The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 16

The End's Not Near, It's Here

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 22, 2007 on FOX

Episode Recap

Six months after the earthquake...
Everyone lives in Julie's house. But Taylor moved back to Paris. Ryan and Taylor broke up because they are too different.
Seth and Summer have basically turned into a 'comfortable' couple, who just sit at home and watch TV all day.
Kirsten and Sandy keep looking for houses, but none of them feel like home. Not like the Berkley house, or their old home did anyway.
Julie is getting married to Bullet that day. We find out that she is pregnant, and when Kaitlin and Julie were making last plans for the wedding, Julie tells Kaitlin that its actually Franks baby. Frank and Julie got back together, she fell pregnant, but Frank got scared and ran off. Julie kept the baby, and Bullet came back in her life, and even though Julie told Bullet she was pregnant with Franks baby, Bullet still wanted to marry Julie, even though Julie still had feelings, and still might have feelings for frank. Kaitlin meets her future step-bros, all 13 of them with Texas names. There is also a Chinese brother as well, (im from Sydney Australia, so I can only presume they are Texas names) called like Dallas and others.
Ryan wants to do something really great for the Cohen's before he moves to Berkley, and so he and Seth go to Berkley trying to buy the Berkley house for them, but a gay couple live there, and just says no to them. Ryan checks out the campus he will be going to, and someone hands Seth a flyer about the Warriors program that summer didn't go to. Seth says, yeah I know about these guys, summer my girlfriend was going to do it, but you know... the guy says, not summer Roberts, man she was great. Seth feels guilty about Summer not going now.
They fly back, tell Kirsten and sandy what they tried to do, and sandy thinks this is a great idea, as Kirsten thinks it would great for the new baby, but they need to sign the contract for the Orange County house. Kirsten promises Julie they will be back before the wedding. So all four, sandy, Kirsten, Ryan and Seth fly back to Berkley to see if they can change the couples mind, and before the couple can say no again, Kirsten asks them if she can use the toilet b/c she is so pregnant, and cant hold it in for five minutes. They say ok, she knows where it is. While Kirsten is on her way to the toilet, her water breaks.
Summer picks up Taylor from the airport so Taylor can be in the wedding party too. Taylor and Ryan are both not sure how they feel about each other, saying they are TOTALLY over the other, but when they see each other at the airport, they say hi, bye, and leave, Taylor and summer to get ready for the wedding, and Ryan and Seth for Berkley. Both at the same time, Ryan and Taylor admit to their friend that they are still in love with the other one.
When back at Julies house, Taylor is in Seth and summers room, and they are complete pigs, and Taylor finds a flyer about the warriors that summer never ended up going to. Summer looks sad about not going. Taylor goes under the bed and finds that Pancakes is still alive, but pancakes had baby bunnies, and they didn't even notice months later.
Julie is back in OC getting ready the wedding. Summer gives Julie a necklace with Marissa photo in it, they start crying. Summer is talking about the warriors program, and Julie tells her not to settle down, not yet being so young. Summer feels strong. Julie talks about how she never accomplished anything. Not even school.
Kaitlin finds frank, and tells him that Julie still loves him, but frank doesn't want to talk about Julie to her daughter, and Kaitlin starts talking about how she liked frank, but now he's just a chicken not going after what's he really loves.
Julie finds out that Kaitlin is giving birth to her baby, but Julie can't get married without her best friend kiki. So bullet says whatever you want, lets go guys!!! and the wedding gets moved to Berkley. By the time they all get to Berkley, the baby is born, a girl Sophie Rose Cohen.
Ryan and Taylor have sex.
The wedding begins. The minister starts talking and does the whole if there is anyone who objects to this wedding, speak now, or forever hold your peace. That's when you see Frank start running to the church but Frank opens the doors, and... He is at the old church.
The wedding starts, then Kaitlin gets a phone call on her mobile. Its Frank, Kaitlin puts Frank on speakerphone. Everyone is talking, and Taylor tells every to shut up, and that she can't hear. Julie takes the phone and tells Bullet she needs a minute or two to think things over, Bullet understands.
Julie then comes back, and when Bullet says something like, have you made up your mind, she nods, and then commercial.
The rest of the episode has no time references in it.
Summer and Seth don't break up, but Summer goes to warrior camp. But Summer and Seth go on about how they are not breaking up, how they are each other's destiny.
Kirsten and Sandy move to the Berkley house. Ryan stays behind a bit so he can look around for one last time. This is the part when we remember the past, they go into the kitchen where Ryan was first making breakfast the first episode... you go to the pool house where Ryan is lying down, he goes outside, he goes into the family room where he first met Seth playing computer games. And finally he leaves in his car, going back to when Sandy first tried to take Ryan back, and then you see Marissa, and he drives off.
Kaitlin is like a genius, at college or somewhere in a math lecture.
Julie finishes some schooling, as she is at a graduation. This is where you find out who she ends up with. You see a big group of people with bright shirts with Team Julie on them. I swear you can see bullet, but it focuses on Frank being there with their son, and Kaitlin stands up as her name is called. But I hope she chose bullet, and frank in their life for their son, unlike the past with Ryan.
Seth and Summer get married and Ryan and Taylor are there as the best man and maid of honor. They smile at each other (as though something is still between them). Kirsten, Sandy and Lily are all there smiling as Seth breaks the glass at the Jewish ceremony.
Ryan finished college and became an architect, and he is leaving the site now, and he'll be home soon. As he is getting into the car, he sees a kid with a bike next to a pay phone, last flashback to when he was waiting for Sandy to pick him up. Ryan hesitates, but then, asks the kid if he needs any help.