The O.C.

Season 2 Episode 24

The Dearly Beloved

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 19, 2005 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in the season 2 final of the show the oc sandy realizes kirsten has hit rock bottom thanks to the funrale of her father and she is really upset and a old face comes back to the scene of the oc jimmy cooper comes back right away and starts to fall for julie all over again and ryans of what happen to merissa and trey the real situation and trey just causead a drug deal to go bad and ryan is fighting him and trey starts to beat him really bad and the most shocking thing happens merisa shoots him with a gun trey is shot this was a good ep i thought and away to end season 2 of the show
  • Alot of people turn up for Caleb's funeral, like Hailey, Jimmy. Marrisa tells summer of whats happened, summer tells seth, seth tells ryan, then theres trouble with trey. Kirsten his rock bottom.

    I think this episode is really good. i think it's fair that kirsten is having a melt down, because of all the things that have happened to her. i think the end was good, just when she shot trey, the music plays. I'm glad marrisa finally told someone! i can't wait for next season!
  • From the start to the end, this is the best eppie.

    omg! it was the first time i actually cried with a episode. It was so emotional everything, the music was perfect also. It's something to remark. Hide & Seek (Imogen Heap) made the perfect mood for the eppie. from the instant those cars where moving across the road and the music started to sound, oh god it was amazing. And the end, when ryan reaches Trey's place...i though trey was going to kill him. really. And the music again streaming and marissa traying to stop both of was fantastic, and i'm still amazed by this eppie, even though i saw it more than a year ago. Definitely an episode to watch over and over again.
  • Could have been more exciting...

    This episode was a great finale but it could have been so much better. With the death of Caleb, they could have brought back so many people. The only person that showed up was Hailey. The writers definitely should of brought Lindsey back! It was his daughter for goodness sakes and she never showed? Not to mention Luke or Oliver or Teresa....there are plenty of others as well. However, besides the lack of character returns, the finale was very good. The final scene just completely caught me off guard and I couldn't wait to see the next season. Definitely a cliff hanger!
  • Definitely tops the previous episode, which I thought was going to be the best episode in the show, and this tops it in every aspect even if by a small bit. Perfect 10? Nothing's perfect, but how else can you make it better?

    Wow, what can I say? With the whole Kirsten drinking problem popping off the roof in the last episode and Caleb's death, I wasn't sure how else it could have gotten any better than that. Well, I was wrong, and I'm glad to be wrong; if I thought the last episode was close to perfect, what did you think I would have thought about this one? The build up was just fantastic, the drama was rushing at maximum, and my God things just exploded once Marissa pulled the trigger on that gun. It was tear jerking enough seeing Kirsten leaving to the rehab center, but the emotion just reached to a new level seeing Trey fall over with the bullet engraved within his chest. And the best part is that this creates even greater material for next season, like how this will affect Ryan and regretting confronting Trey about it to avoid the conflict, or what will happen to Marissa from now on. Bring on the next season!
  • caleb's funeral. jimmy is back and wants to get back together with julie. kiersten is in bad shape and goes to rehab. ryan finds out what trey did to marissa and is on the verge of dying at trey's hands when marissa shows up and shoots trey.

    i love this episode. i was unfortionate in that i didn't really get into the oc until it went off the air but now i have all the seasons on dvd so its all good. i love the song hide and seek and i thought it was perfect for the episode. i loved the intervention scene. it's so sweet what ryan says and how kiersten goes to rehab to get better for her boys. i feel bad for her. the last words she said to her dad were so harsh ((but true)) and she'll live with it for the rest of her life. jimmy and julie will never work out. i couldn't believe that marissa shot trey. that's going to completely ruin her life.
  • A Funeral. A Drink. A Secret. A Fight. A Gun is Fired...

    Another breathtaking season finale, of The OC. The secret is out, about Marisa and Trey's "hook-up" and it doesn't help smooth things over with, a funeral taking place. Kirsten hits rock bottom at a wake for her father. The episode ends with the best musical mark in the history of the series' brilliant run. Trey moves back into drug dealing, with a Crazy Girl who shots up the club. It leads up to the usual, expect the cliffhanger. Kirsten moves to rehab, in an emotional break-down. Then the cliffhanger that leaves a characters life, hanging in the balance. Changing two characters lives... Forever.
  • A heart throbbing finale.

