The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 16

The End's Not Near, It's Here

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 22, 2007 on FOX

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  • People will read again!

    Wow, I'm so happy the series is over. I started watching it in Netflix about a month and a half ago and it was great during the first seanons. It brought so many memories and it was such a good drama.

    However, the last season was torture. I didn't even liked Marissa anyway, but I must admit that everything went downhill since she died.

    This season was full of incoherent surprises, new annoying characters and stupid storylines. It's obvious to me that the writers didn't care anymore.

    But anyway, as with everything in Netflix I HAD TO FINISH THE SHOW and what a waste of time this last season was. Although ridiculous, the last episode wasn't as bad as I was expecting. The Ryan bit when he remembers his past and we see him as a busy architect was quite good. Julie's graduation with poor Bullit still trying to be with her was sad, he deserves so much better because that texan idiot was the best character in the whole season.

    SO! I'm so glaaad that it's over, now I can go to sleep since is 12:52 am. Bye!
  • The end of an era

    I have watched this entire series over the course of a few months thanks to a great cable network called POP. I agree with many others that the series lost some of it's charm when they killed off Marissa, even though it was quite a marketing maneuver. Oh well...

    But this series will be remembered as the last time a major TV network ever airs a drama with a male lead who is strong, courageous, wise, generous, an excellent father and faithfully married despite numerous temptations not to be - who is also a white heterosexual. The modern culture will not put up with anything like it anymore. There will never be another Sandy Cohen, and we are the worse for it.
  • It's actually not a bad thing to end while on top

    It's easy to lament the end of a good series. I know. I've done it myself. But sometimes it's better to go out on top.

    Take Dexter for example. In retrospect, it probably should have ended when Debra Morgan was forced to shoot Maria LaGuerta to protect Dexter in Season 7.

    An exttra season with a crappy ending lowered the quality level of the series as a whole.

    The OC ended reasonably well.
  • What happens with the Cohens, Coopers, Taylor and Summer as the end of season 4 is not near, its here.

    Well, since I didnt care much for season 4, I felt that this was one of the best episodes of the season. It pretty much tied loose ends and didnt leave you hanging, and I liked the ending to it. It was very sad as Ryan says goodbye to the Cohen house and everything. I think they couldve done without Kirsten and Julie getting pregnant but thats okay. Julie getting her college degree was good, and it was nice to see her with a guy she cared about and not just for money (since her and Jimmy cant work it out). Its also great that the Cohens went back to their house in Berekely that they were from, even though I loved their house in Newport. As far as season finales go, its not one of the best, or even one of the best episodes ever, but either way you should still see this episode! :)
  • Good but still not the best ever.

    When i heard The O.C. was ending i actually cried i just loved it so much and them BAS****DS At FOX killed it and we only got 16 episodes and normally The O.C. was longer than 22 it was just unfair. In this episode the final ever ahhh it still hurts to say it it was really good but not my fave it was just so sad to see it go. The show was basically about the future and showing you what has happened in the future. IT was great to see that Sum and Seth got married and that they all lived happily ever after. THe EnD litterally
  • Perfect Ending!

    I loved The O.C.'s series finale episode "The End's Not Near, It's Here". It was an amazing ending for the show. All the storylines concluded in a beautiful and funny way. I thought the show would lose it's taste after the killing of Marissa Cooper but I was wrong. I instead loved Taylor Townsend more, with her crazy obsessions to do right, stalk Ryan Atwood and just be the same funny Taylor Townsend. The earthquake scared the hell outta me but it was good to see the Cohens move to Berkeley where Sophie Rose Cohen is born. I wish they had brought the Nana for this episode. Seth getting married to Summer, Julie finally graduating and depending on herself for change, Ryan getting a architect job and saving a kid too, sandy becoming a university lecturer in a law school... i mean I LOVED it. The final scene with Ryan in the Cohen home with flashbacks was so sad, having seen from where he came from to the current day. I just LOVED this episode. Long live The O.C.!!!!
  • I'm so sad, it's over.

