The O.C.

Season 1 Episode 4

The Debut

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Aug 26, 2003 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the oc its the annuel katilan ball and ryan is placed with this new girl who is from pitsburge anna and seth is looking for a date becasue summer does not want to be his and she finds someone eles and seth is all alone and ryan does not really want to go with anna and so anna sences it and she goes to help out with seth and marisa does not really want to go with luke becasue of the fights they been having and so she does not want to go at all. so ryan decides to go with marisa and seth decideds to go with anna and summer ends up going with someone eles but seth says no to her when she askes him if he wants to go with her to make her jelious. but durning the thing a fight breaks out with marisas dad becasues he was using another mans money and lost it in the market and he gets punched by the other man and its turns bad . after that. this was a good ep
  • Yet again another event but this one is the biggest one in Newport which just spells trouble.

    Ryan's part of the family but he has to stay out of trouble, yeah like thats going to happen. Jimmy's money problems are revealed to most of newport when a fight breaks out, this leaves Marrisa devastated and Julie embarrassed. Luke breaks up with Marrisa after she comes to the evnt with ryan but she actually wasn't you know with him. Seth makes a new friend in Anna a new girl. summer is left without an escort. Marrisa now has a choice Ryan or Luke!
  • For once the fists that are flying are not between Luke and Ryan.

    Although really not as good as the first three episodes, that is just a testament to how awesome those three were compared to this one, because by all means this was still a great watch. Jimmy Cooper has been facing continuous problems with debt but the ass beating he got from one of his victims seems to simply be the silence before the storm. The episode does a great job of portraying how money alone can't bring happiness if you don't have control over your own money. You could tell it was coming too; the way that all of these events were creeping on Jimmy; the investigator visiting Sandy Cohen, his credit card being rejected, etc. Meanwhile the love triangle between Luke, Marissa, and Ryan has reached a new level. As expected the momentum is heavily shifting in favour of Ryan so it's not as exciting as it should be.
  • Awesome episode again!

    It's time for the annual Cotillion Ball, the time when Newport's finest young ladies enter society. Luke and Marissa break up, so Ryan escorts her to the Ball. Jimmy becomes subject of a fraud investigation and Kirsten's $100,000 loan to him has placed the Cohen family in the spotlight as well. At th ball Holly's father punches him, embarrassing both Marissa and Julie. I love this episode so much. Ryan trying to dance or whatever it's called, so cute. I think after watchign three amazing episode Ryan is my favourite character, it's a tough call though. I love all the cahracters on the show right now. I love the new character too, Anna she is amazing I want Summer and Seth to be together but Anna is amazing too so I would like to see Seth and Anna together too. All in all another awesome episode and I can't wait to watch more.
  • It always begins with a bang...

    After the previous three episodes of a slow transitional phase to introduce Ryan into Newport,this episodes starts the first hurdle they all face in the history of Newport.It also establishes more of the characters, the relationship between the characters and introduces a new one into the mix.

    The episode centers on the Cotillion, a debuntate ball in Newport. And its here where we meet Anna, Seth's counterpart.She's into comics and sailing.Though she is not featured too much in the episode, I hope she sticks around.I felt that this was a good move on the writer's part as I think Seth needs something better to do.He has to stay away from Ryan in order to allow him to get with Marissa.

    As with previous episodes, Ryan and Marissa spend more time enjoying each other's company.Luke plays the jealous boyfriend and was spot on with his snide remarks.And Summer acts like a slut, again.Both of them(Luke and Summer) are really getting on my nerves.Hope that the writers have some thing better for them than play stock stereotypes.

    The big story of this episode was Jimmy Cooper.All the dirty laundry is out.All its implications to be felt in time to come. Sandy and Kirsten get into little tifts over the Jimmy problem which is solved by the end of the episode.(I think)

    I thought the scene where Greg attacked Jimmy was kinda funny(albeit unintentional).It was just that after Jimmy fell to the ground, Greg kept saying "a thief,He's a thief".I just couldn't help but laugh at that scene.Couldn't the writer's come up with something that doesn't invoke humour at such a dramatic point of the episode.

    All in all, a good episode.The show is now in high gear, with the Jimmy Cooper problem coming to a head. The relationship between Ryan and Marissa will defintely take a turn.Now its time to watch how the show deals with it.As everyone knows that it is not how the show gets to its main storyline, but how it resolves it.

    (Hope Anna comes back)

    "I'm going on a sailing trip, to Tahiti"
  • Great!

    Sandy and Kirsten let Ryan be their legal child. They are now his legal guardians. The Debutante Ball is here. Luke is escorting Marissa. Ryan is escorting Anna. Seth is escorting Summer. Things get really swapped around though. Sandy learns that Jimmy has been stealing money from people. Holly's dad also finds that out and accuses him publicly. At the ball, Seth and Anna go together and Ryan and Marissa go. Luke breaks up with Marissa after she keeps defending Ryan.