    Great episode.

    Certainley a wonderful season 2 finale.

    In this episode Kirsten copes with her dad's death by drinking alcohol and alot of it.
    Kirsten was a great character who always put herself together and was a strong,bright and friendly face that made everyone feel better when they are down.
    So the writers changed her completely in this episode to a sad woman who is depressed and who is destroying herself by Alcoholism.

    Very dramatic is what makes this show so great so I applaude the actress Kelly Rowan for her great preformance.

    You know why we feel like it is a rollercoaster ride while we watch this show because it always changes our moods and the way we feel in a very fast way and this episode is a perfect example.

    I was feeling sad for Kirsten when all of the sudden the feeling of excitement and fear went through my body when the long waited attack happened between the two Atwood Brothers.

    And when Marrisa pressed that trigger and Trey was shot.

    My heart stopped for a second.

    So I could classifiy this episode in 5 ways:

    What I always admire about the show is the way it is written so and this episode is written cleverly.

    It's plot which relates to the writing was great.

    The acting was fantastic and the way the show ended leaving me wanting to know what will happen next so really excited about the third season is just amazing.

    The writers and actors of this show are talented geniuses.


    Not an A+

    For 1 reason The spotlight of the finale should have been shared equally but there was not alot of spotlight for Summer. All in all great show and well done.
  • Best episode of the series.

    And so we come to the end of an amazing, if occasionally flawed, two years of television. Not that this is the final episode by any means (give it two seasons), but it was a turning point in the series' run from which it would never recover--a peak in the show's quality that would never be fully recaptured. This is the last truly GREAT episode of the show, as the second season races to the finish line in a roller coaster ride of fury. The extent of Kirsten's alcoholism is fully explored via angry outbursts and smashing bottles, a stark contrast to the loving, devoted mother introduced in the series pilot. Marissa continues to hide her big secret involving Trey, much to the chagrin of Summer, and both Ryan and Sandy find their wills being tested when faced with situations neither knows how to handle. The episode contains one of the most subtle, yet heartbreaking moments in the series, as Ryan's good efforts to adapt to his new surroundings and make a better life for himself away from Chino all come crashing down--a dream shattered by the simple truth that we all are who we are, despite what we try to be. It is a rare moment of weakness so honest and heartfelt, it leaves a lump in the throat. Minutes later, Ryan confronts his demons in the form of troubled brother Trey in an emotionally-charged ending that wraps up the season with a shocking, violent, and brutally intense moment made all the more wrenching by the presence of Imogen Heap's "Hide and Seek" playing over the action--perhaps one of the best examples of song use in a TV show ever. It is quite possibly the best scene in the entire series, and a cliffhanger to be reckoned with. Thankfully the episode is so good, there are many moments that mirror it's greatness--watching Kirsten's deterioration into an angry, drunken mess at Caleb's funeral is painful to watch, and the big shootout at The Bait Shop is just a taste of the intensity to come in the final five minutes. The entire cast is in excellent form here, putting in some series-best performances in one of the show's darkest episodes. A rare episode that does justice to the excruciating level of tension built over the final episodes, this one lives up to expectations and then exceeds them. With so many classic scenes scattered throughout, The Dearly Beloved is the best episode of The O.C., period. And perhaps one of the best season finales in TV history.
  • I never cried during a TV show until this episode. And now everytime I watch it, it brings me to tears.

    In this episode, most would assume it to be sad because its Caleb's funeral and all. But for me that has nothing to do with it. The thing that really got me is the part when the family decides that Kirsten needs to go to rehab. During the intervention when Kirsten yells at Ryan I start to get teary and the SEth says one sentence and it is so heartbreaking. I am definetly in tears by this point in the episode. Also when Kirsten leaves it is of course a sad but sweet goodbye. Then the episode takes a wild turn to Ryan about to go fight Trey. This episod eis so intense and such a cliffhanger. This is a great episode with lots of drama and emotions running high which makes it one of the most perfect O.C. epsiodes EVER.
  • Season final of season 2 = My favourite episode ever

    This episode is the best episode of the OC and the best episode out of every tv show it was that good. The last scene of this episode is Marissa shooting Trey in the back. This scene is one of the best and is very moving what will happen next? Also in this episode their is an intervention for Kirsten because of her drinking problems, in this end of this episode she gives in and decides to go 2 rehad after her very emotional interventions also calebs funeral was very saw man no wonder Kirsten became an alcoholic all her problems are big.
  • The O.C. Orange County, It's where all the beautiful people live.

