The O.C.

Season 4 Episode 10

The French Connection

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 11, 2007 on FOX

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  • i don't understand why people don't like this episode - its great!

    I thought this was a great episode. It was funny mainly because of taylor but summer's parts were funny as well. the end was good because you thought they made up but they didn't. Seth talking to doctor roberts was brill as well.
    This was a very funny and good episode. I don't get why sone people don't like it!
  • A super excellent episode if not just for one tiny thing.

    For the first time in this season, the beginning was stronger then its finish. It opened up as good as it comes. It quickly established all its stories and possible conflicts. The one pertaining to Taylor and her ex husband's book was one of the more clever stories I've seen in this show so far, and what proceeded it was just 10 minutes of hilarity. So many references were made of that book, especially of "page 47", it was just a giant mess but transitioned nicely into the real problem; the differences between Taylor and Ryan. Of course the other stories were great themselves, like Seth's meeting with Summer's dad was particularly romantic, and then Summer and her ordeals handling being a wife. Though if there's a downfall to this episode, it's the sticking point with how Kaitlin's story ended. Julie's story ended in misery, so as Seth and Summer's, and Taylor and Ryan's. So why is there a single one that ends happily? It just seemed pretty off. Other than that, as always, an excellent episode.
  • good episode

    I really liked this episode. It was interesting and exciting. Since Summer and Seth are engaged, Seth goes to Seattle and asks Summer's dad if he can marry her. Neil says maybe in a couple years after they're all like settled and out of college. Seth didn't really want to marry Summer at first, but then he really figured out that he wanted to. While Seth was in Seattle, Summer joined a group of young married girls named the Newpsie wedding group. Summer realized that she doesn't know herself that well, so she can't be with anyone until she figures herself out. So she calls off the engagement for now. Kaitlin starts hanging out with Will. They study together and they hang out. Kaitlin starts to like Will.

    Taylor's french ex-husband comes to Newport to reveal his new book that he wrote called "A Season For Peaches" about Taylor and him together. Ryan, Taylor's ex, and Taylor have dinner together, but Ryan is lost because he's not into literature or poetry. Then Taylor and Henri-Michel go onto a french tv show that they've been on a couple times before. Ryan goes to see Taylor there. He finds out that Taylor lied about what Ryan did. She told Henri-Michel impressive things so he would be all impressed with Ryan.

    Kiersten finds out that Julie has been using their new match business for prositutes to have sex with younger guys, and the guys get paid of course. She tells Julie that she wants her out of the office by Monday, and she won't tell Sandy and she won't call the police.
  • The OC. Season 4 Episode 10

    The best part was Julie looking for her cell phone in the frying pans. Unfortunately SherlocKirsten Holmes found out Julie's little secret, anyway. I've to admit that when Kirsten told Julie she was out of the business I felt so bad for her. I mean, during the first season, Mrs. Cooper Nichol really acted like a manipulative b!tch but, right now, the whole prostitution ring thing wasn't her idea but Spencer's - yep, clever man, by the way. On the other hand, I just can't blame Kirsten as well, since it's clear she couldn't have done anything else. Anyway, I bet Kirsten will end up informing Sandy about it. :D

    Even though Taylor's ex-hubby is funny, I was not fond of the whole - French - triangle that much, since, all in all, it was a bit silly. In my opinion, at least. Besides, I just can't believe Taylor is ashamed of Ryan and that she's actually acting in such a stuck-up way. Poor Chino Kid!
    I did like Kaitlin's story line. The way she realized she likes Will, the "major dork", was funny and sweet. They're really a good match.

    It was so hilarious when Neil asked Seth if he loved Summer and Seth told him she was cool and pretty easy on the eyes. The glance Neil gave Seth after these words was just priceless. I think Neil is a great character, and I hope he will come back to Newport Beach, sooner or later. Holly and the other young Newpsies totally creeped me out. :D I definitely understand why Summer got drunk. I laughed very much when Holly wanted to dye Pancakes, so Summer grabbed Pancakes and run away.
    It's kind of sad the way Summer told Seth she didn't want to stay engaged anymore, but I do think it's true she needs to figure it out whoever she is.
  • great end

    unlike most of you
    i liked the episode

    the end was amazing(love the song "the west coast"
    and the scene were ryan lifts tayler is one of my favourite o.c moments
    the music is great and everything
    and i also liked the scenes with summer and the "newpsies"
    reminded me a lot of season 1(this was the best season in tv history)
    and i reallt wanne know how things turn out with katlin and with julie and kirsten
    the fight between kirsten and julie were the only thing i didn't like in this episode because we already had to much on this on the o.c

    but season 4 is great so for ryan's dad, taylor-ryan romance, can' believe that this is the last season
  • With only 6 or so episodes left this should have been a great episode, to leave us with a great memory of the show we've fondly enjoyed over the last 4 years. Sadly it wasn't.

