The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 8

The Earth Girls Are Easy

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 21, 2006 on FOX

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  • Oh man just superb.

    Is it possible for a show to always be this consistently good every episode! There's always a little bit of everything; phenomenal character development, amazing story development, and a bag overflowing with comedy and jokes. First off even for a guy that doesn't get emotionally moved by romance stuff, Seth proposing to Summer was probably one of the best romantic scenes I've ever seen. The acting was just fabulous and how everything was built up to that point was just great execution. And then there is the multiple developments going on on the adult side of things, such as Julie's little tinkering with the business, but even more amazing is how the show is able to add another point of leverage in here in the form of Frank Atwood, Ryan's father. Just amazing story development, but of course the comedy is always going to be there shining in the background with Seth always saying the wrong things at the wrong time.
  • Another funny trip!

    Taylor! Always crazy and funny!
    Seth! Never do what Summer wants, always been saved by Ryan!

    I loved this episode! Taylor talking about the tooth paste, the pregnancy test, the thief et, and the jorney to take Taylor's bag back were the funniest moments!

    Seth was very insensitive when he tried to high five with Summer, thinking was Taylor's test but later he finally man it up asking Summer to get married with him. But after the result it was foolish! ahhahaha

    The final revelation about Ryan's dad was weird. I mean, he was in jail, used to beat on ryan's mom and now shows up on the story like a serious man with a job and everything...It doesnt make sense!
  • THE OC

    I loved the beginning of this episode. It was so cool, and I loved how it switched between Summer and Taylor in the bathroom and Seth and Ryan outside. Seth, Ryan, Summer, and Taylor go on a road trip to Las Vegas for New Years Eve. In the bathroom an alien girl steals Taylor's purse, and she has Summer's pregnancy test in the purse. They have all have to chase the alien whore to get the pregnancy test to see if Summer is pregnant. They get back to Newport and Seth proposes to Summer. Summer says yes, and it turns out she's not pregnant.
  • The Oc

    Seth, Summer, Ryan, and Taylor start driving to Las Vegas but their plans get messed up when taylor and summer are in the bathroom checking summers pregnancy test and an alien slut steals taylor's purse where the pregnancy test is. so everyone gets in the care and follow the alien slut to a weird alien party. while at the party summer and taylor leave seath and ryan because they are giving them a hard time about the pregnancy test that they don't know to who it belongs. seth and ryan find the alien slut that has the purse and steal it, then they make a quick getaway in one of ryans fans cars. when back at summers house seth comes and proposes to summer then they find out that she isn't pregnant.
    i really liked this episode. it was different but it was really good. i love that seth and summer got engaged too :)
    and the end was awesome, with ryan's father, i was so scared he was going to be a killer or something.
  • The OC. Season 4 Episode 8

    Okay, maybe Seth acted like a two-year-old kid (especially during the whole “high five” thing”) and Summer was definitely too hysterical; however, I can’t help but think Team Sethummer is just lovely all the way. It’s good Summer isn’t pregnant, though. They’re definitely too young. The proposal was surprising and I can’t wait to see what is going to happen.

    I know everyone here loves Taylor and I do understand that she:
    * represents all what Ryan needs at the moment.
    * is funny. :D
    * has such brilliant ideas when a problem comes up.
    ... but, gee, after this episode I just realize I can’t stand her uber perky self!

    Kaitlin-Bullit moments were hilarious. Besides, it was such a sweet moment when Kaitlin owns up to Julie she kind of misses her father. I do figure Kaitlin’s character is growing up, and it’s nice to see it.

    And it turns out Mr. Atwood is back in town. Well, I guess Ryan’s reaction won’t take that long.
  • Can some1 pleas pleas tell me what the last song i called the trance/techno song in the end when Ryans dad says that he is ryans dad???? pleas it would be so nice if some1 could help i thank you i advance :)

    Yep and by the way O.C is back :) and better than ever :)
    The song is really good and i cant find it anywhere else........ Butt any way the best thing about this episode was that usually i can se everything comming butt this took me by suprise they hadnt eaven made a suggestion that ryans father was comming.... i mean this was so wau i can't belive the comeback oc made. This episode is all the old oc and allot of new spices i cant wait to se what they come up whit next just wau wau wau.
  • The kids leave for Vegas, one of the girls is pregnant, Julie's company secret is jeopardized and Kaitlin does... nothing.