    Wow, that was so depressing, watching such a great show end like that. I almost feel like crying, literally. I never thought that a show that gets canned could create such a beautifully woven series finale, but The O.C. did exactly that. The first thirty or so minutes were already creating something great. It was one surprise after another; a lot has changed in the timeskip of 6 months, and it did an already excellent job of covering so. And then the final ten minutes. My God, it was like watching art in motion. No exaggerating, it really was. A whole set of lives are just passing us by in an instant and you couldn't feel anymore happier for them, through the endeavors they've suffered, and the joyous moments that have continued to make them them. And then the ending. I wonder if this leaves things open for a sequel? Once again, it's depressing that such a great show has finally closed its doors.
  • I have decided to skip the parts that nobody cares about :D. -The Cohens move to Berkeley, leaving California behind. -Seth and Summer get married -Ryan follows the path of Sandy, bringing the story of the OC to a heartbreakin

    Possibly the most touching, heartbreaking series finale TV has seen. For the first three seasons, the OC periodically peaked as both a failure and a success. The first season – excellent: something new to the heart of TV. I disliked the 2nd season intensely, Marissa Cooper really started to aggravate me – she brought nothing but poor, depressing storylines to Ryan and the show. Her younger sister, however, actually evolves as a character: in Season 3, the entirely average season, she represented the epitome of an ungrateful, selfish little child, but, at the end of season 4, she evolves into a mature young woman – plus, she's definitely hotter than Marissa :D.

    Since day 1, this show has been about Ryan. Yes, we have the Sandy storylines, the Seth & Summer ones, but nothing improved Season 4 over all its predecessors more than Taylor Townsend. Schwartz did a wonderful job of reinventing Ryan's persona with the help of Taylor Townsend - the girl you used to love to hate, but now, I think it's safe to say everyone loves her over Marissa. As Ryan dutifully says, "You saved me." As for the final episode of the final series of what is now definitively my favourite TV show, I can say that at first, I believed it to be failing. The first half an hour consisted of Julie Cooper trapped between helping herself and helping her daughter, and in the end, managed to finally make a morally correct decision.
    Until the 30th minute, I honestly thought Josh Schwartz had failed me. What do you get when you mix a touch of nostalgia and a dose of appropriately fantastic music with 5 of the most incredible characters of TV and their goodbyes? The last fifteen minutes of the OC. There were stages where I wanted to pound my pillow in frustration that the show was ending, yet the finality it brought me was wonderful. We all know that music has been a critical part of the OC, but Patrick Park's song really touched me.

    The OC has come full circle. Summer and Seth separate, but are reunited in a wonderful moment. Face it – I don't think anyone really cares about Julie Cooper, not when we're crushed that we'll never see Ryan, Seth, or Summer in a new OC episode again. Ryan returns to his loneliness near the end, reminiscing of his time under the Cohens' roof. We see Seth and Ryan hug for the second and last time ever. Under Patrick Park's 'Life's a song,' we see Ryan take the path of Sandy Cohen – head to Berkeley, and help those in need in the circle of life. For crushing our hearts in the last episode of the greatest TV show to date, I thank Josh Schwartz. I praise you for giving me four people that will always have a place in my memory as those who served as the foundations for the best episode of TV – ever. "Its time to let go of everything we used to know.
    ideas of strength and who we've been.
    Its time to cut ties that won't ever free our minds,
    from the chains and shackles that they're in."

    Thank you so very much, Josh, for 4 years of music, Californian babes, Ryan Atwood, Seth and Sandy Cohen, and Summer Roberts. They will never be forgotten.

  • Touching,dramatic,comedic and one of the top 10 OC episodes ever!

    One of the most touching episodes I have ever seen on television. A great end to the greatest teen drama ever. Yes,The OC had its downs but its end showed that it is a memorable show that keeps a part in people's hearts.

    The story was amazing in this episode- it showed how the characters developed during the series run. The whole tone of the episode was unique- it was funny but not too much, it was dramatic but not overlydramatic. The episode was so typical The OC as a dramedy. I liked that the episode had a feeling for ending: Sandy and Kirsten welcome their daughter and return to Berkeley where they started their rlationship. Summer and Seth finally get together after Summer persued her dream becoming an activist. Ryan again faces his past in Chino when he sees a troubled teen boy like his was four years ago. Julie finally makes the right choice for life and is happy with Kaitlyn and her little son.

