The O.C.

Season 3 Episode 3

The End of Innocence

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2005 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in thie ep of the show the oc jimmy cooper has to make the difficutl decsion on what ever to leave his family or stay with them afte finding out that the will was nothing and there was no money being left and that kirsten only got a note and that kirstens friend sharlot is being kickedo out of her house even though she lied it was not really hers and that summer and seth have to be talorys stooges for the play since they are being accued of stealing the play stuff this was a good ep i thought and it was very exciting
  • Ryan and Marrisa are now both kicked out of harbour. They plan on sticking togther but that is ruined when julie and jimmy decide that the coopers should move away and start over.The contents of Caleb's will are revealed.

    This episode was good. I'm glad that kirsten finally returned home, because that charlotte really annoys me. I think that Julie deserved getting nothing from Caleb. I found it wierd that Marrisa actually kinda wanted to leave newport bit i supose i get it abit. I thought it was wired that it played jimmy getting beaten up at the same time as ryan and marrisa sleeping together. It was good to watch!
  • Marissa and Julie hugging and crying? That's a first.

    Jimmy is such a great guy that it really sucked seeing him leave the show once again, but it sucked even more seeing him get ruthlessly beat up under the pier. Though it created a special moment between Marissa and Julie, one that comes once in a blue moon; Marissa is actually weeping with her mom in sorrow. As silly as that sounds, for all the arguing and drama they've had between each other, it was pretty emotional seeing them embrace each other. And that wasn't just the lone other worldly moment this episode, Seth taking the fall instead of selfihsly dragging others down with him was a first, especially for Summer. And best of all it ends with a happy ending despite the ensuing drama that has happened in the previous minutes before the ending.
  • An outstanding & completely underrated episode! Two thumbs up!

    An outstanding & completely underrated episode! Two thumbs up! I just LOOOOOOVED it! The music in this episode was fantastic & it included the beating up of Jimmy that made me cry! I loved the Kirsten / Charlotte storyline for once, and the Marissa & the Cooper family leaving storyline was perfectly done! The Summer / Seth / Taylor storyline continued to be amazing & I loved how Seth took the fall for Summer at the end. The Tiki Sex scene was awesome! A really mind-bowing episode! Oh & I forgot to mention Caleb's will, it was so sad that Julie was left with nothing & so happy that Kirsten got that amazing letter!
  • That's how I love The OC

    Finally Jimmy and Julie seem to be at the same page, but something gets in the way and in the end Jimmy once again flees the scene, leaving Julie heartbroken and lonely.
    I think the scene where Marissa gave her mother the ring was so sad. Also, for the first time in a long time it seemed like there was some kind of bond between Marissa and her mother. I liked the ending, even though it was sad!
    And then there's that great song (forgot the name) when Jimmy is beat up and Marissa and Ryan finally "do it". It was about time and I think they were so sweat in this episode!
  • The O.C.'s third episode

    This episode was like a perfect puzzle where everything comes finally together. - Of course, whatever was fixed this week might be screwed up the next one;
    I guess, that's written in Newport Beach's DNA. -

    I cannot believe Ryan and Marissa succeeded in getting along with each other for more than twenty-four hours. :D
    By the way the whole hut-on-the-beach thing was such a sweet idea. :)

    Well, we get rid of Jimmy Cooper. Just in time to find out that he is definitely b!tcher than Julie. I mean, at least Mrs. Cooper-Nichol has never pretended to be a sweet angel. :D

    Even dead, Caleb is still a surprise. His ability to write a letter to Kirsten, send it to his notary and die three seconds later... it's kind of amazing. LOL

    Charlotte is only a sleazy thief? OMG, I thought her storyline was slightly different. She could be a serial killer as well. :D I hope she has gone for good.

    Taylor is clearly helping Dean Hess against Summer & Seth. Only TayloBrAT could be friendly with him.

    Kirsten's return was very nice. Cohen family is finally back.
  • Not bad at all.