    The episode pretty much revolves around Summer, Taylor, Seth and Ryan with a distant second around Julie. The story line is pretty good and I specially liked the idea of making it a flash back, even though they only go a few hours back and reveal the opening mystery quickly. The four kids do a really good job further developing their characters and making some few but really funny scenes, which I personally missed from this series. Julie as a screw up has already been played many times and I think it's unnecessary to deepen into that side of her. We get it, her moral values are not that high! Kirsten barely appears and Sandy even less, which is unfortunate because they're good characters. But this episode made me feel really bad for Kaitlin, she has no friends at all! All her importance in the show revolves around Julie, and the whole bad mother-daughter relationship we already saw with Marissa, so what more is there? In this episode she seems really pathetic going to her mother's party for new year... She's like 16 and really hot, so that makes no sense at all. The new character makes a good first appearance and it's a jaw-dropper when they reveal who it is. I thought that was a good turn, specially thinking this is the last season. Also, that makes the next episode something to look forward to. I also liked the final of the pregnancy issue and the look on both Seth and Summer's faces when they realize they're engaged with no need to be, because they are TOO young to get married, even though they love each other. Taylor's drunkness a little fake but kind of funny, specially the "pathetic divorcé" line. For a change, you feel bad for Kirsten for the things Julie's doing with the company, and because Sandy barely appears in the episode so she seems kind of lonely. All in all, it's a good episode, but I really hated the way they're going with Kaitlin: if they didn't have a story line, why did they add the character? The only answer I can come up with is in order to not leave Julie alone, and because it was a lose end from the first season. Either way, they could've done it better.
  • Interesting new approach.

    I thought this episode had an amazing first scene. Nothing like we are used to see in an opening scene. Do they have another director or something?

    Anyway I really enjoyed watching this episode. The plot though is looking more and more like a soap Oprah. Too much is happening too fast, Kirsten alcoholic, Johnny dead, Marissa dead, Seth smoking dope, Summer getting almost pregnant, and now Seth proposing to Summer? Looking back at the first two seasons of the show, I personally think too much is happening too fast. That is, too many really serious things are happening. I'm wondering if they are going to be out of ideas soon, cause if they put everything they used to spread over a whole season into 5 episodes, I'm afraid the rest of the season and the following coming up seasons are going to be boring compared to whats happening right now.

    But enough complaining. Great episode, lots of interesting stuff going on. I still think The O.C. is the best show there is, maybe just because I love the characters in it. I do think that the first season still is the best one yet, but they can still surprise me!
  • makes you want to go into your TV set

    OMG. One of the best episodes ever. Kept me at the edge of my seat all the time. And then at the end it was amazing...the music was full of suspence, taking you into the show. Best cliffhanger ever. Now they cancelled the show. Well it's a pity but at least i hope that these last episodes be amazing just as the whole of Season 4 has been. Each episode kept getting better and better and personally i think it's the best season from the 4 of them...although S1 was amazing as well. S2&3 were a bit downhill but now they went back to the great stories and plots we loved in S1. Hope that one of the greatest shows of all time goes out with a bang and that the few episodes still to come be the best ever.
  • Summer fears she is pregnant and after using a store-bought test her purse is stolen along with the results. Julie continues leading the dating service in the wrong direction.

    I find four things amazing at this point/in this episode:
    1) Taylor has just been accepted as a major part of the kids’ lives when she was an enemy to Marissa and Summer just a year ago,
    2) Nobody really cares or even mentions that for one reason or another all four kids are not in college,
    3) This episode centers on finding Summer’s missing, used pregnancy test and end with a cheap proposal, and
    4) I don’t care about the previous four things. I just love watching the show again this season after a solid year and a half of Marissa moping around whining about life and making horrible decisions. I just wish the network had believed in life after Mischa Barton and let the series continue beyond February – even if we spend half of that time chasing more pregnancy tests.
  • NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! THe OC has been cancelled.. you have jumped the shark........ at last.

