The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 11

The Dream Lover

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 18, 2007 on FOX

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  • It was way better than the previous episode.

    This episode brings a lot to the relationships of The O.C. Ryan wrote Taylor a poem, yes an actuall poem! That was weird for me to see lol. The french dude finally left Newport because he wanted Taylor and Ryan to get together, well not really, but that's how I like lookinmg at it. Che helps Seth with Summer and it ends up happily for Sethmer. Caitlin gets into a fight with a band geek, she than realizes she and Chris Brown's character have nothing in common. Kirsten and Julie have made up with Julie doing all the work. I'm satisfied with this episode.
  • again i don't get why people don't like this episode its really good.

    The oc just gets better and better each week. It was very funny with the whole seth,Che thing and the otter was hilarious. I'm glad henri has gone he annoyed me though he was funny when decsribing the bear in this episode. all the other story liones wrre good to, like julie's plan to get kirsten back and kaitlins break up with your man. Great!!
  • yet another weird episode of the oc. what has happened to my favourite show?

    You'd think the writer's of the oc would attempt to make their last episodes of the oc, a fitting and memorable farewell to a great show. instead, the last few episodes have been full of silly plots and totally out of character storylines. ryan writing poetry? Seth going on nature hikes with Che? And where have sandy and kirsten gone. The taylor and ryan affair got off to a great start and then fell into nothing. The classic Seth/Ryan banter has disolved into weird Ryan/Summer discussions which usually don't make a lot of sense. The writers don't even seem to realise that the most interesting character they have right now is Kaitlin, and she's been reduced to a few lines an episode. I was originally sad to hear that the oc had been cancelled- but now i can see why. It's just one big disappointment.
  • Love The O.C.!

    Another episode of The O.C., another episode full of great and smart writing, hilarious situations, and just some great character development. A lot of things were happening at once and somehow the execution was damn near perfect for all the stories. The Julie and Kirsten situation seemed to turn for the worse, but then it ended in a cute way. Seth's little revelation with Che was funny on several levels and the little scenes he had with Summer were adorable and cute. Kaitlin's relationship with Will looks like it was going on strong, but it covered a pretty good issue on being from different worlds, almost like a high school perspective of the one going on between Taylor and Ryan. And of course there's Ryan and Taylor. Though the episode felt like it overhyped Ryan's poem and tried selling the idea too much, almost a bit forceful. And while the pacing and execution throughout the whole episode was great, it felt like it faltered towards the end. Still a great episode though!
  • okay episode

    I really liked the beginning how Taylor and Summer figured that Ryan and Seth were going to call them. They just kept looking at their phones. This episode was interesting and it kind of was like a building up for Taylor and Seth, to figure out who they were.

    Che comes to Summer's home, because he has vibs that Seth is worried or something. He takes Seth on a hike, to bring back his spirit animal, which is an otter, and so he can figure out things on his own.
    Henri Michel is thinking about getting a house in Newport, and he asked Taylor if she wanted to move in with him. Taylor was considering it, because her and Henri-Michel were getting close. Ryan hadn't called Taylor in a week, so she was starting to doubt him. Henri wrote a poem about Taylor, and he performed it to her. Then Ryan wrote a poem about her, and she thought it was really sweet. While Taylor read Ryan's poem, Henri-Michel snuck out. He went back to France. Kaitlin and Will hang out more. After she finds out that Will's bandmate, Lucy, likes him and she said that Kaitlin had changed him, she broke things off with Will.
    Julie lied to Kiersten and said that some of the people who did it with one of the guy hookers, had clamidia. Julie and Kiersten went around and told the women. Then Julie confessed that no one had clamidia, but she really wanted to stay friends with Kiersten.
    Summer figured out that she wanted to start an organization to save some of the endangered animals in Newport.
  • An average episode.