    Kirsten hits rock bottom after Caleb's funeral, prompting Sandy to finally take action by staging an intervention. Meanwhile, Jimmy Cooper returns to Newport and almost immediately renews ties with a mourning Julie, while Hailey Nicole also returns to town for the funeral. Trey's girlfriend/partner-in-crime Jess bullies him into participating in a drug deal that turns into a shootout at the Bait Shop nightclub. Also, Ryan finally learns the truth about what happened between Trey and Marissa, leading to a bloody confrontation.

    - Alex
  • Kirsten goes to rehab and Trey gets shot by Marrissa. Very Good episode

    This episodes starts of with Seth discovering about Sandys plan to send Kirsten to rehab to help with her drinking problem. Kirsten gets drunk at Calebs funeral and causes a seen when she starts yelling at Sandy. Trey and Jess get involved in a drug deal which goes sour when Jess takes a gun and starts shooting in the bait shop. This leads to Ryan telling Trey to get out of Newport which he agrees to do. Marrissa finally tells Summer what happened between her and Trey which leads to Ryan finding out. Ryan is angry by what he found out and goes over Treys to settle the score. Marissa finds out and tries to stop it. Ryan and Trey have a impressive fight seen which leads to Trey almost killing Ryan by choking the life out of him. Marissa runs into the room and sees a gun on the floor and shoots Trey in order to save Ryans life. I think this episode was brilliant and set up things quite well for season 3.
  • I absolutely love this season finale. Ive watched it over and over, and I love it. It's definitely on my list of my favourite episodes of season 2. It's just OCmazing.

    So at the end of the previous episode Caleb dies, which was a really sad moment I have to say. And this episode consisted of his funeral.

    Old friends return to Newport, friends like Jimmy and Hailey. This episode is sad at Caleb's funeral. I know I cried, because it was sad.

    Calab, I did like him, like he wasn't my favourite character, but he was okey, and I was sad to see him go.

    Now Kirsten, as you can see has been like different. With her drinking, I feel so bad for her. And it was so sad whenever the whole family like wanted her to go to rehab. I totally got teary when she turned around and saw Seth standing there. It was so sad!

    I also love this episode because it was like the fantastic four together again. Ryan and Marissa, Seth and Summer..I love them all adorable. Now at the end, it was so sad! Like when Ryan went to talk to Trey, it was like so emotional. I love Ryan to death, like he is my favourite character on the show. And he most love Marissa a lot to fight for her like that..omg so cute.

    And then when Marissa gets there..she did the one thing she thought she had to do. When that shot went off, and "Hide and Seek" came on, I was in tears. It was so sad!

    That end was a total cliffhanger and waiting that entire summer to see the outcome was like so difficult. I love MI OC to death!
  • absolutely amazing

    I don't even know where to begin with this episode...we've watched the Kirten-drinking situation grow worse and this episode just hit it right on. It was the most intense and emotional tv furneral i've ever seen...i definatly shed a few tears and the song choice was excellent! The intervention was soooo intense and sad...i totally felt for Kirsten when she finally accepted it and packed her bags...i totally cried when she hugged Ryan and Seth goodbye and got in the car. The Marissa-Trey-Ryan scene has no words!! When i saw Marissa pick up the gun off the jaw dropped! but if i was in that situation...i have no doubt i would have done the exact same thing.
  • The Dearly Beloved is not only my favourite OC episode it is to me the best episode ever in television history!

    The Dearly Beloved had me crying basically throught out the whole episode. I felt so sorry for kirsten at the intervention and when she was drinking because of the death of her father. Kelly Rowan who plays Kirsten Cohen i think is the actress in the show and this episode really proves that she is! Also ryan finds out about what really happened between ryan and trey and in a fit of anger he attacks trey in a fight to the death in the end Marissa shoots trey in the back as trey was about to kill ryan she really had no choice. Anyone want to see the best episode ever watch the dearly beloved!
  • The greatest finale for a great show!