    I knew the show would suck after Marissa Cooper died.

    Now we know. TV polls show that people don\\\\\\\'t watch it now, and ratings are low.

    And now The OC has been cancelled...

    You know I did not watch the OC season 1 and 2.

    I started watching the OC in season 3 because that year the show went HD.
    Let me tell you, if this show did not have good looking people in it, there would be no show.
    Well I hope we at least get a final episode.

    We’ll look on the bright side, 24 will have 3 more seasons (Guarantied) and then a movie to finished it off.

    The OC has been cancelled. Well I hope LOST doesn\\\\\\\'t get cancelled. ?!
  • Taylor & Ryan go to Vegas for New Years and eventually get frisky. Summer takes a pregnancy test, which turns out negative. Seth awkwardly proposes to Summer with an ugly gray plastic ring which she accepts, but does not seem excited about.

    I am sorry but I will have to disagree with everyone elses review of this episode because...the Seth & Summer engagement scene was a total let down. I love both characters very much, but they were definitely not acting like themselves in this scene at all. It was extremely awkward and not in the least bit romantic or heart warming like an engagement should be. If they were madly in love enough to get married, they would not be having to tell each other to hug in a robotic way, and she would not tell him he is crazy for asking her to marry him. The rest of the show was pretty good and typical of The OC, but the engagement scene was the main event and it majorly my opinion :)
  • The entire episode more or less covers Summers possible pregnancy. It\'s a bit disturbing that taylor can figure out that summer might be pregnant just by checking her day planner but they keep things funny and this is why this is a great season.

    This is why i love this season so much. They have semi-serious situations which you feel you can laugh off and not be emotionally scarred like you were last season. Getting rid of Merissa was the best thing they ever did. If she had been in this episode they probably would have found her unconcious in the bathrooms after an overdose or something stupid like that. Without her we got a bit of commical confusion. We\'re back to the old relationship between Seth and Summer that we all loved and the Ryan-Taylor storyline is the best one they\'ve had since the Seth-Taylor storyline. All in all two thumbs up.
  • Perrrfect Idea.

    Well, after three seasons, after we see the arriving of Trey in Ryan's life (and the consequences of it..) and after we see how Dawn was, finally we met Mr. Atwood. Not a good gui until now, cause he didn't have the guts to go directly to the Cohen's house and introduce himself.
    The other storyline was a bit confusing. I don't know if the pregnancy issue is ended by now... The duration of the tests aren't that long. The whore-conversation between Ryan and Taylor made me laugh, specially the part of Taylor dancing. Seth was a little rushed in my opinion... Asking Summer to marry him, and after that wanting to go back in time... Not a smart thing to do.
    Not as good as the other episodes of the season, but clearly better than all the S3 episodes.
  • Well I didn't want the pharmaceutical companies playing slum lords with my eggs!

    Lol fantastic episode! It really was! I really dont know how they have managed to make this season so much better than the last and to make every episode as good as the one before.

    This was a great episode in all aspects. The suspense was great, the plot was terrific, the jokes were funny but most importantly the ending was killer.

    Who would have thought that Hercules was Ryans dad? The best ending I think the show has done in a long time. With the great music I didn't really not know what to expect and then I saw Frank Atwoods name on the piece of paper and I was completely shocked. It was all written perfectly.

    The whole storyline about Ryan, Taylor, Seth and Summer going to Las vegas was also highly anticipated and I really enjoyed the whole thing about who was pregnant. Taylor was again there with the quick wit and pearls of wisdom and her ineractions with Summer were both funny and showed what a different kind of friend she is than Marissa. All the scenes included in the car were so funny as Ryan tried to figure out what was actually happening. Seth was hillarious as he tried to not tell Ryan that Taylor was pregnant not knowing that it was Summer that the fuss was about.