    This episode was really good! I'm glad that Luke and Marissa broke up. I don't like them together. I like Anna. She's cool. Yay! Ryan is now a Cohen! This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!
  • Another ok episode in my opinion.

    It's time for the annual Cotillion Ball. Cherished by many, hated by most, it's the time when Newport's finest young ladies enter society. Luke and Marissa break up, so Ryan does the honourable thing and escorts her at her Cotillion. More information about Jimmy's business trouble comes to light when Holly's father punches him at Cotillion, yelling, "Thief! He's a thief!" Not how Jimmy wanted everyone to find out. This was another average episode I thought it is getting abit repeatitive although I did enjoy it the last two episodes have been quiet average in my opinion, still watching it though.
  • Ryan and Marissa go to a debut cotillion together

    Well, I haven't yet fallen in love with this show, like I did with the others I've watched from the beginning, but it looks promising. In this episode I think the greatest moments were Ryan, tying Marissa's dress, and his touching her back in a very sexy way when she was teaching him to dance. You can see that I am a hopeless shipper, that's why I mostly enjoy such scenes in the shows:)
    We also see some interesting development with the parents of the main characters, so I'm looking forward to watch that as well. And if I could make a dirty guess for what's going to happen in the next epis, I think Seth's mother is so going to have a relationship with somebody else other than Marissa's father. She looks totally hot!Well, I guess I'll have to wait and see about that prediction, hehe.See you, guys!
  • Another good installment, this one however was more enjoyable then the others. It seems this show develops into a sort of guilty pleasure. You love to hate people like Luke.

    It's funny, the more I watch this show, the more I dislike the snobby rich people surrounding the Cohen family. I admit, there are a few of them who are not that bad, but for the most part, they are irritating, and I love seeing them get the raw deal. The Cohen's don't really seem to fit in, as they are loving and caring, and most of the others are rich snobs. I especially dislike Luke and Summer, they really get on my nerves and I can't wait for Marissa to get over that cheating loser. This was a good episode because Seth finally got over his crush on that loser Summer, who was so not for him. And to top it off, he met a girl! How awesome is that, I hope to see Seth develop more because of this. It's hard to watch Ryan and Luke though, I so want Ryan to pound Luke's brains out, but again, if he does he might loose his only shot at having a better life. Again we see the common fighting theme; it seems that even in "rich" areas like Newport, fighting is still prevalent. Funny how you love to hate losers like Luke.
  • A great episode with a lot of heart and even more drama!

    It's the Débutante Ball, but who's actually going? And more importantly, who with?
    This episode introduces Anna and what a wonderful character she is, instantly recognising the Ryan/Marissa attraction. She is an adorable and essential character! It is no surprise Seth chooses to debut with her, thanks to a little "confidence".
    Marissa and Ryan aren't going, but wait, yes they are and they are debuting together! It is so nice to watch them together and this episode confirms that the two of them must be together!
    However, not everything is as pretty as the ball as Jimmy is having trouble hiding his mistakes from a client, and so a fight ensues on the dancefloor! Marissa rushes off, deserting both Luke and Ryan.
    This is a great episode that really shows us what these characters are like, we see Ryan really trying to do better and worrying about getting involved in the fight, he really wants this to work. We see Marissa struggling with her choice and deeply affected by her dads problems. Seth's love for Summer grows stronger but he learns he needs more confidence first and we also get to see his fantastic sense of humour! Summer is another comedic character and her scenes with Marissa are very enjoyable!
  • The O.C. Orange County, It's where all the beautiful people live.

    During rehearsals for Newport Beach's annual Cotillion Ball, Ryan continues to pursue Marissa and asks her to be his dancing partner, while a continuing jealous Luke tries to break them up. Seth as eyes for the new girl in town, Anna Stern, but becomes torn over his feelings for Summer Roberts, the outgoing socialite he's had a crush on for years. Meanwhile, Sandy becomes upset over Kristen's loan to Jimmy for his financial problems which finally come to light at the ball when one business client decks him in the face after learning that Jimmy lost all of their money.

