The O.C.

Season 2 Episode 7

The Family Ties

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 06, 2005 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep fo the show the oc ryan is forced to make a desion on his new girlfreind if he should be with her now that he found out its kirsten new sister that she neve knew about and calbo told the news and kirsten was really upset and she hid herself in the coslet . and seth wants to become this bad boy to impress his boss and summer finds out what zack did on his christmas break and marrisa finds out about jimmy and his ex julie having an affair this was a good ep i thought and it had alot of intenisity
  • Eww....

    I don't know about you, but I really dislike that Alex girl. I mean, eww. First of all, I think she's ugly. She has no sense of fashion. She's got this weird hairstyle. Again, eww. Second of all, I think the whole story between Seth and Alex is just so pointless. She said it herself, the Cohens would never approve of her anyway. Because? Well, let me say that again, eww. Did the actress who played Alex pay the show a lot of money to get that role or something, even when it is so pointless and stupid? May I, please, eww again? Seth deserves so much better. It's got nothing to do with the fact that I love Adam Brody. As all of us will find out later on, Seth has a 3.8 GPA. Alex is so not on that level. Sorry, I've just gotta eww some more.
  • Are music concerts and Marissa break downs going to be a normal occurrence here in season two now?

    Well Marissa so far hasn't done a great job of being a likable character here in season two. As much as Julie has done her wrong, a mother doesn't deserve as much crap from her child and it looks like Julie is trying to change for the best. DJ is starting to become a more likable character and that was surprisingly mature of him to call Jimmy. Anyways aside from teen drama queen Marissa, this episode as always is highlighted by the brilliant comedy writers of The O.C. Seth trying to impress Alex by being a bad boy brought some very hilarious moments and it was so nice to see in the end that she accepted Seth for who he is. The awkward situation that Ryan and Lindsay have to face because of Kirsten hasn't been exciting, but it has potential for some great drama later on. We'll see how that goes.
  • A nice exit for a beloved character.

    A nice exit for a beloved character. Funny episode too, Lindsay / Ryan / Kirsten storyline kind of bores me though, I am warming to Alex / Seth & Zach / Summer. Funny episode, really dramatic too, most people hate Marissa because of all her drama, but I love it, it is so realistic & I totally understand her ways.
  • Amazing!

    I loved this episode! I think it is definately one of the best episodes of the OC! There were three scenes that I thought were especially great. The first of which was the drunken melt-down Marissa had at the Cohens. I loved it! Mischa did an amazing job in this scene! Even though I like Julie, I can't say I didn't like Marissa finally telling her mother what everyone thought of her, but was just too scared to say. I always enjoy Ryan/Summer scenes as well, and we got some-what of one of those in this episode when Lindsay and Ryan came to sit with Summer. The second scene I loved was when Jimmy came to console Marissa when she was at the beach. It was so sweet to see how much they love each other and how much they rely on each other to make it through each day. I think Mischa and Tate were amazing in this scene. I loved when she was crying into his shoulder. The last scene that stood out to me in this episode was when Marissa came to the Cohens with bagels. I loved seeing how much they all cared about her.
  • absolutely hilarious. Seth tries to be a bad boy, ryan and lindsay wonder whether kissing will be like kissing a sibling and jimmy finally leaves after marissa finds out about him and her mum.

    Completely Hilarious. Seth being 'bad' is one of the funniest thing's i've seen. He steals Calebs car, and tries to impress Alex (in vain).

    The ryan and lindsay story line is sweet, but vague. And yet again Marissa get's drunk.

    Zach and summer fight and make up.

    But the best bit is Seth drunk.
  • funny wen seth gets drunk

    The only thing i wanna say about this episode is that its sooooooo funny wen seth gets drunk lolololol!!! As for ryan and lindsay not i good idea ryan and marissa ment to be and i dnt like the way sweet nice little seth is changing for alex. SETH AND SUMMER!!!!
  • "The Family Ties" begins with the end of Caleb Nichol's legal difficulties. However, all is not well on the home front. Caleb has to deal with Kirsten's hard feelings and he needs to atone to Lindsay for sixteen years of neglect.

    Perceptions both their own and others play a big role in Seth and Ryan's relationships in this episode of The OC. Ryan worries that Lindsay will be perceived as Kirsten, his subrogate mother's, sister thus his aunt and not a suitable girlfriend.

    Seth's perception of Alex and what she wants in a boyfriend leads him to radical behavior changes.

    In Ryan's case his fears seem justified. Kristin is just getting used to the idea of a half sister and seems to be accepting Lindsay as the daughter she doesn't have. She will have a hard time accepting the idea of Ryan and Lindsay as a couple.

    Seth's perceptions are pure Seth. His attempt to impress Alex by getting drunk and later stealing his grandfather's car backfires. When Alex finally realizes what he is trying to do and tells him she liked him the way he was. Sweet, goofy and good!

    If Ryan is the heroic prince of this fairy tale err soap opera, Seth steal the show in his role as the prince's friend and comical companion. Benjamin McKenzie who plays Ryan brings minimal experience to the role and at times his rawness shows but Adam Brody, not much more experienced, plays Seth like it is written about him rather than for him.

    Mischa Barton who portrays the flawed beauty, Marissa Cooper, has by far the most acting experience among the four teenage regulars. I do get a little tired of Marissa's whining but she is the spawn of the wicked witch of the West and Miss Barton is totally convincing in the role.

    Rachel Bilson plays Summer Roberts as a popular daughter of privilege who was drawn to the geekie Seth Cohen in first season despite all her instincts. When Seth left town for the summer (no pun intended) she was angry at being deserted rather than empathizing with the cause of his flight.

    The third young actress is guest star Shannon Lucio who plays Lindsay Gardner. I find her portrayal sympathetic and believable. Whether she will remain with the series or not I have enjoyed her performance.

    I am sorry to see Tate Donavan leaving the main cast. It is one solution for the renewed romance between Jimmy and Julie but wouldn't it have been better to let Julie turn on him again. In addition Jimmy Cooper gave Sandy a buddy and he was usually good in an emergency. It will be interesting to see where the adult roles will go with one less player in the mix. At any case, Jimmy can look up Hailey played by Amanda Reghetti who appears on the FOX series, North Shore that is set on Maui.

    "The Family Ties" is a turning point for The OC, or is it? Jimmy has been at loose ends from the start of season 2, when Hailey left, until he became involved with Julie again during "The SnoC" episode. The addition of Lindsay as a reoccurring character along with Zach and Alex expanded the cast size, which forces writers to deal with bulky storylines or leave out some characters altogether. Fox has already indicated that D.J. will leave the series following the next episode so perhaps the producers are just paring down the cast for the future.

    You can't hit homeruns every week. "The Family Ties" is a transitional episode. Aside from Seth's antics, the greatest drama was Marissa's reaction to seeing her parents together.

    Ryan and Lindsay lay groundwork for the eventual scene where Kristen catches them together in a romantic embrace. Zach and Summer just repeated previous conflicts while Summer waits for Seth to be available again and Marissa will be single next week. Who knows what trouble she will be getting into. Speaking of trouble, what will Julie be up to next?