    So, Che is gay...and he's in love with Seth! That's too funny. Man, I never expected that love triangle. But I have a pretty strong feeling Seth won't have to choose between Summer and Che (if he does, we've got some serious problems). When you think about it, though, it all makes sense: the naked hugging of Seth was a clear indicator.

    Julie's hilarious. Of all the lies to tell someone, she picks to tell them they have an STD. I just feel bad for Kirsten - she didn't deserve what she had to go through. It was funny though.

    Alright, so to Ryan, Taylor, and Henri-Michael. I don't get what Taylor sees in Henri. He looks like he's 40 years old. But I suppose I might have a different opinion if I read "A Season for Peaches". Ryan's poem was soo cute. Can you believe Ryan wrote a poem, of all people? (But I suppose this is the guy who did musicals, once upon a time).

    All that said, this has been the weakest episode of season 4 so far. I guess the totally amazing episodes couldn't keep going 'til the end. (The End... 4 more episode!) Hopefully these next 4 will be beyond amazing. We deserve it.
  • The O.C. Season 4 Episode 11

    Filler episode yet funny.

    I loved Julie and Kirsten's scenes. It's nice to see that, even though Kirsten is aware Julie has her flaws, even when she is deeply mad at her, she just can't help but end up forgiving her anyways.

    And it turns out Che fell for Seth. Well, I reckon this is one of the most unusual triangle ever happened in Newport Beach. By the way, I guess this won't be a problem for Sethummer's relationship. Well, at least, I hope so... LOL

    Kaitlin advising Ryan was definitely hilarious. The way she talks just cracks me up.
    I did not like Will and Kaitlin's break up. They were so cute together!
  • A thoroughly enjoyable episode with some great character developments. After a slow start to season 4, The OC is back.

    From the previews I really didn't know what to make of this episode but I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    First of all, the beginning scene with Taylor and Summer unsure of whether they're still in relationships, casting longing glances at their cell phones reminded me of something every teenage girl goes through.

    Ryan and Taylor: This was my favourite story of the episode. Although it was sad to see them break up, I did understand Taylor's reasons for the break-up. I am impressed that she was able to recognise that she has insecurities in a relationship and is starting to understand that she needs some time alone to really understand why she has such a need to hear those three words. I found myself sympathising with both Ryan and Taylor. All Taylor wants to hear from Ryan is how he truly feels about her but given how badly Ryan has been hurting this year, those words don't come easy to him. If Taylor could have had a little more patience, they could have been able to work through that.

    Of the sub-plots, I found the scenes with Seth and Che in the forest really bizzare but somehow fun to watch. I always enjoy watching Adam Brody because of his sarcasm as Seth which makes the character one of my favourites. Che has really grown on me lately as well. Summer and Seth seem to be doing okay, despite Summer rejecting his marriage proposal straight away and it's nice to see that Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson still share a natural chemistry despite their off-screen break-up.
    Julie's attempts to make up with Kirsten were also great. Julie is a great character and it's good to see that whatever her faults, she genuinely cares a lot about her friendship with Kirsten.

    I'm looking forward to the next episode and am excited to see which direction The OC is going in before it leaves UK screens for good. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable episode with some defining character development especially from adorable Taylor.
  • I really liked this episode. It was different.

    I loved the scene with Seth and the otter. I thought it was kind of weird at first, but finally, there was something completely different from anything else. I was reading in a forum topic about how the show keeps using the same story lines (which I somewhat agree with), and then when they try something different, those same people complained about how “out of character” it was...? Anyway, I'm really glad Will is gone. He was definitely not my favorite guest star. Kirsten and Julies story lines where kind of stressful. I just felt bad for Kirsten having to go through that... again.
  • Nothing really happened...

