The O.C.

Season 2 Episode 1

The Distance

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 04, 2004 on FOX
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The summer is coming to an end, and Seth hasn't returned home to Newport. In the midst of home renovations, Sandy and Kirsten are strained and missing their son. Ryan has begun his new life with Theresa in Chino, as Marissa is alone and in a dark place. Summer is slowly getting over Seth.moreless

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show the oc is the season 2 premair and it begins were things left off on seth went to live with luke and his dad they are having a good time and he still does not miss home and for his parentes thats a diffrent story they having house reavations right now and kirsten misses her son and so does sandy so she wants sandy to go and get him and ryan is with terrsa and there starting ther new life togeather and the baby and merrisa is in a dark place in that new big house that she does not want to be in and summer is trying to get over seth this was a good way to start the season offmoreless
  • Yeah, not a good way to begin a season when the previous season left off on such a sad note.

    Season One ended on a really strong note. Ryan thought he was making everything better by leaving Newport, but instead things get worse. Marissa is drinking, Summer is depressed, Seth left to Portland, and when the last minute was up on the last episode of season one, all you thought about was how the second season was going to confront all of these problems. Well, it couldn't have been anymore disappointing. The idea of Theresa faking her babies death to send Ryan back to Newport was kind of decently executed at first, but then it left a very sour taste in your mouth because everything that was build up in season one's ending was turned into complete waste. Hopefully we won't see anymore of Theresa and Eddie and it'll wash away this rather mediocre season opener.moreless
  • I liked the ending, but I thought Marissa was the biggest unnecessary drama queen ever. Well, that's old news.

    I am so happy Teresa's storyline was over. Woohoo. She was so boring. I saw no point of having her around. I must say, The O.C. has a lot of pointless characters, although I do like this show. A lot of time I find Marissa pointless, too. Well, guys think she's hot, and that's why she's in the show. She doesn't have any dynamics, in my opinion. She's so flat and always the same. She doesn't change or surprise me at all. Ahh well. Seth' so cute! Haha! I am biased because I am in love with Adam Brody. Can you blame me? That guy is a God of Sexy.moreless
  • A cheap and unimaginative fix, a disappointing season premiere.

    (Spoilers ahead) The first episode of the second season picks up with all the great cliffhangers of the first: Ryan is back in Chino, Seth has left New Port, Kirsten is upset over her son leaving, etc.. And then all these great conflicts are resolved in one 40 minute episode. Even more so, the episode reduces the main characters to whiny, fickle shells of their former selves. Ryan cares enough about his pregnant girlfriend to leave New Port, where he had made a life and a family for himself, to be with her. Then when she calls him and says the baby has died, he doesn't even botter checking up on her. Seth flees all across the country, leaving his family in shambles, to run away from an environment he hates. Then when Ryan moves back to New Port, he's willing to forget everything and move back home as well. Kirsten, heart broken over her son leaving, refuses to do anything but sit at home and complain about it. And finally Summer moves on in a heart beat, leaving us with almost no clues as to how she did get over her relationship with Seth.

    After this episode, the only real fall out from the first season cliffhangers, is Marissa being reduced back to where she was at the start of the series. All characters are set back, ready for another season of the same, and that in a cheap and easy fix.

    A very disappointing start of the second season.moreless
  • This is an O.C classic that is seriously underrated by the fandom!

    I have always loved this episode and no matter how many times I watch it, the episode never fails to impress me. Its only fault was that it resolved all the cliff-hanger issues from the season 1 finale in the space of 40 minutes. Despite this shortcoming, it was still a fabulous episode. It had some great moments: the opening spat between Sandy and Kirstin, Summers poolside rant about b%#@'s on boats', Julie going to look for a new pony for Kaitlin due to China being as 'bald as a baby's ass', the Sandy Seth dinner fight, Marissa's poolside meltdown and of course Seth's foot tapping and running to stop Ryan - then returning to Newport...the list goes on! What I enjoyed most though, was the impact that Ryan and Seth's leaving had on all of the characters. In all, this was an excellent opener to a brilliant season. The O.C, for me at least, has a number of episodes that no matter how many times you re-watch them, they still affect you the same way they did the first time round; they are the episodes you never tire of. This is one of them.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (17)

    • Goof: The opening credits show Marissa and Summer tanning with Summer on the left side of the screen, but during the actual scene in this episode, Summer is on the right side of the screen.

    • "The Distance" is a song by Evan and Jaron.

    • Goof: When Summer returns Seth's things, a record in the box jumps from at her stomach level to covering her chest between shots.

    • Seth's middle name is Ezekiel.

    • Summer has been in therapy to help get over Seth.

    • Goof: When Teresa drops off Ryan, she is on the right side of the road facing the wrong way. Then when she picks him up, she is facing the opposite way on the same side of the road.

    • Goof: In Julie's scene with Caleb in the kitchen, her shirt keeps flipping back and forth between being centered and being off her left shoulder.

    • Goof: If Kaitlin is going off to boarding school, why is she getting a pony?

    • Goof: When Summer is talking to Marissa near the beginning, she says that it is 10 O'Clock in the morning, then in the next scene Theresa is dropping Ryan off at work. But he should have been at work for hours already. The next day, they show him getting up at 6:00 to go to work.

    • Goof: In the first scene, Kirsten hands Sandy the coffee pot, which he holds from the bottom. Shouldn't it be hot? Shouldn't he have burned his hand that way?

    • Goof: When Kirsten is talking to Seth on the phone, it goes back and forth between the phone being on top of her hair or under her hair.

    • Goof: When Sandy goes to visit Ryan at the construction site, he shuts the car door and you can hear the sound of the car alarm being activated, but Sandy doesn't have the car alarm remote in his hands. His hands are empty and at his sides.

