The O.C.

Season 1 Episode 4

The Debut

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 26, 2003 on FOX
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It's time for the annnual Cotillion ball. Cherished by many, hated by most, it's the time when Newport's finest young ladies enter society. More information about Jimmy's business trouble comes to light, and Kirsten's loan to Jimmy is not happy news for Sandy.

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the oc its the annuel katilan ball and ryan is placed with this new girl who is from pitsburge anna and seth is looking for a date becasue summer does not want to be his and she finds someone eles and seth is all alone and ryan does not really want to go with anna and so anna sences it and she goes to help out with seth and marisa does not really want to go with luke becasue of the fights they been having and so she does not want to go at all. so ryan decides to go with marisa and seth decideds to go with anna and summer ends up going with someone eles but seth says no to her when she askes him if he wants to go with her to make her jelious. but durning the thing a fight breaks out with marisas dad becasues he was using another mans money and lost it in the market and he gets punched by the other man and its turns bad . after that. this was a good epmoreless
  • Yet again another event but this one is the biggest one in Newport which just spells trouble.

    Ryan's part of the family but he has to stay out of trouble, yeah like thats going to happen. Jimmy's money problems are revealed to most of newport when a fight breaks out, this leaves Marrisa devastated and Julie embarrassed. Luke breaks up with Marrisa after she comes to the evnt with ryan but she actually wasn't you know with him. Seth makes a new friend in Anna a new girl. summer is left without an escort. Marrisa now has a choice Ryan or Luke!moreless
  • For once the fists that are flying are not between Luke and Ryan.

    Although really not as good as the first three episodes, that is just a testament to how awesome those three were compared to this one, because by all means this was still a great watch. Jimmy Cooper has been facing continuous problems with debt but the ass beating he got from one of his victims seems to simply be the silence before the storm. The episode does a great job of portraying how money alone can't bring happiness if you don't have control over your own money. You could tell it was coming too; the way that all of these events were creeping on Jimmy; the investigator visiting Sandy Cohen, his credit card being rejected, etc. Meanwhile the love triangle between Luke, Marissa, and Ryan has reached a new level. As expected the momentum is heavily shifting in favour of Ryan so it's not as exciting as it should be.moreless
  • Awesome episode again!

    It's time for the annual Cotillion Ball, the time when Newport's finest young ladies enter society. Luke and Marissa break up, so Ryan escorts her to the Ball. Jimmy becomes subject of a fraud investigation and Kirsten's $100,000 loan to him has placed the Cohen family in the spotlight as well. At th ball Holly's father punches him, embarrassing both Marissa and Julie. I love this episode so much. Ryan trying to dance or whatever it's called, so cute. I think after watchign three amazing episode Ryan is my favourite character, it's a tough call though. I love all the cahracters on the show right now. I love the new character too, Anna she is amazing I want Summer and Seth to be together but Anna is amazing too so I would like to see Seth and Anna together too. All in all another awesome episode and I can't wait to watch more.moreless
  • It always begins with a bang...

    After the previous three episodes of a slow transitional phase to introduce Ryan into Newport,this episodes starts the first hurdle they all face in the history of Newport.It also establishes more of the characters, the relationship between the characters and introduces a new one into the mix.

    The episode centers on the Cotillion, a debuntate ball in Newport. And its here where we meet Anna, Seth's counterpart.She's into comics and sailing.Though she is not featured too much in the episode, I hope she sticks around.I felt that this was a good move on the writer's part as I think Seth needs something better to do.He has to stay away from Ryan in order to allow him to get with Marissa.

    As with previous episodes, Ryan and Marissa spend more time enjoying each other's company.Luke plays the jealous boyfriend and was spot on with his snide remarks.And Summer acts like a slut, again.Both of them(Luke and Summer) are really getting on my nerves.Hope that the writers have some thing better for them than play stock stereotypes.

    The big story of this episode was Jimmy Cooper.All the dirty laundry is out.All its implications to be felt in time to come. Sandy and Kirsten get into little tifts over the Jimmy problem which is solved by the end of the episode.(I think)

    I thought the scene where Greg attacked Jimmy was kinda funny(albeit unintentional).It was just that after Jimmy fell to the ground, Greg kept saying "a thief,He's a thief".I just couldn't help but laugh at that scene.Couldn't the writer's come up with something that doesn't invoke humour at such a dramatic point of the episode.

    All in all, a good episode.The show is now in high gear, with the Jimmy Cooper problem coming to a head. The relationship between Ryan and Marissa will defintely take a turn.Now its time to watch how the show deals with it.As everyone knows that it is not how the show gets to its main storyline, but how it resolves it.

    (Hope Anna comes back)

    "I'm going on a sailing trip, to Tahiti"moreless
Christopher Cousins

Christopher Cousins

Greg Fischer

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Ruth Williamson


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Barry Wiggins

Steve (S.E.C.)

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Shailene Woodley

Kaitlin Cooper

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Rachel Bilson

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Episode punch count: 4

    • Goof: When Kirsten took Seth and Ryan to the club, it was clear they were using the Range Rover. In the next scene, we see Sandy arriving home from surfing in the same vehicle.