    WOW! Wonderful episode, I didn`t want it to end. I feel so many different things happened in just an hour of show. If I could I`ll watch it again right now. Can`t wait to start with season 3. I must admit I didn`t enjoy the first episodes of season 2, I didn`t like all the Alex- Marissa thing, but it surely was a wonderful finale, I even liked it better than season`s 1 finale. I hope season 3 is as good as the last episodes of season 2 and finally Ryan can be with Marissa, they are just made to be together.

    Great episode!!
  • An almost perfect season finale for a season that has had it's very lows (first half) & still managed to get to the best the show has ever been in the last half!

    An almost perfect season finale for a season that has had it's very lows (first half) & still managed to get to the best the show has ever been in the last half! This episode was unstoppable! Everything you could ask for: a teary, yet hilarious funeral, a trip to rehab, a rape discovered, the return of 2 beloved characters, the demise(?) of a satan like human being, a song (hide & seek) to kill for, the phenomenal revenge against a betraying brother, a shooting, a drug dealer, the core four spending quality time together & lastly a perfect final scene that leaves you realising The O.C. is the only show you ever want to watch! I just have 3 complaints: Where was Lindsay? Why was Kirsten the only one grieving? And Zach or the comic book weren't mentioned one! This season has had it's really lows & extremely highs. I think I give this season 9/10, just because the last few episodes were flawless. The worst episode of the season was the first episode The Distance, the best were in this order:
    1. The O.Sea, 2. The Dearly Beloved, 3. The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn't, 4. The Rainy Day Women & 5. The Mallpisode. The best storyline was either Lindsay being Caleb's daughter, Kirsten's alcoholism or the demise of Caleb. The least interesting storylines were all the fist half of the season teen love triangles involving Summer, Seth, Ryan, Marissa, DJ, Lindsay, Alex & Zach & the never-ending feud between Zach, Summer & Seth. Thank you to all the people contributing to the making of The O.C. for making this fantastic season!
  • So dam sad!

    its like The One episode, where's like 100% sadness.. Thank Kirsten went to that hospital or something.. Its was so sad, when Cohans were in their kitchen and tried to convince Kirsten to go..
    Trey is a bastard.. doesn't he have brains? and Jess.. god.. Trey is so stupid.. Althought i didn't like Caleb.. but i didn't want him to die.. its too much for everyone.. It was so good to see "Father Cooper".. i wondered when is he coming back
    Ryan found out.. and got angry.. a bit too much.. i mean.. i would do the same thing.. Merissa shot him.. i was like wtf.. REALLY?.. hoped he's not going to die.. but he is.. ANYWAY.. ONE OF THE BEST EPISODES
  • A great ending to the second season.

    Until now, this is my favorite series finale of this show. Such a small episode, such big things that happened... First the funeral, Sandy was great talking about Caleb, saying those things... They never had the perfect relationship, but I think that each one of them had respect for each other, in a bad or good way, Caleb was an amazing man, and Sandy is. Then, the all thing with Kirsten... The intervention was so sad, the part where Ryan said that he loved Kirsten was beautiful... Brought tears to my eyes (really...). And then the end of the episode, what an ending... It was good to see Ryan return to badass Ryan, I think that is how all people like him more, bacause that's how we met him... And I think that every fan wanted to see Trey's butt kicked since the rape scene... And the facial expressions on Trey and Marissa's face... Real good acting. A great finale to a great season (personal opinion, aI thought that this season was excellent... Much better that season 3 and just a little worse than 1, but just because it wasn't something new, the surprise element disappeared.)
  • This was an amazing episode of an amazing show!

    I loved this episode! I was thrilled to see Jimmy and Hailey, who are two of my favorite guest/reccuring characters return. The intervention scene was amazing. Kelly and Adam did especially well in that scene. It was nice to see how much everyone, especially Julie, Hailey, Jimmy, and Sandy cares about Kirsten when they were watching out for her. I liked the scene when they ran into Trey at the Bait Shop as well. The confrontation/fight scene at Trey's was great as well. Mischa and Logan were brilliant in that scene. Their facial expressions were so powerful. I got goosebumps. This is definately my favorite season finale of the OC, and one of my favorite episodes.
  • Great!

