The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 10

The French Connection

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 11, 2007 on FOX
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Taylor's ex-husband comes to Newport and causes a rift in her relationship with Ryan. Seth goes to Seattle to obtain Dr. Roberts blessing, while Summer "travels to the past" for 48 hours. Kaitlin finds love, while Julie finds problems with Kirsten.

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  • i don't understand why people don't like this episode - its great!

    I thought this was a great episode. It was funny mainly because of taylor but summer's parts were funny as well. the end was good because you thought they made up but they didn't. Seth talking to doctor roberts was brill as well.

    This was a very funny and good episode. I don't get why sone people don't like it!
  • A super excellent episode if not just for one tiny thing.

    For the first time in this season, the beginning was stronger then its finish. It opened up as good as it comes. It quickly established all its stories and possible conflicts. The one pertaining to Taylor and her ex husband's book was one of the more clever stories I've seen in this show so far, and what proceeded it was just 10 minutes of hilarity. So many references were made of that book, especially of "page 47", it was just a giant mess but transitioned nicely into the real problem; the differences between Taylor and Ryan. Of course the other stories were great themselves, like Seth's meeting with Summer's dad was particularly romantic, and then Summer and her ordeals handling being a wife. Though if there's a downfall to this episode, it's the sticking point with how Kaitlin's story ended. Julie's story ended in misery, so as Seth and Summer's, and Taylor and Ryan's. So why is there a single one that ends happily? It just seemed pretty off. Other than that, as always, an excellent episode.moreless
  • good episode

    I really liked this episode. It was interesting and exciting. Since Summer and Seth are engaged, Seth goes to Seattle and asks Summer's dad if he can marry her. Neil says maybe in a couple years after they're all like settled and out of college. Seth didn't really want to marry Summer at first, but then he really figured out that he wanted to. While Seth was in Seattle, Summer joined a group of young married girls named the Newpsie wedding group. Summer realized that she doesn't know herself that well, so she can't be with anyone until she figures herself out. So she calls off the engagement for now. Kaitlin starts hanging out with Will. They study together and they hang out. Kaitlin starts to like Will.

    Taylor's french ex-husband comes to Newport to reveal his new book that he wrote called "A Season For Peaches" about Taylor and him together. Ryan, Taylor's ex, and Taylor have dinner together, but Ryan is lost because he's not into literature or poetry. Then Taylor and Henri-Michel go onto a french tv show that they've been on a couple times before. Ryan goes to see Taylor there. He finds out that Taylor lied about what Ryan did. She told Henri-Michel impressive things so he would be all impressed with Ryan.

    Kiersten finds out that Julie has been using their new match business for prositutes to have sex with younger guys, and the guys get paid of course. She tells Julie that she wants her out of the office by Monday, and she won't tell Sandy and she won't call the police.moreless
  • The OC. Season 4 Episode 10

    The best part was Julie looking for her cell phone in the frying pans. Unfortunately SherlocKirsten Holmes found out Julie's little secret, anyway. I've to admit that when Kirsten told Julie she was out of the business I felt so bad for her. I mean, during the first season, Mrs. Cooper Nichol really acted like a manipulative b!tch but, right now, the whole prostitution ring thing wasn't her idea but Spencer's - yep, clever man, by the way. On the other hand, I just can't blame Kirsten as well, since it's clear she couldn't have done anything else. Anyway, I bet Kirsten will end up informing Sandy about it. :D

    Even though Taylor's ex-hubby is funny, I was not fond of the whole - French - triangle that much, since, all in all, it was a bit silly. In my opinion, at least. Besides, I just can't believe Taylor is ashamed of Ryan and that she's actually acting in such a stuck-up way. Poor Chino Kid!

    I did like Kaitlin's story line. The way she realized she likes Will, the "major dork", was funny and sweet. They're really a good match.

    It was so hilarious when Neil asked Seth if he loved Summer and Seth told him she was cool and pretty easy on the eyes. The glance Neil gave Seth after these words was just priceless. I think Neil is a great character, and I hope he will come back to Newport Beach, sooner or later. Holly and the other young Newpsies totally creeped me out. :D I definitely understand why Summer got drunk. I laughed very much when Holly wanted to dye Pancakes, so Summer grabbed Pancakes and run away.

