The O.C.

Season 2 Episode 9

The Ex-Factor

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 20, 2005 on FOX

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  • Seth is a Drama Queen, Lindsay Gets Drunk

    If everyone's love life wasn't fraught with drama, it wouldn't be The OC. Alex's ex comes to town, Lindsay tries to hang with Marissa, and the 'rents continue to mix business and family cuz that ALWAYS ends so well.

    What is Seth's deal these days? Alex, clearly the mature one, was hesitant to date him in the first place and doesn't want any kiddie drama. So of course Seth goes and acts like a jilted 10th grade girl when her ex comes to town. Alex wants an open adult relationship, Seth wants her to hold his hand during the Valentine's dance and swear her undying loyalty to him. Clearly this is not going to work out.

    Ryan freaks out and acts like a gross controlling boyfriend when Marissa gets Lindsay drunk. Woah there, guy. Yes, you're adorable with your bad boy leather bracelet, but when you start screaming at the laydeez it really sets off some alarm bells. Chill. Lucky for you you're cute when you apologize.

    The best part of the episode was easily when Ryan walks Lindsay to the beach in an attempt to sober her, then leaves her sitting drunk and alone under the pier, late at night. Is he TRYING to get her stabbed to death by crackheads? Then, of course, they pull the old "did she drown? Nope she just went to get french fries" switcharoo. Classic.

    Fun episode! Closing thoughts: I know a lot of people hate on Lindsay, but I'll just say that literally anyone is better for Ryan than Marissa. Lindsay's type A annoyingness is sooo much better than Marissa's 'woe is me, guess I'll just get drunk'-itude. On to the next episode!
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show the oc seths girlfriends ex arrives in town he thinks its like some buff bad boy but thing is he goes over ther to see her and finds out it was a girl that was her ex and he was really shocked to find that out .and the girls and boys have there own night out but things get heated when ryan things something happend to lindsay and he starts to go off on marrisa about it saying she was draged into her kind of life style and marrisa gets upset about it this was a good ep i thought
  • Girls night out, guys night in, and a whole bunch of drama. Typical day in The O.C.?

    A whole lotta drama, but I'm liking where things are going. Seth did a bring up a good point about how Alex has been treating him hot and cold, and it's good to see him actually take a stand for himself instead of just allowing her to step all over him. Though the most interesting part was how it ends. Alex has hooked up with girls before, and if the ending was any indication, she wouldn't mind Marissa either. Though other than that, in terms of The O.C. standards, below average. With the four main teenaged characters splitting paths, the show so far has been concentrating on four different stories. Nevermind the fact that there is the adults to consider, which was just mildly interesting itself outside of Sandy's witty lines. More things are being covered but it feels like the quality is being sort of sacrificed.
  • i loved this episode and found it hilarious.

    So i just started watching the OC reruns on SOAPnet. Id never watched it before. THis episode just came on today, and it definetly is a great one. Ive found that instead of looking forward to One Tree Hill Im staring to look forward to the OC.
    Personally i think the show is hilarious, the whole time. Practically every thing Seth says i laugh for like 5 minutes. the whole comic book meeting with and him hurting the guys feeling had me laughing unitl the next commerical.
    Though many parts were predictable i still love watchingthe show. I was on the edge of my seat when Ryan left Lindsey alone. (stupid move) then to find out she wasnt in the ocean and he went back all soaking wet was so funny.
    I was disappointed that Ryan didnt tell Marissa that thier relationship did mean something to him. And I cant wait for the next episode, tommorrow ill definetly tune in.
  • alex's ex is in town, but its not the usauly kind

    i love this episode,

    but did any1 notice when seth goes to vist alex in the begining and she tells him about the ex,
    some1 goes through the curtain thing covering the door and u can see EX written (EXIT but curtains cover the rest)

    -i thought it was genius,

    also since i need to fill this up to one hundred, and i am in a rush don't bother reading the rest

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  • Proof that Season 2 is getting more & more exciting, thrilling, adventrous & original every episode!

    Proof that Season 2 is getting more & more exciting, thrilling, adventrous & original every episode! This episode which I found extremely entertaining, was in my opinion the second best Season episode so far! It was really fun & super spicy! The start of the Alex / Marissa experimentational relationship & the end of Alex & Seth's, which speaking of was the only disappointing part of the episode. Their break-up was so bittersweet & confusing, all the teen relationships thus season have so far been REALLY confusing. I really liked to see Marissa, Summer & Lindsay bond & also loved Ryan, Seth & Zach's "Guys' Night In".
  • And Marissa goes down...

