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The O.C.

Season 1 Episode 7

The Escape

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 16, 2003 on FOX
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Episode Summary

The Newport kids plan an end-of-summer trip down to Tijuana, Mexico (aka "T.J."). Jimmy has plans of his own, which don't sit well with Marissa. Sandy gets a new job, which Kirsten can't understand. Summer, Seth, Ryan and Marissa find themselves in a strange place together. Jimmy takes it too far. Disaster strikes one of the O.C. kids.


Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the oc its seths daily trip to comicon but he changes his mind and wants to go to Tj and summer and marisa come too they go and they break down and they spend the night in a bad motel maris is really upset that her dad and mother are having a deviource and are seprating. and she is just not in a good mood they are tring to make her feel better and then when they get to the club she sees luke hooking up with holly and she goes over the edge and over does on pills and alcohl and almost dies. this was a good ep. i thought.moreless
  • Summer is nearly over so Marrisa, Ryan, Seth and summer head up to TJ!

    You can't help feeling sorry for Marrisa in this episode. Luke ruins things with Marrisa when he cheats with Holly. Jimmy tells Marrisa about the divorce over the phone. all this is too much for Marrisa who then takes an overdose and vanishes. Sandy gets a new job. Summer and seths bickering was great in this episode and the hotel scence with them was great. The gang looking for Masrrisa really kept you wondering, and the ending scence was sad, lets hope shes ok!moreless
  • My God this episode is a thing of beauty.

    Did they hire an entire storyboard full of comedians? That's what it felt like for the first half hour of this episode. The constant bickering and insults that are exchanged between Seth and Summer were knee slapping hilarious. It was like watching a "Yo momma" episode. Honestly I've never laughed that hard from a TV show in a while. The clever comedy writing is just brilliant. And then it seems like midway through the episode, the entire staff changed when it concentrated more on the drama, MUCH more. The whole Jimmy Cooper situation ends terribly as he moves out of his home and tries getting at Kirsten. While it ended badly for Jimmy, how it affected Marissa was what really defined the episode. It didn't mix well when she saw her boyfriend getting it on with Holly. Although I've never looked at Summer too fondly with her Beverly Hills rich girl persona, she really pulled off quite the performance in this episode showing a lot of love for her bestfriend. And then it ends sourly as Marissa tries committing suicide with her whole world collapsing onto her poor shoulders. Just a fantastic episode. Possibly the best one so far.moreless
  • Road Trip (T.J. awaits!)

    By far the greatest episode to have graced the series, the T.J. episode would be unforgettable. A mixture of pure comic energy, character interaction and dramatic storyline.

    The episode revolves around a planned end-of-summer T.J. trip which the whole gang is going to. Somehow, the gang of four (RMSS) are all together in a car heading for Mexico. Meanwhile, Kirsten's pep talk with Julie fails (from the last episode) and Sandy falls prey to corporate America. And wait till the last 10 minutes of this, and you'll get cheating, drama and a blurry OD.

    I think the idea of a yearly T.J. vacation was pure genius. It was a way to get everybody together and place them outside the normal banal OC picture (which we have gotten used to).The Comicon for Seth was a nice touch. The conversations between the two couples in the range rover was eye-opening. Summer and Seth bantered about anything under the sky while Ryan and Marissa barely opened their mouths.

    Summer and Seth makes a perfect couple. One that was made to last a lifetime (or at least a show).To quote Seth "their chemistry was undeniable". They seem like the perfect match and incredibly likeable even in the face of Seth's self-centeredness and Summer's rage blackouts. Ryan and Marissa are a different story. I get a very sad vibe from them. They look best as a couple when both of them say nothing. I sense that this relationship is going to be a difficult one.

    The only thing that parallels Seth and Summer is the friendship between Sandy and newcomer Rachel. Sandy and Rachel hit it off just like Seth and Summer with enough insults to make it love-hate but you can't help thinking that they look adorable. This is my only problem with the episode; Sandy being coerced into the law firm felt false to me. It presented to be unrealistic on every level. Kirsten's reaction to the news also felt forced at best. (Paranoid Much?)

    And as expected the episode reveals (thankfully not dwells) two well-documented and already known facts. Julie wants a divorce and Luke cheats on Marissa. I never really bought into the Luke and Marissa romance (I bet many viewers don't) and everybody knows Luke's a playboy anyway ("Everybody knows" Holly wails). I don't think Holly is going to be a permanent character on the show, just another nameless female face. Even if she does develop as a character, I don't think I'd like it. (Think a Luke-Holly Romance, Lolly)

    So Marissa finally finds out about Luke's cheating. Well, it was going to happen sooner or later.Jimmy moves out but doesn't have the balls to tell his kids. And finally tells Marissa over a phone. I really hope this guy can grow a backbone because right now, I can't stand him. How more irresponsible can a father get? Marissa rubs me the wrong way too.Seriously, OD? Get this girl a gallon of self-esteem and force-feed her with it.

    The last 10 minutes was priceless however. It was dramatic; It was nighttime; And it was blurry. The last scene with Ryan and Marissa was godsend. It was a cherry on top of the huge cake which was this episode. It will secure this episode as one of classics of the O.C.

    "What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico"moreless
  • A great episode full of humour and drama!

