The O.C.

Season 2 Episode 24

The Dearly Beloved

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 19, 2005 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • This is at least the second TV show that has featured the actor Alan Dale (Caleb Nichol) dying of a heart attack and leaving behind an evil gold digging girlfriend/wife. Dale played Jim Robinson on Neighbours in 1993, who died under similar circumstances.

    • Goof: When Kirsten and Sandy are backing out of the drive-way going to leave, you can see Kirsten has a seat-belt on, but when they show a close-up there isn't one. Then after showing the boys it is back again.

    • Goof: In the final fight scene between Trey and Ryan, when they fall through the coffee table their heads are toward the door. When Marissa walks in they are facing the other way with Trey's back toward the door.

    • The movie Hailey is watching when Sandy comes to talk to her is the 1952 Joan Crawford film This Woman is Dangerous.

    • Episode Punch Count: 7

    • Response To Goof: They would have bought more vodka for the party so how do you know it wasnt from the supply the bought for the party.

    • Both season finales have had a scene in a cathedral, and the cathedral in this episode looks a lot like the cathedral from "The Ties that Bind".

      The "cathedral" is a church made out of glass. It is a Catholic church in Palos Verdes, CA. Both season finales were filmed there.

    • This is the second time a character has pointed a gun in someone else's face and said, "Who's the bitch now?" The first was in episode five, "The Outsider," with Donny and Luke.

    • Goof: In the previous episode, Kirsten says she's going to the kitchen to dump out every last drop of alcohol in the house. But in the season finale they show her pouring more vodka into her glass from the same bottle.

    • Goof: In the episode before this at the Prom, we see Marissa's bruise is gone. How did it suddenly re-appear?

      Answer: Makeup. For a big event like the prom you would probably hide a bruise like that.

    • Bad editing: In the scene where Jimmy and Hailey are talking about Hawaii in the "north shore", the shot focusing on Hailey shows her facing away from Jimmy. As they cut to a shot focusing on Jimmy, Hailey is magically facing towards Jimmy again.

    • Goof: Jimmy talks about taking "the boat" out with Julie. Which boat? The one he sailed to Hawaii? Did he sail it all the way back after Caleb died?

    • Goof: Jimmy's silhouette can be seen in the door but when it is opening (on an angle) it doesn't go away or change shape.

    • Goof: When Trey falls down next to the couch after being shot by Marissa, you can clearly see there is no bloody wound near his right shoulder blade. It then cuts to Marissa and then back to Trey on the floor- now there is a wound.

    • Goof: What happened to Kirsten's scraped up forehead from the car crash? It couldn't have healed that fast and there isn't even a scar.

    • Goof: Did anyone bother to at least call Lindsay and tell her that her father that she waited her whole life to meet is dead?

  • Quotes

    • Marissa: Hey, can I call you back?
      Seth: Actually no, there's a problem?
      Marissa: What's going on?
      Seth: Well, we're on our way to Trey's, but you're closer. Maybe you can stop him.
      Marissa: What are you talking about?
      Seth: Ryan knows.

    • Ryan: All year, I have tried to be a different person. I can't do that anymore.
      Seth: Wait, Ryan, what are you gonna do?
      Ryan: I'm gonna settle this with Trey. Once and for all.

    • Julie: If it would help, I could take over Kirsten Watch for awhile.
      Sandy: I don't know if anything's gonna help.
      Julie: So then let her glower at me. I'm used to it.
      Sandy: Unfortunately, so am I these days. Thank you Julie.

    • Seth (at the Bait Shop): Do I still even work here? I should find out for tax purposes.

    • Summer: If my stepmother taught me anything it's to never drink on an empty stomach.

    • Marissa: I didn't mean to be a bitch.
      Julie: Apples and trees, you are my daughter.

    • Summer (on going to get pancakes): Good. So we'll go…just as soon as you tell me what's going on.
      Marissa: Huh?
      Summer: The weird bruise on your neck, and a bad excuse from you. Weird tension with Trey, and then you don't even bother to make up an excuse. Marissa, please don't lie to me. I'm your best friend. I know something happened. Please tell me what's going on. (Marissa's crying) Coop? Coop? (hugs her) Oh, sweetie.

    • Seth: I should go put on my tie, it always takes me a few tries.

    • Sandy: Boy, we got a lot of leftovers, and the food is still arriving by the truckload.
      Seth: Yeah, it's the silver lining of any funeral.

    • Trey: Jess turned out to be a little crazier than I expected.
      Ryan: Oh really? That's a surprise, considering you met her face down in a pool?

    • Jimmy: What if I decided to stay? What if, you know, we gave it another shot? We're both older and wiser now.
      Julie: Well, I'm certainly wiser.

    • Jess: Yo, what's up? We had a deal!
      Druggie: We're renegotiating, Garden Grove style. What are you gonna do about it, you little Newport beyotch?
      Jess (pulls gun from Trey's belt): Who's the bitch now, huh?

    • Kirsten (to Hailey): Nothing made him more proud than seeing you get your life together. Me, last time I saw him, I told him he was gonna die alone.

    • Kirsten: You gonna be ok?
      Seth: Yeah, I'll be fine. Don't worry about dad, we'll set up a stage in the living room. Give him a microphone and the music to Starlight Express.
      Ryan: I got the takeout menus covered.
      Seth: I'll order them, I'm good with the phone.
      Ryan: We'll be fine, really.

    • Summer: Ok Coop, you wanna tell me what that was about between you and Trey?
      Marissa: What are you talking about?
      Summer: Oh, I don't know, gamma rays of hate shooting out of your eyeballs. I mean, problems with Ryan, a weird tension with Trey. One girl, two brothers. It's all a little Legends of the Fall.
      Marissa: Huh. I never saw that one.