    This episode is best of all the show.There is a lot of things that go on,of course it is a season finale,but that was awesome. Caleb's funeral, Ryan finally discovering the truth and th elast scene: the fight beetwen Ryan and Trey with the music (Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek) all gathered it's so sad ,dramatic and so beautiful.I really loved this episode and when I saw it for the first time (saw it 4-5times) I almost cried in the end.The show really was on top,but the season 3 was pityful and annoying really hope the 4th will be better.
  • SO SAD

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  • last episoide of season 2

    Jimmy returns to Newport after a crisis at the Bait Shop puts Marissa and her friends in danger (shooting). Meanwhile, Julie struggles to deal with a tragedy of Caleb's death and Sandy puts his foot down to save Kirsten from herself and when ryan finds out what trey did to marissahe ends it once and for all then marissa show up and see trey killing ryan she then picks up the gun and shoots trey in the back.......
  • The dearly beloved the season final of season 2 deals with marissa issues after getting just about raped by trey also kirstens drinking problem is spinning out of control what will sandys next step be to help her?

    This episode is terrifc it is actually so good its my favourite episode out of any tv show! It is so emotional and upsetting yet very nice. Marissa and julies bond grew with the death of caleb also jimmys back and they are gonna try to be a family again. Calebs death maybe have helped julie and marissas bond but it definatly did not help Kirstens and Sandys relationship porblems. kirstens drinking span out of control in this episode it was interesting yet upsetting to see her. Anyone who hasnt seen this episode for gods sake see it. very terrfic
  • Super

    Kirsten hits rock bottom after Caleb's funeral, prompting Sandy to finally take action; Jimmy Cooper resurfaces and almost immediately renews ties with a mourning Julie; Jess bullies Trey into participating in a drug deal that turns into a shootout; Ryan finally learns the truth about what happened between Trey and Marissa, leading to a bloody confrontation. Mnogo me izkefi toq epizod. Haresva mi tova 4e Sed i Samar se sdobriha. No sezona zavar6i dosta stranno zavar6i s tova kak Marisa ubi brata na Raqn. Vs6tnost tova li be6e kraq? Iskam da vidq kakvo 6te stane v 3-ti sezon.
  • Last eposide of season 2 o.c

    This was a great eposide. it was planned out great. i never thought that marissa would have shot trey but she would do anything for ryan even if it meant near killing someone. It was a good cliff hanger as it never told you if trey died or not it left you wanting to watch the next season. i thought it was so sad when kristen went to the rehab i felt so sorry for seth he was so upset and her and sandy's relationship was really on the rocks i was hoping everything worked out but they were prefect for each other and thought they could get though anything.
  • Jimmy is back. Sandy and Seth stage and intervention and Kirsten is off to re-hab. Marissa gets into trouble with Trey and when Ryan finally finds out what happened between them it doesnt end well.

    This was a great episode, very exciting! Lots happened and it leaves you screaming out for next season. Marissa sure cant stay out of trouble for long can she! There is gonna be major issues tnext season after shooting Trey.

    Im unsure if Trey will be dead but i hope so. Hes hot but definatly not a cool guy! I though overall this was a very exciting episode and im gonna be hanging out for next season.

    now that krsten is off to re-hab hopefully she will be able to get her life back on track. I though that was very moving the way Sandy and Seth staged the intervention. The only way they would have been able to get her to go.

    All up: 4 out of 4 Californian sunsets!
  • hmmm.... what to say??? i dunno! but this is the best ep.

    this is the best episode.. i dont know what to write but it has to be at least 50 words long.... 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50!! yay!!
  • Caleb's funeral sees the return of familiar faces to the County, as well as accelerates Kirsten's growing alcoholism. Ryan finally discovers the truth about Marissa and Trey, leading to the episodes memorable and explosive end.

    Hands down the best episode ever. Every aspect is spot on; the acting, the emotional impact and the music etc. Sandy and Kirsten's marriage is put to the test in the most heartbreaking way, and Seth's plea to his mother will pull at the soul-strings. The build up to the episodes final scene is riveting and suspensful. The final scene itself is simply extraordinary. It is the most intense and well-done scene in the entire show, strengthened by Imogen Heap's eerie song "Hide and Seek". Fans of "The OC" live and die for the level of brilliance shown in these final minutes, and really proves how great this show can be! Brilliant, brilliant episode!
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