    Seth/Summer - Their storyline seems to drag on. I'm over their relationship dramas (there's been so many) and whilst both added a few comedic moments to the show with Pancakes and Unicorns, I grew rather tired of it all long ago.

    Kirsten/Julie - How dumb does Julie think Kirsten is? Nice to see Kirsten obtaining some screentime but it seem like she's still simply Julie's sidekick. Liked that she stood up to her but we could have gotten more. An explosive confrontation perhaps? But all we got was a few seconds of 'words'!

    Kaitlin/Will - I really don't like this mini arc. I haven't minded her scenes this year, she's been great with Julie & Bullitt respectively. But on her own without a major character to prop her up, she fails. Her high school dramas & relationship with Will bores and falls flat. There's not enough time left to develop it properly anyhow. Also Chris Brown needs to learn how to announciate better.

    Ryan/Taylor - She doesn't seem to appreciate the real Ryan. She rants about him not accepting her and her past (sordid pornographic books and all) but when it comes down to it - he's not good enough for her! Sure he's hot and a great 'jungle gym', but that's it. Making up that story (about Ryan being published and an expert on Hume) to Henri Michel was unnecessary. He didn't speak much during the dinner? How surprising considering they kept interspersing the convo with French & talking of events that happened between them which of course Ryan knew nothing about. I thought it was rude on both Henri Michel's & Taylor's behalf. But especially Taylor. And how did she expect him not to read the book once she described it so? Oh and the early Valentines present? Twas cute if you think creepy & stalkerish is cute? It seemed Ryan got the raw end of the deal once again. The French Connection was one of the overtly unrealistic episodes. We are to believe that a book which is described as a cross between The Bridges Madison County, The Notebook & a porno would be so critically acclaimed? And suddenly so damn popular in a californian town such as Newport? Yet it had never been heard of before then? And producers welcome an 18 year old American to appear on their french talk show and talk philosophy?

    Also this episode lacked the golden moments the previous episodes had with The Cohens+1. There was too much focus on new characters such as Will, Che & especially Taylor. Having only a few episoded left we should be wrapping up the lives of the characters we fell in love with years ago, not the new ones we are just getting to know.

    This season the quality of episodes have improved dramatically. But this last episode is reminscent of season 3 = bad!
  • This episode aired in Australia last night (Tuesday, 23 January 2007) and it seemed fairly stupid to me, with the whole Henri-Michel thing and Che being Summer's conscience or whatever.

    This episode aired in Australia last night (Tuesday, 23 January 2007) and it seemed fairly stupid to me, with the whole Henri-Michel thing and Che being Summer's conscience or whatever. Nothing really happened. I mean, here in Australia, there's, like, five episodes or something until the series finale. Until "The O.C." is over forever! It's been my fave show for about a year and a half now, and it's disappointing that it seems to be getting more boring with each episode. I wanted this season to be the best, better than Season One. And Taylor and Ryan don't belong together. They're two opposites. She's too weird for what a girl like Ryan needs. It's so odd. I'm really hoping "The O.C." will imrpove because this season is just starting to remind me of how Season Three was - boring.
  • So, lots of drama.

    Kirsten has learned the truth about Julie's secret and she was so disappointed. And so pissed off. Her look said everything, seriously. I SO hope that Julie and her will make up again - they need to! I love their friendship, I love all of their scenes, they NEED to make up again, please!! Julie truly feels sorry...:(
    I'm glad that we saw more of Kirsten this episode than in the others. Yay!