    Overall I find The O.C. completely unrealistic. The good looking kids, the rich houses, the fast cars, but thats why we all love it. The episode was quite sad really. Jimmy ended up with no money, so he got bet up and then he left Julie at their wedding without even turning up. Julie and Kirsten got nothing from Caleb, as it turns out, he was up to his eyeballs in debt. I thought Kirsten was going to slide back downhill, but she managed to pick herself up again which was good to see. And this guy who is the Dean of Admissions or whatever would seriously be fired in the real world if he threatened to expel students because their friends crashed the school carnival. Also I'm glad that Julie and Marissa didn't end up going to Hawaii, but we all knew they weren't leaving the show. Anyway, quite a good episode, I can't wait for next week.
  • good episode

    ryan and marissa finally do the deed, jimmy gets beat up and then has to leave the oc, seth takes the whole blame for steal ing hte tiki stuff, good episode, oh and kirsten finally comes home and reunites with her family, great episode with great music also,s s s
  • A lot of things happened in this episode, definately very revealing!!!

    Jimmy Cooper is back in town, but for what? He's only back to try and immediately get married to his ex-wife as soon as Caleb dies so that he can take advantage of Caleb's money that he thinks Julie will get from Caleb's will. Jimmy Cooper is truly a bastard, he doesn't care about his daughters or Julie or anyone else (such as Sandy and Kristin) and he only cares about himself. He uses people and then leaves them dry. Once again, he has found himself in deep financial debt and in trouble with some guy who has threatened to have him punished if he didn't pay him back soon. You would think that after losing millions of dollars and almost going to jail for a number of years only to have Sandy help bail him out would have taught him a lesson. But, no! This idiot gets at least $1 million from Caleb for buying the restaurant that Sandy let him be apart of for free. He takes the money and leaves his family (who at the time was in all sorts of problems with Marissa getting into trouble every day and drinking) for Hawaii only to lose all of his money by buying bad stocks? And then apparantly losing some other guy's money too? What is this guy's problem? He just got out of having to go to jail and gets a couple of million dollars and then makes the same stupid mistakes again? What a douchebag... I'm so glad he got his ass handed to him by those "gangsters" on the beach. He deserved to be beaten like that for being such a bastard. Also, doesn't anyone else find it a little strange that Jimmy Cooper was in financial trouble when him and Julie got divorved and then Julie immediately marries Caleb and then as soon as Caleb dies that Julie and Jimmy immediately plans to remarry? Wouldn't the rest of the community find this to be suspicious, as if the whole thing was some time of scam for the Coopers to take Caleb's money? Anyway, Jimmy is a total bastard and I hope we don't see him again. He is also a horrible father that doesn't care about his daughters... at least Julie wants Marissa and her other daughter to be a "family" even if she just cares about their image in the community. At least she wants them to go to school and have a bright future instead of Jimmy who keeps leaving them.

    On the other side, Marissa was thought to be leaving to Hawaii with her reconnected family for good. So her and ryan finally made love for the first time. It's about time... I mean didn't he have sex with his ex from Chino and got her pregnant and didn't he also have sex with Lindsay? And didn't she have sex with DJ the yard guy as like rebound sex after her and Ryan broke up last summer and also had "lesbian experiences" with that one girl she dated for awhile? It just seemed strange that Ryan and Marissa never got it on until now, I don't know what the wait was for since both of them seems to be pretty casual when it comes to sex with other partners. And that was messed up when Marissa faked like she wasn't ready to do it with Ryan as a joke.

    Summer and Seth's part is the only part that was really funny and my favorite part to watch. Those 2 are definately the best characters on the show b/c they are so funny and witty and brings humor to this otherwise drama-proned show. What's up with the new dean of discipline? Why is he trying to ruin Seth and Summer's lives? Just b/c they are friends with Ryan and Marissa? I don't know what his deal is and why is he always with that one student girl that runs all those commitees? Maybe they are sleeping together? Who knows? Anyway... he's a total bastard and I hope he gets what he deserves in future episodes...

    As far as Kristin is concerned, I'm glad she finally returned home since Sandy was basically miserable without her and kept calling her every day wondering why she wouldn't come home. I am glad Caleb apologized to her in the letter to show that he wasn't just a jerk and that he had a heart. Caleb was an awesome character to the show and he'll certainly be missed. I don't know what the hell Jeri Ryan's character is on the show but we better find out soon. I mean she has been in every episode this season and we don't even know what her deal is. I mean it can't be good since she always plays a bitch in every show she's ever been on. And how come Kristin never went back to find her at that house to get her stuff like that photo that Jeri Ryan took with her? Why did she just go home with Sandy instead of going back and at least getting all her stuff and saying goodbye to her "new friend"? I don't know what that's all about but I guess we'll find out soon.