    I'm expecting a huge blow for the series finale, but this honestly was kinda lame. I love the new season and I think Che is a great character! But the storylines in this episode were just not that good. Take Che's sudden affection for Seth, the otter. Give me a break, that was stupid...
    And suddenly everyone wants to explore their feelings, find themselves. Summer, Taylor... blabla. It's getting on my nerves. At least Summer and Seth are happy again, but to seperate Ryan and Taylor was a stupid idea.
    The thing with Julie gets ridiculous, her character was at a point where she never would have gone that far. But anyway, the finale comes closer and I'm excited to see how they'll end it!
  • They did it again!

    After a not so good episode... Another not so good episode! Ok, this wasn't as bad as "The French Connection", but I've expected to watch something at the best level of season 4 (episodes 1 - 9), and instead they delivered an average episode, with nothing special happening, and with some confusing spots.
    Taylor is really annoying me, I think that some of you (who read this) are going to call me names, but if she keeps going in this direction, it will end the Marissa-way. I don't understand how she in one episode is fighting like hell for Ryan, even going to the point of making crazy plots to win him, and a few episodes later, she is asking time and can't decide with whom she wants to stay. Really disappointed me here.
    They aren't giving us enough Sandy. Two scenes in an episode? C'mon, give me a break. The episodes are 42 minutes long, and they can't do anything to put him more?? Even the French guy appeared more that Sandy.
    Kirsten/Julie storyline, and Seth/Che interaction was what saved this episode. I really enjoyed it, they were light stories, but helped to bring the episode to a good point.
    Let's hope that the next one is better...
  • wow...did that just happen?

    I didn't really understand what Che was going on about, I was as confused as Julie, until I saw the picture and well it was shocking. Hope Che figures it out; all in all he is a good guy despite the fact that he got Summer kicked out of Brown.

    I'm really starting to like Taylor, or I do like her. She is the character you most can relate to. We all make mistakes and we learn from them. Taylor definitely learned from hers. And I like the fact that Summer and Taylor make the decision they made. It inspires girls and guys that no single person can be happy in a relationship without being able to be independent.
  • Why is everyone so confused?

    Summer and Seth are not connecting, so Seth decides to go to the wilderness with Che to find his inner animal. Seth is a sea otter, and Che is a frog who falls in love with the sea otter. What the heck is going on? Is Che confused about his sexuality? Has he fallen in love with Seth? And what about Kaitlin? Why did she through the relationship with Will out of the window? How could she be nice to a girl who is clearly obsessed with Will just so Will can stay true to himself? How does she know that he didn't like being with her and being a band geek? So many questions, I'm becoming confused. But I'm glad Kirsten and Julie are friends again after their rough patch with the business. They are truely better friends than business partners. And Taylor surely made the right decision to not be with anyone until she becomes stronger by herself. I can totally relate to her because I'm in the same situation as she is. I believe that we must become strong individuals before we give our hearts to someone else. Now, with just five more episodes left until the series finale, I'm so excited to see what is going to happen on the next episode. I love this show!
  • Lies and Love

    You know, from the beginning of this season I had hope. Marissa the whiner was gone and Ryan Atwood was back to fighting – the way we love him. And for a few episodes there it was fun to watch again. But then Summer was kicked out of college and all the kids somehow ended back in Newport and this stupid French guy came into town. However, I was willing to forgive most all of it as long as the show remained entertaining. But now I don’t think I can take it. Che is gay He’s in love with Seth? Seth the otter? Give me a break.
  • wow!! It's just painful to see how bad they did with killing Marisa.. beside the first three episodes this season suck!!

    episode 11-
    Over breakfast, Seth complains to Ryan that Summer’s rejection of his marriage proposal has put somewhat of a damper on their relationship. Ryan assures him that this doesn’t mean they’re broken up. At the same time, Taylor is complaining to Summer that Ryan hasn’t returned any of her last 17 phone calls. She assumes this means they have broken up. Ryan claims to Seth that he’ll call back when he’s ready.