    The whole alien storyline was weird, but I still enjoyed it even though the alien sex scene with the bag was pretty dodgey.

    It was nice too see that Ryan and Taylor consumnated their relationshup as it really seemed that it was the right time. It also wasn't written terribly like when he had sex with Marissa (in the End of Innocence). Rylor is so unusual yet so captivating that it really gives me hope that this show will still go on.

    Seth and Summer engaged? Although it didn't top the shock of finding Ryans dad. It was still a pretty big surprise. Seths ring he gave to Summer was hillarious, would anyone actually say yes if anyone gave it to them? But overall it was a nice change in their relationship and it will be interesting to see if they will continue with their plans even though Summer is not pregnant.

    However the main thing I enjoyed about this episode was Willa Hollands huge improvement in her acting. I really felt her pain and want for a father figure in this episode and it was great to see that the Bullit was falling into that area. He really has been my favourite character this season. So nervous yet so caring underneath. Again, he is so much better than the boring Dr Roberts last season.

    Overall, another Fantastic episode that was aided by a thrilling cliffhanger. I cant wait till next season to see how Franks story finishes.

    After some great episodes and then some mediocre episodes, we have arrived back to what made The OC fantastic to begin with. No more "I miss Marissa". Taylor is her replacement. Unfortuantly I think that Ryan can do better, but I like Taylor.

    Seth and Summer "Summeth" - as they shall be refered to now that they are engaged. I didn't see it coming, and I don't think that it will last. I think that they might be destined for a break up.

    OMG!!! Frank is back!!! who is Frank you may ask? Why, he is the reason we love the OC, as he is RYANS DAD!!! HOLY MOLY!!!
  • Fantastic. The ending literally left me speechless.

    An amazing episode from start to finish. To all of those people who have been saying that the O.C without Marissa is not worth watching, this episode (if the others havn't already) proves just how wrong you are. This season is sensational and it would not have been possible without the death of Marissa and all of her tedious dramas. Now onto the review, the arrival of Frank Perry/Attwood (aka Ryans father) in Newport was intense and the final scenes with him and Julie, whilst Sandy was looking through his criminal file had me sitting on the edge of my seat! Brilliant. Seth and Summers engagement, coming off the back of Summer thinking she was pregnant and Seth finding out was beautiful; although by the looks on their faces it may prove to be short lived. I think this episode is probably my favorite O.C ep in a long time (although i have loved every episode this season)it was just was one of those eps that remind you why you love this show and dont want it to end. 10/10
  • oh my god seth and summer are engaged!!!!!!!

    oh my god seth and summer are engaged!!!!!!! Totally awesome, although they kinda looked disappointed?? maybe they wanted a baby, like they both had built up this aniticpation of being pregnant and then it didn\\\'t happen and they were thinking about there life and what it would be like with a baby. whats with that dude being ryans father? kinda cool twist though. finally this the oc has returned just the way i like it!!!!

    seriously that has to be the best OC of the season. Like enven thought things are like never on track, most of them worked out and it was funny!!!
  • what's up with DNA?

    I just wonder, if Frank is that tall, why Ryan is so small?? even Ryan's mother is as tallest as Ryan.. what up with gens? unless that, it was a great episode and its gonna be interesting when we find out what Frank's motives really are.. Seth and Summer's engagement; how they gonna tell their parents? and as we know pregnancy test are only 98% true, so where is the 2% ? May be we will find out that Summer carring Seth's baby and so what? they will gonna do an abortion ? I'm so happy that Marrissa was dead. Last three season we always must solve her problems.. now everyone got same equivalent problems.. I can't wait for next episode.. happy christmas to all christians :)
  • The best episode this season and one of my all-time favourites. The O.C. is back an better than ever! Anyone not watching the show is missing out!