    There were some things that didn't make sense in the show... after Jimmy Cooper got his ass kicked so bad, shouldn't he have been hospitalized? He shouldn't be able to walk around and be just bruised after a beating like that the very next morning... and the main thing... Aren't there cops that patrol beaches, especially in the middle of the night??! i know for a fact that a few weeks ago, me and my girlfriend was trying to hang out at the beach in the middle of the night waiting for the sunrise and a cop came up to us and told us that we weren't allowed to be there after dark... so how did Jimmy get beat up so bad by the water without anyone noticing and how did ryan have a romantic tiki set up for him to have sex with marissa? especially with torchs and the whole nine yards, the cops shouldve showed up and found out about both events which were illegal...

    Anyway the show had a "happy" ending as far as the OC is concerned... I mean Marissa is staying in Newport and Kristin is finally home, at least nobody died or got put in jail or the hospital after this one... I'm sure things are going to heat up pretty soon...

    And how can everyone just get along with Julie after she tried to frame Ryan and had him potentially put away for a life sentence in jail for the attempted murder of Trey? I mean how can Marissa even hug her and pretend like they are really getting along after that? No one in the Cohen household should even be associating with her as if nothing happened and everything is all gravy...
  • Definatley a keeper!

    I found the introduction of the three new characters to be smoothly done, although the goofy guy leaves something to be desired in terms of comic relief. I am glad however to see some new faces, as it brings some much needed variety to the show. The last part of the show where they showed clips of what was happening with different characters all at the same moment had me on the edge of my seat. If only Marrissa new what was happening to her father just down the shoreline while she was gettin' it on! And I'm loving the Kirsten\Charolette plot and seeing it thicken. The realness of Kirstens near relapse brings a certain believability to the storyline. Speaking of realness I found Jimmy's beachfront beaing to be very believable, however his immaculate recovery was just the opposite! I mean come on! First off, a world class butt whoopin' like that should have at least hospitalised Jimmy, and he certainly should not have been able to move around lke he was let alone sail away as we are led to believe. Secondly the make-up was less then satisfactory as he should have had a head like a pumpkin. Last but not least, a guy like that would not just beat the ever living snot out of you out over the kind of money he lost, Jimmy most likely would have been killed for not paying up, especially considereing the number of chances he had been given. All this being said I do realise that it is Prime time TV and aimed at a relatively young demographic, which is why I didn't let it effect my score. All and all I found the episode to be fresh, enticing and even a little romantic. Way to go Ryan, I know it took some work, but right on for trusting your girl!
  • Jimmy and Julie Cooper are getting married but Jimmy have some trouble with money. The will of Cal doesn't give anything to anyone. Ryan and Marissa are out of the school and the make love for the first time on the beach while Jimmy is having a fight in w

    The O.C. is the best show ever created in the world. The cast is the best, all the role fit to everybody. Ryan and Seth are the best guy, Sandy is a very good father for both of them and Kristen made a good decision now that she is back in her life with her boys and husband. Marissa finally get along with her mother but will it last?

    ok well first of all i am so glad jimmy left arnt you all. but at the same time i felt bad for juile. as if. i was so happy when ryan and marrisa did it. and i hope the new dean gets killed and the same with taylor and charoleete.
  • Everything from last season FINALLY COMES TOGETHER!

    This show is just getting sillier and sillier. Yes, I kinda got teary eyed in a few spots... and I'm glad they decided not to do anything with that Charlotte kid... but really... the writers obviously don't have an original bone in their bodies... I mean, seriously... Jimmy screwing up and taking off AGAIN???? Making Kirsten not come home right after the season began? Caleb being broke and Jimmy getting beat up, than leaving Julie at the alter, crying and upset? Well, I did actually like that part... because I just hate Julie. Maybe they'll change her a bit? I hate her self-centered ways. I think it's over the top.