    You know who is calling Taylor, however? Henri-Michel. He’s renting a house in Newport and has asked Taylor to move with him. A proposal Taylor is actually considering. The boys stare at a cell phone, considering calling and…

    Later that day, Summer tracks down Ryan at work to get to the bottom of both relationships. Ryan confesses that he’s just waiting for Henri-Michel to au revoir, and Summer breaks the news about his rental. Elsewhere, Seth is looking for Summer, but only finds Che doing tai chi in Summer’s living room. Che has come to Newport to offer support to Summer because he was picking up some weird Seth vibes in Providence. They saved him once, so now Che is here to save Seth.

    At the Yacht Club, Taylor has lunch with Henri-Michel, and she starts thinking that maybe he came along at just the right time. She and Ryan were too different, they hadn’t gotten serious yet and Henri-Michel seems to truly love her. Maybe moving in with him is a bonne idée.

    Meanwhile, over at Harbor, Kaitlin is beaming over her first honestly-earned A. She thanks Will for the tutoring, then watches as Will is approached and complimented by a band chick, Lucy. She hopes to see him Friday night at the bake sale.

    Julie calls Kirsten in a desperate attempt to reconcile, but Kirsten promptly hangs up on her. So Julie calls back, begging that their friendship can’t end like this. Kirsten again hangs up.

    Ryan drops by the Cooper house in search of Taylor, but all he finds is Kaitlin in the driveway. Kaitlin advises him to check Henri-Michel’s hotel room for her and if he’s going after her, he’d better have some kind of gift with him to smooth things over. Inside the house, Summer has set up a date in her bedroom for her and Seth. Twinkly lights, video games, Thai food, whiny music. She still loves him, despite the scuttled proposal. Seth squirms out of Summer’s attempts at romance and goes downstairs to consult Che. Che promises to start the healing tomorrow morning.

    On that next morning, Summer finds a note from Che that he is taking Seth to the forest for his mission. Ryan swings by the hotel on a mission of his own. Henri-Michel welcomes him in, offers some coffee, then mentions that Taylor is currently out furniture shopping since they’re moving in Monday. Ryan turns to go and Henri-Michel spots a gift in Ryan’s hand. A little teddy bear holding a coffee mug of gummi bears. Which is maybe cannibalistic, but whatever. Henri-Michel takes the gift and promises to deliver it to Taylor, reasoning that it will be more meaningful if Taylor chooses him knowing that Ryan wants her back. Oh, those romantic French.

    Kirsten gets a call from Spencer. He was talking to his boy Chas and, as it turns out, he has Chlamydia. Spencer’s in Mexico and Julie doesn’t work there anymore, so maybe Kirsten wants to call all of Chas’s clients.

    Kaitlin is touching up her makeup in the bathroom when three band chicks sneak in. Lucy makes it clear that Kaitlin had better not show up at the bake sale tomorrow. The trumpet chick seconds that emotion. Not all that intimidated by the nerdy trio, Kaitlin vows to show up at the bake sale tomorrow night just to see what happens. Oh, and in this exchange, Lucy called Kaitlin a skank.

    Taylor returns from furniture shopping and Henri-Michel shows her Ryan’s gift. She files it straight in the garbage can. Kirsten calls Julie with the Chas news. Julie promises to drop off the list of Chas’s clients tomorrow. Kirsten refuses, so Julie offers a compromise. They’ll do it together. Kirsten drives, Julie talks.

    In the forest, Che informs Seth that they have reached the secret spot where they’ll be bedding down for the night. Taylor arrives home, having been called by Summer. And Summer made the call by request of Ryan, who’s waiting in the house for Taylor. He wants to apologize for making a mistake. He now realizes that how they feel is much more important than what they have in common. Taylor asks how he feels then, and Ryan struggles to even stammer. Taylor announces that Henri-Michel has written a long love poem for her and will be giving a reading of it tomorrow night before spinning on her heel and leaving. It seems that a gauntlet has been thrown down.

    The next day, Kirsten and Julie find their first past client and inform her of the potential STD. She threatens to sue. The gals are off to a great start. Meanwhile, Taylor starts to doubt which man is for her and Seth and Che continue their forest sit-in. Just to update all of the various goings on.

