The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 9

The Disconnect

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 08, 2005 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show the oc marrisa wants to see how johney is doing since his accident and how it may ruin his surfing chances now and it seems he is having a hard time and she thinks he may be into drugs and she wants ryans help on it. and ryan and sandy and his partner are going to meet with the investors and they can only tell them so much since the partner goes out late parting and sorta does not take it series so ryan has to help him this was a good ep i thought and it was very exciting.
  • Not sure about the general audience, but I'm finding the third season to be spectacular.

    This is what The O.C. was about in the first season; a great mix of drama and slice of life. We have some mild drama between Johnny and Marissa, some intermediate stuff with Ryan and his new coworkers broken heart, and then some fun comic relief stuff with not only Julie and Kirsten starting up their business, but Seth and Summer's little battle of the wits moment. And how the episode ended was just a beautiful romantic moment set up by fate; for Marissa and Ryan to be in each other's rooms and talking, it moves the heart. The comedy that seemed to have been declining over the course of the show has also made its valiant return here. Not as funny as the stuff in the first season but it's up there.
  • Well, I DEFINETELY didn\'t see the whole Johnny-Marissa thing coming.....(subtle roll of the eyes) Hopefully the season won\'t continue this badly.

    Well, well, well. Apart from Seth and Summer, this episode pretty much died. Johnny falls over in the kitchen and its all \"Oh my God!!\" Dramatic seems to be Marissa\'s middle name...and she certainly brought it to this episode. Julie and Kirsten are a great acting duo. Loved Julie\'s reaction towards the business...and her \'interesting\' ideas. Matt seems to be a problem..and i can see him being a problem in future episodes. There was hardly any Ryan in this episode! He didn\'t have his own storyline and so all he did was feed of the vulture that is Marissa and do some work with Matt...yeah...\'work\'. Hardly what you call \"going deep\". Overall..a pretty uninteresting episode but i\'ll still give it an 8\'ll pick itself up.
  • The OC. Episode 9

    It turns out:
    - Summer is a genius and can even play the tuba. LOL
    - Marissa feels a deep vocation to be a nurse maid. Please.
    - Ryan's internship was a little bit eventful. :D
    - Sandy can’t help forgiving everyone.
    - Johnny is in love with Marissa. Astonishing surprise.
    - Kirsten’s storyline is the most boring ever. I mean, is her character supposed only to cook all the way? At this point, Carter, come back!
    - Julie didn’t hit it off with the guy who could get her out of the sleazy trailer. And that’s really a shocker. :D

    Anyway, the end was great. I liked the way Seth and Summer worked out the whole Brown thing and even Ryan and Marissa talking on the phone were cute.
  • Don't get me wrong, I love The O.C. and watch it religiously, and I would have never have been able to pick a "worst episode", until now... There was some intriging plot and character development to be had here, but unfortunately, this episode was too slo

    Don't get me wrong. I've been a huge fan of The O.C. since... around mid-way through season one, but I caught up by watching re-runs and purchasing both DVD box sets.

    Anyway, in regards to the episode itself, nothing really happened, and as much as it pains me to say this, this would probably have to be the worst episode in the series to date.

    Sure there was some character development (Seth and Summer's relationship especially). And the sub-plot between Kirsten and Julie is most certainly intriging but I can't help but to think that there could have been so much more to the episode.

    Oh gosh, Johnny's a less psychopathic carbon copy of Oliver. At least he'll be dead soon enough.

    And Summer's constant references to her father somewhat imply that he'll be around for next week's episode (which according to the episode guide, he most certainly will).

    At least I have Kaitlin Cooper, Dawn Atwood, Chrismukkah, Johnny's death, Jess, and the relationship between Julie and Neil to look forward to over the coming weeks and months.

    I'm still a huge fan of The O.C., but if the show wants to pick up in ratings and rake in new fans, they'll need to try a little harder than this.

    Although admittedly, the episode did have me chuckling a little more than usual. :-p

  • Yay! Seth and Summer happy! No problems between them! Ryan and Marissa in love. No Jonny stopping them. Julie: an idiot as per! Sandy, a softie!

    OMG Seth and Summer are so cute! Despite all the competition in the beginning they're so supportive! they are such a perfect couple!

    Ryan and Marissa...awwwww! Ok so Jonny's admited he loves Marissa but it makes her realtionship with RYan stronger!!!

    WHo would pay so much to meet Julie Cooper? Lol love the job idea though. And Sandy is very cute with letting tha guy off!!!

    Amazing episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Johnny tells Marissa he loves her. Ryan interns with Sandy's partner, Matt, and goes on a "field trip" to a strip club. Sandy fires then rehires Matt. Seth and Summer fight each other to get into Brown. Kirsten and Julie start their business together.

    As a standalone episode this would not be among the best of the OC episodes. In the OVERALL storyline of the show it's one of the best that I've seen. This episode takes the next step in transforming some of the relationships that make the OC fun to watch. Seth and Summer break out of the molds of "the ironist" and "little miss vixen" to become better rounded characters with a more believable and profound love for each other. Mmm. And Summer becoming a 'genius' promotes the idea that her and Seth really do have more than an intense passion for one another. Julie and Kirsten's friendship persists in turning Julie Cooper from somewhat of a monster into what she really seems to have been all along: a desperate (although selfish) romantic and fierce protector of those she loves. She's still unpredictable though, as I would hope. Otherwise, it was pretty sweet to see Marisa and Ryan actually seems like that hasn't happened in, um, FOREVER. Well played Writers.
  • A gerat episode that really shows this show has turned itself around really well.