    • Seth (at the funeral reception): Ok, I have officially talked to every pillar of the community. I'm sick of pillars.
      Ryan: At least you don't have everyone asking if you're the guy that burned down Caleb's model home and caused him to have his first heart attack.
      Marissa: Yeah, well everyone's looking at me like I'm the grieving stepdaughter. I don't think the guy could stand me.

    • Sandy (at Caleb's funeral): Caleb Nichol was not a man of many words. He was, however, a brilliant man. He leaves a legacy of possibility. But, his true achievement were his children. He was a caring father, a wonderful grandfather, a truly terrible father-in-law.

    • Seth (about Kirsten's drinking): I'm sure it's, you know, at least partially my fault. I know running away was really hard on her last summer, and –
      Summer: Cohen. No offense, but you're being self-involved again. I think this is bigger than you.

    • Summer: Hey, Cohen. Captain Oats around? I brought him some company.
      Seth: Princess Sparkle, you're in my room!
      Summer: Yeah. I figured Oats would be pretty down, could use the companionship of someone sweet and pretty with shinier hair. That would just, you know, be there for him.
      Seth: Yeah, well the Captain's pretty lucky.
      Summer: Yeah, well if he gets fresh with her, it's straight to the glue factory.

    • Dr. Woodruff: Why don't you tell me a little more about your wife, about her history.
      Sandy: Well, you know, Kirsten's always enjoyed a glass of wine or two. But in the last few months, it's changed. She's changed.
      Dr. Woodruff: Changed how?
      Sandy: She switched to vodka, for starters.

    • Seth: (to Ryan) Apparently Mom's a drunk and today's the intervention, so plan your afternoon accordingly.

    • Seth: (about the rehab brochure) I don't think he's trying to kick the bagels.

    • Marissa (Cries): You're killing him!

    • Sandy (during Caleb's funeral): Rest in peace, Cal. If you can't do that, I'm sure Heaven could use a few more mansions.

    • Trey: (to Jess) Why don't you ever worry about things like calculus and Mayan history like a normal teenager?

    • Hailey: So, you moved to Hawaii. How is it?
      Jimmy: Fantastic! You would not believe the North Shore.
      Hailey: So I've heard ...

    • Kirsten: Don't you say a word. I let you into this house.
      Ryan: Yeah, you did, because my own mom couldn't take care of me. Because she wouldn't get help, even though I asked her to. I don't want to see that happen again to someone I love.

    • (About his and Kirsten's marriage)
      Sandy: We can bend this thing. That doesn't mean it's going to break.

    • Seth: This whole floating in the pool thing is not really helping.
      Ryan: Yeah, I hear you.
      Seth: Neither was video games or the wisdom of Chuck Klosterman.
      Ryan: You know what we should get out of the house. Hit up an old age home, some shuffleboard action.
      Seth: I'm not really in the mood for old people.
      Ryan: IMAX movie? Something with sharks? Huh?
      Seth: Eh, I don't like sharks.
      (Doorbell rings)
      Seth: (About the doorbell ringing) With the way things have been going, I bet that's Oliver.

    • Summer (regarding Kirsten): Has she been drinking a lot?
      Seth: Well she's a WASP in Orange County - these things are all relative.

  • Notes

    • Just under two years later, Saturday Night Live did a spoof of the confrontation from this episode in a Digital Short which featured the refrain from "Hide and Seek" being played over and over again every time a shot was fired.

    • When Jimmy and Hailey were chatting, Hailey asked him about his moving to Hawaii, Jimmy answered her "you wouldn't believe the North Shore" and Hailey said "So I've heard". Obvious reference to the TV Show 'North Shore' of which Amanda Righetti (Hailey) was a regular cast member (Tessa).

    • There was speculation over the return of Oliver (Taylor Handley) for this episode. Though this rumour turned out to be false, Oliver was indeed mentioned briefly when Seth and Ryan were lounging in the pool and talking about how bad things were getting. This was likely an intentional quip to the fans by the writers.

    • Ryan suggests that he and Seth should go see an IMAX movie about sharks. When the Range Rover was vandalized in the episode "The Outsider, Seth blames a bunch of crazy kids doing it in the parking lot of the IMAX theatre while he and Ryan watched a shark movie.

    • Continuing the promotion of Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith(which was released the day of the first airing of the season finale 5/19/05), the game Seth and Ryan play in the poolhouse is the new Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith game.

    • This is the first appearance of Amanda Righetti (Hailey) since episode 2x02: "The Way We Were" and her last appearance on the show.

    • Music:
      "El Manana" by Gorillaz
      "Crosses" by Jose Gonzalez
      "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap
      "You're Not The Law" by The Dead 60's
      "An Honest Mistake" by The Bravery
      "Hot Ride" by The Prodigy
      "Friends" by Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
      "Twenty Two Fourteen" by The Album Leaf
      "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap (repeated)

  • Allusions

    • The book Seth is reading is Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman.

    • Sandy refers to Kirsten as a "WASP" living in Orange County. WASP stands for White Anglo-Saxon Protestant.

    • (Doorbell rings)
      Seth: The way things have been going around here, that's probably Oliver.
      Oliver was a character from the first season of the show, who brought great problems between Ryan and Marissa because he was in love with her, Ryan knew and Marissa didn't believe him. He left Newport and was taken to a mental institution.

    • Summer: One girl, two brothers. It's all a little "Legends of the Fall".
      Legends of the Fall is a 1994 movie starring Brad Pitt, based on the book of the same name. In the story, three brothers all fall in love with the same woman.

    • Summer: After that scene from "Scarface" that we just lived through...
      Scarface is a very violent 1983 movie starring Al Pacino as a drug lord.