    I could write this show better with my hands tied behind my back and blind folded. The first season was great, 2nd season ended pretty good, but started almost as badly as this season. I hope they kick it up a bit. And I HONESTLY can't believe some people are ENJOYING this crap! There's seriously something wrong with those people....
  • Don't tell me this is average. Exactly why I watch this-stick together and everything will be okay. Gives you great feeling in the end...LOVED IT

    Story is developing, it never stops. They just closed some plots and new things will come. With new ppl.
    This epi was totally cool. Everyone got a good moment!

    Jimmy-he is one incapable man. Keeps hurting his family.
    Julie-can't see her down so often, so enjoy!
    Kirsten-she is the one who sticks all together. Irreplaceable! gives you feeling, that everything will be okay.
    Marissa-supporting her mum for the 1st time!!!
    Sandy-kandy is back. I'm glad that they gave him moments where he is not good fairy.
    Seth-heroic? :) with Summer = best TV couple
    Summer-wanna fight? I'll kick your ass. Great friend, great gf!
    Ryan-finally laffing, making jokes and with Marissa.

    ps: wanna kick dean's+Taylor's affair ass? Join the club!
  • Ryan and Marissa plan to stick together through the hard times. The will is finally read and they are told that Caleb was broke. Jimmy Cooper gets beaten up and decides to leave> Kirsten returns home

    This episode was different in that a lot of unexpected things happen.I expected the Cooper's to move for a few episodes anyway but it changed. I liked the way Seth stuck up for Summer at the end and Kirsten finally returns to give the episode a happy ending. It shows as one family (the Coopers) is falling apart the Cohens are reforming. This is a must see episode and keeps up the anticipation that the other 2 episodes did.
  • I don't really like the 3th season so far. But this episode was better than the past 2 episodes.

    I don't really like the 3th season's storyline. I dind't like it that Jimmy was in dept, again. I mean, they already did that once! But I liked this episode because Ryan and Marissa FINALLY had sex and I think they are really cute together! And I love it that Kirsten is back home!! I think that Charlotte-person is sooo freaky!
  • While I absolutely love this show, I think the writer took a short cut.

    This is a great episode, and I think the reason we all keep coming back is best illustrated in the multi shot sequence of sex, love, and mayhem!

    Here is the short cut though, while Kirsten is in rehab, Marissa and Ryan get kicked out of school, Marissa almost kills Ryan’s brother, the coopers get back together, and hundreds of little things happen, and she is out of the loop. However when she gets back she just goes on like nothing happened!?!

    Also, does anyone think that the new dean of discipline is having sex with the Taylor Townen??
  • Ryan and Marissa finally have sex!

    I enjoyed this episode a lot. Hello, Kirsten is back from rehab so we should be getting some great family doesn't get any better than that! Ryan and Marissa finally have sex? And before baseball? That is the even bigger miracle. I thought the way it was done was very sweet, even though it was mixed in with Jimmy getting the crap beat out of him. Oh, and Seth and Summer rule. The Dean? Ick! I hope he gets screwed over too, and soon! I really think this show is turning around from last season and I am definitely looking foward to next week's episode.
  • An Episode of Good Feeling

    Overall Grade: A

    Story: A
    The plot has progressed well from the premiere on. The new Ryan-Marissa spark worked quite well. Marissa showed some deep feeling when she wanted to do what was best for her family, and move to Hawaii. That part of the story - her possible move - was suspenseful and emotional. The moment was fleeting as we find out, but the thought she would leave experienced by Summer and Ryan was heartfelt.
    I had hoped that the Coopers would live happily ever after with Caleb's money, but alas, family failure provides drama, which we like despite the outcome. Jimmy is gone again in the same ole fashion, but I do not feel any repetitive feeling. The feeling is just for a tragic character, who cannot stay on top despite being given second chances.
    The mysterious Charlotte storyline is progressing at a good pace and direction. It is getting spookier and darker with the closing doors and sly smirks. I had hoped that she would be one of those scary-peeking-through-windows women in my premiere review, so I am happy! Charlotte is also looking sexier with her nice shirts. ;-)