    It's kind of sad the way Summer told Seth she didn't want to stay engaged anymore, but I do think it's true she needs to figure it out whoever she is.moreless
  • great end

    unlike most of you

    i liked the episode

    the end was amazing(love the song "the west coast"

    and the scene were ryan lifts tayler is one of my favourite o.c moments

    the music is great and everything

    and i also liked the scenes with summer and the "newpsies"

    reminded me a lot of season 1(this was the best season in tv history)

    and i reallt wanne know how things turn out with katlin and with julie and kirsten

    the fight between kirsten and julie were the only thing i didn't like in this episode because we already had to much on this on the o.c

    but season 4 is great so for ryan's dad, taylor-ryan romance, can' believe that this is the last seasonmoreless
Chris Brown

Chris Brown


Guest Star

Henri Lubatti

Henri Lubatti

Henri-Michel de Momourant

Guest Star

Jesse Burch

Jesse Burch

Book store clerk

Guest Star

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt

Winchester "Che" Cook

Recurring Role

Michael Nouri

Michael Nouri

Dr. Neil Roberts

Recurring Role

Brandon Quinn

Brandon Quinn

Spencer Bullit

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Goof: When Seth goes up to Seattle there is a shot of the city skyline with the Space Needle in the foreground and the kingdome in the background. The kingdome was imploded in 2000, and there are now two new stadiums in its place. The kingdome later appears in another skyline shot.

    • Ryan and Taylor along with Seth Summer and Marissa graduated from high school at the end of season 3 which was in 2006. When you graduate high school you are 18, but the hospital bracelets said that Taylor was born in 1985 and Ryan in 1986 making Taylor 21 when she graduated high school and Ryan 20 when he graduated.

    • Dr. Roberts said he was thinking of working at Seattle Grace Hospital, however when Seth walks down the hall with him, there is a sign for Washington Mercy Hospital in the background.

    • The hospital Doctor Roberts works at in Seattle is 'Seattle Grace Hospital' the same fictional hospital that is in Grey's Anatomy.

    • Taylor's birthday is 07-09-85.
      Ryan's birthday is 09-05-86.
      (both as shown on the hospital tags)
      However, in the season 3 episode The Journey it was stated that Ryan's birthday is March 19th, 1988.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • (talking about Taylor and Ryan being so different)
      Ryan: How do you know if it's good difference..
      Sandy: Or if you're from different planets?

    • Seth: Here is the deal. I went up there knowing your dad would have said no, so I could get out of this; but I realize I don't want out. I want it with you. Forever, you know. So I think we should stay engaged. It doesn't have to be today, but... someday.
      Summer Wow. Seth, I realized something too, while you were gone. It turns out I have no idea who I am. In the past few months I went from being a hardcore environmentalist to a Newpsie wedding trainee.
      Seth: You were a Newpsie?
      Summer: For 48 hours, uh. The point is I don't think you can be with someone until you can be with yourself. I think it's something I need to figure it out.
      Seth: Oh. That sounds like a...
      Summer: I guess it's a no. I'm sorry.
      Seth: (mumbles) I think I'm going...
      Summer: But I'm going to see you tomorrow. Okay? (takes off her ring) Hey, you should take this. Because we may make it someday. (Seth takes the ring and walks out of the room)

    • Kaitlin: What are you doing tomorrow night?
      Will: You asking me out?
      Kaitlin: Are you saying yes?
      Will: You go first.
      Kaitlin: Okay. You're cordially invited to hang out in my house. With me.
      Will: I'd like to accept your invitation.

    • (After Ryan and Taylor got into an argument because of the erotic memoir written by Henri-Michel, Ryan shows up at Coopers' mansion.)
      Ryan: Taylor? (knocking on Taylor's bedroom door)
      Taylor: (voiceover) You don't want to come in here, Ryan. I'm reenacting page 112.

    • (Will and Kaitlin are talking about a test about women rights)
      Will: Come on. These women did sacrifice a lot so you could vote.
      Kaitlin: Well, they should have sacrificed in cheese burgers. (Will stares at her) I'm kidding.

    • (About Will)
      Kaitlin: He is not even a dork.
      Brad Ward: He doesn't surf, and he doesn't play water polo.
      Eric Ward: Ergo, dorko.
      Brad Ward: Do you like him?
      Kaitlin: You shut up before I vomit on you.