    • Goof: When Seth is talking to Kirsten on the phone, at first he's got the phone tucked between his ear and shoulder and his hands are full with a game controller, then he's holding the phone with one hand and his other hand is empty, then it goes back to his hands are full.

    • Goof: The posters on Seth's walls changed over the summer. Who changed them? Why?

    • Goof: When Ryan places his plane ticket on his clock, it reads 6:27. A minute later, when he picks it up again, the clock reads 6:26.

    • Goof: In the scene with Jimmy and Julie, Jimmy's glass refills when the shot pans out.

    • Goof: When Julie goes to turn off Marissa's ipod, she clicks the menu button which doesn't turn off the song.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Summer: I don't think you need to do any more cardio.
      Marissa: What's that supposed to mean?
      Summer: Nothing! It's just that..well--and I mean this in the least scandalous way--but you're looking a little thin.

    • Luke: Cohen got into a little fight with his mom.
      Seth: Thank you! That was both honest and emasculating.

    • Kirsten: (asking about Ryan) Do you guys still talk?
      Marissa: Not really. We used to, but it just sort of made everything harder.

    • Kirsten: (on the phone) Seth, it's Mom.
      Seth: Mom, hmm? Blonde, sharp Anglican features, cute little nose?
      Kirsten: Come home.
      Seth: Did Ryan come back?
      Kirsten: Seth Ezekiel.
      Seth: Okay, using the dreaded middle name is not the best way to forge a bond.

    • Theresa's mom: Did you tell him? (Theresa nods) Did he believe you?
      Theresa: Yeah, I think so.

    • Theresa: The only reason you stayed was because of this baby. And now there isn't a baby.
      Ryan: You don't want me to come home.

    • Sandy: Hey, there are plenty of good restaurants in Newport.
      Seth: I thought you said all the restaurants in Newport were overpriced and oversauced.
      Sandy: I have this thing about sauces. Less is more.

    • Ryan: How'd you make it all the way from Newport on that little catamaran?
      Seth: Hm. Well, Ryan, sit down, my son. (motions for him to sit down.) It was a long and torturous journey, and I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna sugar coat any details with you-
      Ryan: Please don't.
      Seth: -'cause we're friends. First, I sailed to Catalina. Then, I sailed to Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara, I ran out of snacks. Freaked out a little bit, pawned my boat for cash, took a Greyhound to Portland.
      Ryan: You took a bus.
      Seth: Yeah. But don't say it like that, cause it was a local. Okay, have you ever been in one of those? Okay, not for the faint of heart.
      Ryan: I can't believe after all that you took a bus.
      Seth: Yeah. I think we're definitely going to have to come up with a better story for school though, that'd be good.
      Ryan: I don't know, I like the bus idea. It's cool.
      Seth: Okay, what about maybe... boat sank, saved by whales? It's very (Whale Rider.)
      Ryan: What else you got?
      Seth: I took a boat, boat sank, saved by a mermaid? Boat sank, stranded on a desert island...

    • Ryan: Hey, so, ah, I was thinking.
      Seth: I was thinking too. You know they don't even have a water polo team here. That's just gonna be a problem for me.

    • Jimmy: So what's going on in your life?
      Julie: Aside from our daughter being the spawn of Chucky and Keith Moon?

    • Summer: Well my therapist said the best thing I can do to move on in my life is to divest myself of Seth's material possessions. (Kirsten looks confused.) I've got to dump off a bunch of his crap.

    • Sandy: I've always liked Luke. Kind of a big Golden Retriever.
      Ryan (laughs): Actually, he kinda is.

    • Caleb: Do you hear a clicking on the phone? Every time I try to dial out I swear I hear a clicking.
      Julie: Okay, Nixon. Paranoid, much? What's going on with you, Cal? You're either hopped up on blow or something's seriously wrong.

    • Sandy: Sometimes the best thing is for a kid to have some space.
      Kirsten: The Pacific Ocean? That's not enough space?

    • Sandy: Hey, Cal. Always a pleasure, although if I may, why are we meeting in a parking garage?
      Caleb: Because my office might be bugged. My home, your home, who knows what the Feds are up to?
      Sandy: Wow, you've really flipped your noodle, haven't you?

    • (Summer & Marissa are sunbathing)
      Summer: Ugh. Could it be any hotter? I feel like my flesh is melting..I just hope it melts evenly.

    • Sandy: In the meantime, could you please try to convince the fellas here to wear something in a shirt? The neighbors are starting to refer to my home as "The Manhole".

    • Sandy: My house is torn apart, and construction has nothing to do with it.

    • Kirsten: I know you're doing that thing. When you start speaking in gibberish to see if I'm listening.
      Sandy: Aww, you were listening.
      Kirsten: Nope. I'm distracted by today's paper. Actually, the date of today's paper.
      Sandy: He's going to come back.
      Kirsten: By the time school starts, or by the time Archie finishes the remodel?

    • Seth: It's a two-for-one special on brooding young men.

    • Summer: Yes, the more time I spend with Zach, the less time I have to think about ... God, what's his face ... built like a bean pole, curly hair, runs away like a little bitch on a sailboat leaving nothing but a note for his girlfriend who cried and cried over him until the 4th of July, when she decided that she doesn't cry over bitches on boats.

    • Caleb: (about Seth) I don't get it. His best friend leaves, so he runs off with another boy and his gay dad. You gotta admit, it sounds kind of strange.
      Sandy: And this coming from a guy who is one click away from wearing a wig and a fake mustache?

    • Jimmy: (about Hailey) Yeah, we are doing great. She is fantastic, sweet, limber. How about you and Caleb?
      Julie: Not so limber.

  • NOTES (3)