    This episode was in one word beautiful. The wedding of Julie and Bullet with Frank stopping it. Summer leaving Newport and Seth in order to pursue her dream. Kirsten giving birth to a daughter.

    The episode was funny: the gay couple,Frank talking to Julie on the phone,Seth and Summer becoming a boring couple,Taylor thought of as a terrorist.

    A lot of moments made me feel really sad,a sadness that can't be overcome because my all-time favorite tv show was ending: Julie and Summer crying after seeing the picture of Marissa, Ryan remembering the past and especially the moment when he sees Marissa as Sandy was driving him away from Newport in the very first episode.

    I don't even like this review because it is pretty poor comparing to my feelings for this episode and this show. I really miss The OC!
  • The end has come and goes back to its roots as well.

    The O.C. is one of my favorite shows. It's sad that this show has come to an end, but I could not be more satisfied with the series finale.

    When Marissa died last season, I thought that the quality of the show would go downhill. Boy, was I wrong. The introduction of Taylor Townsend as a main character breathed new life into the show, and the melodrama that was season 3 was minimal to non-existent in season 4.

    The series finale has the characters explore their beginnings and hearts. First off, Sandy and Kirsten decided that living in Newport would not be a suitable environment for their newly-born daughter. So, they decide to move back to their first home in Berkeley. Ryan and Taylor decided to be friends only but not without a steamy goodbye.

    And one of the most realistic and charming fates belong to none other than geeky Seth and tree hugger Summer. Seth realized that Summer needed to find herself first before they could truly be together. I thought this was incredibly sweet and selfless without being too cheesy. Their goodbye was simple yet beautiful.

    Ryan's walk through the damaged Cohen home was incredibly heartfelt. Each room held a memory for him, and it proved difficult to bid all of that farewell. As he passed a ghostly memory of Marissa near the driveway, I think he realized that no matter where he is, he will always have his memories, good and bad. A home does not hold the memories; a person is the one that keeps and cherishes them.

    The flash forward into the future was a great way to tie up loose ends. Julie's gold digging days were over after she graduated from college and finally put her future in her own hands. Seth and Summer's fate intertwined of course and after searching for themselves separately, they could finally find each other and stay that way. As Ryan prepares to head home from work in the future, he sees a familiar sight: a boy seemingly in need of help like he did in the pilot. Since he was blessed to be given so much from the Cohens, it was a perfect end to see him offer someone else a helping hand.

    So, goodbye "The O.C." But like the characters in the show, fans like me will always hold the memories within us. Thanks for the good and bad times!
  • I love The OC. As much as I love Michael Olivares. And the way that they tied the whole story line was amazing just like The Treehouse of Awesomeness. Love. Peace. And Me.

    I love The OC. As much as I love Michael Olivares. And the way that they tied the whole story line was amazing just like The Treehouse of Awesomeness. And for those of you who do not know Michael Olivares he was Best friends with Thumper Gosney. And Thumper was best friends with Jon Bennet Ramsey. He also did extra work on set with his friend Dominik Chilleri. They meet on set of The adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl. Dominik guest starred on Friday Night Lights the tv series. Michael Olivares is an actor in austin texas. And he has recently been linked to the song "7 things" by Miley Cyrus for a bad break-up. But now he says that there could be some waves in the zac and vannessa pool. So only time can tell. And Michael Olivares also wished that he could have been on The OC. But never got the chance since the show is now cancelled. Which was a huge mistake. Love. Peace. And Me.
  • I can't understand the praise for season 4, much less this trife insult to the show called "The End's Not Near, It's Here". Not only was it the worst O.C. episode ever, it was the WORST series finale I ever watched

    Before I re-watched this episode, I watched the pilot episode, just to take note on how much the show has changed... and it changed for the worst. If I were a new viewer, I wouldn't be able to tell that both episodes came from the same show. The pilot was filled with raw emotion, engaging stories, and realistic characters. Everything in the series finale was a JOKE to the pilot and it failed in making me laugh. Nothing happened, nothing evolved, there were no resolutions or ANYTHING. It was just a silly romantic-comedic episode that couldn't stand ground to the worst episode of season 3, much less season 1.