    • Will: Why did you say it wasn't a date?
      Kaitlin: It's not like a dinner and a movie, or anything.
      Will: Well, we have just had dinner and after this crappy show goes off, we can watch a movie.
      Kaitlin: Well, you got me there.
      Will: So, this is how you act with your mom; how are you going to act at school?
      Kaitlin(Beat): Let's just watch the show. That cop's just driven his car into a meth lab. It's hilarious.
      Will: I didn't think it was that funny.
      Kaitlin: Maybe it's because you're not high. Do you want to smoke up?
      Will: I think I'm gonna go. I thought the way you were at school was just an act.
      Kaitlin: What are you saying?
      Will: I guess I was wrong.

    • Kaitlin: (frowns) What are you doing anyway?
      Julie: My cell phone wasn't at the office.
      Kaitlin: So you think it's in the frying pans?
      Julie: I checked everywhere else. And I just really need it, okay?
      Kaitlin: Okay!
      (Julie checks the toaster too.)

    • Kaitlin: Hey, I just come to clear few things up. I like you, okay?
      Will: Okay.
      Kaitlin: Maybe I messed things up so you can't like me back, but I just wanted you to know that.
      (Will steps back)
      Kaitlin (disappointed): Oh. You don't...
      Will: No, I do. It's just...
      (Kaitlin turns and realizes clothing drive is going on)
      Kaitlin: Stupid winter clothing drive!
      Will: You may not know this but there are homeless people that live in Newport.

    • Neil: Do you love my daughter?
      Seth: Well, she's cool. Right. And she's pretty easy on the eyes.

    • Kaitlin: (to Will) Just can't believe this winter clothing drive is salting my game.

    • Kirsten: I've known you a long time, Julie. This isn't a matter of cloudy judgement and questionable morals. This is breaking federal law.
      Julie: I understand, I do. And I deeply, deeply regret it; but if we quit now we can act like it never happened.
      Kirsten: I wish I could. I want you out of here by Monday.
      Julie: Kirsten, please.
      Kirsten: I'm going to do you one more favour. I'm not going to call the police, and I'm not going to tell Sandy. You are on your own.

    • Taylor: Things between us have been so good lately and I wouldn't want one silly, erotic novel to change all that. So I'm gonna ask you a favour. Please, don't read it!
      Ryan: Look, I've never read a romance novel before...
      Taylor: Shocker
      Ryan: ... and I'm not gonna start now.
      Taylor: Thank you.

    • Ryan: Brilliant plan, good luck getting rejected.
      Seth: Fortunately it's something I excel at.

    • Henri-Michel: (about his book) People say it is pornographic, but it is really just deeply, deeply sexual.

    • Julie: You like him.
      Kaitlin: No I don't.
      Julie: Oh my God, you really, really like him.
      Kaitlin: Oh my God, no I don't.
      Julie: You think he's dorkalicious.
      Kaitlin: Stop it!
      Julie: You want his big dorky arms wrapped around you while he gives you big dorky kisses.
      Kaitlin: Mom, I'm your child.
      Julie: Sorry.
      Kaitlin: And even if I did like him, which I don't, it doesn't matter because I screwed up and he doesn't like me anyway.
      Julie: Whatever it is you did, I'm sure you'll fix it. The very least you have to try.

    • Holly: I told Brent that for Christmas, all I want is an African baby.

    • Ryan: (about a book) Your ex-husband wrote this about you?
      Taylor: A novel. Not a memoir. There's a big difference, ask James Frey.

    • Holly's Friend: (after telling Summer about her plan to dye Pancakes pink) Isn't that so adorable you just want to kill yourself?

    • Holly: (after she puts Pancakes in her purse) That is so cute I could barf!

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      India: April 14, 2008 on Zee Cafe
      Slovakia: May 31, 2009 on Markiza

    • Music:
      "Turn On Me" by The Shins
      "I Spy" by Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly
      "I Ain't Losin' Any Sleep" by The Sunshine Underground
      "The West Coast" by Jason Schwartzman


    • Episode's Title: "The French Connection"

      "The French Connection" is a 1971 film, directed by William Friedkin and starring Gene Hackman. About the smuggling of narcotics between Marseilles, France and New York City in the 70's.

    • Taylor: There's a difference between a memoir and a novel. Ask James Frey.
      James Frey is the author of A Million Little Pieces. It was published as a novel, but research by some doubters has shown that there are holes in his story.