The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 11

The Dream Lover

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 18, 2007 on FOX

Episode Recap

Seth and Ryan are having breakfast and it turns out Seth doesn't know how to react to Summer's rejection. What he does know, though, is that there is in the room a giant elephant, better known as "I Don't Want To Marry You Elephant". Ryan points out Summer isn't breaking up with him, and there is no elephant, either. Meanwhile, Taylor and Summer are having a 'morning' talk too. Taylor is positive she and Ryan broke up, since he didn't even call her back. Back to the Cohens', Seth tells Ryan he should call Taylor but Ryan claims he will as soon as he is ready. Anyway, he is not the only one who should call someone up. In Ryan's opinion, Summer is probably expecting a call from Seth, who, of course, waves it off.

Breaking news: Henri-Michel decided to settle down in Newport Beach. "I will do whatever it takes to win back your love, Peaches!" Taylor is pleasantly surprised because of Henri-Michel's bravery and she ends up saying Ryan wasn't right for her, after all. "He doesn't even like cheese!", claims Taylor. Someone has just arrived in Newport Beach: Che. And he has a mission: lighten Seth up, after Summer's rejection. Seth doesn't seem exactly thrilled, though.

It turns out that Will and his band fellows are having a bake sale on Friday night in order to raise money to buy new uniforms. One of Will's band fellow, Lucy, is totally hitting on him and threatens Kaitlin to stay away from him.

Ryan makes up his mind: he wants to talk to Taylor. Unfortunately, as soon as he stops by Julie's, Kaitlin informs him about the latest news: Taylor is kind of thinking of moving in with Henri-Michel. Kaitlin also advises Ryan to buy Taylor a gift. Ryan can't believe he is actually getting advice from a 15-year-old girl. "A 15-year old who's right", remarks she. Summer manages to prepare the best date ever, since she wants Seth to understand she does love him. Unfortunately Seth starts acting in a weird way and walks away, catching up with Che. Well, Seth turns to Che for help. He has to find himself. Che couldn't be happier. The next morning, Summer finds a letter from Che: he and Seth are heading for the forest in order to heal Seth's spirit.

Julie tries to talk to Kirsten but Mrs. Cohen doesn't want to listen to her anymore. Yep, it turns out Julie and Kirsten will have to informs some Newpsies, who enjoyed Julie and Spenser's alternative business, might have... Chlamydia. Ryan drops by Henri-Michel's but Taylor is not there. Henri-Michel sees Ryan's little gift and promises he will give it to Taylor, as soon as he arrives. Apparently she doesn't seem impressed about Ryan's sweet teddy-bear. Later Ryan asks Summer to get Taylor to come over her house, so he can talk to her. Unfortunately Ryan isn't able to tell Taylor that she loves her, so she walks away. The next day, Summer lets Taylor know that teddy-bear is the sweetest gift Ryan has ever made. Taylor is stunned.

At the bake sale, Lucy accuses Kaitlin of not appreciating Will's real self; Kaitlin figures she is too different from Will, and she decides to let him go. Julie finds out Julie lied about the whole Chlamydia thing, because she wanted to talk to her friend, again. In the end, they make up.

Ryan shows up at the bookshop where Henri-Michel is reading the poem he wrote for Taylor. Ryan has something to tell her too... He can't say three words, but if she just sticks with him, someday he might... It turns out Henri-Michel realized Taylor still loves Ryan, so he gave up on her. Later, Taylor catches up with Ryan. Bad news. "Until I can be stronger on my own, I don't think I should be with anyone, including you. I'm sorry."

Che and Seth are back from their spiritual journey. Seth claims that he healed his spirit-animal and is ready to love again. On the other hand, Che tells Julie he actually found his half... and then there is a close up of him watching a picture of Seth!