    Another problem I had with the series finale is that it lacked continuity. The smallest things matter to me. Marissa was a big part of the show and it takes more than 1 mention and a split-second blink-and-you-would've-missed-it flashback to fill me up. There were also the smaller things, like how Dr. Roberts wasn't at Seth and Summer's wedding. A big event like that could've gave a good wave to characters who were once a big part of the show like Anna and Luke, for example. And not to mention the dropped storylines. What's up with Trey and Dawn? Ryan spent a big piece of season 3 trying to find Trey and in season 4 he suddenly forgot he exists. Let's not forget Dawn. Dawn was back on the right path and all of a sudden she's part of the invisible clan as well?

    The last few minutes honestly saved this episode from being 1 star loser but not even the flashbacks could save the show from the abysmal insult it has evolved to. The O.C. was once a guilty pleasure for everyone of all ages and now it's chick flick that even the chicks insult. That's a huge transformation in just one season. If anyone wants an example of how horrible season 4 has become, this would be the episode I'd point them to. Now the only piece left for me is to figure out why everyone is so in love with this crappy episode.
  • This episode wrapped everything up in a nice delightful package. Seth and Summer stay together, get married while a 5 year old sophie cohen watches.

    This episodes was a wonderful bookend to 4 seasons of an awesome show. Ryan comes full circle at the end, Him now being the Sandy Cohen and helpinf a young kid out. The song "Life's a song" played near the end wraps up all the O.C. stood for. Bravo......and it makes you imagine what happens to them all in your own mind. For me, it is full of bliss. Let's not forget my favorite quote from this episode as Seth said to Summer "go save the world Summer Roberts" het let her go only to have her back and get married.
  • What happens to the Cohens, the Coopers, Summer, and our dysfunctional friend Taylor?

    Quite honestly, this is one of the better series finales I've seen. Everything is tied together in a pretty little package and decorated nicely with a beautiful bow. We go on the typical O.C. emotional rollercoaster: laughing, crying, shock, awe, and everything in between.

    The Cohen's came full-circle by moving back into the house in Berkley. We get to meet Ms. Sophie Rose Cohen (named after The Nana!!), see Sandy become a law professor (um, the absolute perfect career for him), Seth, no longer a nerd, gets the girl, and Ryan becomes successful and Sandy-like. There was definately a tear in my eye when he sees the kid on the bike at the end.

    As for the Coopers, wow. Julie, pregnant with Frank's baby, is headed to the altar to marry Bullit. Katlin intervenes and has Frank stop Julie...blah blah blah. But, Julie surprises us all by STAYING SINGLE!! And she goes to college. How touching was it at her graduation when Frank, Bullit, Kaitlin, and son are there with the Team Julie shirts? Kaitlin turns out normal...woo hoo!! The best part of this story-line had to be Bullit's sons, in true Bullit form, named after cities in Texas (well, there was Hanoi)!! Summer goes on tour with GEORGE, but ends up a Cohen. Taylor goes to France. Pancakes has little bunnies, one of which is adopted by Ryan and named Flapjacks! I really enjoyed this show, with the exception of season 3. It was a perfect ending. I like to think of myself as an honorary Cohen.
  • the last episode of the greatest TV-show ever made. I've seen alot of TV-shows in my life, and still O.C is the greatest one! I love it, everything is perfect, the story, the crew, the music and ofc: the O.C. /The biggest fan in the w

    This was the last episode of the greatest show in the world.
    It was very sad to see the last episode, O.C has been a part of me in a couple of years now, so this was a very touching episode.
    It has been joy, sadness, and alot of drama!
    And I loved every second that I saw.