    To the Summer/Seth drama. *sigh* Summer's so right, though I'm sorry for Seth of course. But Summer really needs to find herself and be, you know, complete, to be with someone else. (Funny, we talked about that in school today...) I hope they don't rush that story, after all their are only 6 episodes left. But I'm not too worried - actually, I'm pretty sure that those to will end up together. Because they always do. They are Seth and Summer. :)

    Taylor and Ryan. For one part this was the most hilarious story ever and the most depressing one as well. *rofl* OK. I don't like it that they split up. :( Stupid Henri-Michel. I don't get it...Taylor doesn't seem to be angry with him at all. Well...she said once that she can't resist him.
    The scene where Taylor imagines that Ryan's come running to her and kisses her and then we learned that it was just her thoughts; that was so sad. :( I already was like "YAY!" even when I kinda had the feeling that it's not really happening. Everyone else noticed the similarity with that scene to the end scene of "The Countdown"? :D
    I don't even think that Taylor did something wrong...:X I can understand her and why she lied to Henri-Michel about what Ryan's doing. She explained herself understandable. And I believe her. I don't think she's embarrassed by Ryan. Taylor/Ryan isn't supposed to be split up. :O But I bet they'll make it. They SO are going to be together again. :) And who doesn't love some drama during that?! :P

    *looks forward to the freaking 6 last remaining episodes* =(
  • What happened?!

    The show seems to be drifting away from what it once was, I still don't really like the Katlin scenes they just don't fit in with the show, it's like she's doing her own thing. Ryan's acting weird with Taylor all becaue he's in "love" but he's sure not showing it, I jumped out of my seat in excitment when I thought he was running in the studio to tell her he loved her only to realize it was a in his imagination, one word, boo. Julie pretty much ruined her relationship with Kirsten but I still like pancakes lol It was funny to see Summer act all bimbo valleygirl but if her and Seth don't want to get married then don't and get over it
  • Not my favorite, never ending cycle...

    There wasn\'t anything special about it, there were no parts to love or hate was just what it was...!!! Julie gets caught, Kirsten disappointed! Ryan in turmoil about life and missed opportunities and the fact that life isn\'t always that great. Sandy makes a profound remark, which gets Ryan to take action and as the case is here gets disappointed. Which sums up the entire episode!

    The episode is sort of a cliché; the opposites attract ...Ryan and Taylor, Catlin and Will, Summer and Seth it’s been done before, we get it, move on find something new revolutionize. It is getting pretty obvious why this show is coming to an end, nothing new. When O.C first made its mark on television it was different, showed that all good things have a bad side. The pretty next door girl and the bad boy fall in love, drug issues and portraying family in a different way. It gave a view into someone else’s problems for 45 minutes but now it’s becoming more of a TV-show…what happened?
  • What a cliché

    I hated this episode because it is so outraging for French people. Again and again and again the French guy is always some kind of artistic weirdo in US TV shows or movies. And yeah, I know us French people are supposed to be more cultured and less polished and despising or whatever but still I don\'t usually discuss Sartre and existentialism etc and yeah we shave, we wash, we brush our teeth. So please, please americans stop making French characters clichés. Most French aren\'t that cultured and that despising. Plus, there is no such thing as a french show \"Je pense\" and besides I couldn\'t understand 90% of what Taylor said in French.
  • That was great.

    This episode cleared things up. And made things more complicated.

    I'm happy Seth and Summer finally decided on what to do with their marriage plans. I loved Seth visiting dr. Roberts at Seattle Grace. Subtle reference to Grey's Anatomy there. I think the place where they ate was the same place the interns at Seattle Grace eats in Grey's Anatomy. Anyway, I think Seth is just too cute, but it was right of them to not get married.

    Taylor and Ryan. Still my favorite couple on tv right now. They are having serious problems, mostly because Ryan is so damn insecure, but I think they will make it through. You can see how much they want each other. Henri-Michelle was... creepy.

    Kirsten and Julie. Oh, that sucks. Well, it kinda rocks that Kirsten finally found out about Julie's prostitution plans, but I didn't like that she "fired" her. Oh the drama.

    Katlin and Dork Boy. AAAH! How cute were they? I'm so excited. :D

    Great episode.
  • the big thing in this episode was dealing with taylor and her sexual past she left behind back in paris. her ex-husband is back after writing a pornographic book. the main character in it being taylor (peaches). it's complicatedd. way freakin complicated.

    i haven't watched much of s4 but this episode seemed like it was gonna be interesting. believe me, when i saw taylor and ryan together that was just hella freakinn confusing. those two dating, i mean. it was cute that seth and summer were possibly going to get married since they do belong together and all. but now summer might be liking that college guy. che, i think his name is? they actually might be kinda cool together but compared to seth& summer they're nothing. overall i thought this episode was okay but i was a bit bored with it. personally i think the show "died" when they killed off marissa. i was never a fan of that character but i think she needs to be on this show now or it's just going go die and get canceled. but that is just mee.
  • Seth & Summer toil over their love for eachother; Ryan battles with issues of being a Chino boy; & Julie is digging herself whole she cant get out of. The O.C. is getting back to their roots, before the tree dies.