    - Alex
  • Great episode

    I've loved the Seth-Summer-Anna-storyline from the start and since this was the first appearance of Anna, I loved this episode. Back then the show still managed to balance fun and drama perfectly and this is just another great example for what The OC used to be like at the beginning. I liked Seth being so insecure at the beginning. And when he could have accompanied Summer, he chose Anna - we're gonna see some more of the three of them in the upcoming episodes and it's gonna be just as great as this time!
    Ryan and Marissa are so cute... sorry, I needed to say this ;)
  • Another brilliant installment from The OC

    Ryan's decision to stay in Newport is met with mixed reactions that cause problems between Luke and Marissa.
    Cotillion has arrived along with a new girl set to help Seth with his Summer troubles. Anna Stern goes with Seth to cotillion after Summer blows him off, which later results in Seth turning Summer down, very amusing.
    Ryan and Marissa get closer as Luke leaves Marissa at cotillion and she ends up going with Ryan, much to the displeasure of Julie.
    Newport finally finds out about Jimmy's fraud after an investor punches him at cotillion after Jimmy tells him he lost his money. This is the first episode where Ryan doesn't actually punch any one. Big suprise there.
    Overall a great episode with a fight at a fancy event, what more could you ask for.
  • Good!

    Most of the story of this episode is based around the Cotillion, the annual debutante ball where Newport's most accomplished young women make their debut into 'society'. The episode begins with the Cohens announcing to Ryan that they have taken guardianship of him and that he will now be part of their family. As a 'welcome to the family' gift, they buy him a tuxedo for Cotillion. And wouldn't you know, Summer comes around and decides Ryan will be her date to Cotillion. This, just a week after she called him a trash nobody.

    Jimmy and Sandy talk about the loan Kirsten gave Jimmy. He apologizes for going around Sandy to get the money, acknowledging that he should have asked Sandy as well. It turns out that the business trouble Jimmy has gotten himself into was actually theft of clients' money to cover his own expenses, and he is now under investigation by the S.E.C.

    At the Cotillion 'practice', Ryan and Seth meet their debs (Anna and Summer, respectively) and practice waltzing. Even though Luke is still jealous of Ryan and Marissa's relationship, Marissa invites Ryan to Holly's party. At the party, Marissa talks to Ryan but they are seen by Luke, who then wants to fight Ryan. Ryan refuses, and Luke hits him anyway. Ryan doesn't hit back, but he decides not to go to the Cotillion. He tells Seth it has nothing to do with Luke.

    Marissa and her mother Julie discuss the Cotillion. It is obvious that the deb ball is far more important to Julie than it is to Marissa, who decides to skip it. Julie wants to talk to Jimmy about Marissa's lack of participation, but Jimmy is dealing with issues of his own. Holly's father, Greg, is a client of Jimmy's, and he asks Jimmy to pull $200,000 from his investments account. Since Jimmy has spent the money, he tries to avoid the subject.

    Sandy and Ryan, the bachelors of the evening, decide to play videogames...until Marissa comes over and asks Ryan to go to the ball after all. Because Marissa and Ryan didn't show to the ball initially, Luke and Anne were out of dates. Summer decided to blow off Seth for Luke, and then Seth picked up Anne. Seth ended up having a great time and really clicking with Anne, who then broke the news that she'd be leaving town for the rest of the summer to take a sailing trip to Tahiti. Seth's jaw drops in disbelief, as he had dreamed of taking Summer on the same trip.

    At the ball, Jimmy is confronted by Greg Fischer, who really, really wants his money. Jimmy confesses that he has lost all of the money. Greg freaks out and punches Jimmy, knocking him to the floor. He screams to everyone at the ball that Jimmy is a thief. Marissa is shaken up by the incident and Ryan and Luke try to comfort her, but she prefers to be left alone.
  • Good writing

    I was amazed at how these charecters come into the story and just fit it perfectly. Anna was quite a fresh new breath of air. Seth it seems might just fall for this one if he's not careful. Summer dropping Seth for Luke was to be expected. I saw that one come mile off. I don't know what's up with this Marissa chick. She can't seem to decide who she wants and that might hurt both Luke and Ryan.
  • A fight at the ball

    I am begaining not to like Marissa, i mean why does she make Ryan life very difficult. She knew that Luke doesn't like Ryan yet she keep on inviting him to these social events. i understand that she liked him but the way she acting is that she wants to be more then friends. i feel bad for Ryan because he tries to advoid trouble and she just keep on making it hard on him.

    Anna was certainly a new surpise but not for me. i am amazed at how casting director find these people. i really like her mainly because she taught Seth something about girls which i thought was nice on her. Seth is really a misfit i mean girls talked to me that way, i would blast her, i don't take cr*p from anyone. nevertheless she was quite attractive and she had quality that was unique.

    Fireworks between Marrisa and Ryan when practicing to dance, That was skillful done by director of the series, i could almost feel it which was strange feeling then Luke line about him being almost not beening jealous.

    Rest of the epsoide there isn't much to say, Jimmy getting hit and Sandy getting sucker punch was just quite predictable i saw that miles away. Think about it is a social event something bound to go wrong.

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