    In this episode alot of great things happens.
    Kirsten, Sandy, Seth, and Ryan gets a new family member: Isabelle.
    And also Julie and Kaitlin gets a new family member, its a boy.
    The Cohens buy their old house back in berkeley, and Ryan goes to college at Berkeley.
    Summer connects to G.E.O.R.G.E. and saves the world.
    Seth is going to college, and also Seth and Summer gets married!And Taylor goes back to France.
    And Ryan gets a job as a buildingcontructor.

    The last thing that happens in this episode is that, Ryan walks around in the destroyed house/poolhouse, and gets some flashbacks from the time he had in the house (and the poolhouse).
    And ofcourse the boy at the end that reminds him of himself before he was moving in with the Cohens.
    Its been an amazing trip in the orange county!
    Like I said, I loved every second that I watched!

    Please bring O.C back, just a season more!
    /The biggest fan in the world
    P.s Excuse me for my english, Im from sweden
  • The OC is over, closed with a golden key!

    The last episode ever!! That's sad!
    I re-watched it today, and decided to right a review!
    I loved the end. I think it couldn't be better. The Cohen family left the hated Newport Beach, Summer accomplished her dream to help the nature, Ryan graduated and helped a kid just like him, Seth and Summer got married (the most perfect part for me)!!
    Sophie is so cute! and so is Julie's son! It's good to see Julie is finally independent, single, without chasing man to survive.
    I saw that "real Jake and real April broke up". It's a reference to Adam and Rachel's break up for sure!! That's too bad, they were so cute together! (I, and everyone else, probably think that because of Seth and Summer).
    It was an excelend episode and series finale, The OC is my favorite show, and I didn't even liked teen shows when I started to watch it! Too bad it's over, I miss this a lot!!!
  • OC's series finale taht finally reminds of the show's best days!

    Season 4 of the OC was just not good without Marissa.Josh and all the writers did their best to revive the season but there feels a big hole without Marissa.Everybody thought that this series finale wil be just averge just like all the episodes from season 4 but it totally surprised us.
    This series finale was one of the greatest OC episodes I have ever seen.It was a bucket of the typical OC emtions that brought the show on top-a comedic tone with the gay couple,sad moments,two weddings,babies.It was totally awesome.It made me cry and even when I watched it for the second time it made me cry.They made the episode so perfect that made us,the fans,to cry for the gone show.The best episode from season 4 and in my top 10 in all time OC episodes.
  • This episode is very special!

    I think that this episode is one of the best, maybe even the best!
    lots happens in the episode and if you're an oc fan you will love it; i saw this episode in June 2007 and had to see it again and again cuz i just loved it! i'm still not completely sure who Julie's with at the end, but anyway...
    and don't get me wrong i like Taylor, but I missed Marissa alot during this season, especially at the beginning!

    anyway, i hope this is helpfull to someone, it's not a brilliant review becuz i'm not gd at writing! Lol xD
  • Very emotional episode. The last episode of the O.C.

    Wow the O.C has ended. It hurts me to say this sentence since I loved this show for such a long time and you just can't find shows as good as this one today. Well the final episode happens six months after the earthquake which destroyed the Cohens's home and now they are staying at Julie's home. Apparently Julie is pregnant and is getting married to Bullit. I did not like the way they made a fast rush into six months later like they did with Marrisa's death.

    The episode was very exciting and things were heating up by the second. The main things that were going on were : 1. The Cohens finding a home. 2. Seth and Summer livig together. 3. Ryan and Taylor getting back together.
    4. Kirsten having the baby.
    5. Julie lost between her choices of either Bullit who accepts the fact that shes pregnant or Frank who at the last mintue fights for her after some encouragement for Kaitlin. I think all the aspects were handled very well to make another great O.C episode. The way the O.C creates an element we all know and understand which is there is loss and gain in life is just amazing and the only writers and actors who have ever showed us this in a very convincing and truely great way are the cast and crew behind the O.C . The Cohens lost their home but gained a beautifull daughter. Julie lost her daughter but then she got a wonderful little boy.

    The zoom into the future made me very happy knowing that : 1. Julie graduated.
    2. Summer became the great enviromentalist I never expected her to be. 3. The beautifull girl who is Seth and Ryan's sister was right there next to everyone in a slightly short but well put wedding which was the show's best couple's wedding Seth and Summer. The show ending does not mean I will forget it because the O.C has a place in my heart forever.
  • Hands Down! The O.C. has finally ended.