    I don't know how to start this, cause sincerely this one wasn't a bad episode, but it wasn't so good either. The thing that turned it weird was (Guess... Guess...) the final scene. So, it's just a look and girls become lesbians?? qoq, that's really amazing. Now sincerely, don't know why the l-turn was so fast, ok, Alex defended Marissa when Ryan was "attacking" her (Gosh, I thought that Ryan was going to punch Alex!), but that's not enough to simply start a relationship. Then the thing with Alex, in one episode she's so in love with Seth, and in the other she doesn't care about him and dumps him 'cause of her old girlfriend?? strange... Summer didn't participate much in this episode, and that's a shame, 'cause she's one of the "souls" of the show. And I liked what Ryan said to MArissa, I think that is what almost everyone of the fans of the OC (Except the Coop-fans) would like to say to her. Attention, this isn't against Mischa, she's not that bad, but her character was very weak in the 2nd season (and the 3rd too.) Not too exciting, in conclusion, just one to fill.
  • Well not so painful...A little funny but...

    " a She" I loved this quote so much...This is so funny and you know i still can not stop laughing when i remember that scene.Seth-Ryan great piece of friendship:) But can not say the same thing about Marissa and Alex.Well personanly im straight and im not so interested in lesbian thing so much.Everyone's free to to feel but in this show i think it's a little lot.

    In first season they showed Marissa as most beautiful girl in the O.C but this season and espeacily this episode she is just an ordinary PROBLEM girl.And after all these lesbian things the painful thing is Ryan and her back together.I personaly loved Ryan with Lindsay and in this season he prefers Marissa who had slept with Seth's girlfriend.Brr...It still makes me annoy.

    Ex factor was paintful to watch for me in the Alex and Marissa scenes...Other parts was OK. as usual but I still love this quote.

    HE...Is a she:):)
  • Great episode

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  • this wasnt one of the best episodes it was ok but i didnt like the so-called lesbian moment at the end of the episode that was just almost forced and done poorly but i did like that ryan finally got angry again he's been too chill and nerdy this season

    what to say about this one? an average so-so episode if u ask me, doesnt really do it for me... doesnt really get me wanting to watch the next episode at all... seth was a bit too whiny and didnt really accomplish anything, we never really get to see alex's ex in action so we dont even really have an idea what she's like except that alex called her a pain in the ass once... ryan got really upset and finally blew up for the first time this season, what happened to him? remember when he used to punch people every other episode and was really emotional about everything? now he's just kinda in the background and taking a backseat to all the action thats happening thus far into the season
    the apologies towards the end of the episode didnt do it for me, it was really no effort and neither seth nor ryan really accomplished anything with them... no idea what happened with lindsey i guess she just kinda went home... the lesbian moment towards the end seemed unreal and forced, this was an average episode... hopefully just used to start some drama that will happen later on im sure
  • The arrival in Newport Beach of Alex’s "Ex" and the continued presence Ryan’s lead to a near tragic incident; a Julie Cooper proposal creates a conflict between Kirsten and Sandy

    After the previous weeks episode, "The Power of Love" I felt that this series needed to spend less time dealing with all the different characters and relationships and concentrate on one or two. There are after all five couples, seven if you count the two "buddy" couples, Seth/Ryan and Marissa/Summer. Narrowing the focus would allow the viewer to enjoy a complete story line rather than jumping from character to character. However, J.J. Philbin's script for "The Ex-Factor" showed me the error in my thinking. It is typical for Soap Operas to jump from story line to story line and the technique used in "The Ex-Factor" which brought three couples and the two "buddy" couples together for the major conflict allowed all the major characters to interact without the overstuffed feeling in recent episodes.

    There were some of the things that seem strange about this story. First is when Summer is upset to realize that she has been seeing Zach for six months. As if a teenage girl who has only had two real relationships would be upset to be with the same boy for six months. Many girls would be thrilled that a guy would be faithful for that long. Of course Summer and Zach fight and make up every show so maybe she was shocked that they were "together" that long.

    Second, Marissa acted like she's serving time in purgatory waiting to get Ryan back! This is the first time in series history that she hasn't had a boyfriend for a whole episode. We see the start of her "friendship" with Alex that had been leaked several weeks ago and will drive Julie and Caleb wild. It's always nice when those two villains get the point of a sharp stick.

    And it was unusual and refreshing to have Julie come up with a good idea. Evil and incompetent are so stereotypical for a series bad guy (gal) and Julie is getting close to being the "Frank Burns" of The OC.

    Kirsten and Sandy had an interesting week. They had minimum interaction with Seth and Ryan spending the episode doing adult things. Getting Sandy away from Caleb opens interesting possibilities for his career choices and opens the possibility for conflicts between the couple similar to last season when Sandy was working for the law firm.

    And finally just as a thought, is it time to get Hailey Nichol back in the mix. Production of "North Shore" is ended and Amanda Righetti is available again. Hailey was an excellent catalyst for chaos and could fill that function again this season.