    This was a brilliant episode! There was a lot of drama, suspense and heart. Summer's pregnancy test provided a lot of drama and suspense with Ryan and Taylor being caught up in the mess. In the end both couples got what they wanted, with one getting a little more than they expected!
    Bullit provided a lot of humour but also showed a softer side, as did Kaitlin which i really liked.
    Julie's business practices were about to be revealed by the new accountant but he agreed to stay silent as his true motives were revealed. This gave us the best end to an OC episode ever! Well not including season finales!! It was amazing and i cannot wait for the next episode!!
  • There is no doubt that the show is restored to its final glory!

    Lets face it the the Third season was a disaster, and it didn't look like it was getting any better until the season finally when the killed Marissa. It was shocking but not enough for my to watch the Forth(and what I thought the Final season). The OC was over for my but my girl had me sit down with and made me watch it. Thank god I did, It's back in more was then one. Taylor is awesome and a good replacement for Marissa (don't get me wrong shes no Marissa) Marissa's sister sucks! They could write her out and it make no difference to me.
  • Yet another great OC-roadtrip

    I might repeat myself a lot, but I just L O V E this season of The OC and now that the show is back on no. 1 on it's really getting stronger every week!
    This episode was so great. I loved how they showed the countdown at the beginning and rewinded to the start of the day then. Also, the contrast between the kids' roadtrip and Bullet's party was so funny. I loved how Taylor took it all on her to save Summer, but in the end it turned out good for all of them.
    The proposal: could have been bigger, but I'm assuming they're not gonna go through with it anyway, so it was ok. They are meant to be and they must stay together, they just shouldn't get right into planning a wedding. How about marrying after college? That still leaves them some time to process!
    I like Kaitlin's development. I admit, I was not sure what to think of her at first, but she's growing on me and I think there are still some pretty interesting storylines ahead of us!
    What I loved most about this episode was when Frank revealed his true identity at the end. Wasn't that just great? I can't wait to see how it goes on!!!
    The OC rocks! Merry Christmas to all of you!
  • Most intense episode ever!

    This episode was absolutely thrilling. There were so many twists in the fast paced plot that I was sitting on the edge of my seat the whole hour! This was amazing. The possibility of Summer being pregnant was unbelievable, and Seth was SOO sweet to propose to her. (although it was a bit predictable after her proposed that she wasn't going to be pregnant) My jaw dropped so far at the end, when "I'm Ryan's father" was spoken. I can not wait until the next episode. Too bad there are two more weeks! I won't be able to survive! lol
  • This episode needed a few more re-writes.

    So where to start? I guess starting with the whole road trip involving Ryan, Taylor, Seth and Summer. The problem here lied mainly with Seth and Summer. It might just be me, but they seemed to have lost a spark in their relationship and on-screen chemistry. Seth was portrayed as more a bumbling idiot in this episode than he was previously. A high-five when he thought it wasn't Summer's pregnancy test? Come on, I would never picture Seth doing something THAT stupid. His dialogue with Summer needed some changes. I still think Ryan and Taylor are great together and this episode was no different. The whole alien party that surrounded them was lame and didn't really fit in with where this episode was going. It made for some decent laughs though.

    Now on to the adults. Julie's (now expanded) prostitution ring problem has gotten more interesting now that we've had a chance to see how it's working. I really disliked how they introduced the new character Frank. It felt rushed and confusing, with no buildup to his introduction. Though the payoff (which I won't ruin) was a great surprise and should make for some very interesting future episodes. Also in this episode was the much hated character (at least for me), the Bullet. Though this episode has made me change my mind about him a little. He became a more fleshed-out character who we see actually has real feelings, instead of being just a joker. His connection with Kaitlin was really nice to see. This episode went a long way to changing my perspective about him, and was a bright spot in this episode.

    All in all, I felt this was an average episode in what is a great, refreshing season the last few weeks. Hopefully, this was just a minor speed bump.
  • After Season three I thought I'd lost faith in the O.C. The End of season two left us waiting all summer to see if Ryan or Marissa would get done for murder and then after waiting so long they didn't deliver. continued in review

    After Season three I thought I'd lost faith in the O.C. The End of season two left us waiting all summer to see if Ryan or Marissa would get done for murder and then after waiting so long they didn't deliver. Was the worst season. Fine there were good eps but disappointing when the first two were soo class.