    The story starts after 6 months after the earthquake.

    Everyone lives on the Cooper house.
    Bullit & Julie is going to be married soon, Julie is preganant but the father belongs to Frank. Frank freaked out and so leaved Julie. Kaitlin talks to Frank and said "I thought Atwoods were fighters." And Kaitlin now goes with her mother during the wedding. but with the sudden changes Julie & Bullit goes to Berkley with Kristen & Sandy to tie their knot, but in a late surprised. Frank stopped the wedding. Julie choose none.

    The wedding part got me tear eyed. Summer gave Julie a pendant of Marissa, so touching. and whem Frank tries to stop the wedding. The OC is such a classic! but with a different twist!

    Kristen & Sandy, Ryan & Seth goes back to the old house and it seems like that it wouldn't be repaired ever. So Kristen to decide to buy a new house. But Seth come up with a new plan to buy the old house. It was kinda lame, but in the end i find the plot very funny. Sophie was born at the house and the owners finally sold it to them. And its really touching that they are a whole family again.

    Ryan & Taylor cools off, but obviously they cant stop thinking of each other & still the love each other. They are such a cute couple!

    After what happened during the last few months. Seth & Summer plans to have a new apartment on their own, but with the change of fate. Seth knows that Summer should be doing what she has to do,and lets her study at George. At my opinion what they did was ok, but not that ok for their relationship. And it is hear warming when Summer & her friends say their goodbyes.

    They went back to the old cohen house for the one last look. It was very touching and makes you look at the part where Ryan looks at the house. It make you think of the past, it got me so sad, thinking that the OC is over....=(

    The ending montage was about years later.

    Ryan is at the University of California, Berkeley. Summer is at a protest and Seth clips her picture out of a newspaper. Sandy Cohen is now a professor at Berkeley, where he is teaching law. Kaitlin is excelling as a Williams College student, and Julie has enrolled and graduated from college, with the support of Bullit, Kaitlin, Frank Atwood, and her son. Seth and Summer ultimately marry, with Ryan as the Best Man, Taylor the Maid of Honor. Ryan and Taylor exchange shy glances. This part/final montage makes me wanna crash, of course i was teary eyed! It's so happy but at the same time it is sad knowing that the OC was absolutely over. I only wish it still continues :(
    I want a season 5.
    RIP 2003-2007
    THE OC
    Best Show EVER! :D
  • at first this episode didn't catch my eye, but then i kept watching and i was shocked...

    At first i didn't really like this episode to much, and it didn't really catch my eye to much. I'm a huge O.C. fan so of course i just kept watching it. With the whole Summer not showering thing, didn't they already do that when she was in Providence, hmm. Then Summer randomly finding that "save the California sea otters" thing, and remembered how dedicated she was and wanted to be like that again. Then at the airport when Taylor realized how she was still in love with Ryan, oh wow shocker there? That was kind of dumb.

    Then at Berkley before they went to "the house", how there was that guy from GEORGE, oh wow. wasn't Summer supposed to go there.? Hmm. Then Taylor calling Ryan and telling him that they needed to talk and Ryan realizing that he was still in love with her. Then while there all at the house, Kirsten gives birth. But back in Orange County, Julie is supposed to get married then she finds out that Kirsten cant be there and the whole wedding moves off to Berkley.
    Then Taylor and Ryan meet up and talk, and they decide they should be friends. As they were making up, more like making out. Ryan started kissing her, and then Todd(the gay man) walked in, and saw. opps.!

    Off while that was happening Summer and Seth have there own talk. Summer tells Seth that Pancakes(there bunny) had kids, and they realize how carefree they were. Seth says he doesnt believe in signs, but he thinks this one is pretty easy to read and pulls out a GEORGE flyer.

    As Julie and Bullit are getting married, Frank realizes that he wants Julie is his life. So he runs to the chapel, to find that they weren't there. He calls Kaitlin and tells Julie that he wants to be there for her and there baby(yes, the baby was Frank's!.) Julie needs a moment to be alone. she decides to stay single.