    On to the bake sale! Kaitlin shows as promised/threatened. And the first thing she does is tell Lucy she’s only there because Lucy didn’t want her to be. The band chicks threaten Kaitlin, so she calls their hats lame. Lucy relates to Will, who sides with Kaitlin. Which puts Lucy in tears, so she runs off the bathroom. Which goes unnoticed by Will but not by Kaitlin. Finally, some good teen angst on The OC!

    Seth and Che sit in a tent around a pile of hot, steaming rocks. Seth is sweating, probably more than he ever has before. And then he drops into a vision. A vision of an empty Cohen house. Seth finds a pool in his bedroom and an otter swimming in the pool. Then he wakes up, raving that his animal spirit has been cured. But when he tells Che that his animal spirit is an otter, Che seems a little concerned.

    Ryan shows up at Henri-Michel jam de poetry. The women in the audience are incredibly moved by his words. When the applause dies down, Ryan pulls out a poem of his own and summons the crowd’s attention. He starts in, but trails off and walks away. Taylor grabs the poem and starts reading it aloud. It’s short but touching and the crowd is moved by Ryan’s words as well. Including Henri-Michel, who runs out. Taylor follows after him.

    Kirsten and Julie arrive at The Yacht Club to continue breaking the bad news to clients. Kirsten spots Spencer at the bar and he quickly confesses that he lied about being in Mexico and the whole Chlamydia thing. But Julie made him do it. Julie admits it was the only thing she could think of to get Kirsten to take her call. Julie pleads that she can live without being Kirsten’s business partner, but not her friend. She needs her in her life.

    Kaitlin finds a tearful Lucy hiding in the bathroom. Kaitlin apologizes that Will doesn’t like Lucy, but claims she didn’t do anything. Lucy bursts out of the stall proclaiming that she has loved Will since the day he arrived and Kaitlin doesn’t appreciate him. Lucy complains that Kaitlin makes fun of everything that makes Will himself, and makes him wants to change who he really is. Kaitlin weakly retorts that she does not and walks out.

    Taylor rushes back to Henri-Michel’s hotel room, but all that’s waiting for her is a note. Henri-Michel explains that he loves her, but he loves love more. And he doesn’t want to be alone in it. Next to the note is Ryan’s little gift.

    Kaitlin and Will walk on the beach after the bake sale. Kaitlin asks if he’ll be doing it again tomorrow and suggests that maybe he should. And while there…maybe he should take a harder look at Lucy. They’re probably a better match.

    Che and Seth return from the forest. Seth heads upstairs to Summer to explain that he’s an otter, Che heads downstairs to meditate some more. When Julie asks what he’s doing, Che explains that in his own past vision he was a toad who fell in love with…an otter.

    Taylor finds Ryan and explains where she is. Hearing Henri-Michel say “I love you” took over her life. It made her whole. She needs it to hear it. A lot. But she knows she can’t ask him to say that just yet.
  • I couldn't decide whether it's a good or a bad episode.

    The episode wasn't bad at all, but it was sooooo sad. I don't think Ryan and Taylor should be apart, they were so cute together. I mean, I understand Taylor's problem... And the part with Seth, and his spirit animal... Well, I don't really believe in such things, and it was kind of funny to take it so serious, even for Che. But I'm happy, if this is gonna make Seth and Summer be together again (and I don't think Seth and Che belonged together). As for Kaitlin, I think she did the right thing with Will. They were so different, and she didn't do any good for him. But partly it was sad, because I tought with this boy Kaitlin could finally get normal... But I didn't get the Julie-part. I don't think real-life people could forgive for such huge mistakes so easilly. And she even lied in attempt to get back into Kirsten's life... Altogether I think this was a funny episode, but OC could do much better.
  • If this are the kind of episode they are going to make, I say good riddance. The show couldn't end fast enough.