    The episode starts off really light and humorous, with fights between Seth and Summer, tension between Ryan and Marissa. It all starts with a trip to TJ. Seth and Summer fight and run the car off the road on the way there. The main four then have to stay in a hotel while it gets fixed. One of my most favorite scenes is in this episode. Where Ryan and Marissa slept on the bed and they wake up with him cuddling her. So cute. Then the drama continues to unfold when they get to Tijuana with Marissa catching Luke cheating on her. Unable to deal with this and her parents divorce Marissa overdoses on pain killers. The last scene in this episode is great, Ryan is holding Marissa, reminiscent of the first episode when he carries her back to the poolhouse and the song 'Into Dust' creates the perfect atmosphere. Also in this episode, Sandy gets a new job and Kirsten and Jimmy share an awkward kiss.moreless
Mary Castro

Mary Castro

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Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson

Summer Roberts

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Ashley Hartman

Ashley Hartman

Holly Fischer

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Bonnie Somerville

Bonnie Somerville

Rachel Hoffman

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Goof: When Marissa takes the pills and walks out of the bar, she doesn't take her purse. But when we see her laying on the ground as Ryan runs over to her, her purse is right next to her.

    • Goof: When Seth and Summer are having breakfast at a cafe he pushes his toast towards her and she eats the crusts. But in the next shot, and for the rest of the scene, the plate is still beside Seth.

    • Goof: At the end of the episode when they find Marissa in the alley, Ryan clearly picks up her handbag before lifting her up, but in the next shot the handbag is still on the ground.

    • The song 'Into Dust' which is played when Ryan finds Marissa in the alley way and picks her up is the same song that is played when he picks her up off her driveway in the pilot.

    • Episode Punch Count: 2

    • Goof: When Summer finds Marissa in the hotel before she takes the pain killers, Summer is in the restroom and places her phone on a shelf and you see her walk out and then the next clip is Summer shoving her phone in her purse while walking out the door.

    • Goof: Several times during and after the scene where Marissa catches Luke, you can see the shadow of the camera on several of the characters.

    • Goof: When Marissa joins Ryan on the sofa-bed, from the side it can clearly be seen that Ryan's head is resting on the back of the sofa. When the shot changes his head is centrally on the pillow.

    • Goof: When the group is in the car driving to Tijuana, Summer says that she is going to call Holly and she starts to dial. But when Ryan offers Marissa water, Summer takes it and she isn't on the phone.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • (Seth and Summer get in the same bed)
      Summer: You make a move, I rip out your jugular.
      Seth: Oh, hey, pillow talk.

    • Summer: Baby, I'm so sorry. Whatever you want to do, Coop. But if I may, speaking as a child of divorce, you do not want to be home right now. And this is our last chance for freedom, we get back to Newport and it's all just school and reality. Let's go to TJ, have fun. Life will suck soon enough. Ryan: She might.. actually be right.
      Seth: There's got to be a first time for everything. (everyone in the room looks at him)
      Seth: Rage black outs, got it. I'll be in the car.

    • (Summer starts to run to kick Holly's ass but Seth pulls her back)
      Summer: Her parents are getting divorced, you stupid slut!
      Seth : She suffers from rage blackouts.

    • Summer: Can't you like, be a gentleman or something?
      Seth: Chivalry's dead sugar.

    • Seth: We have my mom's Range Rover, we have the perfect alibi, as I go to this comic book convention every year, and we have my entire life of never doing anything wrong, which lulls my parents into a false sense of trust.
      Ryan: And you want to throw all that away for Summer in a wet t-shirt doing body shots? (pause) Seth: I'm sorry, I thought that was a rhetorical question. Yes, Ryan, yes.

    • Seth: This is gonna be awesome.
      Sandy: She's hot stuff son.
      Seth: And now it's ruined.

    • Summer: What are you watching?
      [Seth is watching static on the t.v. set]
      Seth: I'm not sure. It's either Spongebob Squarepants...or JAG.

    • Marissa: It's a sacred act between two people.
      Summer: It was a let-down, right?

    • Summer: I am positive that I'm leaving this place with a rash.
      Seth: Oh, so you're planning on making some extra money tonight?

    • Seth: Face it, our chemistry is undeniable.
      Summer: You know what else is undeniable?
      Seth: What?
      Summer: The pain this fork is going to cause when I jam it into your eye!

    • Summer: Who gets past by a van full of nuns? Oh wait, Cohen does.
      Seth: Well Summer, they have God on their side, I`m not gonna beat Jesus.

    • Summer: You're Jewish?
      Seth: Yes, that's why I feel so comfortable in this desert heat.

    • Seth: What happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico.
      Ryan: What happens in Mexico?
      Seth: I don't know, because it stays there. That is why we must go.

    • Seth: I know denial is a very powerful coping mechanism, but I just think that it's time that we paid lip service to our lip service.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Music:

      "Good Day" by Luce,
      "A Movie Script Ending" by Death Cab for Cutie,
      "Out of Control" by Chemical Brothers,
      "Ritmo De Oro" by Los Cubaztecas,
      "La Conga De Santiago" by Los Cubaztecas,
      "Going Under" by Rockers High Fi,
      "Into Dust" by Mazzy Starr,
      "Space" by Something Corporate