    • Goof: When Ryan and Anna practise dancing, one shot shows Anna's hand on Ryan's arm, in another shot angle her hand is on his shoulder. This mistake continues back and forth several times during their conversation.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • Sandy: I got a two-time drug offender they want to deport. 15 years old.
      Kirsten: Sandy, he needs help.
      Sandy: Jimmy Cooper? He stole from his clients, he stole from his friends, and then he had the nerve to borrow $100,000 from us to cover it up.
      Kirsten: He was trying to provide for his family.
      Sandy: Yeah. Boats, ponies...
      Kirsten: So, you'll defend a two-time drug offender, but you won't defend...?
      Sandy: Yes. My clients are kids who have no hope, no guidance, nothing. Jimmy Cooper is just another spoiled Newport brat who had everything handed to him.
      Kirsten: Like me.
      Sandy: No. Not like you. You would never lie. You would never steal.
      Kirsten: I would like to think that, but the truth is there isn't anything that I wouldn't do for my family.

    • Seth: So do you think that I'll get to see you again?
      Anna: No.
      Seth: Oh, okay.
      Anna: No, it's just... I know this might sound kind of... whatever... but I'm spending the rest of the summer on a sailing trip. To Tahiti.

    • Ryan: (playing video games with Sandy) Okay, now you're stabbing me. Just don't touch any of the buttons, follow me through the forest, and, uh, maybe we'll both make it out of here alive.
      (later in the game)
      Ryan: You just stabbed me again.
      Sandy: Oh. Sorry.

    • Anna: Wait. Are you the kid from Chino who steals cars and sets people's houses on fire? So you're saying I'm making my debut into society with Newport's most wanted?
      Ryan: Is that gonna be a problem?
      Anna: I can't wait.

    • Marissa: Anna just moved here from Pittsburgh.
      Summer: Pittsburgh? Ew!

    • Marissa: Oh, well, actually, Summer, Ryan's already been promised to someone else.
      Summer: I can't believe this. You gave him to someone else? Who? Who's pathetic enough not to have a date the day before cotillion?
      Anna: Actually, at this point, that would be you.

    • Sandy: Fellas, you mind?
      Seth: Oh. Uh, if this is about the vase...
      Sandy: Which vase?
      Seth: Nothing. Let's go, Ryan.

    • Kirsten: (to Ryan) We should clean all this out so that you'll have room for some of your...right. You don't have any stuff. Which means we've got to go shopping. For clothes and shoes and underpants.
      Seth: Mom, don't say underpants.

    • Anna: Could you be any more pathetic? Lone figure, sitting on the floor, wondering if he's going to be lonely for the rest of his life.
      Seth: Oh, hey, your sensitivity, it's really...nonexistent.
      Anna: You know what your problem is? You're not a man.
      Seth: Again, not appreciating the brutal honesty.
      Anna: Do you know what girls find sexy?
      Seth: Nope. Uh, wait, let me guess. Dudes who play water polo?
      Anna: Confidence!

    • Anna: I mean, whatever you think about the whole superhero movie genre, at least it's getting people to read the original source material.
      Seth: I cannot believe that you read comic books. I mean, you're a girl.
      Anna: What is that supposed to mean? And I call them graphic novels. In fact, if more people did, maybe the whole form wouldn't be so marginalized.
      Seth: I couldn't agree more.

    • Ryan: You didn't tell me there was dancing.
      Seth: Well if I told you there was dancing, I'd be here by myself.
      Ryan: Because I really don't dance.
      Seth: Neither do I. I just move well.

    • Kirsten: Seth, we need to talk to Ryan.
      Seth: Okay...if this has to do with the rug, though, I just want to tell you that..Ryan had nothing to do with it.
      Kirsten: What about the rug?
      Seth: I'm going to go now.

    • Ryan: Your mom bought me some new clothes. Which she didn't have to do.
      Seth: Right, because we all know you can get a lot of mileage out of a tank-top.

    • Seth: Turns out that I'm quite skilled at getting a date, provided it's not for me.

    • (As Sandy arrives at the Cotillion)
      Sandy: 500 channels and nothing on.
      Kirsten: You couldn't put on a tux?
      Sandy: Pick your battles honey.

    • Ryan: What if something happens and you guys change your mind?
      Sandy: Like what? You steal a car? You burn down a house? You beat up the captain of the water polo team? Those ships have sailed my friend.

    • Ryan: Guess I don't really fit in, huh?
      Sandy: Oh, I got news for you. Nobody does. I guarantee you--every single person at that cotillion feels like a fraud. They've all got secrets and they're all terrified the guy next door is going to find them out.
      Ryan: So, what's your secret?
      Sandy: Sometimes, when the sun's coming up and the surf is good, and I haven't pissed my wife off quite as much as I have today, I kind of like this place.
      (they look at each other)
      Ryan: You just stabbed me again.
      Sandy: Oh, sorry .

    • Holly: Yeah, it's at my house. I do it every year for Cotillion.
      Seth: You didn't do it last year.
      Holly: Yeah we did.
      Seth: (long pause) Ouch.

    • Seth: You know, you're a really... good barbecuetionist.

    • Seth: (to Ryan) Wow. You just got your butt kicked and you didn't even fight back. Dude, you really are a Cohen.

    • Seth: Dude, you're a Cohen now. Welcome to a world of insecurity and paralyzing self-doubt.

    • Sandy: (to Ryan) Waltzing and orchids, what could be more you?

  • NOTES (2)