    The show has been going downhill and that very fast this season. I just to really like this show, but the way it has turned out lately is beyond disappointment. The whole Kirsten/Julie thing has gone way to far. Not to mention Seth going out in the forest into a sweat lodge trying to find his inner spirit animal. I mean come on. The show has lost contact with it self and should be canceled today if this is the crap they are going to put out. The worst thing though is brining in such a French character that just plays on all prejudice against the French just makes me want to puke. The writer and director should be ashamed.
  • What a sad end..

    I really want to see Taylor and Ryan again. They are cuteee together and I think she will help Ryan to find his wisdom. because he's really clever, but he doesn'te have a place to show it to the people. I think they will be together again.
    Let's come to about Che. What a charming character he is. First I was thinking that he loves Summer, but after this epidode I got it. He guess that he is soulmate with Seth. But I guess he is absolutely not: )
  • It seems obvious that the crew/director starts to make the final preparation for the grand finale but instead of clearing our head they confuses us more. We see in this episode a lot of interaction between Summer and Ryan. But on the other Seth ..

    We see in this episode a lot of interaction between Summer and Ryan. They are quite nice because Ryan needs a person to talk with about his feelings regarding Taylor.

    Which by the way is now taking the role of the average Ryan Girlfriend . Ryan only got girlfriends that first want to be with him, the a boy comes ( like Oliver/Johnny for Marissa , Eddie for Theresa ) and everything is ruined. But i hope the last episodes will helps us by setting Ryan with a permanent girlfriend . Sincerely, i always wanted Lindsay to be that because it fitted Ryan very well.

    I think that Sandy although doesn't appears a lot in the show, have a nice discussion with Ryan.

    This episode gives us the pleasure to see a nice interaction between Julie and Kristen. Really Nice one . Not that the joke Julie made was excellent but .. They are 2 good friends.

    Seth was acting strange in the last episodes but in this episode was the climax. Leaving Summer ,which prepared a very romantic night, and going to the forest to find himself :))

    The discussions in the start of the episode when the girls are talking and the girls are doing the same time, are quite nice and sweet. Taylor is now in the place of Marissa.

    The episode is good , but not the "good" we got used from THE O.C !
  • ok

    this episode of the oc was ok, nothing special though, which is what i am expecting since there is only a few episodes remaining, so this is kind of a disappointment. This episode was a big cluster in some ways as almost every character was doing different things so there was a ton of stories to follow which was kind of annoying. The Chris brown story looked like it ended, which ended in a wierd way. Thank god the french husband this ended because it was annoying. The Seth and Che adventure was fun and i cant wait to see where the story goes from here. Kirsten and julie was a alright story and unfortunalty only 2 short scenes with sandy. In short is a dissapointment with only a few episodes left
  • I would have thought that Josh Schwartz would have stepped it up for the last 6 episodes of his show and make them the best possible, but i guess he did fall in into the well known mid-season slump. Boring and silly.

    I'm so glad Henri Michel and Will are gone...they were bringing down the quality and the direction of the season.

    I thought all around that this episode was deplorable. Che & Seth were the saving grace of the episode, and that isn't saying much because their storyline was utterly ridiculous. Julie was cute (but i always love Julie no matter what). Sandy was in it for all of 2 minutes (but at least we had some peeks at the old Kirsten). Taylor pissed me off. I liked the Summer/Ryan interactions, but they weren't enough to save the episode. Kaitlin is always fantastic, but Will and Lucy and that whole band geek thing was sooooo 7 years ago and sooo boring.

    I guess i just had such high expectations for the end of the series. I mean, look at me, i'm not writing nearly as much because there is nothing to write about, these last two episodes have been completely lackluster and totally uninspired. I feel like i've been let down.

    Bring Sandy back into the mainstream circulation of the show, PLEASE! I guess that these last two episodes were filler for what i'm hoping is a FANTASTIC last five episodes