Julie rushes to Sandy for help to control her. Sandy runs over to a stumbling Kirsten who is drinking liquor straight out of the bottle. He tries to help her but she lashes out saying, "GET AWAY FROM ME!". Meanwhile the Fantastic Four decide to head to the Bait Shop to take their minds off of things. Marissa is slightly nervous about running into Ryan's brother Trey. Trey ends up being there with sleazy Jess and something is about to go down. Jess makes a drug sale with a Mexican boy. He then declares he doesn't have enough money for everything and that he will pay her back when he feels like it and calls her bitch to her face. Jess pulls the gun from Trey's jeans and aims it at the boy. "Give me my money now!" Jess says, "You'll have to shoot me first" the boy replies. Jess pulls the trigger and misses the boy she sold drugs to. The Bait Shop is full of screams and yells and Jess is chasing after this boy and he pulls the trigger and Ryan yells, "GET DOWN!". Summer worries that Marissa was shot but luckily it was only a glass cut on the forehead. Ryan then decides he wants Trey out of Newport for good.
Seth confronts his father about wanting to send his mother away to rehab and Sandy has a hard time explaining it to him and Seth does not agree to sending her away but later on Sandy goes to Seth's room and they have a talk about it and both come to understanding, Sandy then leans in and kisses his son on the head. Sandy realizes Kirsten needs serious help and the doctor he finds tells him to stage an intervention, he gets his sister-in-Law, Hailey to take Kirsten out on a day at the spa and when they return home the doctor along with Sandy and Ryan are waiting in the kitchen to talk, the doctor tells Kirsten that all of them think she has a problem and Kirsten goes back into denial. Sandy and Hailey both give a few words on how much they love Kirsten and want her to get help. Ryan begins to speak but Kirsten cuts him off and reminds him that she let him into this house and that he shouldn't say a word and he agrees but then says he didn't want to see her like his real mother and then Kirsten turns around and sees Seth standing in the archway and Kirsten breaks down and agrees she needs help. Later on she packs her bags and says an emotional goodbye to her boys, at the rehab centre she finds out she can't come in any kind of contact with anyone for a certain amount of hours after Sandy leaves. Ryan and Seth are floating in the pool, when an upset Summer comes to the door needing to talk to Seth about something important. She tells Seth that while he and Ryan were in Miami Trey tried to rape Marissa. Seth does the only thing he can do, he tells Ryan. Ryan is absolutely furious and heads to see Trey off once and for all. At the mansion on the hill, Jimmy tells Marissa that Julie and he are going to try and work things out and hopefully become a family again. Marissa is happy and hugs her mother for once in a long time and gets a cell phone call from Summer and Seth telling her Ryan found out and he is after Trey. Marissa rushes over to the apartment where Ryan and Trey are practically murdering each other. Marissa panics and tries to get Trey off of Ryan but he lashes back and pushes her away with an angry growl. She lets out a cry and begs Trey to stop and that he's killing Ryan. Marissa sees Trey's gun on the floor which is the same one used in the Bait Shop. Trey rips the telephone out of the wall and lifts it high ready to bash Ryan with it and perhaps to kill him. Behind him Marissa holds the gun nervously and within seconds she pulls the trigger. Blood trickles out of Trey's mouth and out of a hole in his chest. He looks around at Marissa with a priceless face that no one could decribe and he falls to the ground. Summer and Seth finally get to the apartment where a scared Marissa is whimpering in the corner and an exhausted Ryan is just getting up from being almost beaten to death. The Fantastic Four just stay there in total silence. To Be Continued...