    Acting/Characters: A+
    Speaking of sexy, Ryan and Marissa are quite the good-looking couple again! Ryan has lost some body, while Marissa has gained some, making a perfect balance. Ryan is returning to his younger days. His sleek jaw and angular face were quite apparent in this episode, accentuated by his boyish haircut. Meanwhile, Marissa has a much fuller, more toned matured body - no doubt through high-rep weightlifting and workout. Her beautiful flowing hair adds to her new aura.
    Teleplay and dialogue has done this couple well, as I saw some genuine onscreen chemistry. They could get a little closer though, but it is good enough. (When they hug, their lower bodies do not meet, ie no groinal contact. Their hips hold back a little, a key indicator of the relationship between two people.)
    I have more respect for Marissa this season. She is much calmer and cooler. Her loyalty to her broken family, as well as handling of her dad leaving again, stand as a testament to her growth.
    Marissa: Dad. Look. I don't know what kind of trouble you're in, but... if you have to go, then go... but if you leave, then I don't want you to come back.
    Ryan is a charm, going to Sandy to try and have him allow Marissa to live with them. Then, not getting mad when Marissa chooses to leave for her family.
    Seth and Summer were cute again. They were funny under the whip of Taylor and the Dean. Summer looked stunning at times during this episode. As for Seth, I still feel he has a tired, held-back sort of feeling about him. I hope his witty energy comes back soon. At least, his change of tone and face was not and sweet when he welcomed back home his mother. Family chemistry is coming out this season.
    On the topic of family, it looks like Julie and Marissa will be a twosome for the near future, barring the comeback of little Kaitlyn. They really seem to love each other now, and we could not help feeling something when Marissa hugged her mother after Julie realized that Jimmy would not be coming back to marry her.
    Sandy and Kirsten showed their soft faces again. They came through in the end together despite some tense, effective moments. Kudos to their acting. Sandy was good-looking and looked younger at times, but Kirsten has not changed her appearance since Season 2. I hope this changes soon. She reached the peak of her looks during winter of Season 1 when she had those bangs and straight hair. At least, I want her to return to her normal housewife looks of the beginning of Season 1.
    Dean Hess was a true powerful, imposing, maniacal villain last episode. Now, we see that he is just a tool.
    Charlotte demonstrated her agility by jumping out that window like James Bond. What other crazy positions will we see her in!

    Direction/Visuals/Teleplay: A+
    Very well done. Juxtaposing Jimmy's violent gang assault with Ryan and Marrissa's passionate love-making was quite effective. This method was also done on "Desperate Housewives" earlier this year. Emotion, rather than action drove this episode. Perhaps it is to note that the writer of this episode is female. Good for her. I will be interested to see her future episodes.

    Thus overall, the third episode of season 3 was an A. It left you with nice feelings inside, as Ryan and Marissa, as well as the Cohen family, are stronger than ever. Now, here's to hoping that the gang gets down to high school fun and games again! ie parties, scantily clad chicks, drugs, bullying of nerdy Ryan-less Seth, etc.
    Sandy: That's the great thing about this place... Nothing ever happens.
  • Where's Schwartz gone? !


    Okay, let\'s be really honest. The writing has taken a turn for the worse. The plots are great, if you\'re not into the Melrose/drama thing, then do not watch a drama. It\'s that simple.

    But some of the stuff they say in this one ... J.j. Philbin gets it done nicely, the John Stephens guy does well once in awhile ... but I haven\'t researched if this is Stephanie Savage\'s first ... let\'s hope it\'s her last. I only thought half the jokes in this were really funny, and this season wit has really taken a serious fall.

    The episode itself: The plots are good, the acting is improving. They didn\'t need the whole moving-to-Hawaii thing at all, it just freaked me out ... we all got emotional when they started beating on Jimmy, and I vaguely rememeber yelling something about \" ... no, you better not have killed Jimmy, you *******!!!\"
    I\'m glad they made Charlotte run away in the end. Crazy lesbian vibe was not working out, but crazy fugitive stalker vibe will do the trick.

    I cannot wait until the next episode, it looks like a good one, with Marissa going to public! Maybe we\'ll get some newbies in the show again ... what happened to Zach? !
  • Another wonderful episode of The OC!

