The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 11

The Dream Lover

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 18, 2007 on FOX
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Kirsten is forced to clean up after Julie after one of the men she set up with a date experiences a medical condition. Will and his fellow band members have a bake sale so they can raise money to buy new uniforms.

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  • It was way better than the previous episode.

    This episode brings a lot to the relationships of The O.C. Ryan wrote Taylor a poem, yes an actuall poem! That was weird for me to see lol. The french dude finally left Newport because he wanted Taylor and Ryan to get together, well not really, but that's how I like lookinmg at it. Che helps Seth with Summer and it ends up happily for Sethmer. Caitlin gets into a fight with a band geek, she than realizes she and Chris Brown's character have nothing in common. Kirsten and Julie have made up with Julie doing all the work. I'm satisfied with this episode.moreless
  • again i don't get why people don't like this episode its really good.

    The oc just gets better and better each week. It was very funny with the whole seth,Che thing and the otter was hilarious. I'm glad henri has gone he annoyed me though he was funny when decsribing the bear in this episode. all the other story liones wrre good to, like julie's plan to get kirsten back and kaitlins break up with your man. Great!!
  • yet another weird episode of the oc. what has happened to my favourite show?

    You'd think the writer's of the oc would attempt to make their last episodes of the oc, a fitting and memorable farewell to a great show. instead, the last few episodes have been full of silly plots and totally out of character storylines. ryan writing poetry? Seth going on nature hikes with Che? And where have sandy and kirsten gone. The taylor and ryan affair got off to a great start and then fell into nothing. The classic Seth/Ryan banter has disolved into weird Ryan/Summer discussions which usually don't make a lot of sense. The writers don't even seem to realise that the most interesting character they have right now is Kaitlin, and she's been reduced to a few lines an episode. I was originally sad to hear that the oc had been cancelled- but now i can see why. It's just one big disappointment.moreless
  • Love The O.C.!

    Another episode of The O.C., another episode full of great and smart writing, hilarious situations, and just some great character development. A lot of things were happening at once and somehow the execution was damn near perfect for all the stories. The Julie and Kirsten situation seemed to turn for the worse, but then it ended in a cute way. Seth's little revelation with Che was funny on several levels and the little scenes he had with Summer were adorable and cute. Kaitlin's relationship with Will looks like it was going on strong, but it covered a pretty good issue on being from different worlds, almost like a high school perspective of the one going on between Taylor and Ryan. And of course there's Ryan and Taylor. Though the episode felt like it overhyped Ryan's poem and tried selling the idea too much, almost a bit forceful. And while the pacing and execution throughout the whole episode was great, it felt like it faltered towards the end. Still a great episode though!moreless
  • okay episode

    I really liked the beginning how Taylor and Summer figured that Ryan and Seth were going to call them. They just kept looking at their phones. This episode was interesting and it kind of was like a building up for Taylor and Seth, to figure out who they were.

    Che comes to Summer's home, because he has vibs that Seth is worried or something. He takes Seth on a hike, to bring back his spirit animal, which is an otter, and so he can figure out things on his own.

    Henri Michel is thinking about getting a house in Newport, and he asked Taylor if she wanted to move in with him. Taylor was considering it, because her and Henri-Michel were getting close. Ryan hadn't called Taylor in a week, so she was starting to doubt him. Henri wrote a poem about Taylor, and he performed it to her. Then Ryan wrote a poem about her, and she thought it was really sweet. While Taylor read Ryan's poem, Henri-Michel snuck out. He went back to France. Kaitlin and Will hang out more. After she finds out that Will's bandmate, Lucy, likes him and she said that Kaitlin had changed him, she broke things off with Will.

    Julie lied to Kiersten and said that some of the people who did it with one of the guy hookers, had clamidia. Julie and Kiersten went around and told the women. Then Julie confessed that no one had clamidia, but she really wanted to stay friends with Kiersten.

    Summer figured out that she wanted to start an organization to save some of the endangered animals in Newport.moreless
Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Will Tutt

Guest Star

Henri Lubatti

Henri Lubatti

Henri-Michel de Momourant

Guest Star

Julia Ling

Julia Ling


Guest Star

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt

Winchester "Che" Cook

Recurring Role

Brandon Quinn

Brandon Quinn

Spencer Bullit

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Ryan is walking into the bookstore, there is a sign on the window for Big Korea's biography finally coming out. In S3 The Party Favor, Summer's prom date is the lead singer for the band Big Korea.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Taylor: When Henri-Michel would tell me he loved me, it was like the whole world melted away. Those words just have more power over me than anything. It's scary how much I want... how much I need to hear them.
      Ryan: Well, if that's important to you...
      Taylor: I would never ask you to be able to say that yet, and even if you could, I don't think I'm ready to hear it.
      Ryan: So, what are you saying?
      Taylor: Until I can be stronger on my own, I don't think I should be with anyone, including you. I'm sorry.

    • Kirsten: So you told all those women they had chlamydia when they don't?
      Julie: They might! They did have sex with male hookers, plus I picked the five meanest women in Newport.

    • Kaitlin: Don't tell me you came with no gift?
      Ryan: I don't get a gift.
      Kaitlin: Ryan, Pepé le Pew is buying her a house.
      Ryan: She's moving in with him?
      Kaitlin: You honestly got her nothing? I mean, you couldn't have gone to the quickie mart and get her a stuffed animal and some gummy bears?
      Ryan: Gummy bear...
      Kaitlin: Talk is cheap Ryan, if you're ging toe-to-toe with this frenchie, you need to step your game up.
      Ryan: I can't believe I'm getting advice from a 15-year old.
      Kaitlin: A 15-year old who's right.

    • Henri-Michel: Still have not heard from Ryan?
      Taylor: No, and you'd think he'd at least have the decency to dump me on the phone. But it's fine now, I'm fine because Ryan and I were never really going to work anyway, he doesn't even like cheese!

    • Che: Seth, you put something out into the universe and you didn't get it back. I really can't imagine what a blow that must have been to your male animus. You've been emasculated.
      Seth: My masculinity is intact.

    • Taylor: I've lived with Henri-Michel before and he's really not a bad roommate, you know, aside from his natural odor. I don't know, maybe I can force myself to fall in love with him.
      Summer; Why would you want to do that?
      Taylor: Because I'm going to need some help getting over Ryan.

    • Che (Laughing): You ate the berries?
      Seth: Yeah. Why? Is there a problem?
      Che: No. There's no problem. (pauses) Not yet.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Slovakia: May 31, 2009 on Markiza

    • Music:
      "Dear Mr. Supercomputer" by Sufjan Stevens
      "The New E Blues" by The Western States Motel
      "Garcon Glacon" by April March
      "Du Temps" by The Low Standards
      "Hidden In The Sand" by Tally Hall
      "Tel Que Tu Es" by Charlotte Gainsbourg
      "Return To Me" by Sparklehorse


    • Ryan buys a gift from the Qwik-E-Mart. The Qwik-E-Mart is a fictional convenience store from the television show "The Simpsons," also shown on Fox.

    • Kaitlin: Ryan, Pepé le Pew is buying her a house.
      Kaitlin refers to Henri-Michel using the character of Pepé le Pew, featured in The Looney Tunes and other cartoons. Pepé is a French skunk who is always looking for love. Skunks, of course, are known for their foul odour and this makes the allusion even more appropriate as even Taylor refers to Henri-Michel's personal odour in this episode.