    It wasn't until the end that i really started to like this episode. I definetlly cried during the end. Summer and Seths final goodbyes were very sad, it was cheesy but cute. Taylor and Ryans goodbyes were probably my least favorite past of the ending. It was cute, but i dont know i wish it would be Marissa instead of Taylor. The Cohen families goodbyes were very sad. My favorite part of the whole episode was when Ryan was in the house all alone and had all of those flashbacks. I like how when he drove away you even saw the part with Marissa.

    When Julie graduated that was very good, and her child with Frank was adorable. Then seeing Summer in George being someone very successful. Summer and Seth getting married though was amazing, especially seeing Sophie Rose Cohen as there flower girl. What i thought was really one of the best parts was when Ryan was leaving his job, and saw that kid and had those flashbacks of him. That was really touching, and that really was emotional especially because the kid even looked a little like Ryan, it was incredible.

    This was my 2nd favorite episode. fersure.

    well six months after the earthquake the gang started living with the coopers and julie got pregnant for frank and nearly got married to the bulliet but frank stop the wedding.Ryan and seth went to berkly to buy the old house that sandy and kristen use to live in and kristen have her baby.Taylor comes back to newport and when she sees ryan she realized that she is still in love with ryan and she and ryan have sex .julie went to college and have a son.kaitlen also went to college and sandy was her teacher.ryan went to berkly and seth went off to college too.Seth and Summer got married.
  • California here we come, one last time!

    I thought they did this episode very well although i did think it was a little rushed i mean everything was happening so fast like Kirsten having the baby and Seth and Summer getting married Julie having a kid, but it had to go fast seeing as their was a 16 episode limit this season. I just cant believe that One Tree Hill i still going and the OC isnt i Thought the OC would beat One Tree Hill by like 3 Seasons but it looks like One Tree Hill is going to beat The OC to badd too because i like The OC more!
  • Six months after the earthquake the newport residents prepare for the next chapter in their lives and most prepare to say goodbye to each other as they set off into life going their seperate ways.

    To be honest this was the worst series finale i've ever seen in my life. It was a bad way to wrap up one of the most best shows on television. My problem with this particular episode was the acting was good but the writing was not, i feel like they left a lot of questions unanswered and the series didnt have no closure. They rushed a lot of things in this episode left open many questions and the flow of the whole episode just did not fall into place so it makes this episode in my opinion one of the worst series finale's ever.
  • California here we come....

    By far one of the best finales,i have ever seen at first i was a little disappointed, but when i watched it again( and again and again) i decided it was great, everyone had closure and they had a tasteful tribute to marissa, which was nice but it wasn't over kill.They flashfoward to 6 months later and SURPRISE Julie Cooper too is pregnant and we find out that Ryans dad Frank is indeed the Father bt took off. So julie is going to marry the Bullit, but she cant bring herself to do it!! IN the end we see the Cohens are Happy with Little Baby Cohen,Seth and Summer get married, and Ryan and Taylor( who i have come to adore) left their relationship up in the air, i like to believe that those 2 finally worked it out they both deserve some happiness.The final shot of the show show Ryan seeing a small boy on the street who looks lost and hopeless, just as he did in the series opener.Hopefully he is able to return the same kindness that was once shown to him. Congrats to the writers for a GREAT series finale, Long live The OC.
  • PERFECT !!!!!

    First of all I like to congratulate Josh Schwartz for the great final episode of the OC :D

    This episode had represented the memories from the past, the present and the future. It had every thing in place. Every word, every image are perfect. Many people asked for season 5 but I think that the storie wouldn't be very interesting cause everyone loved Newport and be without it wouldn´t be easy. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  • Josh Shwartz and the writers should have done a better end for this great show.