    Wow! What an eventful episode! With the Dean basically threatening Seth and Summer to work on South Pacific, Charlotte running away, Kirsten coming home, Jimmy getting punched out, and Ryan and Marissa doing it, this episode couldn't have been filled with any more events. I forgot about Caleb's will being read and Julie being dumped on her wedding day. This episode is one of the best we've seen yet. Let's hope that they get better and better every week like we've seen for the past three weeks!
  • The O.C. writers are phoning it in at this point.

    Let's be honest. We all know this show has taken a turn for the worse since its excellent first season. It was smart, witty, funny. With this most recent episode the writers have proven that they can't think of anything original, and they are more content to turn it into a Melrose Place-style soap with over-the-top and outlandish events. The O.C. has gone from being fun and light-hearted to being all doom and gloom, all the time.

    The O.C. should take a lesson from Entourage to see that you don't have to have someone getting beaten up or shot every episode in order to make an entertaining show that will draw an audience.
  • An episode, much like last seasons "The Rainy Day Women", that settles all unfinished business and leaves us a clean slate to start on. Excluding one or two differences.

    These episodes, which I like to call "Clean-up" episodes, tend to be the best of the season. They answer almost every question that has been left unanswered and creates even more questions in doing so. The somewhat clean slate of the storylines that weren't working so well allows many possibilities for the future.

    If this follows the pattern of the clean-up episode, expect next episode to be a light-hearted episode planting small seeds for the drama later in the season.

    Excellent episode. Not as good as "The Rainy Day Women" of Season 2, but just second behind that one. Looks like this'll be a good season.
  • Finally, best of the season so far. I am glad things are moving now.

    The End of Innocence. A great title to a great episode. Of course the title of the episode speaks well of what actually happened. After the first two episodes I am happy things are finally moving forward now.

    A good start with the gang talking about the upcoming year over breakfast. Seems like they always do this but I like it. They usually have quick witty banter and it is a great way to start off an episode.

    Sandy running the Newport Group, pretty funny. I wondered who was doing that.
    Seth and Summer in school was a good time. Especially when they go at it with Taylor Townsend. She really is a b* and there is no doubt she and the Dean have a little more going than a normal student/teacher relationship.

    I thought it was sweet Seth and Summer 'borrowed' the set so that Marissa and Ryan could have their night together. And Seth not including Summer in on the blame when he was caught was smart. End of his innocence a bit.
    Of course, the special moment Ryan and Marissa was ok, but what was with that music. And then going right to Marissa's dad getting beaten was a bit of a downer. End of her innocence.

    Of course Jeri Ryan's character was playing Kirsten. She wanted her money. We'll she if she is around anymore after she snuck out of the cottage without paying.

    Caleb being broke? Wow, I figured he had problems, but didn't expect that. It is going to be fun seeing what Julie does now. End of her innocence.
    I figured that Kirsten wouldn't actually go back to the bottle but it was a bit scary for a second. And of course the letter from Caleb was an apology. I am glad she is back home now with the boys and that everyone is back together again.

    That is just how I like The OC, everyone getting along, having fun, and making great conversation with each other. We'll see how long it stays that way.
  • This is the episode i've been waiting for!

    This is the episode i've been waiting for i couldn't wait until Ryan and Marissa did it and they finally did! I also could'nt wait until Kristen came home and she finally did! If there was something in the episode that i didn't like it would be Jimmy leaving i respect Tate Donovon as a actor and i wish he would have stuck around otherwise lets see more of these episodes before fox breaks away from baseball playoffs in october otherwise OC RULES!
  • WOO What a Ride

    While it got off to a slow start...the episode quickly got better. I think like last year when they began every episode with Ryan and Seth in the poolhouse talking - they are begining every episode this season with the foursome in the dinner. And I happen to like it!

    I didn't like the whole lets ask Sandy to let Marissa live here - and he says OK??? Come on it was a bit unrealistic!!!

    But there was a lot I liked!!

    Once again, my sympathies went out to Julie Cooper - I am not a reader of spoilers but it didn't take a genius to figure out that they would never move out of Newport and that she would end up with nothing. They always hinted about Caleb being in trouble financially, I am happy that they didn't come up with a phony billion dollars to be divided up.