    Anotehr WOW! The thing with the OC is that it is now learning. The writters are listening to reason and are doing the stoires so freaking well! What they are doing now is using the emotional fall out of past events to build up suspense and drama. It is awesome how they're doing this. They know that they don't need to create a contrived storyline to add these emelments in their show. And the result, a freakin awesome episode. Seeing Seth/Summer's insecurities as individuals and as a couple was great. Seeing Marissa and Ryan actually interact was refreshing and and zseeing Julie and Kiki work together and get closer was some of the coolest Tv I'v seen in a long while! This show is making me so happy.

    Ok so now I have actually seen the episode. I don't get all the dislike on this website about it. It was a cool epsiode. Yes I wanted their to be more Kandy scenes but I really enjoyed all of it so much. I Was watching it thinking, Dam, this show is so much like S1 again. I felt it had that Vibe to it. It felt so right. I wasn't loving Johnny, he can go and get screwed. And Mat is a tool but I's find it funny if he turned out to be gay (hence why he split with his girl, i mean his excuse wasn't indepth at all.) A great episode to what has become a great season. Cant wait for christmukha!

    The OC is back, Biatches!
  • Not a great episode, shows just the way the show is going at the moment. Sippowitz is hot!

    Not a great episode, shows just the way the show is going at the moment. It will never raise itself to the level of season 1. It's getting very slow and predicable. The characters are losing their edge. Sandy and Kirstin made this episode interesting. And obviously the strip club. Sippowitz is hot!
  • Boring...

    This episode was the worst ever, nothing happened and everything was silly, especially the plot with Matt, the striper and Sandy.

    I totally hate Johnny, why is he here? it's a second Oliver. Marissa, I love you, please give me your love in return. Great....!!! and frankly, that's ridiculous the fact that now he is a kind of cripple... why does Marissa help him???? she HAS RYAN! Come on!

    Then, you have Seth and Summer, ok give me a break, it was so boring, Summer wants to go to Brown??? she was totally silly in the first season and now she is a kind of Brillant person. The end was awful with both of them writing their letter for college beside with the same Mac.

    Julie was not better, she is boring now... she doesn't have Caleb, she doesn't have Jimmy and she is not nasty... the story with the guy was totally predictable but even not funny... she was not THE Julie Cooper that we've met, she is just her shadow...

    For the worst plot, there was Sandy (as usual in this season) which first fired Matt because he totally freaks out at the meeting and then Sandy just back him into the society because of a striper... Sandy that was really low... and Matt is not charismatic at all...

    To put it in a nutshell: Boring, worst ever and not funny! avoid it!
  • Johnny tells Marissa he loves her. Ryan interns with Sandy's partner, Matt, and goes on a "field trip" to a strip club. Sandy fires then rehires Matt. Seth and Summer fight each other to get into Brown. Kirsten and Julie start their business together.

    While it wasn't a terrible episode, nothing really happened, and the plots were incredibly predictable. It was inevitable that Johnny would tell Marissa he "loves" her so as to create potential conflict between Marissa and Ryan. In every season someone falls in love with Marissa, and her relationship with Ryan is tested so it was about time that Johnny tell Marissa his feelings. From the previews we knew Matt was going to take Ryan to a strip club and that he would get fired once Sandy discovered it. The only surprise was that he was going not to get a lapdance but to talk to a an old friend from college about the personal problems he was having. After finding this out it was predictable that Sandy would give Matt another chance. Kirsten and Julie's business was predictable as well given past episodes' storylines of Julie knowing how to attract men, and Kirsten knowing how to throw a nice event. I liked the scenes between Seth and Summer because it portrayed college application process somewhat accurately. It was an okay episode but could have been better.
  • WORST EPISODE EVER - Is this the end of the OC?

    Absolutely nothing happened this episode, other some more forced tension with Ryan & Marissa and the end of the horrible "Johnny" subplot. Awful all around - but the worst was the scene with Johnny delirious on the couch. he had a broken leg, now suddenly he's running a fever and on his deathbed?
    And there was the whole strip club part. Matt loses his girlfriend so he decides to blow off Newport's big meeting and hit a strip club with Ryan.
    He loses his job for about ten minutes, but then Sandy changes his mind because a stripper vouches for Matt. They've stretched credibility in this episode to an absurd level - I doubt Soap Operas would even try to get away w some of this nonsense.
    Barely anything was good here.
  • Ryan decides to intern at the Newport group with Sandy's new business partner, Matt, but a "field trip" makes Ryan feel uneasy. Meanwhile Johnny is recooperating with Marissa at his side. A not-so-surprising confession is made. And when Summer gets a perf

    It was an excellent episode that revealed some hidden character. Plus some long awaited revelations have been made (Gloria) and Marissa looked especially georgeos. Summer and a tuba? Who knew? So, Johnny told Marissa. I don't see why she was so surprised. It was so obvious. All I can say is, bring on the Chrismukah Bar-mitzvavakuh. At least, I think that's it...
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