    I was disapointed from the first time i heard that FOX cacelled the show. not only disapointed, i was furious, angry. It was my favorite show and it still is. As i watched this finale eppie it seemed that the writers haven't enough time to do the episode because from my point of view it wasn't a nice end. I was expecting something else. Seth and Summer getting married? I think it was a little bit too earlier for that, a little bit precipitated. We deserved a lot more than that end.
    But despite the anger and the nostalgic feelings about being the last eppie...i can't say i didn't enjoyed it. It was "nice" but not "nice" enough. I felt that something was missing. And seriously, i never thought Julie was going to end up with Ryan's Father. BUt at the end they seemed really happy so... GO JULIE! for once she was doing things right. for once...
  • The end of The OC!

    I never expected The OC to end. Never! And when I found out that the show was axed after only 4 seasons I was furious! Ok, so maybe Marissa is dead. Yeah, I do miss her but I think that Taylor really sparkled in this season. I enjoyed Taylor and Ryan getting back together. Also, the very last episode was very well-written. I kept wondering how they were going to spin it. I heard rumours that they would have Ryan wake up and for his whole life to be a dream and thank god they didn't do that! I'm so glad because that would've been horrible! They worked it really well though with Julie graduating and finally becoming dependant on herself; Sandy going back to Berkley :D; Kirsten finally having her baby and moving back to the house she loved; Ryan and Taylor getting back together; Summer and Seth getting married (we all wanted that right? ;)) and Kaitlin succeeding in school. I thought it all worked out really well. Overall fantastic finale!
  • Possibly the best series finale ever!

    I am a bit of a series junkie, and have seen many come and go. Often one is sad when one of them ends, not only because there will be no more weekly "delight", but also because one will never find out "what happens next". That always bothered me, at least.
    Now this episode is, by my standards, a perfect series finale. The major storylines of the last few episodes are wrapped up, some surprising twists are introduced (and also solved), and -what I loved most- we get a brief glimpse of the future. Of a nice, happy future.
    This finale left me feeling good. And what more should one expect from television?
  • My goodbye to the world I though I lived in.

    Never though I would say this, but a TV show, The O.C., has influenced me more than a real life person. Perhaps it had to do with the chance Ryan had been given when he was accepted by the Cohen's in their home and family, as this would be the ultimate dream for us normal teens with a history of poverty, loneliness or family troubles, or all of them combined. Also the bittersweet, dysfunctional but intense relationship that Ryan had with Marissa was also a dream for those who never experienced such a powerful tragic – romantic love story. For me, those were the reasons I was so captivated with the show. Sure, there was great music, comedy, other characters that made the show more interesting, but, in the end, those two were the reasons that attracted me. Over the four years of the show, the characters developed and kept me wanting to see which way their roads go, many moments of joy and sadness emerged, but in the end, it was a memorable time. We saw how Ryan changed his ways and became a real brother to Seth, a real son to the Cohen's and the soul mate of Marissa. At the end of the third season, I was upset, as I thought the OC I knew ended there. I was wrong. The death of Marissa was a perfect metaphor to how the bittersweet years of high school fly by and how, when you embark on a difficult journey, the people that were beside you in the beginning finally get lost into beautiful memories. And then, the final year brought closure to Ryan's story. He somehow managed to deal with Marissa's death, he found a person with whom he could have a normal, less intense but more healthy and stable relationship and prepared him self to move away from the house and from the memories of the past. Those things are perfectly represented by the last minutes of the show, that sum up the four years and make a perfect parallel to how everything begun: Ryan saying goodbye to the Cohen's, to Seth, to the house that provided him a shelter in the most difficult period of his life, and finally to Marissa… And then we saw what we probably all hoped: Seth and Summer married, and Ryan, grown up to be an architect, offering to help a kid in trouble after remembering many years into the past the moment he look for Sandy to help him. It was absolutely the perfect ending.

    In the end, for us people that this show touched in such a way that we considered OC our second home, nothing much remains to do. Sure, we can watch it again any time, but it would be like looking at old pictures from your high school. The happy moments, along with the sad ones, elapse and all that remains is just nostalgia and the feeling that those times are never coming back. Something however will remain with me forever, and that is the desire to give someday to somebody like Ryan, or like me when I was a kid, a chance that I never had. And helping others is the most powerful feeling that a show, any show, can produce in a person.
    This being said, all I can say is: Thank you, Ryan, for these years, it's been a privilege making the journey with you...
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