    Who didn't feel for Julie at the end of the episode - Marissa showed so much maturity asking her dad to leave and hugging her mom telling her they would figure it out together.

    From the moment that Julie told Caleb to write Kirsten a letter in the OSea and then he died - I knew she would recieve one. Thankfully it was wonderful...

    Kirsten - Finally she opened her eyes, took on her fears didn't drink, and went home to her family. We definatly havn't seen the last of charlotte but at least Sandy is suspicious. He always said he would protect his family to no end. It was just creepy that she took Kirstens stuff - weirdo!!! Well she lied about her past and the house and Sandy knows she is sneaky and a big fat lying manipulator!

    Which brings me to Ryan and Marissa - finally they consumated their relationship - the montage was so emotional and he stood by her every step of the way - I thought Jimmy was dead - I never saw it coming - what a scene just WOW - The thing I loved about OC in season one was its ability to wow me and that montage def did.

    So cute for S & S to be together making it happen on behalf on R & M - I love how friends do that! They were cute again in this episode but a little insignifigant again - And Seth taking the fall for Summer is so romantic!

    Somethings goin on with Taylor and the Dean - Are they doin it? that would be the obvious assumption but maybe something else OC style!

    Thats all for now until I watch it again!
  • So awesome!

    Love it !!
    I'm so very happy that Kirsten is back home, Seth adn especialy ryan's expression was priceless!
    The scene bettewen Julie and Marissa et the end was really great, I'm happy that for once they're happy!
    Very good episode!
    On a last note : Tylor and Dean are sooo doing it!
  • Loved it! jimmy gets beaten up! julie is left crushed! marissa and ryan have sex THANK GOD and kiki finally comes home and the family starts to come back together! it was so perfect :) they are back in the game.

    loved this eppy!! sandy is catching on more and more to charlotte! jimmy is gone, thankgod! marissa is right, he just cant make it work here anymore!!! i think its best he goes! its nice to see the bond forging between marissa and julie! this will be a nice pleasant change! they could be quite the team if they tried. i love that kirsten came home! i love the letter scene and i LOVE when the boys see her, and how happy they are that she is home. im just, we got a family kitchen scene, small, but it was there and that is amazing! we can see the family pulling back together and that is awesome

    i will say they are finally bringing seth back in the game, thank god he was wuick with his lines, facial expressions and actions so i say they are closer to bringing him back! i was worried they would ruin him permanently but i was very satisfied by him tonight! good performance by him and summer! i do have to say that the dean totally pisses me off and i cant wait until he gets put in his place! i am sooo serious! he needs some sense smacked into him! him and taylor drive me nuts, if they are hooking up, then i say they deserve each other!!!

    i didnt think after tonight i was going to feel bad for julie, but i kind of did. not for getting nothing due to caleb being broke, but for being abandoned by jimmy when she thought her life was actually coming together! the love her and jimmy share is almost true....he should have been honest from the beginning, i bet they could have figured something out together to get him out of trouble! julie is a tough cookie though, she will survive...i think jimmy will be back, one day...when he really has everything together and this family will be back as one...

    maryan...what to say about maryan! any true maryan fan would have gotten total and complete satisfaction from tonights episode. they were together, supportive, had sex, the waking up together was awesome! him being there every step of the way and the perfect beach kiss with the waves in the background was awesome! i could not have been more satisfied with this episode.....twice in this episode ryan and marissa made a deal to stick together!! we shall see how that works out!!

    i knew based on spoilers that kiki was going to buy the booze and i knew she wouldnt actually drink it!! i knew jimmy was going to get seriously roughed up but i still never imagined thats roughed up!! wow!! he got mangled big time. that will teach him to stay away from money! it doesnt work for you buddy!! One thing i wasnt expecting was for caleb to be broke! i excpected jules to get nothing, but i didnt expect this, thats for sure! im glad about the letter though, we all predicted it....

    the only thing i really would have changed was the maryan sex scene, the only thing i would have changed is them showing jimmy and kiki! i see it was effective and i can understand they were trying to signify things, but i mean, maryan was supposed to be special and boy was it ever in spite of this. it seemed so full of passion, moving, was perfect! i couldnt stop shaking!!

    i give the episode a solid A