    This is not a bad thing- the show has done a 360, and it's about time. Watching this show from the beginning, and seeing Newport from Ryan's eyes, its easy to know where he is coming from- the outside. He had these issues (and others) with Marissa, Lindsay and now Taylor. Even though with Taylor- who is freakishly smart, fluent in french & politics and has the sexual drive of a kinky rabbit!

    Seth & Summer's chemistry, i personally believe, has dimished on-screen as it has off screen. But i keep hoping, that their love can make it work, when everything else wont do. It's sad to see that everything they've been can diminish and fade- but it happens.

    The series has two more episodes before it is laid to rest, and i can not think of how the writers are going to pull it off and successfully close the door.

    I guess we have 2 weeks to see how it's going to be done.
  • Loved it

    The first part of this eppy was just as great and hilarious as the previous episodes and I really really love this OC. Taylor and that book - what a funny storyline!
    But in the end The OC is still a drama and I'm glad that we finally got some more this time. It was really intense when the whole Julie thing came out and I think she won't be forgiven for this any time soon. Damn Frank. She wanted to drop the business until he convinced her not to...
    I was sure the engagement would cause trouble, but I didn't expect this. So, Seth really wants to get married, but Summer needs to find herself first? It's a little lame, I think, but still true. So, I now can't wait to see how it goes on. Especially with Ryan and Taylor. How on earth are they gonna bring the show to a decent ending in just a few weeks if the story goes on like this!??!!?
  • Life's still the same in the OC...

    I didn't think this was a good episode, but I liked it somehow. I like Taylor, she's so annoying sometimes, but everyone tries to be friends with her... And we had a lot of her in this one. But I didn't like the ending. I mean, why should Seth, and Summer have a brake, if they really love each other? And why did Ryan not call Taylor, if she really likes her? Although I think the French husband was kind of funny... I mean, he think being clean is a bad thing, but he knows everything about arts, and poetics... And I was sorry for July. This time she really didn't want to mess things up, she just got into something, and she couldn't quit. But I understand Kirsten being mad at her, and everything. So in conclusion this episode wasn't bad at all, but it wasn't one of the very good ones either...
  • Strange things happened in Orange County

    Wow. I was expecting this, not all of the episodes in season 4 could be great, and this one is the weakest till it's date, because it's a dissapointing episode. I'll try to be quick:
    - Julie Storyline. I will love to see how this story will end. I like Julie, but I find that she reached the time where she will pay for her bad actions
    - Kaitlyn, her relationship really got me. Everyday she is showing that there's a big difference between Big and Little Coop
    - Finally, Kirsten had time, and what a time. Loved to see how she reacted to the Julie problem
    - Seth matured, finally.
    - Ryan did the right thing with Taylor, not going after her in the final moments.

    - Taylor being embarrased by Ryan. Girl, you really let me down by doing this.
    - Sandy time. Come on, give us more Sandy.
    - Summer. In three seasons she showed that she loved Seth, and now she has doubts?? - Sorry writers, but I've seen both "The Model Home" and "The Countdown". Deja-vu??

    Bottom of the barrel for the season, unfortunately
  • Sethmer!!!

    Wonderful, wonderful episode. We see some tension between Ryan and Taylor due to the coming of Taylor's ex-husband to Newport, but don't be mistaken. He isn't at New Port to win Taylor back. No, no, no. He's come to New Port to promote his novel, "Season for Peaches." The novel is about his relationship with Taylor. Ryna doesn't take it so easy and their relationship is found itself in a dreadfull situation. Meanwhile, Seth departes to Seattle Grace Hospital to ask for Dr. Robert's approval to marry Summer. Planning that Dr. Roberts would deny the marrige, he did, but only after that did Seth realize, he wanted to spend his life with Summer. Summer on the other hand needed to figure out who she was before taking it any further with Seth. Julie and Kirsten's partnership is no more, when Kirsten found out about Julie's 'Special Business.' Caitlyn falls for a dork and it looks like it could go somewhere. A really great episode.
  • hopefully the writers have more to come.