    But watching these season four episodes we are truly back to what made the OC briliant. I love it again. People said without Marissa it couldn't survive but to be honest it wasn't surviving with her last year and Taylor is a fantastic character who is making the show soo entertaining and her and Ryan together is a brilliant idea. Keep it up and if it stays this good i hope that they make it to a fifth season. The amount of eps this season doesn't really matter since it started late but if they keep up this good i hope they do get extended. It just depends on the ratings so hopefully people will tune into watch and not be downloading or turn on the tv so they get the ratings even if your vaccumming if you've downloaded cause you only hurt tghe show if you don't

    Loving it
  • Watch this if you haven't yet. This episode has a thrilling main storyline and an interesting second one with a huge sucker punch at the end.

    The O.C. is great light entertainment. Sounds like a damnation, but it's wonderful to see a television show that knows exactly what is required of it. The tension enhances the comedy, akin to a good stand-up act managing to convince the audience that she or he is in fact a crazy person. The O.C. is good enough to convince you that it is a crazy, and out of the absurd and the melodramatic comes charisma, and this is ultimately what makes it so watchable.

    This episode never takes the viewer's attention for granted, always fast, inventive, engaging and yet always with a slight whimsical attitude that keeps at bay the cynicism a less talented set of creative might inspire (Read; the writers of a good chunk of season 3). Above all, a satisfying way to waste an hour, good television.

    p.s. 'The Bullet' is a great new character. Idiosyncrasy defined.
  • Awesome episode, Season 4 just keeps getting better.

    God I hope The OC gets renewed. Fox needs to help this incredible show. "The Earth Girls are Easy" is typical of how strong this show has been this season. It has it all, the awesome OC mix, humour, drama and twists. This ending really opens a huge door, that until now most fans had probably forgotten about. I can't wait to see what they do with the character of Frank. There is so much potential there to be explored. Will he help or hinder Ryan, is he just another Trey? Poor Ryan, the universe just won't leave the kid alone.
  • OMG!!

    Oh my goodness gracious me…Ryan’s dad?! Holy smokes! This episode is amazing!! Wow, talk about a good season. Ok, I gotta calm down :P. For some reason, when I was watching this episode, I was thinking a lot about how this may be the last season. And after seeing the whole thing, if season 4 really is the end…it will be tragic! The writing has been so amazingly fantabulous, and this episode is another clear example. I’m very, very excited about the Ryan’s dad storyline. I was scared for a minute there when he was in the hotel with Julie; I thought he was going to kill her or something!

    This is the first episode I actually liked Kaitlin. She was sweet and normal, and the acting was pretty good. Hopefully she’ll remain that way for the remainder of the season/series.

    And the whole Vegas thing? Whew, that was one trip! I adored the sentimental moments between Summer/Taylor, Summer/Seth, and Ryan/Taylor. Although I have a feeling Seth and Summer’s “engagement” isn’t going to go as they’d hoped. The alien party was kinda creepy, but the guy dressed as Kid Chino was amazing. :D

    Two weeks until another new episode, and I can’t wait. It will be a fabulous late gift. I hope Chris Brown’s role won’t be lame guest-starrish. Until then, Merry Chrismukkah everyone!!!
  • Aging show but a good episode

    A good show as even though it is aging a bit, still it is yet another "almost" trip to Las Vegas as Ryan and his buddies are on their way there but it doesn't go the way it is planned. Meanwhile, Julie doesn't trust the new accountant as something suspicious is going on as Sandy learns out why.
  • The group re-visit Vegas again! - but dont exactly get there! Ryan and Seth get some mixed news that throws the trip off course. New accountant sidesteps Julie's new business and aims his target at the Sandy at co. Bullet- is still Bullet!

    Brilliance is all i have to say!
    I love it when they mix things up- directing, writing and realationships. I had no idea where this episode was going, but i was glad it ended up where it did.
    The O.C. is moving on from season 3 and is really picking up now. Can't wait for next years episode!
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