    The writers for the show are just throwing Ryan around into stupid situations. They had a good idea having the book introduced into the story line but now there’s no focus on Summer and Seth’s problem of how they are going to or not going to get married. Taylor is a good edition to the new season I just wish they had put her in season two and three more. I really don’t like Chris Brown and his character though he can’t act and he can’t sing so his addition just sucks. All I can say is I hope they have more in store for the last episodes.
  • Relationships are rough, huh?

    My favorite young adult couples have had a rough patch in their relationships. The epitome of opposites attracting was shown in Summer and Seth's relationship. Now, they are not engaged anymore. Does that mean the end of their relationship? I hope not because I love them so much. Darn that Che! Why was Summer thinking about him? I absolutely love the chemistry between Ryan and Taylor. But why did Henri have to drive this rift between their relationship? Darn him, too! I knew the partnership between Kirsten and Julie was doomed from the start. At least Caitlin has some luck in the relationship department. I can't wait to see where her new "friendship" with Will is going to go. I can't wait to see the next episode!
  • nothing exciting

    With 7 more episodes remianing i expected more out of the OC this week. It didnt dilver like i had hoped it would. I do not care too much for the taylor erotic novel story line, it kinda bored me a little. However i do like the seth summer storyline as it is very amusing. I think what these final 6 episodes need is more group enteraction, seth and ryan have been staying more or less away from each other as it has been seth summer and then ryan and taylor. They need to have all 4 of them together as i think it would be much better, like the episode where summer thought she was pregnent. Anyway in conclusion this espisode was average at best, which is a disappointment to me
  • I loved watching this episode. It was a definite comeback compared to My Two Dads.

    Henri-Michel arrives to the O.C. to promote his new erotic memoir, A Season for Peaches, involving Taylor. He meets Ryan and tells him about the exciting life Taylor had in France which makes Ryan doubt the relationship. Seth goes to Seattle to ask Dr. Roberts for permission to marry Summer. Meanwhile, Summer and Holly reunite, and Summer realizes she doesn't want the married life. Kaitlin realizes she likes Will. And Kirsten finally takes action and discovers that her suspicions of Julie were right! I loved this episode even though it was very unexpected. It left me shocked and amazed at the same time. I don't think it's the best episode of the season, but I enjoyed the story lines between Ryan, Taylor and Henri-Michel, and of course, the Seth and Summer shocker at the end.
  • Summer as a Newpsie-Wed, Seth visiting Doctor Roberts and realizing how he really feels, Taylor SCREWING UP, Kaitlin dating...Chris Brown (awkward), Kirsten finally doing something and Sandy...well, at least he was in the episode...

    Definitely the weakest episode of the season...not that i was expecting much from this episode because i knew Henri Michele was only coming in to disturb Ryan and Taylor.

    I usually really enjoy Holly, but the overuse of the word "B*tch" was just too much to handle...overkill. The Che as Summer's conscious thing was pretty interesting...Summer really does carry the show.

    Taylor really screwed things up this time...i don't know, after last episode i really thought the season would pick up, but i'm a tad wary right now, and if this is the pace of the rest of the season....then...i dunno...i just hoped for better.
  • What an…interesting episode!

    I think that as the end of the series approaches, Josh Schwartz is doing everything he always wanted to do – the coma Chrismukkah dream, conscience Che popping up, bring back Holly, etc. And it certainly has added a much needed boost to The OC this season! Real shame there’s only a few episodes left. Sigh.

    Anyway, I really liked this episode. But it ended totally differently than I thought it would! It was very cruel at the end, when it looked like Ryan ran to Taylor and kissed her – but he was still in the pool house!! It was an amazing sequence, and it would’ve been a fabulous way for the two to ‘rekindle’ their romance.

    Summer and Seth, on the other hand, was different, unexpected, but still sweet. Seth’s speech was adorable, and they’re still together…but finally, Summer revealed her true feelings. Her speech was equally sweet, but in a different way.

    Henri-Michel and Taylor were hilarious. Peaches!! I love it. And I was happy I could actually understand their conversations on “Je Pense”. Oh, and Julie and Kirsten! Things don’t look too bright for their future friendship. Hopefully (and probably) things will get worked out between the two, but it’s interesting to see Kirsten actually mad at Julie. (well, it’s more than mad, but I’ll keep the language ‘G’).

    So the countdown begins…6 glorious, fabulous episode left. It’s bittersweet – we’re going to get some of the best episodes yet, but with an inevitable end.